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Ha (name); Radical514;

haba Breadth; haba Width; Radical717;

Haba (family name, surname); Radical59;

hacho Wavelength; hacho Wavelength; hacho Wavelength; Wavelength;

hacho Wavelength, (EM wave, heat wave, iroColourWaveForm wave, light wave, sound wave) successive (dots, points, spots) in Distance ... ; Also see: Optics;

hada Skin; hada Skin; Also see: sGTSU;

haishutsuryo Emission, (gas, radiation) 's (discharge, production) ... ; Also see: Optics;

Hajime (female name); Hajimu (name); Radical579;

Hajime (family name, name, surname); Hon (family name, surname); Honzaki (family name, surname); Radical662;

hakanai Transient; hakanai Transient; hakanai Transient;

Hakari (family name, surname); Hakaru (name); Radical831;

countless; hakarishirenai; incalculable; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3; idea ♯ 262; countless; hakarishirenai; incalculable;

Hakaru (name); Radical451;

hakkosei Luminiferous, (producing, transmitting) light ... ; Also see: Optics;

Haku (female name); Radical280;

Dai (family name, surname); Hamamuro (family name, surname); Shitsu (family name, surname); Radical966;

 Fu (family name, surname); Hamatsuke (family name, surname); Radical975;

hamen Wave front, time (in the same way), 1 ZCS, points, surface, wave, ... ; e.g. (polarization, wave front); Also see: Optics;

hani Extent; hani Range; hani Scope; hani Sphere;

hanjishin Anti-earthquake; Also see: Anti-Earthquake;

hankazanfunka Anti-volcanic eruption; Also see: Anti-VolcanicEruption;

hanko, since 17th century, Japanese signature stamp, sign digital hanko, seal, name stamp; 2 types of hanko: _ seal registration certificate a.k.a. official hanko; _ personal hanko;

hansha Reflection, surface (heat, light, sound), throwing back ... ; Also see: Optics;

Hashi (family name, surname); Radical994;

Hasukawa (name); Hasuo (name); Radical301;

Hasuo (name); Radical986;

hatsugen Stating;     hatsugen Stating;     hatsugen Stating;

haya Early; Radical817;

heiko Balance     heiko Balance     heiko Balance;
heiko Equalization      heiko Equalization      heiko Equalization; Also see: Physics Law 141, equilibrium, ... ;

henkan Transformation, (change, changed, changing, changes) appearance (at a mapped location, in a form, of a marker's reference) ... ; Also see: Optics;

henken Prejudice, (not based on actual experience, not based on reason) opinion or prejudgment;

henko Polarization; Also see: Optics;

henkyoku Inflection, modulation of change (s) in the defined form ... ; Also see: Optics;

henshu Edit;     henshu Edit;     henshu Edit;

hensu Variable;     hensu Variable;     hensu Variable;

(zenno Omnipotent, henzai Omnipresent, omuni Of all things) ... ; Also see: Optics;

Hi (place name); Radical102;

hibi ( daily ; day by day ; every day );

Hidemi (female name); Hitsuji (female name); Saki (female name); Radical828;

light e.g.

hikariaisoreta Optoisolator     optoisolator     optoisolator     optoisolator ; Also see: DEE; Optics; Physics Law 128;

hikarifaiba Fiberoptics     Fiberoptics     Fiberoptics     Fiberoptics;

hikari Light     hikari Light     hikari Light;

hikari Light     hikari Light     hikari Light;

a handle; hikite Handle; Radical815;

hiku Pull;     pull     pull     pull;

hinshitsu Quality     hinshitsu Quality     hinshitsu Quality;

hira hira, papers are falling from the sky ...

Hiroshi (name); Radical669;

Hito (name); Hitozaki (family name); Radical9;

(hitomi Pupils, gakusei Students) ... ;

Hitoshi (male name); Radical392;

Hitoshi (male name); Radical592;

How do you do?  
  hajime mashite  
I'm Ace.  
  eisu desu  
Nice to meet you.  
  dozo yoloshiku  
I'm Ace.  
  watashi wa Ace desu  
I'm a student.  
  watashi wa gakusei desu  
Ace is American.
  Ace san wa America jin desu  

Hayashi (name); Radical217;

hoigaku Azimuthally; Also see: Optics;

hokokusho Report (report clause, report description entry, report footing, report heading, report line, report name, report RWCS (Report Writer Control System), report RWLR (Report Writer Logical Record), report section) ... ;

Honke, main household of family; originator; Special Radical 253;

honno Instinct; honno Instinct; e.g. because of "Light Instinct" , our body's bio (cells, genes, items, objects, organs, things, ... ) are gathered to be together; in ACT2 imaginary hyper space (e.g. 2,3 dimensional, inner ring of our universe, inside-of-nested-area), regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (Gene Therapy System index), since (heat and light) are at the same location (only in our earth), and our earth is without yellowish variation and yellow core planet, and iroColourWaveForm (lights' intensities) e.g. color codes, color coding, colorful, ... can be defined; (approx. since 2010)  our body's bio (cells, genes, items, objects, organs, things, ... ) obeys NOT ONLY iroColourWaveForm (lights' intensities), BUT ALSO (approx. since 2000) C Sequence Number (BF1) growth rate, this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System has become able to cure (Also see: ..\..\..\..\MD\MD) all kinds of bio disorders in ACT1 imaginary hyper space (e.g. our earth's human beings) by its Method (e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure, e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer, e.g. gravity spots, ... ) i.e. via PHYSICS (e.g. (law twenty eight)) way ... ; therefore, in order to survive in 21st century and beyond, hurry up and have Buddha (also see: ..\..\..\..\Buddha\index) statue at your home, ... ;

Hootsuki (name); Radical212;

horitsu law;

hormone     hormone     hormone; horumon Hormone; Also see: hCharacter; 7hComputer; hGTSU;

horumuarudehido Formaldehyde; Also see: fGTSU;

hoshajono Radial, diverging lines from center (dot, point, spot) ... ;
hoshajono Radial, radii of 1 circle ... ; Also see: Optics;

(hosharitsu Emissivity, kyushusei Absorptivity) approx. proportional, also see: Physics Law 567, Manmade Global Weather ... ;

hoshasenka Radiology     hoshasenka Radiology     hoshasenka Radiology, also see: Gene Therapy System;

hoshasenryoho Radiotherapy; Also see: Physics Law 146, NMR, ... ;

douyatsute how HOW;

How much ... ikura
 ... is that one over there? ha

pronounce "wa"


pronounce "e ku lar"


pronounce "des"



 are pronounce "ah lay"
... is this?  
 ... is that?  
 ... is that book over there?     
 ano   hon
 ... is this watch?     
 kono tokei
... is that bag?   
sono   kaban

Hyaku (place name); Radical280;

hydrate; Hydrate; e.g.

( mizuaemono Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate) ... ; Also see: h Character;