; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : April : 4th (Thursday) : c G T S U ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 4 : 7 : 2024 : c : c G T S U, c Gene Therapy System Usage:  ... ( A, C, G, T) ... , also see: Medical Doctor (MD (for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), genetic code)), using ( Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer) G D C gas exchange (our earth, our moon), using (( iroColourWaveForm ( 5 Color, Color Codes)), label (98, 87, 76, 65, 54, 43, 32, 21, 10), ( Physics, Physics, Physics), (Radicals (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural)), ( SPL (( Layer, Layer, Layer), multi layers, sound beams))), ... QR Code:   QR Code: QR Code : to correct; to cure; to fix; to heal; to repair; Radical959;

c* ; C* ;

AI for fresh water or salt water, doko WHERE Akoya pearls prompt ((Circle if Salt-Water), (Oval if Fresh-Water)) ... ;

64 Aqua Cells;

bio cell; e.g.

(any moving location of point, bio cell, dot, spot), also see: Physics Law 113;

(bio marker, cell marker, FISH Marker, NGS marker, tumor marker, UDNGS marker) As Factor, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

FISH Marker, also see: FISH;

Anti Virus "Oral Route" medicine (Alcohol%, Calories, Carbohydrate, Cholesterol, Fiber, (Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium)), Protein, Saturated Fat, Total Fat), (Confidence Interval ( CI) range of Value), (Hazard Ratio ( HR) calculation of (Bacteria, (P r i o n (Escherichia coli, "Mad Cow" , Salmon n e l l a, Swine flu)), Virus (COVID-19, E V D))); Remark: for developing "Oral Route" Anti Virus (capsule, pill, tablet) ;

(indeterminate form, shapeless) conformational transition (bio cell) should be called Amorphous;

( C A C, C A C, C A C, C A C), Coronary Artery Calcium;

Calcium Binding Protein ( C B P), e.g. muscles binds calcium ion ( Ca^2+) a.k.a. Ca2+;
Calcium helps normal heart rhythms ... ; Calcium helps normal nerve function ... ; Also see: index;

I wrote: (if I need, if I want) to penetrate CNS (Central Nervous System) 's spinal cord, for chiryoyaku Therapeutic (reducing calcium deposits), i.e. to cure spinal bone s t e n o s i s, WHAT should I do?
well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! Level4 quiz, dealing with Walls, you may need electron pairs for sure, so Judo Method of pairing 1st, And Then, reducing calcium deposits inside of spinal bone ... ; don't forget Iron (Fe) with many O, kuru kuru WHILE dealing with Calcium ... ;
I wrote: Yes. correct. well trained kids!! are smart enough already in Level5 now; Reminder: since usage "electron pairs," edges like membranes with negative charged ones should be focused on ... ; Remark: Level6,7,8,9, ... exist; don't forget "negative charged" means diff potential's cooler-side, lesser-heat-side, lower-amp-side, ... and "diff potentials" can be set by (higher-minus, lower-minus), (higher-plus, lower-plus), (higher-temperature, lower-temperature), (plus vs. minus), ... depending upon bio-system architect's skill, bio-system engineer's skill, Nanobot Programmers' skill, ... ;

( c Code, r Code) Parameter (CARDIAC RHYTHM BY BEAT) e.g. ((C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C?, C10, C11, C12, C13, C14, C15, C16, C17, C18, C19, C20, C21, C22, C23, C24, C25, C26, C27, C28, C29, C30, C31, C??, not available), (R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R?, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20, R21, R22, R23, R24, R25, R26, R27, R28, R29, R30, R31, R??, not available)) prompt whether normal or abnormal, regarding ARTIFACT, ATRIAL FIBRILLATION AND FLUTTER, AV JUNCTION A L, PACED, PRE EXCITATION, SINUS, ST DEPRESSION BY ELEVATION, SUPRA VENTRICULAR E C T O P Y, VENTRICULAR E C T O P Y, ... ; , also see: Nippon Syllabary, and think that "h o" is like a way, "t a" is like out there, "R" is like a rate ... ; in common, normal SINUS RHYTHM, measured by ((C1, C2, C3, C4), (R7)), doko WHERE Heart Rate (HR < 60 B P M) for Sinus B r a d y c a r d i a, on the other hand, Heart Rate (HR > 120 B P M) for Sinus Tachycardia, ... ; Also see: Cardiovascular Dx; ecg Interpretation ... ;

many ( Bromides, Chlorides, yokamono Iodides) are soluble in water, except (lead, mercury, silver) e.g. silver chloride, lead (II) chloride, ... are insoluble in water; And Then, remember ( water, Water, water, Water) % e.g. approx. ( 65) percentage Water in (kaya a.k.a. body), And Then, approx. ( 75) percentage Water in muscles, And Then, approx. ( 80) percentage Water in blood;

C micro RNA; e.g.

 C micro RNA, also see: Nanobot Programming;

1 Arc minute UDNGS (color codes) marker;
1 Arc minute NGS (color codes) marker;
1 Arc minute C micro RNA marker;
1 Arc minute RNA marker;
1 Arc minute DNA marker;

(DNA, RNA, C micro RNA, NGS, Ultra Deep NGS a.k.a. UDNGS); Also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; DEE; Gravity Dimension Computer; PHYSICS;

(( CAD, Coronary Artery Disease), ( D V T, Deep Vein Thrombosis), ( MI, Myocardial Infarction), ( V T E, Venous T h r o m b o embolism)), also see: Disease Disorder Acronym; PHYSICS;

( tanso Carbon, tanso Carbon, tanso Carbon), with water (e.g. water flow gene therapy system) ... , also see: Physics Law 789 ... ;

cardio; e.g.

inside of ribcage life-after-life kaya _Body (cardio, heart, lungs, pulmonary), also see: Nanobot Programming; Physics Law 113, any moving location of point; Physics Law 789, Gene Therapy System;

Echocardiography     Echocardiography     Echocardiography     Echocardiography;

therapeutic Cardio logical, also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; (using ( , ) to strengthen the heart's muscles, using ( , ) to strengthen the heart's O2 flow) therefore, C V D (Cardio Vascular Disease) can be therapeutic ... ;

Also see: Cardiovascular Dx;

Using Nanobot Programming (tumor marker) to cure cardiac angiosarcoma (malignant tumor) of the defined heart; if Dx, cardiac angiosarcoma (malignant tumor) symptoms are cough, fever, Dyspnea (difficult breathing), dysphagia (difficult swallowing), ... ; Also see: c G T S U; Disease Disorder Acronym; t G T S U;

ware ware We've to cure (cardio myopathy and pneumonia) kuru kuru WHILE Tx (COVID-19) because (cardio myopathy and pneumonia) is fatality rate of COVID-19 positive ones;

tsufukessetsu T o p h u s, at the surface of (cartilage, joint, skin), deposit of (e.g. crystalline uric acid's deposit, substance's deposit) WHICH caused gout; using to cure gout;

CBC, Complete Blood Count; Also see: 8cComputer; c G T S U; index; Physics Law 113;



, Complete Blood Count

Lab Report;

Standard Range;

  H e m a t o c r i t ??.? % 39.0 - 51.0 %  
  H g b ??.? g/d L  13.0 - 17.0 g/d L   
  M C V ??? f L 80 - 100 f L    
  Platelets count ??? K/u L 140 - 400 K/u L  
  R B C nucleated ? /100 WC <=0 /100 WC  
  R D W, R B C ??.? % 12.0 - 16.5 %  
  red blood cells count ?.?? M/u L  4.10 - 5.70 M/u L    
  WBC COUNT ??.? K/u L 3.7 - 11.1 K/u L   

abnormal CBC indicates many diseases e.g. Anemia, Bone marrow disorders, (infection exists or not), Leukemia, (lung, heart, blood vessels) problems, (reaction to current medication), wide range of disorder (e.g. cancers), ... ; consult to your MD, if abnormal CBC exist ... ;

R D W, Red cells Distribution Width, measurement of (size, volume) of red blood cells (erythrocytes); R B C, Red Blood Cell;

( WBC, WBC, WBC), White Blood Cell; (blood, bone marrow, lymph tissue), related to WBC; Leukocytes a.k.a. WBC; WBC is a part of the immune system; WBC types are (( B Cell, T Cell) Lymphocytes), Mono c y t e s, ((N e u t r o p h i l s, E o s i n o p h i l s, B a s o p h i l s) Granulocytes), ... ; Also see: c G T S U; Physics Law 169; 1wComputer; w G T S U;

C D G W T, C Sequence Number, DEE, Gravity Dimension Computer, Walls, TEST;

Chiral, Chiral by Water Elevator, ... , also see: DNA _Origami ... , doko WHERE you may start your own Nanobot Programming R&D ... ; Remark: our earth only (ACT1 level); if ACT2 level, you must apply many additional parameters e.g. Dark Energy Engineering (DEE), Yellowish Variation (YV), ... ; if ACT3 level, there is no joint venture in true space (universes) ... so you must be on your own ... ; this DOMAIN recommends numerological (map, mapped, mapping, maps) e.g. Lo Shu, Sudoku, ... 1st to realize & understand world's 1st algorithm e.g. avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan HOW step-by-step explicit explanation, And Then, 2nd. to realize & understand dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural, And Then, 3rd. HOW biophysics (hole, string) ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: regarding "stem" cells, your Chiral 's 4 consecutive ones looks alike "stem" sir, and we've question i.e. inside of 108 configuration, there is no numerical 8 sir, ( doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why) ?

I wrote: OH!! 1st. you need to realize & understand Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, so biological cells can be represented by either hole or string, 2nd. I need to QA (Quality Assurance) well trained kids!! knowledge i.e. HOW do you define ( Origin of Carbon Nanowalls)' directional ? because you need to realize & understand usage "kuru kuru WHILE flip-flopping (Navy Blue Color, Silver Color)," Yellow Color As String in between, WHEN Green Color is surrounded;

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! 2 sided Yellow Color string's directional WHAT you're talking about;

I wrote: Yes. you've got it WHAT I'm explaining; either hole or string is OK (I've mentioned several times THAT 2 is very very unique in many ways) e.g. inside of DNA _Origami ... ; 

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! both sides (4-ones' side) and (3-ones' side) must obey your Physics Law 1, C Sequence Number (BF2) at their end-points, and we've read, realized & understood your Algorithm (3,4 dimensional) e.g. avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; I've a quiz now for your Nanobot Programming R&D, inside of "DNA _Origami", WHICH picture represents directional (define, indicate, prompt) ?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! very very easy sir, ( Chiral by Water Elevator) 's Aqua Color will guide its ( Bearing, course of action, Direction, geometry directional, Orientation, Way) Directions sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course, correct, right, sure, thrive, ... ; 3rd. I need to QA (Quality Assurance) well trained kids' knowledge, so I've a quiz i.e. regarding to match 108 configuration (numerical Number 7) to be 7 biological cells together of ( Single-Bio-Cell Programmable Nanobot), Green Color and Red Color must be flip-flopping at doko WHERE ? very very difficult question because very very unique 2 kinds (Male kind, Female kind) are going to be realized & understood;

well trained kids!! replied: arigatoh g o z a i m a s u, thank you; ware ware We've realized & understood THAT ( Chiral) 's middle + bottom, (1 Silver Color and 1 White Color) should be off, IFF flip-flopping (Green Color and Red Color) sir, so we've just realized & understood that WHAT is (numerical Number 7) inside of 108 configuration sir;

I wrote: I've to be ready for another round e.g. instead of "N" bound, "H" bound, concerning global airborne antiviral COVID-19 pandemic worldwide ... ; Umm!! Umm!! it took me 3+ years to find-out, and remember I don't have any medical academic degree in my 1st life;

Cholesterol; e.g.

Cholesterol, sterol type compound, found in body tissue; Also see: l G T S U; index;

(((age year <18) Cholesterol (>199 mg/dL is high risk)), ((age year >18) Cholesterol (>239 mg/dL is high risk))), so Gene Therapy System reduces risk ... ;

Sushi (k o n j a c) diet way to (cure, heal) high risk Cholesterol, because naturally k o n j a c reduces NOT ONLY cholesterol BUT ALSO carbohydrate;

CI, Cardiac Index, (2.5-4 L/min/m2) is normal; doko WHERE "L" is amount of blood (i.e. L i t r e), pumping by the heart, per minute (i.e. per min), per square meter of the body surface area (i.e. per m2);

CO, Cardiac Output, (4-8 L/min) is normal; doko WHERE "L" is amount of blood (i.e. L i t r e), pumping by the heart, per minute (i.e. per min);

C V P, Central Venous Pressure, (2-6 mmHg) is normal; C V P indicates approx. R V E D P (Right Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure); regarding (cardiac, heart), general fluid status (fluid state, fluid stating), and right ventricular function can be (measure, measured, measuring) e.g. neither high nor low is normal;

high C V P indicates valves' (increased in venous return, over hydration, right side cardiac failure) ... ;
low C V P indicates valves' (decreased in venous return, hypo v o l e m i a) ... ;

Also see: Gene Therapy System index; Physics Law 113, any moving location of point, ... ;

CO2, a.k.a. Carbon dioxide, a gas WHICH characteristic by (acting like greenhouse gas, colorless, from human beings' body tissues to the lungs (CO2 travels inside the blood), (non-flammable at normal (pressure, temperature)), non-poisonous, odorless, Water soluble, ... ) ... ;

( CO2, H2S) inside of GI, also see: Nanobot Programming;

(Creatinine and G F R) Standard Range, also see: Gene Therapy System . index; in common, Creatinine and (G F R, G l o m e r u l a r Filtration Rate) measurement determines whether kidney is healthy or (unhealthy (e.g. CKD));

G F R (30-59) is Stage 3 CKD;
G F R (15-29) is Stage 4 CKD;
G F R <15 is Stage 5 CKD;

G F R, G l o m e r u l a r Filtration Rate, est. Number m L / minute / (1.73 m^2 body surface area);

CKD, also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;

C micro RNA (oncogene, Tumor Marker);

CNS, Central Nervous System; Also see: c G T S U; Specialties N; CNS ((agitated, anxious feeling, confusion, delusion (false-thinking), depression, dizzy, hallucination (hearing voices that are not exist, seeing things that are not exist), headache with blurred vision, headache without blurred vision, lacks of awareness of surroundings, light-headed feeling, memory problems, more-and-more suspicious feeling (paranoia), nervous feeling, nightmare, seizure, (suicidal acts, suicidal thoughts), tremor, trouble sleeping)), ... ; using jinko chino D G P, to do therapeutic brain, also see: n G T S U ... ;

essential O2, Oxygen (Aqua, Green) : Central Nervous System ( CNS) neurological (disease, disorder), e.g. (dementia of Alzheimer, Encephalopathy (any brain disease), Epilepsy, (M N D, Motor Neuron Disease), Parkinson's disease, Seizure, ... ) WHICH ones cause (Autoimmune disorders, CNS Tumors, degeneration, infection, stroke, spinal cord disorder, trauma) ... ;

IFF CNS, Central Nervous System, (muscarinic vs. nicotinic), also see: a G T S U ( Asthma) ... ; Remark: Usage (sympathetic vs. parasympathetic), doko WHERE sympathetic means signals are naturally without (drugs, medicines) in CNS, on the other hand, parasympathetic means (drugs, medicines) are taken kuru kuru WHILE measuring "signals" of CNS ... ; a "Tarzan" Rakhine American way of thinking would be: "sym" is for systematic Symbol, "path" is like Way, "e" is like Electro, "tic" is like (.. \ .. \ .. \ IT \ Executable Application \ Fantastic \ Analog Clock ("for our earth only") ticking, and a good example would be Auto Grow, naturally heart beats), ... ;

robotic neurosurgery, also see: u G T S U;

Remark: ware ware We've to maintain (({E3,E3,E3} a.k.a. Silver), ((Green, including Aqua) with White)) And Then, NOT to be Amber Color, i.e. regarding (CNS, Central Nervous System), also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 146, NMR ... ; neurological;

      Our Earth's Good Protein Wrapper ;
      Our Moon's Good Protein Wrapper ;
      Fukusa Protein ;        
      good protein shielded coat ;    
      good protein coating ;      
      protective protein coating ;      
      protein wrapper ;        
      Also see: Physics Law 789; Plus One (Algorithm);    

Remark: above table is modelled by Maroon Color Borders, with Yellow Color Background, and using (Bio Clock, Gene Therapy System, Pro g Id, zcs Black), and 98 In percent; Please don't change or modify the above table, because designed & modelled for Antiviral (inhibitor, medicine, protein shielded coat, protein wrapper, vaccine, ... ) ... ; using ( Our Earth's Good Protein Wrapper, Our Moon's Good Protein Wrapper) ... ; Also see: P vector direction;

( protein coat, protein coat, protein coat), a.k.a. ( Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper) ... ; Also see: Protein;

( 1 bio Physical codons, 1 bio Physical lipid), also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

( Collagen, Collagen, Collagen, Collagen) i.e. structural protein, e.g. very important to be having healthy collagen; if (age > 55+ years) elderly, chiryoyaku Therapeutic to be avoiding (absent of collagens, (collagen is mutated), missing collagens, non-functional collagen4) WHICH can cause abnormal tissues in (cochlea (nerve responses to sound vibrations inside of ear), eye, renal (bladder + kidney), ... ) ; Collagen structural protein (connective tissues, skin) ... ; keep well-hydrate with "Aqua Color" Collagen (on human beings livable moons, those 2 Yellow Color (2 planets) indicators should not be the same size) ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! ((Left-and-Right) or (Top-and-Down)) 's Aqua Color in 3,4 dimensional, so 3 ones (on the right side), 4 ones (on the left side) become "equilibrium" like (C Sequence Number (BF2), NOT BF3), kuru kuru WHILE 2 Yellow Color (planets) are the same size, so really do we need keep well-hydrate (Collagen structural protein) sir?

I wrote: (a "Tarzan") 's wild guess would be: Yes. ware ware We need to keep well-hydrate Collagen structural Protein ... ; Remember: 1st to realize & understand e.g. avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan; 2nd, after understanding 3,4 dimensional biophysics, for each ("COD ON") 's BF2, keeping well-hydrate collagens mean healthy ones; 3rd, (collagens are not mutating), (functional healthy collagens), (present of collagens), Umm!! Umm!! 98+ years old Shakya King became 22+ years look alike ones ... ; don't need to know by heart, try to realize & understand WHAT is Collagen structural protein, and all human beings livable moons are owned by the Shakya King ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: do we need to focus on WBC (White Blood Cell) count, for each Sample sir?

I wrote: I don't have any (bio, medical, pathological) related degree, so answer would be: I don't know l e u k o c y t o s i s (increasing WBC) with marked inflammation ;

well trained kids!! replied: you said that body of "COD ON" must be bigger than its (arms or legs) sir, but your Collagen picture seems (2 arms or 2 legs) body area is smaller than its remote heat sensing antenna (BF2) sir;

I wrote: ("COD ON") 's body area should be bigger size, if compare to its remote heat sensing antenna (BF2); after understanding 2 groups of moving (Action), you need to focus on Space (in this case study, yes "COD ON" 's body area should be bigger size), and don't forget the most important (Time) period ... ;

a healthy person's CA19-9 normal range is 0-37 units per milliliter, also see: index; regarding mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D, cilantro is recommended to eat (because this DOMAIN developer (a "Tarzan") still cannot explain doshite Why without SESSION); Gene Therapy System (chiryoyaku Therapeutic, cure, Recovery) monitored abnormal CA19-9 Level (( B R A F mutation (encoded Protein B-R a f)), chemotherapy, metastasis, (neo-adjuvant chiryoyaku Therapeutic vs. adjuvant chiryoyaku Therapeutic), (pancreatectomy chiryoyaku Therapeutic vs. splenectomy chiryoyaku Therapeutic), pancreatic cancer tumor marker, pancreatic Neuro endocrine tumor, pancreatitis (a.k.a. pancreas inflammation)) if rising (CA19-9 (Levels, Values) > 37) indicate unwanted tumor is growing; CA19-9 >37 (U / m L, Units per milli Liter) can indicate disease disorders (colon cancer, cystic fibrosis, gallbladder cancer, gallstones, infection of pancreas, liver disease, lung cancer, pancreas cancer), also see: c G T S U; g G T S U; l G T S U; Oncological Dx; p G T S U; to be CA19-9 normal range ... ;

to be (blood was not detected in the stool, negative fecal hemoglobin) bowel function, Specialties GE (colon cancer) ... ; Remark: (blood was not detected in the stool, negative fecal hemoglobin) means test was negative (i.e. NOT having colon cancer);

Remark: this DOMAIN recommends diets e.g. bean soup, bean sprouts, Ichiban Sapporo instant noodle, miso (marinated with, soup), "nato" bacteria, steamed bean, ... ;

chiryoyaku Therapeutic (coma) e.g.

( coma, coma, coma, coma), a state without consciousness, caused by (brain tumor, cardiological stroke, head injury, intoxication);

chiryoyaku Therapeutic . ( cure , heal ) Radical959 , Using                    
  2 . 33333333 - 3333 - 3333 - 3333 - 333 333 333 333              
21 : 9 Aspect Ratio (   ZCS )                        
coma , a state  without consciousness ;                              
  DEE 3 of   , also see : Japanese .Syllabary ;                    
  , also see : Nippon Syllabary ;                    
       次 Gravity Dimension Computer .              
      directional gravity spot ' s ( Explicit , Specify ) Location                  
            i s UP AND                        
                  WHERE the Disease Disorder Acronym . head . coma              
  approx. the head is @ Latitude Number                    
  approx. the head is @ Longitude Number                    

coma, a state without consciousness, caused by (brain tumor, cardiological stroke, head injury, intoxication); doko WHERE (Latitude Number, Longitude Number) can be "copy-and-paste" (for each patient, the numbers (Latitude Number and Longitude Number) should be defined inside of the above table, underneath of "WHERE the Disease Disorder Acronym . head . coma") by using this_DOMAIN_'s_position_Info_with_Timestamp i.e. HOW to (cure, heal) "coma"; 21:9 Aspect Ratio is Limited Edition (Display) resolution; Also see: c G T S U; Display; Display .Robotic LCD; Remark: don't change or modify "dark area" of the left (look alike a blade) and the right (look alike a rectangle with dented edge) inside of the above table, because momentum cannot be changed or modified, similar to nowadays (2020s: written in March 2024) structural Battery (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... ;

( Comorbid, Comorbid, Comorbid, Comorbid, Comorbidity) e.g. Comorbid conditions (chronic pain, painful stimuli, psychiatric, syndromes, taken non-steroid anti-inflammatory), related to Disease Disorder Acronym medical conditions, simultaneously (exist, present) in a patient (Pt); Also see: c Character Extension 1; c G T S U; Dx;

ishikisuru Conscious     ishikisuru Conscious     ishikisuru Conscious; Also see: c Character; Idea Processor; i Usage;

Blood Pressure Control; e.g.

( Blood Pressure Control, Blood Pressure Control, Blood Pressure Control) is very important factor to be healthy ones, to be normal ones, because it (e.g. abnormal blood pressure) can cause unwanted diseases (e.g. dementia, hypertension, kidney disorder, stroke) ... , therefore, Gene Therapy System to maintain normal Blood Pressure (BP), also see: index;

I wrote: WHAT does "120/80" mean to you?
well trained kids!! replied: (120 means inside of the heart, a.k.a. "upper" if compare to 80 means inside of the toe, a.k.a. "lower") in addition to 120/80 indicates "normal" sir ; Also see: Cardiovascular Dx;

well trained kids!! replied: HOW can we do ( Blood Pressure Control, Blood Pressure Control, Blood Pressure Control) to be normal 120/80 BP remotely sir?
I wrote: you need to realize and understand 1mmHoleBy24mmNaturalTimeACT1ACT2ACT3 first, And Then, ... ; this DOMAIN recommends LG ZCS, SAMSUNG ZCS, SONY ZCS, TOSHIBA ZCS, ... , kuru kuru WHILE ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: can we have our own Logo, our own Medical Product, our own OEM, our own ZCS (Wormhole Way) to be chiryoyaku Therapeutic ?
I wrote: another billions of US Dollar worth question, yes, you can ... ; suggestion: you need to learn HOW inside of car tire pressure indicators (strings) second, And Then, after realizing & understanding (holes + strings), And Then, you'll be billionaires for sure, by implementing normal 120/80 BP (chiryoyaku Therapeutic ( Blood Pressure Control, Blood Pressure Control, Blood Pressure Control)) ... ; you can design & model special ER beds, special ER rooms, for your spacecrafts (hovering hospital) ... ;

C O P D; e.g.

in addition to (medication (e.g. bronchodilator and steroid), oxygen therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, self care e.g. (diaphragmatic breathing, physical exercise, quitting smoking)), Gene Therapy System ( C O P D), using () for curing C O P D e.g. (bronchitis (increased mucus and inflammation), emphysema (destructive enlargement of air spaces)),

using (, ) for (reducing, removing) mucus;

using (, ) for (reducing, removing) inflammation;

using (, ) for (reducing, removing) destructive enlargement of air spaces;

i.e. HOW (bronchitis, emphysema) can be cured;

( C o r t i s o l, C o r t i s o l, C o r t i s o l); Also see: c Bio Name;

CT, Computed Tomography ... ;
CT, Computed Tomography ... ;
CT, Computed Tomography ... ;
CT, Computed Tomography ... ;
CT, Computed Tomography ... ;

Tomography is a form, in WHICH motion of X-ray (detector, source) are controlled by Computers, And Then, producing (medical images, medical imaging, processed data, radiological info, radiological information) ... ;

antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA . unwanted Nitrogen; Also see: Antiviral Schematic; Anti Virus; Energy & Geometry;

Remark: NIPPON OEM is recommended, because this DOMAIN has used CITIZEN Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE GPS, SONY mobile phone, SONY TV at home, Toshiba computer, ... to do content development, ... and so on ; component, device, entity, item, object, part, thing, and tuple look the same, but NOT the same quality, NOT the same design model inside, therefore, NIPPON OEM is recommended; humanoid Jiwaka : using immunological antibodies (

bio marker,

cell marker,

NGS marker,

tumor marker,

UDNGS marker

) : to cure : unwanted COVID-19 virus;


。ꌁCOVID-19ꌁ。virological viruses (diseases), in 2020。(globally, our earth, worldwide) ... ;

using Antiviral COVID-19, Antiviral COVID-19 to attack, to cure, to demolish, to immune ( COVID-19 Positive Respiratory, COVID-19 Positive Respiratory) ... ;

using Anti COVID-19 to (attack, cure, demolish, immune) COVID-19 ;

using to cure (crumpled, disheveled, dishevel led, wrinkled) ... ;

cyber knife; e.g.

( Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife) i.e. medical equipment ... ;

calculate the quantity of beam, i.e. Number of beam (e.g. 50 beams, e.g. 60 beams, e.g. 70 beams) to be using ... ;
cm scaled; mm scaled; i.e. GPS based (Location Awareness) ... ;
(map, mapped, mapping) the defined tumor;
NIPPON (a.k.a. Japan) 's PHYSICS (radiological medical equipment) invention, for 21st century & beyond;
recommended for high risk medical Tx e.g. (Head & Neck area's tumor, Liver area's tumor, Spinal Cord area's tumor) ... ;
Using (Cyber Knife), to demolish oncological (cell, tissue), to remove tumor, to stop tumor growth, ... ;

Remark: only in Japan (our earth), because many G7 nations have many (equipments, items, objects, products, things), NOT to export;

2566; 2022; design model; chiryoyaku Therapeutic ( noho Cysts, noho Cysts, noho Cysts), also see: c G T S U; DNA _Origami; Enzymes; Physics Law 145;

I wrote: I need to QA (Quality Assurance) well trained kids' knowledge to be correct and right-to-the-point, so I've a quiz i.e. kuru kuru WHILE mapping "unwanted Amoeba" (one of the pathogens), among (Top, Midst, Down) WHICH one indicates "cysts" ?

well trained kids!! replied: Top one ("its look alike eccentric circles") sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; noho Cysts, noho Cysts, noho Cysts ((bladder), (hollow organ), (liquid secretion (cavity)), (pocket's cross-section image), (Sac, a sac), (thin-Walls), (vesicle)) ... ; if I wonder (Time (Incubation Period) . Space (doko WHERE (combating, fighting)) . Action (react + ion)) would be for formulating (antiviral, Anti Virus) ?

well trained kids!! replied: NOT at the Top sir, other wording would be: We should let our Protein Wrapper to fight against pathogens at the (either Midst or Down) stage, state, ... sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; please don't attach human beings' protein to the defined pathogen (e.g. (SARS-CoV-2)) because COVID-19 pandemic caused "militaries cannot operate," because COVID-19 is one of the most powerful biomedical weapons (more powerful than "nuclear power") ... ; WHAT was your nitrogen % content in your lab WHILE developing unwanted COVID-19?

well trained kids!! replied: NOT Me, NOT Me, NOT Me, NOT Me, NOT Me, NOT Me, NOT Me, NOT Me, NOT Me, NOT Me, who attached human beings' protein to the defined pathogen SARS-CoV-2;

I wrote: Umm!! Umm!! IT took approx. 3+ years (2019-2022-2021) to figure-out, find-out WHAT is a little bit "unwanted nitrogen" believe it or not;


e.g. ((4 . Adenine (A)) = (3 . Thymine (T))) ;

e.g. ((4 . Cytosine (C)) = (3 . Guanine (G))) ;

e.g. ((4 . Guanine (G) = (3 . Cytosine (C))) ;

e.g. ((4 . Thymine (T)) = (3 . Adenine (A))) ;

), also see: DNA _Origami;

Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;