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Gene Therapy System;


Forward Lookup Number Technical Notes Reverse Lookup Number
1 Asimo programming: Must read ABHIDHAMMA。 For Asimo Ukon, also see logic: Optical computing recovery algorithm 1
2 (Super computer (Node (CPU (Logical) (Vector)) (MMU ((Memory architecture (Shared) (Distributed))) (Memory's volume capacity) (Data transfer rate)) (IXS)) ... ) 2
3 Semiconductor( (Amplification (Current ((Dynamic current) (Static current))) (Voltage) (...)) (Bias (Forward bias) (NPN bias) (PNP bias) (Reverse bias) (Zero bias)) (Diode (Avalanche) (Gunn GaAs) (Impatt) (IRED) (Laser) (LED) (Photovoltaic) (Rectifier) (RF) (Silicon) (Tunnel) (Variable reactor) (...)) (Forward breakover) (Transistor (NPN) (PNP) (...)) (...) ) 3
4 MRgFUS, Magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound: Real-time。 breast fibroadenomas + hysterectomy + myomectomy + MRI and Optical Topography + nama prediction + tissue temperature monitoring + UFE, uterine fibroids embolization + ultrasound therapeutic effect + etc. 4
5 Medical Imaging and Display。   5
6 Digital radiography: After taking X-ray for a few seconds, display prompts images digitally。 6

Along with mutation methods: Artificial mutation, Variant mutation, Chemical mutation, Chimera mutation, Enzymatic mutation, Synthetic mutation, Signal mutation。 biometrics constraints are Temperature, Light, Ionize-radiation, Molecular-thermal-agitation, Nucleotide-thermal-agitation, and ...。 Also see: Biometric Measurement CRNA

8 (Antibiotic (Amoxicillin) (Ampicillin) (Ciprofloxacin) (Clindamycin) (Erythromycin) (Gatifloxacin) (Gentamicin) (Oxacillin) (Penicillin) (Rifampin) (Streptomycin) (Telithromycin) (Tetracycline) (TMP/SMZ) (Vancomycin) (...) )。 8
9 [Computer = Hardware + Software]: Mainframe computer。 Super computer。 Mini computer。 (Server computer (Hot swap) (NAS Storage) (Rack mount) (RAID) (Tower) (...))。 Workstation = desktop computer = microcomputer。 PC = personal computer = microcomputer。 Notebook computer = laptop computer = mobile computer = microcomputer。 PDA = handheld computer = palm computer = mobile compact computer。 Fuel cell computer。 tablet pc = mobile computer。 Wearable computer。 Optical computer。 Quantum computer。 ... 9
10 Medical display input: In 2005, DV input, DVI input, HD-SDI input, RGB input, SDI input,  ... 。 Also see: ~ 5。 10
11 Culdolaparoscopy = Appendectomy + Cholecystectomy + Hysterectomy + Ovarian Cystectomy + Myomectomy + Oophorectomy。 11
12 *hormone: CRH, Corticotropin releasing hormone。   FSH, Follicle-stimulating hormone。   GnRH, Gonadotropin-releasing hormone。   hCG。   LH。   Total Thyroid Hormone / TBG。   TRH, Thyrotropin-releasing hormone。   TSH, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone [T4]。 ... 。 12
13 *ratio in wildcard 13
14 Obstetrical fetal doppler heartbeat sound recorder。 ob/gyn 14
15 ECG: Blood pressure?   Heart beat rate numbers-of-beats/min?   number/number mm Hg?   Temperature?   (View vectors (Lateral view?) (PA view?) (...))   (Graph ((aVF) (aVL) (aVR)) (V1) (V2) (V3) (V4) (V5) (V6) )。 Also see: ECG rhythm names 15
16 In biometric computing, [SNP in DNA] can be read by RFID。 Also see: Hitachi。   16
17 3D magneto cardiograph does not use either MRI or x-ray。 For computing, it use electrical distribution strength from heart's front and dorsal。 Hitachi invented in 2004。 Without MRI and X-ray, position-match computing can prompt standard heart model。 Earth's magnetic field = 50µT approx. and tesla T at heart may vary 10 pT ~ 100 fT。    17
18 low-k materials in hardware engineering is developed for controlling molecular organic components。 During synthesis process, structures of molecule in its composition, reacting paths, speed, temperature, weight, and ... can be degradation-controlled。  Also see: Hitachi 18
19 *Lipoprotein: ((Intestine (Chylomicrons))  (Liver (VLDL (IDL) (LDL)))  (Intestine/Liver/Plasma (HDL))  (...)) 。   LDL = Low Density Lipoprotein。  VLDL = Very Low Density Lipoprotein。 Proteins' gradient gel-electrophoresis can be measured in optical density in nm more likely to be in physics 19
20 *Hypertension: ((Chronic hypertension) (Gestational hypertension) (Preeclampsia) (Superimposed preeclampsia and chronic hypertension) (...)) 。 20
21 *Binding globulin: ((CBG) (SHBG) (TBG) (...) )。 CBG = Corticosteroid Binding Globulin。 SHBG = Sex Hormone Binding Globulin。 TBG = Thyroid Binding Globulin。 21
22 Micro-organism concerned in HIV IRS / ART: ((BK) (Cryptococcus neoformans) (Cytomegalo) (Hepatitis B) (Hepatitis C) (Histoplasma capsulatum) (JC) (Mycobacterium avium complex) (Mycobacterium leprae) (Mycobacterim tuberculosis) (Papilloma) (Parvo B19) (Pneumocystis jiroveci) (Varicella-zoster) (...) ) 22
23 ECG rhythm-names [Flip and see ECG 2nd Edition。 Saunders。 2002]: ( (60-cycle Interference = AC Interference = Bad electronic device: Diode ?) (Asystole = Cardiac Standstill by flat-line) (Atrial Fibrillation) (Atrial Flutter) (AV Junction Rhythm at 40 Beats/Min) (First Degree AV Heart Block = Elongated P-R Interval) (Junctional Rhythm = Nodal Rhythm) (Loose Lead / Cable Movement = Artifact = Improper/inadequate electrodes caused by either by loosing lead OR cable's movement) (Normal Sinus Rhythm = Regular Sinus Rhythm 100 Beats/Min) (Pacemaker with 1:1 Capture = Electronic depolarization AND Subsequent cardiac contraction) (Premature Atrial Contraction) (Premature Ventricular Contraction。 Also see: PVC) (Second Degree Heart Block = Mobitz Type I = Progressive lengthening of P-R interval = Wenckebach) (Second Degree Heart Block = Mobitz Type II = Some impulses are normal-conducted, other impulses are blocked) (Sinus Arrhythmia) (Sinus Bradycardia) (Sinus Tachycardia) (Supraventricular Tachycardia) (Third Degree AV Heart Block = Complete Heart Block = If P-wave AND QRS-complex AND T-wave = No relationship) (Ventricular Fibrillation) (Ventricular Tachycardia) (...) )。 23
24 (Hysterectomy (Cancer) (Endometriosis) (Fibroids) (Uterine prolapse) (...))。 24
25 *pressure: CVP, Central Venous Pressure。 PAWP, Pulmonary Artery Wedge Pressure。 25
26 STD: (Chlamydia) (Gonorrhea) (Hepatitis (B) (C)) (HIV) (HSV) (Syphilis) (Trichomonas) (...)。 26
27 Random effects Poisson regression model provides IRR。 Some other models are also acceptable。  i.e. IRR 0.88。 99% CI, Confidence Interval, 0.6  - 1.2 where CI variables are ... 。 P value = .1。 27
28 CI variables in IRR, OR, RR, ... : CI variables can be chosen/selected/classified by researcher such as Days。 Dosage。 Gram。 Events by person-years risk。 Rate by 100 person-years risk。 ... 。 28
29 Intake( (Blood by Colloid) (IVF) (IVPB) (Oral) (...))。 29
30 Output ( (Liquid stool) (NG drainage by emesis) (Urine) (...))。 30
31 Cardiac Enzymes ( (CPK -MB) (LDH) (Myoglobin) (SGOT) (Troponin -I) (Troponin -T) (...))。 31
32 CNA: Acoustic hearing。 Abducens fingers。 Facial Movement AND sensory。 Glossopharyngeal Swallowing AND voice。 Hypoglossal tongue motion。 Oculomotor pupillary。 Olfactory smell。 Optic visual。 Spinal neck motion OR Shrugs。 Trigeminal Facial AND mouth。 Trochlear eye。 Vagus gag reflex OR tongue depressor 32
33 *dine: Cimetidine。 Famotidine。 Nizatidine。 Ranitidine。 33
34 *antidysrhythmic: Adenocard。 Bretylol。 Brevibloc。 Cordarone。 Corvert。 Esmolol。 Lanoxin。 Pronestyl。 Xylocaine。 34
35 *antihypertensive: ACE Inhibitor。 Beta Blocker。 35
36 *tumors: acoustic neuromas, benign tumors, extracranial tumors, intracranial tumors, kidney malignant tumors, liver malignant tumors, lung malignant tumors, Meningiomas, pancreas malignant tumors, spinal cord tumors, pituitary adenomas, schwannomas, ... 。 36
37 *allergies: allergy。 nasal sprays (Non prescription (Afrin) (Benadryl) (Neo-synephrine) (Sudafed) (Tavist) (Vicks Sinex)) (Prescription (Allegra) (Clarinex) (Flonase))。 Also see: Asthma medication。 37
38 Asthma rescue medication: Albuterol。 Maxair。 Proventil。 Ventolin。

Asthma controller medication: Accolate。 Advair。 Flovent。 Serevent。 Singulair。

39 CD, CD Classification。 CD 1 ~ 154。 Surface antigen。 Must be classified by Distribution, Family Name, Function, Ligand, Molecular Mass, Surface Antigen, ... 。 39
100 Cell culture。 Gene research。 100
101 Coagulation ((ACT) (INR) (PT) (PTT) (Thrombin time) (...))。

Coagulation profile test ( (Dimer µg/mL) (FDP, Fibrin degradation products µg/mL) (Fibrinogen) (INR) (Platelets) (PT sec) (PTT sec) (aPTT sec) (...))。

102   102
103 *antidepressants: Effexor Lexapro Paxil Prozac Zoloft 103
111 *vaccines: Anthrax, aP, BCG [Tuberculosis], Cholera, DT, DTaP [Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, ... ], HBV, Hepatitis [A, B, ... ], Hib [H influenzae type b], Influenza, IPV [Polio], Japanese encephalitis, Lyme disease, Meningococcus [A,  C, Y, ... ], MMR [Measles, Mumps, Rubella, ... ], Plague, Pneumococcus, Poliomyelitis, Rabies, Td, Ty21a, Typhoid Phenol ..., Var [Varicella], Vi, Yellow fever, ... 。 PD ID 111
144 Note: In a binding world of biometric, USA MYANMAR NET also would like to bind (RNA Protein (C) (Codon) (mRNA) (...) ) therefore, if Codon stands itself without binding data of ((C), (mRNA), (...)) will be considered pitfall RNA protein for any mutant pattern recognition, and mutant pattern matching. Nevertheless, \\MD\Bio-IT\*.* will focus on biometrics basic understanding of how biometric computing ... 。 144
149 Bioinformatics DB:  Aaindex, BLOCKS, CSD, DDBJ, EMBL, GenBank, GENES, GEO, GSX, LITDB, Medline, MGDB, MMDB, NDB, OMIM, Pathway, PDB, Pfam, PIR, PMD, PRINTS, ProDOM, PROSITE, PubMed, SWISS-PROT, TrEMBL, UniVec, ... 149
150 *Index: ABI, Ankle-brachial Index [JAMA。 Vol.293。 No.2]。   BMI, Body Mass Index [Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey。 Vol.60。 No.1]。   MDI, Mental Developmental Index [Obstetrical And Gynecological Survey。 Vol.60。 No.4]。   Pneumonia Severity Index [The American Journal of Medicine。 Vol.118。 No.4]。   150
151 Blood gases ((BE) (CO2) (HCO3) (PCO2) (pH) (PO2) (SaO2) (...))。 151
152 *zole: (Proton pump (Lansoprazole) (Omeprazole = Omprazole) (Pantroprazole) (Esomeprazole) (Rabeprazole) (...) )。 152
179 USA MYANMAR NET does not recommend neural network for Asimo Ukon AI because neural network only calculates its INPUTs into thresholds as weights(∑i ) to process, and then result as OUTPUTs, and then the OUTPUTs becomes INPUTs of lower-level-depth of nodes because "very old" neural networks have never defined precisely specific branching factors at certain depth in omni-direction with constraints in the binding world。 In neural network, in thresholds, weights are processed by (inductive-logic (human-knowledge-based-rules) (heuristic-reasoning)).  Therefore, neural network based genetic applications GeneParser, Genic, GRAIL, and etc. must be developed not only in omni-directional with certain binding values but also in heuristic Sequence Numbers (A, B, C, D, E, ...) of variable brunching factors at defined depth with some other constraints in biometric neural network AI for Asimo Ukon and later ... 179
180 ((Gas OR Liquid) Density (Mass (Kg/m3)) ((Weight (Newton N/m3)) OR (Object's acceleration a (Meter m/s2))) (Particle (Moles of atom mol/m3)))。 Assuming 1 mol = 6.02 x 1023 180
215 Biometric data formats: FASTA, FASTA+GAP, MAML, mmCIF, NEXUS, PAUP, PHYLIP, and ... 。  215
246 Biometric functions such as analyzing numerical sequences( (alignment_of_sequence)  (prediction_of_sequence) ), analyzing micro-array data((meta-data_of_X)  (meta-data_of_Y)) notice that X, Y's data type constraints analyzing micro-array in 2D and if in 8 synchronized clock dimension ... , predicting marked/unmarked gene, predicting protein structure Also see polygons of meshes for rendering in graphics mode,  analyzing phylo-genetic and ... are done by following methods: data-mining, decision tree resulting, pattern matching, simulation, statistical learning, and so on。 246
247 In biometric, cDNA(s) on microarray are spotted to represent human-visual-vision-perceivable possible EM-spectrum[390nm ~ 770nm] as BLACK, RED, YELLOW, GREEN, and then able to analyze as gene expression。 EM visible spectrum in nm = RED > ORANGE > YELLOW > GREEN > BLUE > INDIGO > VIOLET, " 7 colors of visible spectrum while refracting, BUT might be more ... "。 Also see: Hybridization 247
250 (Biometric (Ophthalmology (200M of photoreceptor cell (Cone (L) (M) (S)) (Rod) )))。 Also see: Cell Type 250
266 *zyme: enzyme。   (isozyme (CYP*) )。   266