ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     24mm natural time, no moon day, and full moon day, ... ACT2 stage dimensional hyperspace システム ...

Updated in 2565 : on 2022 : 1 : 11 ;


Also see: this DOMAIN, if year > 2020 ... ;


since 2008 to the present (2020s), this DOMAIN contents are designed, developed, engineered, modeled, programmed, ... in Modesto, California, United States of America (USA) ... ;


12/31/2020; purchased a Domain Name (IDEA PROCESSOR .NET), from Google, with a new e-mail Ace4465Jaw@gmail.com, Remark: 12 United States Dollar / year, And Then, purchased a Web Hosting Service, from www.bluehost.com, with User Name (ideapro2), and received a new IP Address (, from the ISP, Remark: approx. 95 United States Dollar / 3 years, and Blue Host's customer support phone number is USA +1 855 984 4546;


12/31/2020; Domain Name: usamyanmar.net has been hacked and hijacked, and no longer hosting its contents;


Existence of this DOMAIN, established in Buddhist 2544, Gregorian 2000, and Myanmar 1362。(acejaw.net, americamyanmar.net, www.ideaprocessor.net, www.tsuki.info, usamyanmar.net) are educational & informational web sites; It is a friend & family web and multi-functional system software model, and intellectual properties of (www.ideaprocessor.net, and www.americamyanmar.net, and www.usamyanmar.net, and http://tsuki.info, and www.acejaw.net ) are copyrights & all rights reserved by Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw)。

WHAT is this DOMAIN 's CD-R, DVD, USB Drive, SD smart card, micro SD smart card ? IT is a content development; WHAT is content development? A combination of applications (e.g. noCOOKIE), background Photo FILE, control (e.g. 149.149) signage, data (e.g. web pages as note) items, digital certificate for system security, oriental characters for idea, system database data (e.g. Publisher .reg) for system registry, programming scripts, system itself (e.g. combination of items is system), ten folders with ten icons for ten dimensional system, ... are compiled on (1 smart card (e.g. micro SD card, SD card), or 1 portable device (e.g. USB3 drive, USB2 drive, USB drive), or 1 disc (e.g. BD, DVD, CD), ... ) so called content development;

WHAT is diff between book and content? Depending upon this DOMAIN developer's knowledge, there is only ichi One hon Book in the world (approx. 44+ years of knowledge are embedded & integrated as 1), WHICH is more likely to be hardware content, on the other hand, content is more likely to be software content;

WHAT is diff between paper book and hon Book? Paper was invented in China long long time ago, several papers become paper book to read only, on the other hand, electronic hon Book has been integrated & invented by Nippon, and hon Book can be multipurpose (e.g. audio play, calculate, elevate (e.g. gravity spots are defined and pinpointed) , formula (e.g. dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural, ... ), index (1D, 2D, 3D, ... ), keyword ref, monitor, network, print, read & write, scan, speak & translate, therapy, voice over IP, watch, zoom, ... ) computer;

Until present, still trying to be a permanent domain in the Internet, but not achieved yet, and not knowing HOW to software engineer a permanent domain in the Internet (e.g. able to handshake with current global telecommunication protocols, DNS Server self, E-mail server self, INTERNET self i.e. IIS self, ISP self, oneself as a surface in the Internet, ( OS) self, and so on) ;


Developer coins 2 words: thus so called 1 word e.g. (ace jaw, America Myanmar, idea processor, USA Myanmar) and net stands for Internet; WHY u s a m y a n m a r ? Because English language to inter-communicate and understand technology especially for Southeast Asian (also see: ASEAN); In the near future Myanmar might be able to inter-communicate in Oriental languages e.g. Mini Dictionary

Concerning  contents, brand-names, computing-usages, internet-addresses, product-names, trade-names, and registered-trademarks (i.e. ®) used in this domain are names, trademarks, and usages of their respective owners; This domain's innovative contents & subdirectories (a.k.a. 10 dimensional system) are intellectual property of Rakhine Mr. Ace Jaw

this DOMAIN likes to inform you that its informational and educational contents might not be 100% correct; Reduce design is difficult to accomplish concise + knowledge based + overview + solution oriented



The topic emphasizes Myanmar way of Buddhism; Some international internet addresses are linked for further information related to Buddhism; It is our best donation to educate Myanmar-American; And it is recommended to read; Also see: index



We like to post physicians’ medical knowledge based articles; Biometric computing binds medical and informational together; Its pharmacy technical info are still in development stage; Also see: MD



After 2012/2556, desktop became ro (i.e. multiple window frames) with MTI, therefore no more desktop.ini;

Most data which have been collected, innovated, implemented, and provided are in Microsoft Platform; Nevertheless, it will guide readers to understand basic computing design models;

Since 2553, ..\\Desktop\*.* have been developed & tested to be a multi-functional system; Domain's contents can be in Internet as a web, and software, and it can also be running as (computer) application without access to the Internet; Also see: index




Ellipses …   are used in the domain’s web pages; Web contents in graphics are not thoroughly explained in Domain Matrix, because ACTION layers WHICH are between background & foreground are military top secret HOW Z-Distribution can be ... ; Special design ..\\Desktop\*.* directory is for multiple operating systems ( OS) with its "ready made" sub-directories which stores IT prior to operating systems


Myanmar characters

It is good to know Burmese Romanization; Burmese Romanization provides how non-Roman characters have been translated into American-English; Conservative Buddhist scripts are written in Pali language, the one and only language which has been generation by generation carried on, maintained, only by voice for more than 2500+ years, by heart only by Buddhist monks; Therefore, words in directories \\*Pali\*.* are transcript words so that spelling may vary among nations, however principle is the same; also see: Mini Dictionary  



4p/7p marketing method is difficult in business world。


Time; Space; ...

ACT1, ACT2, ACT3 stages are difficult to classify especially for a Myanmar; In 2007, somehow assuming that 5 horizontal sectional gray scale by imaginary dimensional hyperspace crafts WHICH have been very very very far away in distance retrospectively ...


this DOMAIN, developed by :


2564; 12/4/2020; Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019; Quantity 1; Life Time Product key: GYMYP-4MXV4-XPHWY-337KG-XTMTZ, limited time offer (USD99$, Life Time), purchased by creating a new e-mail account Ace4465Jaw@outlook.com, Type (Disk drives) e.g. C-228T128G2-P3D2B2S11, Drive Letter (DVD Drive (E:) 16.0.13127.20616 UDF), and Order Number 5282866107 ; Remark: because Microsoft Office 2007 WHICH was purchased by this DOMAIN developer is no longer able to activate neither online nor by phone, as of 2020;


2564; 12/1/2020; Dynabook Inc. (Manufacturer), dynabook TECRA A50-F (2020 modeled ones), with Windows edition (Windows 10 Pro Education), 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor, Computer name (LAPTOP-3D1EB9L3), Window activation (Product ID: 00379-20000-00001-AAOEM), ... ; Also see: https://us.dynabook.com ; (1.8GHz Intel Celeron 4205U, 4GB DDR4, 15.6", 128GB SSD, Bluetooth 5.0, Webcam, WiFi6), purchased from www.amazon.com, Order#111-9138421-6723462 ; Logitech Desktop USB Mouse & Keyboard Combo, also purchased from Amazon.com, Order#111-0444475-4198644 ;


2564; 11/30/2020; LG, also see: www.lg.com; LG Electronics Inc., Slim Portable DVD Writer, MODEL GP65NW60, SVC CODE NW70, ROM VERSION PF00, designed by Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. ; the DVD Writer comes with CyberLink DVD Media Suite, also see: www.cyberlink.com

Remark: this DOMAIN developer's (2016 Model TOSHIBA SATELLITE / SATELLITE PRO, 17.3" with Windows 10) unexpectedly crashed in 11/27/2020 morning (when turn its power on) after 4 years of using it ; therefore, opened its cover, then battery jumper OFF and cold boot the computer and reset the BIOS by UEFI Boot option (also see: Mode), but nothing left inside its hard disk, and found out that PXE-ROM (DVD Drive) connector was burned (its built in DVD is no longer working); LG 's USB powered DVD Writer worked well with bootable, therefore able to install Operating System to the Toshiba computer, but this DOMAIN developer did not have Microsoft Windows 10 software DVD;


2564; 11/29/2020; TOSHIBA CANVIO ADVANCE; 1TB; USB 3.0 Hard Drive; compatibility, formatted NTFS for (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7); Also see: Toshiba Consumer Storage ;

Identifier: 82C3DD06-D6B4-4EBC-8688-FC84CD162D72;

Recovery Key: 500335-701954-484143-194458-573936-680845-038742-704088;

Location: SDHC (E:) > tsuki.info > Bit Locker;


2564; 10/07/2020; SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 FE 5G; Manufactured in Vietnam; MODEL: SM-G781UZWMXAA; IMEI: 351675643225638; Also see:  www.samsung.com; SM-G781U?????? ; Unlocked; CLOUD WHITE; 128GB; with Toshiba micro SD (this DOMAIN) 5G ... ;

2020; FUJI FILM, FINE PIX XP140 (dustproof, freeze proof, shockproof from up to 5.9 ft, waterproof to 82 ft) digital camera ... ; Also see: www.fujifilm.com;

2563; 11/28/2019; Thanksgiving Day of 2019; Microsoft (i.e. www.microsoft.com ) Windows 10 OS updated WHILE Wireless communication is turned off (i.e. not connected), Network and Sharing Center (no adapter), automatically reset back to its original factory configuration & setting; Remark: IFF OEM and Logo are defined, And Then, system number (s) ... ;

2563; 11/28/2019; Thanksgiving Day of 2019; SAMSUNG (i.e. www.samsung.com ) 501C13 (AC adapter, Computer), with Google OS, with Camera, Chargeable USB (2.0, 3.0) Port, HDMI, LCD, Microphone, micro SD Memory, Power button, Touchpad, ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN 's contents are working very well (fully functional) with SAMSUNG 501C13 ... ; this DOMAIN 's contents are working very well (fully functional) with Google OS (e.g. AI OS, New OS, Operating System, Web OS, ... ) ... ; Remark: thanks! to SAMSUNG and GOOGLE (i.e. www.google.com);

10/20/2019 /2563; Brother HL-L2395DW series, COMPACT LASER PRINTER (Print, Copy, Scan), compatible with windows, Mac, Air Print, WiFi certified, Wi-Fi protected setup, ... , http://support.brother.com : supported operating systems : macOS v10.12.x; macOS v10.11.x; macOS v10.10.5; Windows 10 Enterprise; Windows 10 Education; Windows 10 Pro; Windows 10 Home; Windows 8.1; Windows 8, Windows 7;  Windows Server 2016; Windows Server 2012 R2; Windows Server 2012; Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Server 2008;

08/23/2019 /2563; 64GB USB3.0, compatible with PC & Mac, compatible with USB2.0 devices, fast performance, jump drive v100, www.lexar.com;

05/16/2019 /2563; in addition to & AT&T (American Telecom & Telegraph) Internet services, xfinity Internet services (100+ channel, 250 Mbps, Xfinity Home);

name : SONY group : comcast , COMCAST, NBC, SONY, Universal, Universal Orlando, Universal Studios, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Theme Parks, xfinity, ... , are 1 SONY group, and global telecommunication companies (Biz, business), also see : forward now, International Domains;

net gear;   8 x 4 channel bonding, 340 Mbps, CM400 high speed cable modem (modulating, demodulating), DOC S IS 3.0 cable labs certified (compatible with DOC S IS 2.0, Computers, Router, Wireless) i.e. NET GEAR (COX, Spectrum, xfinity), ... ; communicate with;

ASUS Computer International (ASUS), IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE, 2018 Model (BLUE CAVE) AC2600 (concurrent WiFi speed (1733+800 Mbps)) Wireless Router, DUAL BAND (2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz) WI-FI  ROUTER, web UI, powered by TREND MICRO, Router and AP Mode, with RJ45 Cable, ASUS Router App, MAC Address (0C9D921C3C40), S/N (J6IAHK001294), Check Number WK TB, also see: http://router.asus.com; Remark: Panasonic started "dual band" since year 1995 with (900 MHz, 1800 MHz), and notice and realize THAT by year 2020, "dual band" is functional DUAL BAND (2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz) ... ;

2563; 04/18/2019; Panasonic, Bluetooth, Model ((KX-TG833 SK) link 2 cell cordless telephone with digital answering machine ( 3 handsets)), http://shop.panasonic.com/bluetooth-phone ; DECT 6.0 plus, easy to use, easy to read, illumined keypad, large display with backlit;

color code (feedback, feedback, feedback, feedback, feedback) IFF this DOMAIN ... ; UPC vs RFID;

04/18/2019; Western Digital Technologies, San Disk, Cruzer Glide 3.0 USB Flash Drive, 256 GB, www.sandisk.com/wug ; USB 3.0-enabled, up to 90 MB / s^2;

03/23/2019; this DOMAIN 's contents, backup inside of SONY XPERIA 10 Plus; (4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM); 8 MP; 16.4 cm Full HD+ Display; (12 MP+ 8 MP) Dual Camera; 3000 mAh; I3223 Black, SI 1318 - 4320 Rev 1 2G/3G/LTE, Qualcomm Snapdragon 636; IMEI : 35244410 - 008082 - 3, also see: ID;

03/13/2019 /2563; USB drive; USB drive;

PNY, PNY Technologies, 4K ULTRA HD USB 3.0 Flash Drive, 10x Faster, www.pny.com.tw;

San Disk, Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive, 32GB, 100 MB/s, www.sandisk.com;

WD, Western Digital, easy store USB 3.0 Flash Drive, 32GB, 90 MB/s, www.wdc.com;

Remark: formatted each USB drive, prior to compilation;

2018 /2562; domain name (usamyanmar.net), renewal of Domain Name Registration (1 year), by http://www.nameregistrars.net/paypal.html; ISP (Internet Service Provider): https://olm.net; registered by Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw), acejaw@acejaw.net; Remark: e-mail acejaw@acejaw.net is no longer functional;

2018 /2562; www.kusalakari.net is registered until 11/06/2027 by Google: http://domains.google.com; renewal on 10/17/2018, 9+ years registered by Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw), wajeca@gmail.com;

2018 /2562; Toshiba TECRA (TOS) C50-D (1510) I3-7100U 1/4 W10,  MFG# (PART NO. PS581U-01301L, SERIAL NO. 9J181918H), 2096819218, acejaw@acejaw.net ( Remark: e-mail acejaw@acejaw.net is no longer functional; ), americamyanmar.net, with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro; LAN MAC Address EC21E52F3244; Wireless LAN B469211E9727; TIS0025000B (C:) As www.tsuki.info, with *06(IMEI((1+)357008083025306, (1+)357008083025314)) phone number ... ; Remark: Hardware: internet connectivity, tested by Apple i Phone 10 MAX;

2018 /2562; http://bodhisukha.net is registered until 06/25/2027 by Google: www.google.com; renewal on 05/29/2018, 9+ years registered by Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw), wajeca@gmail.com;

2018 /2562; this DOMAIN 's contents, tested by Apple IMAC 21.5/3.0QC/8GB/1TB/RP555, Serial Number C02WJEWKJ1G5, with 21.5-inch (diagonal) 16:9 widescreen LED-backlit Retina 4K display, 4096 by 2304 pixels, ambient light sensor, 3.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 with 6MB shared L3 cache (Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz), 8GB of 2400MHz DDR4 memory, 1TB 5400-rpm hard drive, Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB of VRAM, Face Time HD camera, Two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports, support for high-speed I/O and video out, SDXC card slot and four USB-A ports, 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet, Built-in stereo speakers, microphone, headphone jack, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse 2, Preinstalled macOS, and meets ENERGY STAR requirements; apple (best friend), Working... ; IPv6;

2018 /2562; this DOMAIN 's contents, backup inside of Sony Xperia XZ Premium (G8142), using SONY Xperia Companion software, provided by https://support.sonymobile.com/us/xperia-companion/ ; Computer: Toshiba Satellite; E-mail: wajeca@gmail.com;

2018 /2562, this DOMAIN 's contents, tested by DELL Inspiron 15, 3000 Series, 3565 model, with Microsoft Windows 10; Remark: certificate (e.g. C:\IT\25620\Certificate\this DOMAIN), Mobile Hotspot (Network name: ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網, Network password: 2096819218; this DOMAIN as Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter # ), open with specific page (e.g. C:\index.shtml), regedit (e.g. C:\Publisher.reg), VPN connection (Connection name: ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網, Server name: ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網, VPN type: Automatic, Type of sign-in info: Certificate), ... , working...

2017 /2561, www.tsuki.info domain name (http://global.tsuki.info), registered until 12/1/2026, by Google's name server; Remark: 9+ years registration;

2017 /2561, renewal Domain Name (usamyanmar.net), by www.nameregistrars.net;

2017 /2561, a Full Moon Day ( FMD), Manufacture SONY (also see: www.sonymobile.com) Firmware version 1.0, Serial number ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ XPERIA™ XZ Premium, using supported frequency bands UMTS HSPA+ (Bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 19) GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 26, 28, 29, 32, 38, 39, 40, 41) Wireless LAN ( WLAN), 2.4G/5G, NFC;

2017 / 2561; Lenovo idea pad 110 - 15 A C L, with Microsoft Windows 10,  international, also see: http://www.lenovo.com/support/phone;

as of April 2017 / 2561, System Volume Information, transferred by USB 3.0, 16 GB, TOSHIBA; Also see, URL: http://www.toshiba.co.jp/p-media/wwsite/manual.htm; Remark: 3 memory drives are the same type, because, developer's computer contents (e.g. this DOMAIN 's INFO) are transferred only by the 3 memory drives at the same time, regarding System Volume Information; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8.1; Windows 10; OS X 10.6.6, 10.11, OS X;

2016 / 2560, regarding tsuki, also see: Radical96,

URL (global . tsuki . info) has forwarded to www.tsuki.info, by Google;

2016 / 2560, regarding Monastery,

mm.abmmc.net has forwarded to www.usamyanmar.net, by Google;

mm.kusalakari.net has forwarded to www.acejaw.net (i.e. web hosting by www.yahoo.com);

2016 /2560,  monastery website www.kusalakari.net (Kusalakari Meditation Center), created by ISP http://domains.google.com; www.blogger.com;

2016 / 2560, TOSHIBA SATELLITE / SATELLITE PRO, 17.3" with Windows 10;

2016/2560, ACER Aspire ES15, ES1-531-P0JJ, with Microsoft Windows 10;

2016/2560, Aspire One Cloud book A01-131-C620 (also see: www.acer.com), and PAVILION HP15-A023CL (also see: www.hp.com);

2016/2560, combo domain e.g. acejaw.net (a part of triangulation), registered via Yahoo (www.yahoo.com), reseller of Melbourne IT Ltd. (www.melbourneit.com.au), as registrar of record is transferred to Tucows Inc. (www.tucows.com); E-mail: help@opensrs.com; Telephone: 1 888 511 7284;

2015/2559, San Disk, www.sandisk.com, 16GB USB Flash Drive, USB 2.0 / 3.0 compatible (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X v10.5+) drives, for transferring this DOMAIN 's contents among computers at HOME;

2015/2559, www.dropbox.com; user account sign in; files stored as internet virtual storage; e.g. remote drive via Internet for virtual storage backup purpose, and 2 steps verify by Google's g mail .com;

2015/2559, Toshiba Satellite C50-CBT2N01, computers (fixed battery, fixed memory) This PC with OS (Windows 10 HOME) ... ;

2015 /2559, adding 2 index files (index . PHP, index . phtml) ... ; the files were created by Notepad++ v6.8.5, https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ ; thereafter, 8 index files at this DOMAIN 's root for indexing purpose ... ; the files (index.php, index.phtml) are working with Microsoft Edge (i.e. Windows 10's IE browser) , but cannot be browsing with Internet Explorer 11;

2015 / 2559, IP Address ( unlocked by https://support.olm.com, for web hosting of www.usamyanmar.net ; IP address was;

2015 / 2559, www.americamyanmar.net , web hosted by www.web.com ;

2015 / 2559, www.acejaw.com, registered by http://domains.google.com, for forwarding to www.acejaw.net, web hosted by www.yahoo.com;

deleted www.acejaw.com on 11/6/2016;


3D GUI... , ... , since 2010, trying to be functional Using of ... ;

Audio Recorder System: SONY IC recorder ICD-P320, 2005, powered by ; Audio Speaker System: Logitech Z4, 2006, no more since 2013; Audio Speaker System: Logitech z506, 2013/2556;

Authorized Domain Holder & Owner: Mr. Ace Jaw, since 2010;
Authorized Domain Holder & Owner: Mr. Aung Kyaw, since 2000;

Battery: DURACELL +RECHARGEABLE-, 1.2V, 800 m Ah, rechargeable battery; Battery: Energizer RECHARGEABLE, 1.2V, 2450 m Ah, rechargeable battery; Battery: SANYO eneloop, 1.2V, 750 m Ah, Ready to use Rechargeable Battery;

BD Player with remote control SUB MENU, Panasonic, tested Digital photo album, via Mastered CD, 2010;

Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player with home network and the Internet, SONY, BDP-BX58, Built-in Wireless (i.e. a, b, g, WiFi, n), 2012/2556;

Browser i.e. no COOKIE IE's functions, tested by Toshiba Satellite C655D, with AMD vision, with Windows 8, in 2013/2557; Working ... ; Browser i.e. no COOKIE IE's functions, tested by Toshiba Satellite C650D, with AMD vision, with Windows 7, in 2011/2555; Working ... ;

Burn to disc, i.e. CD, DVD, tested via no COOKIE in Safe Mode, by Toshiba Satellite notebook, 2010;

Cable physical: network bridge <RJ45> router; coax <MODEM> ISP; USB <RJ45> LAN; Cable service: AT&T, www.att.com, broadband, Ethernet, home P N A, Internet, phone, service, ... , 2013/2556 (since 2013); Cable service: Comcast, Broadband Internet, High Speed, 2011/2555;

Card Reader: Kodak A250, 50-in-1 Card Reader, 2011/2555, powered by ; Card Reader: Ultra 25 in 1, Digital Reader / Writer, 2008, powered by ;

Cell phone, i Phone, AT&T, 2009; GO prepaid phone, 2014/2558; Cell phone, L G 2009; Cell phone, SANYO 2010, prepaid K D D I; Cell phone, Samsung Galaxy S5, by www.att.com, 2014/2558;

Cell phone time: L G MODEL NO: VX8350R, 2008;

Context sensitive help system, Help Magician Elite v.5, 2008;

Copier: Brother MF C 420CN, 2006;

CD / DVD: LIT E-ON DVD R W / CDR-R W / Ahead Software AG Nero Express, 2005; CD / DVD: SONY DVD/CD Rewritable Drive, 40 alphanumeric, 2008; CD / DVD Label Kit: Memorex Label Design Studio v.4.3, 2009; CD / DVD Media: SONY; TDK; 2006;

Cursor: Ax i a l i s Cursor Workshop 6.33, 2009;

Digital image, by digital camera: Fuji film Fine Pix A500, 2007; Digital image, by digital camera; Sony Cyber shot MPEG MOVIE V X, 2003; Digital photo album, HD MI or NA VI, do it yourself Mastered WHILE burn to disc, copy to \\Personal\ , 2010;

Domain Name: acejaw.net, 2011/2555; 2.2. for triangulation in the Internet;

Domain Name: americamyanmar.net, 2014/2558;

Domain Name: usamyanmar.net, 2003; 2.2. for triangulation in the Internet;

DUN: no longer use of RJ11 narrowband dial up since 2002;

DVD Player, with remote control SUB MENU, Toshiba, tested Digital photo album, via Mastered CD, 2010; DVD WRITER, LG SP60NB50, ULTRA SLIM PORTABLE, S/N: 405HVKE114365, powered by , since 2014;


user (aungmyintkyaw@yahoo.com) of yahoo, since 1995;

user (aungmyintkyaw@lycos.com) of lycos, since 1997;

External Drive: Seagate, 2005;

External Drive: Simple Tech, B OM No: 96200-41001-051, 2008, powered by ;

monitor, External LCD: Liquid Video LCD, 2004; monitor, External LCD: NEC Acc u Sync LCD193WXM, 2009; monitor, External LCD: SHARP A Q U OS 32" PC input, 2009;

TV, External Liquid Crystal Display Television: HAN N spree, 25", 2011; TV, SHARP A Q U OS, 2010; TV, SONY BRA VIA, 2005;

Fax: Brother M FC 420CN, 2006; Fax: HP 640, 2008;

File system, tested by CD, L FS OR Mastered, by Toshiba Satellite notebook, 2010; File Transfer Tool: IP Switch FTP Pro, 2006; File Z ill a, 2008; File Upload Platform: *.* all files are uploaded into Internet by Microsoft XP/Server 2003; File Upload Platform: *.* all files are uploaded into Internet by Microsoft Windows 8 Pro, Build 9200, 2012/2556;

Flash Memory: USB2 P NY, 2005, powered by ; Flash Memory: USB2 compatible SONY Micro Vault Tiny 2006, powered by ; Flash Memory: Olympus x D Picture Card, 2007;

Font: {E3,12,21}; font .swf; font [regular] [italic] [bold].swf; Automatic; ... ;

GPS: SONY n a v-u NV-U84, powered by 5V DC <> Automobile 12V/24V DC, 2009;

Graphics Bitmap Editor: Microsoft Paint 5.1, Arc Soft Photo Studio v.5 for Canon 2004; Graphics Image Transfer: Digital/optical images, by SONY Image Transfer v.1, 2002;

Hardware: since 2015 /2559, *.* files are developed by TOSHIBA Model (Satellite C70D-B) TI10708100A (C:) ; *.* files, were developed by Toshiba Satellite C870 computer, 2013/2557, P/N:PSCBAU-0CQ00L, S/N:4D285263S, also see: Product ID; Hardware: *.* files were developed by Lenovo ThinkPad X61 with Windows Home Server, 2009; Hardware: *.* files were developed by SHARP act i us notebook, 2006 ~ 2009, without M FT; Hardware: *.* files are developed by Toshiba® Satellite® notebook computers, 2010, 2012/2556; Hardware: *.* files are tested by hp Pavilion dm4 notebook computer, 2012/2556; === Hardware: *.* files are tested by SAMSUNG (Samsung CHROME BOOK) without Windows, 2013/2557; this DOMAIN 's contents are readable, but some Windows features might not be functional e.g. Certificate (e.g. www.usamyanmar.net.cer), EXE (i.e. application), Registry (e.g. Publisher .reg), ... ; Hardware: *.* files, uploaded by SONY VA IO Desktop VGC-JS130J, 2009; Hardware: Internet connectivity, tested by Acer Aspire 5100 with Windows Vista, 2007; Hardware: Internet connectivity, tested by Apple i Phone #8892943X3NP, 2009; Hardware: satellite .u s a m y a n m a r .net, loaded by SHARP act i us notebook, 2009; Hardware: satellite .u s a m y a n m a r .net, tested by Toshiba Satellite L300 series notebook, 2009; Hardware: x m. us am y an mar .net, tested by SONY VGN-NS325J notebook & SHARP 32" PC Input, 2009; Hard disk: *.* files were developed by ThinkPad compatibility Fujitsu 2008;

HDMI Cable: PNY; High Speed e.g. 10.2Gpbs; 3D; 3.6m; 5.1 Surround sound; 7.1 Surround sound; Deep Color; Dolby® True HD, DTS -HD; Resolution 4096x2160p at 24Hz; 2013/2557;

Hyper-graphics Button Tool: Adobe Macromedia’s Flash 4, 2001;

Icon: some icons, created by Junior Icon Editor, www.sibcode.com, 2013/2557; Icon and Cursor Editor: * .ico and *.cur files are created by Microsoft Image Editor 3.1, 2000;

Image scanning: also see: scanner;

Internet Broadband High-speed Wireless Connection: a, b, g, by Z y X EL, by SONY VA IO, 2005; Internet Browser Compatibility Check: Netscape 7.1 vs. Microsoft IE 6, 2003;

Inter N IC Registrar: Core Internet Council of Registrars, 2000;

Inter N IC Who is Server v.1 Database Info: usamyanmar.net 2015;

i Phone: ♯8892943X3NP;

ISP: Microsoft (C y t a n i u m); acejaw.net, web hosting by www.cytanium.com, 2555 (i.e. 2011), and Cytanium closed down in November, 2014; Therefore, since 2014, this DOMAIN has officially transferred to Yahoo, and then web hosting by http://webhosting.yahoo.com;

ISP: web.com; since 2014 /2558, www.americamyanmar.net, web hosting by www.web.com;

ISP: OLM, 2003, www.usamyanmar.net, web hosting by www.olm.net; OLM;

Law Firm & attorneys: not yet to be having regal representative e.g. trust also known as general power;

LLC: not yet to be formed or registered i.e. neither usamyanmar.net nor americamyanmar.net nor acejaw.net as a LLC company, WHICH means either usamyanmar.net or americamyanmar.net or acejaw.net is still self employ with EIN, web site in the Internet;

micro SD Adapter, since 2013 /2557 e.g. CASIO, MOTOROLA, San Disk, Toshiba, tyco electronics;

Microphone: 3rd party vendor device, 2005;

Multifunction peripheral: Canon MP530, 2007;

Network Bridge configuration: SONY <RJ11> SHARP, and then 400Mbps to RJ$% ;;;, 2008;

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows Server 2003; Windows 8, 2012/2556; since 2012/7/15; Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP; Vista; Home Server 2008; Windows7 2009; Windows® 8, 2012/2556;

Patent & trademark: not yet, WHICH means usamyanmar.net or americamyanmar.net or acejaw.net has not filed copy rights or patent rights, regarding its imaginary numerological dimensional directional gravity,  (Gravity should not be patented anyway; Yin and Yang symbol should not be patented either),  also concerning its web pages' contents, contexts, and IP (Intellectual Property); Since 1995, human cloning has started, therefore HOW to patent genuine human beings, e.g. via teleportation method, DNA and RNA can be duplicated exactly; Gravity as a new energy and HOW to patent gravity ? another example would be: HOW to patent & trademark Manmade Global Weather ?

Phone: AT&T, 2011/2555; Phone: SAMSUNG-SM-G900A (i.e. Samsung GALAXY S5, white color), 2014/2558;

Photo Album C1~C31: offline album, also online album, compiled by Google Pi casa 3, 2009 ~ 2013/2556; Photo Album (i.e. \\Personal\Photo\*.*) WHICH can be used as background pictures, after compilation C71, 2013/2556 ~ ;

Portable Devices: Transport and backup, by SONY 8GB Micro Vault USB Flash Drives, 2013/2557; Portable DVD Player: Panasonic DVD-LS855, AC <> DC, 2009; Portable Hard Drive: Toshiba, CAN V IO 3.0, powered by , P/N E05A050CAU3XW, M/N 593500-A, S/N Z0BKD3KFBIJ6, primary E: , 2011;

Presentation Editor: Microsoft PowerPoint 2003;

Printer: Brother M FC 420CN; Epson Stylus Photo R220, 2006; Printer: brother HL-2170W Compact Laser Printer, with RJ45/USB/Wireless network built in, 2008;


Referenced panel from major ISP: Google' https://www.google.com/a/usamyanmar.net, 2007; Referenced panel from major ISP: Google' https://www.google.com/a/cpanel/usamyanmar.net, 65 services, 2011; Referenced website from major ISP: ; Referenced website from major ISP: ;

Router: Wire AND Wireless, 2005; Cisco Systems Link Sys; Router: Wireless-G, Link Sys, 26 alphanumeric, for W LAN, 2008;

Satellite box: Dish Network, d p PLUS, 750mA 13V/18V, 2007; satellite .u s a m y a n m a r .net DNS address, infra structured by Open DNS, 2009;

Scanner: Brother M FC 420CN, 2006; Scanner: Canon Cano Scan Li DE 20, 2004, powered by ; Scanner: Canon Cano Scan Li DE 200, KCYA06886, 2008, powered by ;

this DOMAIN (Smart Active Cable) also see: Active X, Active Y;

Software Development Platform SDK: Microsoft SDK 2001, Microsoft Software Development Kit; Software Engineering: Microsoft Visual Basic 6 for 32 Bit Windows Development, 2000; Software Start, tested via Background OR Taskbar, by SONY VA IO notebook, 2010;

System Information Log: Microsoft Excel 2003 v.11.5;

Tablet: MOBILE contents are tested by APPLE i Pad with W i - F i, Serial♯HZ1024TCZ38, 5.0V, 2011/2555; Tablet: MOBILE contents are tested by SONY Tablet S with W i - F i, Serial♯275501000063959, 10.5V, 2012/2555;

Teleconferencing audio/video USB device: Logitech, 2007;

Telephone System: Panasonic Model No. KX-TGA470, 2013/2557; Telephone System: Panasonic DEC T 6.0, 2008; Telephony: Panasonic Caller IQ Digital 2.4GHz, 2004; Telephony Sound Port <RJ11> Line Test Phone: Lenox x Sound, PH-319 H AC/VC, 2001;

TV: internet news e.g. CCTV, CNN, NHK, ... , by SONY TV, also  by SHARP TV, working via DB15 cable or HDMI cable, this DOMAIN, installed & tested by following computers: Acer, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sharp, SONY, Toshiba, and HD is working very well, with or without Windows, 2005 ~ present;

 Remark: however, for watching Internet news via Computer <DB15 or HDMI> 3D HD TV, noCOOKIE browser might not be working on some computers, and developer Ace Jaw does not know exactly WHY? might be diff in assembly, or might be diff engineering method, or Windows platform's common dialog is essential, or MSDN platform is required, or ... ;

USB Hub: www.toshibadirect.com USB 2.0 4-port mini hub, 2011/2555, S/N AJ7000600, 480 Mbps, powered by ;

verify: domain name accuracy, verified by ICANN, www.icann.org, 2011;

Vo IP: Sky PE via Internet, by notebooks' built-in microphone, 2007;

Volume Label Tool: Symantec Partition Magic v.7, Power Quest, 2003;

Web D HTML Menu: Coffee Cup D HTML Menu Builder v.2, 2007; Web Site Development Tool: Microsoft FrontPage 2003; IFF this DOMAIN installed, still working with Windows 8 Home, in 2013/2557; Web Template Design: Coffee Cup 2006;

Wireless Card Bus Adapter: Air Link 802*g with S/N ratio 027006000293, 2006; Wireless backend support: システム with i r o C o l o u r ... ; Wireless Keyboard: 2554/2011, Logitech Wireless Keyboard K250, powered by ; Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo, 2.4 GHz, 1600 dpi, Win XP / Win Vista / Win7, Nano Receiver, S/N: 104501748, Toshiba, 2012/2555; Wireless Mouse: Logitech Wireless Mouse M505, 2010; Wireless PC Card MODEM: Zoom IC 1535A-1005, not tested yet, 2005; Wireless router: cisco, Linksys E2500, Advanced Dual-Band N600 Router (i.e. a, b, g, WiFi, n), 2012/2556; Wireless router: NET GEAR N300, 2011/2555; Wireless Speaker System: JAW BONE JAM BOX, pairing ( Bluetooth) by , since 2013/2556; W LAN: Static IP address; 802.1* b and g; RJ45 handshakes AND Flash drive A Ps, 2004; Wireless Optical Mouse: 2011/2555, Color (olive) D Y N E X, www.dynexproducts.com, powered by ;

Word Processor Software: Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Note Pad v.5.1;

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