; ; ; ; Updated in 2023 : September : 30th (Saturday) : u G T S U, u Gene Therapy System Usage:  ... ( A, C, G, T) ... , also see: Medical Doctor (MD (for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), genetic code)), using ( Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer) G D C gas exchange (our earth, our moon), using (( iroColourWaveForm ( 5 Color, Color Codes)), label (98, 87, 76, 65, 54, 43, 32, 21, 10), ( Physics, Physics, Physics), (Radicals (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural)), ( SPL (( Layer, Layer, Layer), multi layers, sound beams))), ... QR Code:   QR Code: QR Code : to correct; to cure; to fix; to heal; to repair; Radical959;

u* ; U* ;

U C Davis Health; e.g.

https://health.ucdavis.edu , U C Davis Health 2023 Data :

Comprehensive Cancer Center (comparative oncology, gynecologic oncology, hematological oncology, hereditary oncology, molecular oncology, pediatric oncology, radiation oncology, Sickle Cell Disease, Stem Cell Transplant, surgical oncology, therapeutic cancer, urological oncology, ... ) ... ; the best hospitals ... ;

Con Med Air Seal System (laparoscopic, lower intra-abdominal pressure (stable p n e u m o p e r i t o n e u m)) procedure ... ;

(creating, discovering) New Compound, in Computational Enzymes Engineering ... ; 

3D mobile C-arm, integrated fluoroscopy, Ion Endo luminal Robotic (Intuitive 3D CT), ... superior outcomes medical ... ; gastroenterology & pulmonary;

retrievable leadless pacemaker; cardio; cardiology; pediatric electro physiology;

robotic neurosurgery (CNS, cranial, cranial nerves, endovascular, spinal) ... ; brain aneurysm; endovascular aneurysm repair (artery);

serving ("Home Infusion") in 33+ county service area daily ... ;

since 1985, 5000+ Kidney transplants ... ;

standard healthcare for "burnt" patient; American Burn Association (ABA) ... ;

Stryker M a k o Smart Robotics system (hip, knee) replacements ... ; bones;

therapeutic Sickle Cell; pediatric pulmonary;

(bio marker, cell marker, FISH Marker, NGS marker, tumor marker, UDNGS marker) As Factor, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

FISH Marker, also see: FISH;

UDNGS; e.g.

1 Arc minute UDNGS (color codes) marker;
1 Arc minute NGS (color codes) marker;
1 Arc minute C micro RNA marker;
1 Arc minute RNA marker;
1 Arc minute DNA marker;

(DNA, RNA, C micro RNA, NGS, Ultra Deep NGS a.k.a. UDNGS); Also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; DEE; Gravity Dimension Computer; PHYSICS;

colors code (e.g. (A, C, G, T)) ... ; Ultra Deep Next Generation Sequencing ( UDNGS) ... ;

NGS; UDNGS; Also see: nGTSU;

ultra deep NGS, Next Generation Sequencing; Also see: layer;

U E F I; BIOS; e.g.

New term for bios is ( U E F I, U E F I, U E F IUnified Extensible Firmware Interface. BIOS is the old term.

U E F I Aqua; kuru kuru WHILE, doko WHERE (NCS, PCS, ZCS), 15x15 dimensional and its directional is toward east, for each Gravity Dimension Computer, ... ;

ultrasound normal lung A lines;

chiryoyaku Therapeutic FUO e.g.

kuru kuru WHILE using DEE juten Filling, LCD Temperature Control, No Excessive Lighting) to be neither hyperpyrexia nor hypothermia (for each patient (Pt)), by applying ( Air _Negative, Anti Heat Wave) Method, Procedure, Technique, ... , i.e. HOW

chiryoyaku Therapeutic FUO,
chiryoyaku Therapeutic FUO,
chiryoyaku Therapeutic FUO,

 (FUO, Fever of Unknown Origin), ... ; Remark: for 21st century & beyond, WORMHOLE way therapeutic for each human beings livable moon in our universes, also see: Physics Law 789, Gene Therapy System, ... ;

unwanted ones; e.g.

unwanted Nitrogen; Also see: Antiviral Schematic . COVID-19;

unwanted Amoeba; Also see: DNA _Origami;

Bone Formation (Gene Therapy System), maintaining NOT to have inflammation of bones ... ; final product of nitrogenous excretion (requiring conserve Water) ... ; (u rates (e.g. ammonium acid u rate) = ions + salts); Uric Acid Formula C5H4N4O3: if abnormal uric acid, (arthritis, bone joint pain, gout, inflammation of bone) can happen, also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;

uric acid      Uric acid      Uric-acid ;

- (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen) C5H4N4O3 compound forms u rates (ions AND salts);
- high blood concentration of Uric acid can cause arthritis (e.g. gout); ester of uric acid is called u rate;
- P u r i n e nucleotides' metabolic breakdown;

Gene Therapy System ( Uric acid), also see: 6uComputer;

I wrote: you well trained kids! mentioned THAT you're Nanobot Programmers, so I've a quiz i.e. HOW would you ( crayon, crayon, crayon, crayon, kureyon Crayon) the defined Uric Acid Formula C5H4N4O3, regarding its structural ?
well trained kids! replied: very easy sir, we'll color (5 Black Color + 4 Red Color + 4 Silver Color + 3 Green Color), regarding structural ... ;
I wrote:
mochiron of course; Be good (intentions, purposes, wills) Nanobot Programmers ... ;

I wrote: regarding hada Skin, "Black Color" is like Carbon, since we human beings' biological cells obey temperature e.g. regarding our earth only (northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere) prompt lighter complexion if compare to equator prompts darker complexion, HOW would you design & model your own gene therapy system (temperature) ?

well trained kids! replied: we're not "free" like you're Umm!! Umm!! : (hard, soft), heat, temperature, ... ;

using ( chiryoyaku Therapeutic Urinalysis), to cure : (

UTI, Urinary Tract Infection;

OAB, Overactive bladder (Dry);
OAB, Overactive bladder (Wet);

Bladder Cancer;

) ... ; Remark: Amber is GI tracts; Aqua is O2 glows to Neurological;

(Bladder Cancer, OAB, UTI) : (B i l i r u b i n: Negative or Positive), (Blood: Negative or Positive), (Glucose: Negative or Positive), (K e t o n e: Negative or Positive), (Leukocyte: Number), (Nitrite: Negative or Positive), (pH: Number), (Position of the patient (Pt): e.g. specific gravity), (Protein: Negative or Positive), (Urine Appearance: e.g. clear or with particles), (Urine Color: e.g. clear color, light yellow color, radish color), ... ;

(Bladder Cancer, OAB, UTI) : (D y s u r i a), (H e m a t u r i a), (N o c t u r i a), (pain exist at Bladder/Pelvic), (P y u r i a), ... ;

(Bladder Cancer, OAB, UTI) : (Frequency), (Urinary Incontinence), (Urgency), ... ;

UV light; e.g.

( UV light, UV light, UV light, UV light) ... ;

2562; 2018; USA standard (Family Medicine) recertification exam is based on systems: adolescent & children care, adult medicine, ambulatory, cardiovascular, community medicine, elderly care, endocrine, female patient care, female reproductive, gastrointestinal, h e m a t o logic, i n t e g u m e n t a r y, male reproductive, maternity care, mental health, musculoskeletal, n e p h r o logic, n e u r o logic, non-specific, patient based, population based care, psychogenic, respiratory, special sensory, surgical patient care, urgent care;

Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;