; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : August : 3 (Wednesday) : Updated : Modesto, California, United States of America (USA) ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : 12 : 6 : Updated : Modesto, California, USA ;

our earth . North America . United States of America (USA) . California . City of Modesto, doko WHERE this DOMAIN developer ( Ace Jaw) has lived the longest period of time in his 1st life (referring to the cities where this domain developer lived before);

20 years (project time period) "North Corridor Highway" a.k.a. CA219 Highway (Modesto - Tracy) infrastructure development roadway project is currently going on (as of 03/23/2021), and highway (219) will be directly connected to highway (580) in the near future ... ;

CITY OF MODESTO, 1010 10th Street, Suite 2100, CALIFORNIA, https://www.modestogov.com ; Customer Services Lobby Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm;

Pay Online: www.modestogov.com/billpay ;

2566; December 5, 2022 The Modesto Bee newspaper news: Tesla's 1st commercial semis trucks arrive at Frito-Lay plant in Modesto, to do eV delivery services ... ; 3 years ago, Tesla partnered with PepsiCo; 500 miles range, 82000 pounds of freight, eV delivery services have begun ... ; Also see: Modesto; kadosei Mobility;

2566; August 2022 (Issue 65); Modesto Direct, MODESTO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Oakdale-Riverbank Direct, Turlock Direct, also wee: www.citydirectinc.com;


Modesto's the best donut shop for several decades already;

this DOMAIN developer is a customer also, like the Mr. T's donuts ... ;

2566; 2022; COUNTRYSIDE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, URL: https://www.countrysidepm.com;

Also see: "Redwood" e.g.

https://www.appfolio.com, for Redwood Property Investors;

https://www.waze.com, for real-time driving directions (Redwood R P M);

REDWOOD PROPERTY INVESTORS, https://redwoodpropertyinvestors.com;

Redwood Property Management;

Redwood Property Rentals, https://www.redwoodpropertyrentals.com;

Redwood Real Estate, https://redwoodrealestateca.com;

Redwood R P M, Redwood Residential Property Management, https://redwoodrpm.com;

The Redwoods Apartments, https://www.redwoodsapartments.com;

... "Redwood" (Investment, Property Management, Real Estate Group) ... ;

2566; 2022; M J C, Modesto Junior College offers 150 degree and certificate programs e.g. agriculture, automotive, business, computer, child development, respiratory care, human services, logistics, maintenance, sport medicine, ... ; www.mjc.edu/now;

06/07/2022; Supplemental Taxes to Real Estates Transaction Professionals and Other Parties, California State Law, Revenue and Taxation Code sections 75.10 through 75.55, also see: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/ ;

Remark: supplemental tax is an additional tax to annual property tax, because any increase in value of the properties, determined by the Assessor;


04/21/2022; The Modesto Bee newspaper's news; the 1st eV School Bus arrived; approx. $14 million, for 30 eV school buses, in Modesto, California, USA; purchased from Blue Bird Bus Corp., Macon, GA, USA;


April 2022; realty info :

USA . California . Modesto . average days on housing market : <22 days;
USA . California . Modesto . list price . median house : $700,000+;
USA . California . Modesto . median . rental home : $2600+ per month;
USA . California . Modesto . new listing . median house : $600,000+;
USA . California . Modesto . Real Estate . Per Square Foot : $313+;

Remark: this DOMAIN supports builders' new houses (Solar Standard) ... ;


01/16/2022; The Modesto Bee newspaper's news;

during the COVID-19 pandemic, Omicron variant surges, but patients are not advancing to (ICU, ventilator (Dyspnea (difficult breathing, labored breathing))) in Modesto area's hospitals e.g. Doctors Medical Center (URL: https://www.dmc-modesto.com), Emanuel Medical Center (URL: https://www.emanuelmedicalcenter.org), Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, ... ; Omicron infects tissue (upper respiratory tract), and Omicron does not affect the lung (Patient, Pt), if compare to previously COVID-19; (COVID-19 positive Pt (Patient) with pneumonia) may need (critical care, intensive care); Also see: Modesto, California, USA;

2022; URL: https://getwsj.com/mbee; THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, 1211 Avenues of the Americas, New York, NY 10036, Phone: 1-877-854-7207;

For Readers of The Modesto Bee; newspaper; home deliveries;

December 10, 2021; The Modesto Bee (URL: www.modbee.com) newspaper's news: State of California grants $8500000 (eight millions and five hundred thousands United States Dollar) to (remake, renovate) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park in west Modesto;

2021; City of Modesto, California; www.modestogov.com/savewater . Law & Regulation, e.g. conserve water and rebate program;


avoid a violation: by repairing water leaks within 24 hours; don't water ornamental landscape, or turf during measurable rain (>0.01inch) and after 48 hours of the measurable rain; prevent water run-off;

conserve water and rebate program provides eligible products, including (Cloth Washer, Drip Irrigation, Smart Irrigation Controller, Toilet, Turf Replacement) ; 

October 24, 2021; The Modesto Bee (URL: www.modbee.com) newspaper's news: 10-digit dialing begins;

209 area code ... ;
530 area code ... ;
562 area code ... ;
626 area code ... ;
650 area code ... ;
707 area code ... ;
925 area code ... ;
949 area code ... ;

Remark: since (1980s) RJ11 full duplex era, to (1990s) RJ45 twisted pairs, to nowadays (2020s) color codes need "feedback" to do (verification, verified, verify) ... i.e. HOW systems have been built ... ; as of 2021, this DOMAIN is using (Device name: G8142, OEM: SONY X PER IA PREMIUM X Z, Phone number: ???-???-????) to do "feedback" , with Toshiba micro SD (this DOMAIN 's contents), ... ; you should have your own "feedback" phone number if developing systems, web domains, web pages, ... ;

2021-2022; STANISLAUS COUNTY TREASURER - TAX COLLECTOR, www.stancounty.com/tr-tax/ ;

July 2021; CITY OF MODESTO, COMMUNITY & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, www.modestogov.com/696 ;

(grants, loans) available for Property Owners' HOMEOWNER REPAIR PROGRAM, within the city's limits, in California, USA;

05/23/2021; 50th Anniversary of 1971 DON PEDRO PROJECT (Water and Power);

Don Pedro hydroelectric power plant generates 203 megawatts (approx. 230,000 electricity utility accounts);

Don Pedro reservoir regulates flood control, Tuolumne River flow, and benefits local fisheries;

Don Pedro reservoir stores irrigation water, approx. 200,000+ acres;

MID, Modesto Irrigation District (URL: www.mid.org); 

TID (URL: www.tid.org) WATER & POWER, serving Central California, since 1887; Remark: Turlock is one of cities in Stanislaus County, California, USA; 

05/03/2021; The Modesto Bee (URL: www.modbee.com) newspaper's news: Stanislaus County's population:

47.6% Latino ones;
40.4% White ones;
3.5% Black ones;
and, (Ace Jaw, a Rakhine American, a.k.a. Asian America) is on the 8.5% others ones (American-Japanese, Asians, Asian-Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Pacific Islanders, Persians, Red Indians, South American-Chinese, Southeast Asians, Southeast Asian-Chinese, Tibetans, Union of Myanmar's ethnic tribes, ... ) ... ; Remark: Modesto, one of the cities of the Stanislaus County;

04/02/2021; The Modesto Bee newspaper's news: 47.3 million, relief fund to City of Modesto, a part of 350 billion package, a.k.a. American Rescue Plan, ... ;

Remark: bio-medical war against COVID-19, and we must be the winners of COVID-19 PANDEMIC WORLDWIDE bio-medical war; I received $2800 direct deposit money (from USA government to My Personal Checking Account) during COVID-19 pandemic, and USA government distributes approx. 2+ trillion US Dollar to public as stimulus money;

2021; Modesto becomes no. 9th among the highest housing demand market cities in the USA, and housing market price up 14.1% in 2021;

Banks : several banks e.g.

Bank of America (URL: www.bankofamerica.com),

Bank of the West (URL: www.bankofthewest.com),

Citigroup (URL: www.citi.com),

JPMorgan Chase Bank (URL: www.chase.com),

Oak Valley Community Bank (URL: www.ovcb.com),

Union Bank (URL: www.unionbank.com),

Wells Fargo (URL: www.wellsfargo.com),

Westamerica Bank (URL: www.westamerica.com),

... in Modesto ... ;

Builder est. approx. $130000 = $65000 (City Parcel & Permit) + $65000 (Utilities installation, including concrete drive way, elevation cost, fence, fire hydrant, lawn & garden, platform, sign, tar road, underground cable and line phone, underground electrical line, underground gas supply line, underground sewer, underground water supply line, underground wired electrical street pole, USPS Mail Boxes, Walkway, ... ) in Modesto, if you're a Real Estate Builder, Real Estate Developer, ... ; Remark: new library, new school, and new tax codes aren't included in the (City Parcel & Permit); Remark: as of 2020-2021 fiscal year, approx. 200+ new homes are under construction in Modesto ... ;

California's famous IN-N-OUT BURGER (URL: www.in-n-out.com), in Modesto ... ;

churches: there are 20+ churches in Modesto ... ;

delivery services (self employment, using own car) can make "honest earning money" approx. 2000+ US Dollar per month, if compare to Los Angeles (approx. 2100 US Dollar) avg. (earning, income), regarding delivery services, in Modesto, California, USA (2021) ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN recommends Toyota Corolla Hybrid, because less operating cost ... ; local (approx. 288+ miles range) truck delivery services (Employee with US IRS W2 Form) make much more money e.g. Class A Commercial (a.k.a. CDL Class A) drivers make approx. 80000+ US Dollar annually;

As of (2565, 2021), in Modesto, (Stanislaus County (9 incorporated cities) + San Joaquin County (8 communities)), popular mobility services are:

DOORDASH, https://www.doordash.com;

Lyft, https://www.lyft.com;

Save Mart 's fully functional robotic (Mobility) Instacart is very advance ones e.g. Save Mart's Instacart robot with 6 wheels (rechargeable battery power, self navigation system), automatic stop-and-go on the platforms (intelligence camera with background image analyzer, knowing intersections' lights, knowing incoming automotives, knowing incoming human beings, knowing incoming pets, knowing pedestrian crossing signs, knowing the environment (its surrounding), with LED Alert), to-and-from between the supermarket and its delivery location (clinic, government building, home, office, workshop, ...) e.g. Save Mart . MODESTO #1 . Instacart robot grocery deliveries ... ; https://www.savemart.com; Remark: Modesto's 1st Supermarket's fully functional robotic grocery deliveries (As of (2565, 2021)) in Modesto ... ; Driving Technique + Mobility Method : (avoiding accidents), (door-to-door), (driving defensively), (driving responsibly), (estimated arrival time), (finding-a-way-to-destination (Directions (Current Location, Home Location, Map))), (intelligence camcorder with background image analyzer), (lock-and-unlock its grocery box), (night driving, poor-weather-condition driving, pay attention to traffic signs, supervised practice driving), (rechargeable (Battery Charging Station to be rechargeable, Home Location to be rechargeable, Mobile-to-Mobile (Distance based sound-beam, Distance based multi long length light-sheet) to be rechargeable)), (right attitude about driving), (safety is the first priority), (staying alert and driving the speed limit), (stop-and-go), (watch for pedestrian crossing), (watch for traffic lights), ... ; Remark: WHEN I drove nearby the Save Mart Supermarket (e.g. MODESTO #1), I saw several robots, on their ways (Mobility Services (grocery deliveries)), ... ;

Uber, https://www.uber.com;


drinking water (door-to-door home delivery), in Modesto, e.g. Alhambra (URL: www.alhambrawater.com) ... ;

drinking water (door-to-door home delivery), in Modesto, e.g. Ready Refresh, https://www.readyrefresh.com ; Remark: Arrowhead 100% Mountain Spring Water;

Farmers' Market, seasonal sales in Modesto ... ;

flying ducks live in Modesto's parks & reversed area ... ; Remark: in Union of Myanmar, common ducks don't fly;

Food Delivery services, e.g. Door Dash (URL: www.doordash.com) is available in Modesto, ... ;

Groceries :

e.g. Asian Market ... ,

e.g. Indian ... ,

e.g. Oriental ... ,

... in Modesto ... ;

Health & Wellness Store (with pharmacy) : CVS ( https://www.cvs.com ), Walgreens ( https://www.walgreens.com ), ... are in Modesto ... ;

HOME IMPROVEMENT: (Home Depot (URL: www.homedepot.com), Lowe's (URL: www.lowes.com), ... ), in Modesto ... ;

if you changed your name, thinking of come & live in Modesto because a local highway (108) honored the name McHenry ... ;

Kaiser Hospital, 2008 designed & modeled one, in Modesto; Remark: Kaiser Permanente is the largest Health Care Provider in the USA; URL: www.kp.org;

e.g. 3800 Dale Road, Modesto, CA95356, a clinic with (medical office, out-patient care, pharmacy), office hours only ;

e.g. 4601 Dale Road, Modesto, CA95356, a hospital with (24 hour pharmacy, (critical, in-patient, out-patient, urgent) care, lab, medical offices) ... ;

many immigrant Latin Americans live in Modesto, and (reading, speaking, writing) Spanish language ... ;

many immigrants (from Union of Myanmar) works for AFC Sushi (URL: www.afcsushi.com) at supermarkets ... ;

Modesto Bee Newspaper, home delivery is available, online web at the URL: www.modbee.com;

Modesto; e.g.

City of Modesto becomes number ninth "the most demanding housing market sales in the USA" in 2021; Remark: ( I, I, I, I) wish to be no. 1, NOT number ninth; so, more bridges, more highways, more quality tar roads with walk ways, more "value" based Real Estate developments, ... , in Modesto, California, USA, our earth;

City of Modesto, California, United States of America (USA), our earth; Also see: www.modestogov.com;

Modesto, in California, USA, the longest "time period" in my (Oh! Oh! don't mention my name because you never know, very big fight behind me, starting from "Billions of Dollars means nothing" and trillions of dollars lost still cannot change civilizations in our earth) life, and as an unwanted immigrant, Mexicans are like my relatives, and ( I, I, I, I) really do an eye for all eyes for sure, e.g. this DOMAIN recommends 200+ millions peoples must be beheaded in our earth, i.e. to change civilizations in our earth, and please don't mention my name, because I've many enemies, and I become very very cold hearted person (at the age of 57+ years old ones) ... ; starting from "WHAT is your rank? and WHO really control SQRT3 with SQRT2 design model of floating points ... ; Remark: unlike my native land "Union of Myanmar" we've to pay "capital gain taxes" , "Property Tax" , "Sale Taxes", ... so on and I've learnt in my life THAT "(correct, proper, right) civilizations" start with taxes for 100+ years, on the other hand, I feel very very sorry for my ethnic tribes of Union of Myanmar WHO have never paid "capital gain taxes" , "Property Tax" , "Sale Taxes", ... ;

Modesto downtown is neat and renovated with many new buildings, and excellent cafes, restaurants, ... ;

Modesto Irrigation District (MID) is a common utility company (electricity), and some peoples provide electricity to the MID "hot line" via roof top solar panels, and MID (URL: www.mid.org) has its own Hydraulic Power Plant, Solar Power Plant, ... ;

neighborhood watch and crime prevention color code: "light yellow color" in Modesto ... ; many intersection lights are installed with City Monitoring System's cameras, in Modesto ... ;

never happen (natural disasters e.g. earthquake, flood, forest fire, tsunami, ... ) in Modesto ... ; Remark: NOT too cold, NOT too hot, ... ;

ninety nine cents stores : 99c, 99 Cents Only, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, ... (15+ stores) in Modesto ... ;

nursing home: several standard nursing homes are in Modesto ... ;

once a year "Car Show" in Modesto presents antique, classic, collected & well maintained cars ... ;

Panda Express (Asian Foods, fast food, world's no. 22nd ranking supply chained stores in 2021), and its 6+ stores in Modesto are serving delicious, hygiene foods ... ; Remark: Panda Express will be one of the top 10 ranks (Supply Chained Franchise, in our earth) in the near future; URL: www.pandaexpress.com;

pharmacies & retail stores : there are several 8+ CVS, 1+ Costco, 3+ Rite Aid, 7+ Walgreen, 3+ Walmart, ... in Modesto;

Real Estate . housing price : in 2021, approx. avg. $242 United States Dollar per Sq Ft (square foot) ... in Modesto;  Remark: approx. 2.3 APR% mortgage;

in 2010, approx. avg. $85 United States Dollar per Sq Ft (Square Foot) ... in Modesto; Remark: in 2021, Modesto housing market becomes No.9th the highest demanding cities in the USA;

regarding "White Peoples," there are several "White Only" neighbors in Modesto, and many Christian churches are with full of believers in Modesto, and religious means peaceful; approx. 20 immigrant Asians (originally from Union of Myanmar) families live in Modesto, and we've religious community events at Kusalakari Meditation Center (KMC) in French Camp, doko WHERE approx. 28+ miles away from Modesto; URL: www.kusalakari.org;

Supermarkets: Costco ( https://www.costco.com ), Food Maxx ( https://shop.foodmaxx.com ), Raley's ( https://www.raleys.com ), SAFEWAY ( https://www.safeway.com ), Save Mart ( https://www.savemart.com ), Smart & Final ( https://www.smartandfinal.com ), Sprouts ( https://www.sprouts.com ), Target ( https://www.target.com ), Trader Joe's ( https://www.traderjoes.com ), Walmart ( https://www.walmart.com ), WinCo Foods ( https://www.wincofoods.com ), ... are in Modesto ... ;

Sushi e.g.

several supermarkets have refrigerated sushi stand (buffet style - any style to choose from), in Modesto, California, USA;

there're several sushi restaurants and all of them are clean, delicious, fresh, hygiene, good services, neat, well presentation, ... in Modesto, California, USA;

this DOMAIN recommends FLORSHEIM HOMES (URL: www.florsheimhomes.com), a Real Estate Builder, in Modesto, in California, ... ; Remark: 10 years builder warranty, American standards, fair-and-square market price, solar power housing, quality materials, tank-less water heater, weather sensor watering, ... , and Florsheim Homes is getting "name" , reputation, trust, ... to the communities in California, USA;

transportation: train stations (cargo, passenger) and bus terminal (domestic, regional) are in Modesto; small airport exists in Modesto, but OK commuting (approx. 1.5 hr, 78+ miles range) to Oakland International Airport, Sacramento International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, and San Jose International Airport; Remark: approx. 23+ miles away from the Stockton Airport, and very convenient air travel (approx. 1 hour flight) to Las Vegas (Las Vegas is very famous for casinos, excellent foods, hotels, ... ), and other destinations;

USA Standard restaurants :

e.g. American Chinese style ... ,

e.g. Burger King ... ,

e.g. Carl's Jr. (biscuit, burger, burrito, club sandwich, French fries, fried zucchini, hash rounds, jalapeno poppers, onion rings, soda, ... ) ,

e.g. KFC ... ,

e.g. McDonald's ... ,

e.g. Starbuck ... ,

e.g. Sushi ... ,

e.g. Thai ... ,

e.g. Vietnamese Pho ... ,

e.g. Wienerschnitzel (candy shake, chili dogs, corn dog, fries, hotdogs, mini corn dogs, southern style lemonade, ... ) ,

... in Modesto ... ;

Vintage Faire Mall (URL: www.vintagefairemall.com) with "Brand Name" stores, excellent restaurants, ... , in Modesto, serving several counties ... ;

water, sewer, ... , are provided by City of Modesto, URL: www.modestogov.com;

Remark: once a week, garbage collection by robotic armed trucks, in Modesto; 2 cans (50 gallon plastic containers, and 1 can for non-recycle and another can for recycle);

Remark: (residential, commercial) constructing waste, yard waste, ... can be scaled (pay-per-item, pay-per-weight) and open to public by Gilton Resource Recovery (URL: www.gilton.com), in Modesto;

world's famous Blue Diamond (URL: www.bluediamond.com) generates billions of dollar annually, and Blue Diamond has agricultural field, manufacturing plant, ... in Modesto;

world's famous Del Monte (URL: www.delmonte.com), fruit and vegetable processing in Modesto; 

world's famous Frito-Lay (URL: www.fritolay.com) has food manufacturing facilities in Modesto;

world's famous Gallo wines are brewed, and manufactured in Modesto; E&J Gallo Winery, URL: www.gallo.com;

THE GALLO CENTER magazine; www.galloarts.org;