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Context sensitive, aka help system, for example: cs=CS.HLP indexed each word, therefore WHEN find/search, system prompts automatically WHAT user types, and WHICH acronym files "year before 2006" i.e. \\IT\Acronym\abcdefg.html, \\IT\Acronym\hijklmno.html, \\IT\Acronym\pqrs.html, \\IT\Acronym\tuvw.html, and \\IT\Acronym\xyz.html can be searched within a few clicks [approx. time period is 6 years data; approx. compilation time is 6 minutes for 0.2 MB data]... ;

            OS Win95 ~ XP okay;

            IFF OS Vista ~ , and prefetch files are for winhlp32.exe, because winhlp32.exe is download yourself file nowadays;  

Custom display

Graphics with hotspots, a.k.a. hypergraphics

Help authoring tools,;;

Help file's file extensions

PC-DOS, MS-DOS era's a context was $p$g, and then colorful display window OS Win95 ~ XP era's context was $s=$S context sensitive with language character map therefore |applications... , and then nowadays OS Vista ~ binary to duo-binary along with directional worm=holes, gravitational light weight, organic & multiple display layered, zero volt switch for ultra low power consumption, ... ;

Secondary help windows

Sound file embedding

Training card

Video file embedding

WinHelp macros, when called, each macro must have unique string value within each help system [a combination of *.cnt, *.gid, *.hlp];