; ; ; ; Updated in 2023 : August : 28th (Monday) : f G T S U ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 28 :  8 : 2023 : fGTSU, f Gene Therapy System Usage:  ... ( A, C, G, T) ... , also see: Medical Doctor (MD (for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), genetic code)), using ( Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer) G D C gas exchange (our earth, our moon), using (( iroColourWaveForm ( 5 Color, Color Codes)), label (98, 87, 76, 65, 54, 43, 32, 21, 10), ( Physics, Physics, Physics), (Radicals (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural)), ( SPL (( Layer, Layer, Layer), multi layers, sound beams))), ... QR Code:   QR Code: QR Code : to correct; to cure; to fix; to heal; to repair; Radical959;

f* ; F* ;

Blood Type; R h factor : R h factor : R h factor (absent minus, present plus) : blood protein : 8 common blood types are ((O+, O-), (B+, B-), (A+, A-), (AB+, AB-));

BMI > 28, so do reduce fat;

beyond Keyword e.g. (directional, NOT heuristic), (NOT local, remote), (mapped, NOT unmapped), (zoom in, NOT zoom out), ... , this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, using Method e.g.

remote burning fat method,
remote burning tumor method (e.g. to be free-of-tumor),
remote drying inter nasal holes method (e.g. to be good and healthy (inhale, exhale) passage),
remote freezing wart method (e.g. to be good and healthy skin),
remote gravity spot allocating method (e.g. to be normal ones by avoiding neither hyper nor hypo),
remote heterodyning of strings toward abnormal BMD location method (e.g. curing osteoporosis),
remote projecting sound beam method (e.g. to be normal fluid of joints),
remote removing unwanted fluid method (e.g. curing asthma),
remote strengthening muscle method (e.g. to be normal musculoskeletal),
remote Walls method (e.g. data set of (genotype, phenotype), this DOMAIN 's Dx),
remote ZCS method (e.g. to be normal brain color, to be normal protein bound),

... ; to be healthy ones ... ;

Anti Virus "Oral Route" medicine (Alcohol%, Calories, Carbohydrate, Cholesterol, Fiber, (Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium)), Protein, Saturated Fat, Total Fat), (Confidence Interval ( CI) range of Value), (Hazard Ratio ( HR) calculation of (Bacteria, (P r i o n (Escherichia coli, "Mad Cow" , Salmon n e l l a, Swine flu)), Virus (COVID-19, E V D))); Remark: for developing "Oral Route" Anti Virus (capsule, pill, tablet) ;

{FF, CC, 99} SOLID;

F i b r o a t h e r o m a; e.g.

chiryoyaku Therapeutic : Gene Therapy System ( Calcium), to cure & reduce fibrous cap, Lipid core, F i b r o a t h e r o m a;

(dacrocytosis, fibrosis, thrombosis); Also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;

film; e.g.

( film, film, film, film) ... ; Also see: Physics Law 32, ... ;

FISH, Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization e.g.

(bio marker, cell marker, FISH Marker, NGS marker, tumor marker, UDNGS marker) As Factor, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

FISH Marker, also see: FISH;

( FISH, FISH, FISH) Method ... ; Also see: 6fComputer; Method;

well trained kids! replied: HOW to do FISH (Method, Procedure, Technique) to cure many abnormalities, diseases, disorders, ... sir ?

I wrote:

1st. ware ware We've to think of "2 is very very unique in many ways" e.g. (IR Agent way, UV Agent way); to do so, you need to do your own (IR Box, UV Box) ... ;

2nd. ware ware We've to make your own (IR Agent (fluorescence), UV Agent (fluorescence)) As Marker e.g. m a k a Marker ; Marker ; Marker ; Marker ;

3rd. don't forget THAT (defined, known, mapped, targeted) ones can be cured i.e. medicine; Remark: like ("FAN BOY") easy to remember conjunctions in English language, ("FISH") is easy to remember and very high tech Method also;

because of (( FISH, FISH, FISH) specific DNA sequence on 1 chromosome) abnormal gene can be corrected; 

well trained kids! replied: HOW to do ( FISH Marker, FISH Marker, FISH Marker) sir ?

I wrote: place the specific DNA sequence on 1 chromosome into either IR Box or UV Box; after a "wash" ((left-over (item, part)), (remaining (item, part))) indicates the pattern, so called FISH Method ... ; FISH can provide (mapping, visualization) of the specific gene; I've a quiz i.e. can you picture "FISH" for defeating (defined abnormal gene pattern, known abnormal gene pattern, mapped abnormal gene pattern, targeted abnormal gene pattern) ?

well trained kids! replied: 3 moon waves are "Blue" , "Green" , and "Yellow" And Then, ware ware We've (defined, known, mapped, targeted) the (dot, pixel, spot), And Then, knowing & realizing THAT the (dot, pixel, spot) should be Protein bounded, with "Amber" surrounding (heat), so ware ware We cure many abnormalities, diseases, disorders, ... sir ;

e.g. FISH; Yea! we've already learnt your Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

I wrote: yokatta desu!!!!! bravo!!!!! good, very good; mochiron of course; Remark: tiny cell is similar to regional manmade global weather e.g. I've done many good (kharma a.k.a. khamma) action methods (I've never done bad (kharma a.k.a. khamma) action e.g. using (("mapped"), ("pinpointed"), ("locked"), ("focus on"), ("launch to the target")) to do bad weather conditions to the region) e.g. avoiding earthquakes in the defined regions in our earth, believe it or not; Also see: Manmade Global Weather; PHYSICS; I like fish ... ; Your fish's eye is very big, suppose to be smaller ones doko WHERE your own defined (fish marker) should be ... ;

I've a quiz i.e. regarding oriental thought (Time . Space . Action), WHEN would you like to do a "wash" for your R&D ((biopsy (item, part)), (specific DNA sequence on 1 chromosome)) gene pattern for FISH Marker ? Also see: Time;

well trained kids! replied: ware ware We'll do IT at the "sunrise time" (i.e. Time) of the defined Space (either IR Box or UV Box ) with its nearest ocean's Water, regarding a "wash" in Action; Remark: we don't use neither acidity nor alkaline solution regarding a "wash" ; we don't use neither pure Ph7 water nor pure "heavy" O3 water" either;

I wrote: WHY "sunrise time" should be a "wash" time, regarding FISH Marker ?

well trained kids! replied: regarding dimensional, from "sunrise time" to "sunset time" doko WHERE our C Sequence Number starts naturally, therefore, instead of focusing on (leaf, leaves), we would rather be focusing on stem (e.g. branching factor, brunching factor) sir;

I wrote: in RDBMS, doko WHERE data should be Relational Algebra way (if you've NOT learnt "relational algebra" yet then you might need a few minutes of lecture HOW table and its relations to other tables ... ), i.e. HOW FISH Marker, FISH based medicine to be ... ; e.g. requesting to Math Dept. processors to teach you HOW Relational Algebra, at the same time, e.g. requesting to PHYSICS Dept. processors to teach you HOW "Light As Source" (IR Box, UV Box) should be;

I've a gift to you well trained kids! i.e. FISH; Remark: you can have your "boost" R&D data e.g. 2 sides (ZCS) can be by if 2 files are identical to each other ... ; doko WHERE juten (fill, filled, filling) ... ;

Flu (viral infection); Flu, short for influenza; common viral infection (Flu) attacks (lungs, nose, throat);

(( X, Y, Z) : Flu (viral infection)); Also see: Anti Virus; COVID-19; fGTSU; Physics Law 144;

h o r u m u a r u d e h i d o Formaldehyde;

Anti Formaldehyde Chemicals;

formaldehyde, by using oxidizing methanol, in solution, colorless pungent gas ... ;

formulating nuclear medicine for defusing nuclear explosion, also see: Water Clock;

fragrance; Also see: Physics Law 230;

Fulvic acid; e.g.

Fulvic acid (humus substance: organic (coal, peat, soil)), doko WHERE two Carbons ( 2C) are ... ;

I wrote: inside of the Hexagon, how many "triangle ones" can be located, if we're connecting lines to its (( hashi Edge, hashi Edge, hashi Edge, hashi Edge) : ( Edge, End))? 

well trained kids!! replied: inside of Network Topology, connection = (( N( N - 1)) / 2) ), so ((6 (6-1))/2) is 15 sir, and in your (Physics Law 234, (core, edge)), if we like to define the core for Fulvic acid, then we'll be using ( Lo Shu Magic Square topology) because numerological (15) is easy to realize & understand sir;

I wrote: Hexagon 15 Fully Connected Ones ... ; Yes. correct, proper, right, sure, thrive, ... ;

FUO; chiryoyaku Therapeutic FUO; e.g.

kuru kuru WHILE using DEE juten Filling, LCD Temperature Control, No Excessive Lighting) to be neither hyperpyrexia nor hypothermia (for each patient (Pt)), by applying ( Air _Negative, Anti Heat Wave) Method, Procedure, Technique, ... , i.e. HOW

chiryoyaku Therapeutic FUO,
chiryoyaku Therapeutic FUO,
chiryoyaku Therapeutic FUO,

 (FUO, Fever of Unknown Origin), ... ; Remark: for 21st century & beyond, WORMHOLE way therapeutic for each human beings livable moon in our universes, also see: Physics Law 789, Gene Therapy System, ... ;

f u t o i Fat; e.g.

f u t o i Fat; Fat Layer, one of the essential layers to maintain (healthy hada Skin, healthy tissue), if (age > 55 year), also see: f Character; f G T S U; Physics Law 89; Specialties ADP; e.g. regarding ("fasting lipid panel" . Standard), good to be higher H D L, good to be lower Cholesterol, ... ;


Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;