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Clinical ((Anesthesia) (Dermatology) (Endocrinology) (Geriatrics) (Hematology) (Internal Medicine) (Neonatology) (Nutrition) (Ob/Gyn) (Oncology) (Orthopedics) (Pediatrics) (Plastic Surgery) (Psychology) (Pulmonary Medicine) (Radiology) (Surgery) (Tropical Medicine) (Urology)

Preclinical ((Anatomy) (Biochemistry) (Microbiology) (Parasitology) (Pharmacology))

Premedical ((Art) (Biology (Molecular Biology)) (Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)) (Computer Science (AI (Expert System) (Neural Network) ) (DB ((Relational Algebra) (Relational Calculus))) (Graphics) ((Illogical Algorithm) (Logical Algorithm)) (Pattern Matching) (Prediction) (Reasoning) (Recognition)) (Engineering ) (Genetics) (History) (Language and Linguistics) (Math (Algebra) (Calculus) (Differential Equations) ) (Management Information Systems (PDA) (Data storage) (File system) (Medical Coding) (Networking)) (Philosophy) (Physics (Dynamics) (Materials)) (Psychology) (Sociology) (Statistics))


Specialties (

ADL, Adolescent Medicine;   ADP, Addiction Psychiatry;   AI, Allergy and Immunology;   ALI, Clinical and Laboratory Immunology;   AN, Anesthesiology;   APM, Pain Management;  AR, Abdominal Radiology;   

BBK, Blood Banking Transfusion Medicine;

CCA, Critical Care Medicine;   CCM, Critical Care Medicine;   CCP, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine;   CCS, Surgical Critical Care;   CD, Cardiovascular Disease;   CFS, Craniofacial Surgery;   CHP, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry;   CHN, Child Neurology;   CN, Clinical Neurophysiology;   CPP, Pediatrics Psychiatry Child and Adolescent Psychiatry;   CRS, Colon and Rectal Surgery;  

D, Dermatology;   DMP, Dermatopathology;   DNN, Diagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Radiology;   DR, Radiology Diagnostic ;  

EM, Emergency Medicine;   EMP, Pediatrics Emergency Medicine;   END, Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism;   ESM, Emergency Sports Medicine;   ESN, Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology;   ESS, Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology;   ETX, Medical Toxicology;  

FOP, Forensic Pathology;   FP, Family Practice;   FPG, Geriatric Medicine;   FPP, Psychiatry Family Practice;   FSM, Sports Medicine;

GE, Gastroenterology;   GPM, Preventive Medicine;   GS, Surgery General;     

HEM, Hematology;   HMP, Hematology;   HO, Hematology and Oncology;   HSO, Hand Surgery;   HSP, Hand Surgery;   HSS, Hand Surgery;  

IC, Interventional Cardiology;   ICE, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology;   ID, Infectious Disease;   IEC, Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine Nuclear Medicine;   IFP, Internal Medicine Family Practice;   IM, Internal Medicine;   IMG, Geriatric Medicine;   INM, Internal Medicine Nuclear Medicine;   IPM, Internal Medicine Preventive Medicine;   ISM, Sports Medicine;  


MEM, Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine;   MG, Medical Genetics;   MGP, Molecular Genetic Pathology;   MM, Medical Microbiology;   MN, Internal Medicine Neurology;   MP, Internal Medicine Psychiatry;   MPD, Internal Medicine Pediatrics;   MPM, Internal Medicine Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;   MSR, Musculoskeletal Radiology;  

N, Neurology;   NEP, Nephrology;   NM, Nuclear Medicine;   NNM, Neurology Nuclear Medicine;   NO, Neurotology Otology;   NP, Neuropathology;   NPM, Neonatal Perinatal Medicine;   NPR, Neurology Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;   NR, Nuclear Radiology;   NRN, Neurology Diagnostic Radiology Neuroradiology;   NS, Neurological Surgery;

OAR, Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedics;   OBG, Obstetrics and Gynecology Ob/Gyn;   OFA, Foot and Ankle Orthopaedics;   OMO, Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Oncology;   ON, Oncology;   OP, Pediatric Orthopaedics;   OPH, Ophthalmology;   ORS, Orthopaedic Surgery;   OSM, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine;   OSS, Orthopaedic Surgery of Spine;   OTO, Otolaryngology;   OTR, Orthopaedic Trauma;  

P, Psychiatry;   PAN, Pediatric Anesthesiology;   PCC, Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine;   PCH, Chemical Pathology;   PCP, Cytopathology;   PD, Pediatrics;   PDC, Pediatric Cardiology;   PDI, Pediatric Infectious Diseases;   PDO, Pediatric Otolarynyology;   PDP, Pediatric Pulmonology;   PDR, Pediatric Radiology;   PDS, Pediatric Surgery;   PE, Pediatric Emergency Medicine;   PEM, Pediatric Emergency Medicine;   PFP, Forensic Psychiatry;   PG, Pediatric Gastroenterology;   PHO, Pediatric Hematology Oncology;   PIP, Immunopathology;   PM, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;   PMG, Pediatrics Medical Genetics;   PMN, Pain Management;   PMP, Pediatrics Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;   PN, Pediatric Nephrology;   PP, Pediatric Pathology;   PPM, Pain Management;   PPN, Pain Management;   PPR, Pediatric Rheumatology;   PS, Plastic Surgery;   PSM, Pediatric Sports Medicine;   PTH, Pathology Anatomic and Clinical;   PTX, Medical Toxicology;   PUD, Pulmonary Disease;   PYG, Geriatric Psychiatry;   PYN, Psychiatry Neurology;  

RHU, Rheumatology;   RNR, Neuroradiology;   RO, Radiation Oncology;  

SCI, Spinal Cord Injury Medicine;   SP, Selective Pathology;  

TS, Thoracic Surgery;  

U, Urology;   UP, Pediatric Urology;  

VIR, Vascular and Interventional Radiology;   VS, Vascular Surgery;  



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