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because of this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather, fukano Impossible e.g. (impossible drought, impossible earthquake, impossible flood, impossible forest fire, impossible storm, impossible tornado, impossible tsunami, impossible volcanic eruption) ... ;

Ichi (family name, name, surname); Iru (name); Itsu (female name); Radical1;

ichiban chikai Closest;

ichido Once; Radical653;

ichijiku Uniaxial ( X) ... ; Also see: Radical794;

ichijiteki Transient; ichijiteki Transient; ichijiteki Transient;

identeki ( genetic), also see: Gene Therapy System index;

ijo Abnormalities, also see: xyAbnormalities;

Iichirou (male name); Imako (female name); Radical898;

Ikariya (name); Radical711;

Iki (female name); Ikuru (name); Katsu (name) remark: pronounce "Hut Su" ; Radical396;

(alive, being in samsara (life-after-life), ikite iru, life, live, lives, living), also see: PHYSICS (law fifty six) ... ;

Ikuda (name); Ikushima (name); Ikuta (name); Radical128;

Ikuha (female name); Ikuwa (family name, surname); Mato (family name, female name, surname); Radical419;

Ikumi (name); Ikuno (name); Ikuya (name); Radical158;

countless; hakarishirenai; incalculable; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3; idea ♯ 262; countless; hakarishirenai; incalculable;

infuruenza Influenza, also see: iGTSU;

Inu (family name, surname); Inuhashi (name); Radical115;

Iruru (female name); Radical669;

Itaru (family name, female name, surname); Radical167;

Itaru (name); Radical99;

Itaru (name); Radical510;

Itsu (female name); Radical5;

Itsuki (name); Radical251;

in computing, integer i is very important to know, because of numerology; Kanji character (Work) is similar to English capital letter I;

I'm sorry. Excuse me.  
No, not at all.
  ii e  


iidesu ka, Is it okay or not? ability; approval; availability; ...
If reply, iidesu, It's okay.

ikura desu ka, How much is it? , HOW much does it cost? IFF taxi, asking "place's name" ikuradesuka, WHICH means how much for the trip to the "place's name" ... ;

ionka Ionization;

itte kimasu and itte rasshai, can be vice and versa, when greeting ... ; masu is pronounced "mas"
someone's said greeting itte kimasu, then you say greeting itte rasshai;
you've said greeting itte kimasu, then someone would say greeting itte rasshai;
itte rasshai greeting, said by someone, then you would reply itte kimasu;

Iwai (family name, female name, surname); Iwae (female name); Iwaishi (place name); Iwau (name); Radical460;