P vector     Last updated on 2018/2562 12 22, a full moon day;

protein; 7pComputer;
bound; 2bComputer;

regarding compound (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 253, Remote Heat Sensing;

structural K factor, in addition to A T C G, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 218; Heat;

Based on Mendel's Punnet Square probability model, while binding, 1RR:2Rr:1rr ratio provides 3 good gene with 1 bad gene. In 8 synchronized \ / \ /   clock design, mutation occurs while binding, AND with constraints:

  Mutation  C  G            
   A AC   OR   CA AG   OR   GA            
   T TC   OR   CT TG   OR   GT            


bound; hop; jump; leap; spring; vault; Radical715;

notice that READ 2 lines, because 2 is very very unique e.g. navy blue at moon's night and aqua blue at our earth's day are naturally, e.g. high tidal mark and low tidal mark prompts 2 point distance; Remark: very easy to do so, just simply add K factor into your research and development, and instead of reading 1 line, READ 2 lines; quality may increase, regarding mutant patterns; don't forget to have your own patent and your own trade mark; i.e. regarding ACT1 stage; in ACT2 stage, patents and trade marks are owned by organizations; in ACT3 stage imaginary hyper space, all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King;

Artificial Intelligence Gene Therapy System ( protein sensor) ... ;

For each clock, tangent of P vector direction changes upon OR; Regardless of whether [convex lens or concave lens], or [spherical lens or parabolic lens] tangent of P vector direction changes upon OR; kuru kuru WHILE mutating, one of the codes (e.g. A, C, G, T) vary; AND, P vector vary too;

2555+ years old document e.g. 4 Planets Prediction explains HOW Carbon Nano Wall forms (e.g. variable shapes of polygons as surface, because of our earth's Day Time Configuration) ... ;

HMM provides model in linear statistics. In binding world, in the Sun solar system, Markov Chain's state A, state B, and state C can be placed along with 3D xyz coordinates. And then, notice that transitions become in vectors. P vector direction changes upon OR , if HMM in 3D.

IFF Gravity Dimension Computer () a, c, g, t, ... ; 5W1H; Organic Logic Devices;

            4a ;  


;                 5t




        5c ;      
        9t ;      

Because of 4PP (4 Planets Prediction), Carbon Nano Wall happens, biological cell patterns form accordance with planets' dimensional and directional gravity, those biological cells (2 ends of chromosome, telomere of cell) as DNA (Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement idea#130 i.e. Bio Clock vs. Life Span), and then, sequence as gene code; this DOMAIN selects (Good Gene) in numerological dimension, and then, kuru kuru WHILE, do plus one algorithm to increase Life Span, so called 21st century's Gene Therapy System ... ; Until 2013/2557, humanoid assisted gene teleportation system is not done yet; Space BLI auto adjustment system is not done yet;

Plus One algorithm, using good gene to do e.g. cure diseases (Clinical 1st, Specialties 2nd) also see: Knowledge overview of bioinformatics biometrics artificial intelligently globally ... ;

Note: P vector, only for PMD, AIDS vaccine, embryos cloning, synthetic tissue, and etc. Also see: Gene; www.canon.com/technology/future/07.html; Space Medicine . Glucocorticoid;

One of the symmetry breaking stages, also read: Pg. 98, [Parallel World, Michio Kaku, 2005];
From O(3) symmetry to O(5) symmetry, WHICH lunar gravitational causes embryo to be ... , from the O(3) to O(5) stage, therefore, so called head and torso, approx. symmetry breaks at 72° to lunar, WHERE in dark room condition + surrounded water condition + ... ; WHEN at the time, 4 planet prediction & JUN time, and then predict rejointing interaction and splitting interaction to begin ... ; M Theory based basic understanding 72°, one of the symmetry cracks, for further research and development of A C G T ... ;

meta analysis, 1st to understand not only holes and sticks , but also meta; 2nd to understand dimension in diff such as numerological dimension in Jun time AND Lunar time [ because light can stimulate cells ... ]; 3rd to classify not only A C G T 's mutant patterns, but also ACT1, ACT2, ACT3 info, [ because 2*6 diff, 3 lights diff, ... ] ;

IFF ( hyper vs. hypo):

doko WHERE hyper is higher than ( >) normal,

doko WHERE hypo is lower than ( <) normal,

using AI to be NORMAL, e.g. Buddha's majjhimā patipadā (i.e. middle path), also see: Numbers in Dhamma ... ;

Remark: P vector direction, and P vector computing logic for PMD, developed in 2003;

Remark: since 2018/2562, this DOMAIN has started Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;