Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 8 : 20 : d G T S U, d Gene Therapy System Usage:  ... ( A, C, G, T) ... , also see: Medical Doctor (MD (for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), genetic code)), using ( Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer) G D C gas exchange (our earth, our moon), using (( iroColourWaveForm ( 5 Color, Color Codes)), label (98, 87, 76, 65, 54, 43, 32, 21, 10), ( Physics, Physics, Physics), (Radicals (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural)), ( S P L (( Layer, Layer, Layer), multi layers, sound beams))), ... Q R Code:   Q R Code: Q R Code : to correct; to cure; to fix; to heal; to repair; Radical959;

d* ; D* ;

( I g A I so type, I g D I so type, I g E I so type, I g G I so type, I g M I so type), also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 169, immunological; Physics Law 789, Gene Therapy System; e.g. ( Antiviral Antibody, Antiviral Antibody, Antiviral Antibody) ... ;

(dacrocytosis, fibrosis, thrombosis); Also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;


e.g. defined oncogenes, marked on co genes, targeted oncogenes;
e.g. defined tumor markers, marked tumor markers, targeted tumor markers;
e.g. defined viral pathogens, marked viral pathogens, targeted viral pathogens;

dot; e.g.

(any moving location of point, bio cell, dot, spot), also see: Physics Law 113;

5 simple steps ( . DNA, . RNA, . C micro RNA, . N G S (color codes), . U D N G S (color codes)) and solving base pairs up to 3 digit number (bio marker) to cure COVID-19;

DBP, Diastolic Blood Pressure, (60-90 mmHg) is normal; Also see: Gene Therapy System index; Physics Law 113, any moving location of point, ... ;

Tumor Ablation Device ... ; Also see: Laser, for removing tumors;

(autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hypertension), also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;

(AAI, AI, A I A) timestamp D x e.g. (abnormal high blood pressure, (abnormal metabolism (hormone insulin, glucose in blood, glucose in urine)), admission timestamp Albumin mg/dL, admission timestamp Cholesterol mg/dL, admission timestamp Glucose mg/dL, admission timestamp Potassium mEq/L, admission timestamp Sodium mEq/L, age, acute infection, Alanine transaminase IU/L, anemia, Alkaline phosphatase IU/L, Aspartate transaminase IU/L, average Glucose mg/dL, COPD exacerbation, chronic renal failure, Creatinine mg/dL, CRP mg/L, gender, Hemoglobin g/dL, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, laboratory report, liver damage %, peripheral vascular disease, (steroids (e.g. glucocorticoids) immune system regulation), total cholesterol mg/dL, W B C ((cells/(mm^3)) x (10^3)), W B C count); (cm scale, mm scale) directional gravity pressure, gravity spot, for each patient (Pt); autoimmune diseases (alopecia areata, ankylosing spondylitis, autoimmune disease, celiac disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, polymyalgia rheumatica, Sjögren 's syndrome, temporal arteritis, type 1 diabetes, vasculitis);

using 1080 NM (Method, Procedure, Technique), also see: PHYSICS (DEE, invisibility engineering); Physics Law 144, Anti-Virus Interior, ... , IFF Comorbidity, e.g. COVID-19 with (autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hypertension); our earth only; Remark: NOT in imaginary hyper space crafts; NOT on human beings livable moons;

using to cure (crumpled, disheveled, dishevelled, wrinkled) ... ;

((( eni Distal), as opposed to ( kini Proximal)), (( kini Proximal), as opposed to ( eni Distal))), also see: Directions; Remark: distal a.k.a. downward;

this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, using Gravity Dimension Computer to cure ((Digestive System : GI : (disease, disorder)) Diverticular Bleeding), also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;

DNA; DNA Origami; e.g.

( DNA Origami, DNA Origami, DNA Origami) ... ; Also see: DNA Origami; P vector direction;

1 Arc minute U D N G S (color codes) marker;
1 Arc minute N G S (color codes) marker;
1 Arc minute C micro RNA marker;
1 Arc minute RNA marker;
1 Arc minute DNA marker;

(DNA, RNA, C micro RNA, N G S, Ultra Deep N G S a.k.a. U D N G S); Also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; DEE; Gravity Dimension Computer; PHYSICS;

Real-time molecular biological (Polymerase Chain Reaction (P C R) a.k.a. P C R test),
using (amplification, amplified, amplify) segments of DNA,
WHICH can detect 1 viral genome, from (section of selected DNA, section of selected RNA),
And Then, can indicate vector (e.g. negative to the vector, e.g. positive to the vector);
(indicate, indicated, indicating) P C R test whether positive COVID-19, or negative COVID-19;

 ... , regarding chiryoyaku Therapeutic, DNA _Origami patterns, gene therapy patterns, nanobot programming patterns, MD, medical device, oncological patterns, pathological patterns, pharmaceutical patterns, pharmacological patterns, radiological patterns, ... , also see: (Anti Virus . COVID-19) ;

shorui Dossier (account, annals, archives, casebook, case history, case study, catalog, chronicles, data, diary, documentation, documents, evidence, file, information, inventory, journal, log, logbook, list, memoir, notes, register, report) ... ;

(Dry, Wet) Gene Therapy System; e.g.

( dry, dry, dry), also see: d Character; Water;

(( dry, dry, dry), ( wet, wet, wet)), also see: Physics Law 789; w G T S U;

(( CAD, Coronary Artery Disease), ( DVT, Deep Vein Thrombosis), ( MI, Myocardial Infarction), ( V T E, Venous Thromboembolism)), also see: Disease Disorder Acronym; PHYSICS;

(using ( , ) to strengthen the heart's muscles, using ( , ) to strengthen the heart's O2 flow) therefore, CVD (Cardio Vascular Disease) can be  therapeutic ... ;

((, , , , ), (, )) hada Skin, also see: PHYSICS, law 89, ... ;

DNS     DNS     DNS, e.g. (d n s 56792/t c p DNS (Domain Name System),
d n s 56792/u d p DNS (Domain Name System)), also see: Keyword To Port Number;

Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;


DNA marked pattern (oncogene, Tumor Marker);