; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : February : 28 (Tuesday) : Updated : Ace Jaw ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : 2 : 28 : Updated : 59+ years of Mr. Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) i.e. since 1960s to the present;

 king; monarch; ruler; sovereign; Radical117;

Mailing Address: Ace Jaw, PO Box 579699, Modesto, CA95357, California, USA; (Phone: 1 209 681 9218, AT&T, United States of America);
Primary Home Address:  4201 Frost Way, Modesto, CA 95356, California, United States of America;

; ; severe punishments to WHO (s) vandalize (deliberately damage or destroy (private or public) property); ; ;

no one is allowed to (enter, trespass) WHEN Ace Jaw is not HOME (4201 Frost Way, Modesto, CA 95356, USA) except My DNA matched ones ... ; because, many swapping, vandalizing, violating of Ace Jaw's rights happened, and I believe in an-eye-for-all-eyes military revenge tactics;

no one is allowed to do (altering, attacking, bad-rumoring, bashing, betraying, bothering, dictating, discriminating, falsifying, overruling, searching, swapping, vandalizing, violating-rights, trespassing, ... ) at Ace Jaw's Primary Home (4201 Frost Way, Modesto, CA 95356, USA);


Also see: Monastery;

Also see: Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw); Directories; Files;

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Remark: "t s u k i" in Japanese language means human beings livable moon ... ;
Remark: "s u k h a" (in Pali, holy language in Buddhism) means peaceful, tranquil, ... ;
Remark: "k u s a l a k a r i" (in Pali, holy language in Buddhism) means doing good Action ... ;
Remark: "b o d h i" (in Pali, holy language in Buddhism) means the tree Buddha enlightenment ... ;


; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Remark: " i" , "I" in EN; DNA matched ones: Shakya King's info (sperm collection) : 2 males in China (China's last emperor's grandsons, as of 2021, approx. 25+ years old ones), 1 female in USA (Japan's military commander's granddaughter, as of 2021, approx. 15+ years old ones), 1 male in Myanmar and USA (Myanmar heroin drug lord's grandson, approx. 14+ years old ones),  1 male in USA (Japan's ex Prime Minister's grandson, as of 2021, approx. 7+ years old ones), ... ; and he (Shakya King) mentioned THAT he cannot defeat his mother ... ; his (Shakya King) suggestion: don't go for "look" in 21st century & beyond, because 98+ years old Shakya King is 22+ years old look alike ... ; 21st century & beyond, we human beings' life style becomes very very complex, complicated, ... civilizations ... you're on, don't cry, live goes on ... ; as of (2565, 2022), because of him (Shakya King), I've survived so far for 59+ years, with knowing all kinds of "Black Book" implementations vs. "Red Book" implementations ... ; DNA mismatched ones: e.g. my siblings are DNA mismatched ones ... ; My DNA has been mismatched to any of my brothers, parents, sisters, ...  you're on, don't cry, live goes on ... ;

I've many DNA matched ones, but without my consents; I need truly friends (5 precepts practicing persons) and truly supporters ((good intentions, good wills) purpose persons) WHO can correct my life; without my consents, many events happened in my life, and peoples keep searching, swapping, vandalizing, ... ; maybe the Shakya King might be a gay man, and WHO has been against me from behind all my life, or maybe his slaves (space agency) agents WHO have been against me from behind all my life, maybe the Shakya King's mother WHO collects special sex-trained females kind WHO have been against me from behind all my life, to-the-present (59+ years age), ... , therefore, I don't wonder COVID-19, nuclear explosions, suicide bomb explosions, (time-gained zombies, time-lost zombies), very bad regional weather disasters, ... ; by the way, I truly appreciate the Shakya King's info ... e.g. I've many DNA matched ones EXIST ... ; I truly support the Shakya King for (good intention, good wills) purpose Action (s) ... ; the Shakya King informed me THAT I've been hunted since 1970 to-the-present, because I've been (bastard, child swapped) ones ... ;

I wrote: may I know WHAT 's diff between maid and slave?

Shakya King replied: used ones (either time period expired or wear-out) are free for maids; slaves don't have deed, "free" stuffs, and ownership; both maid and slave don't have rights;

I wrote: may I know WHAT 's diff between bastard ones and child swapped ones?

Shakya King replied: bastard ones match DNA to their mothers, on the other hand, child swapped ones don't match DNA to their parents;

I wrote: may I know WHY my siblings are all DNA mismatched ones sir? 

Shakya King replied: he cannot defeat his mother ... ; he has been trying to control O B / G Y N medical doctors and midwives, but still he cannot control female kind ... ; 

I wrote: in my motherland (Myanmar), many child swapping events happened at the hospitals, and you should enforce a new laws & regulations in Myanmar (Burma), NOT to swap infant ones ... ;

Shakya King replied: he has already done e.g. Shakya King does not allow democratic way of managing a nation (China, Myanmar, North Korea) in Asia ... USA has been mighty ones, supported by western royal families, on the other hand, China has been mighty ones, supported by eastern royal families; civilization "level" is nothing to do with (bastard, child swapped ones) Ace Jaw a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw; lucky you, you don't have tattoo on you, and still healthy ones ... ;

I wrote: I don't do politics (since 1970 to-the-present) : because our earth is not simple like WHAT I think; because our world is not simple like WHAT I think; Oh! I've learnt "tattoo on" means somehow related to gangster, inmate, maid, parolee, slave, soldier, ... ; Umm!! Shakya King might be (TRUE, TRUTH) i.e. our earth is not simple like WHAT I think, e.g. in many nations, many soldiers have "tattoo on" but many military generals don't have "tattoo on" ... ;  our earth is not simple like WHAT I think, e.g. in many nations, many maids don't have new products ... ; our earth is not simple like WHAT I think, e.g. in many nations, many inmates and parolees don't have day's employments ... ; is it really true e.g. millions of liquor bottles are designed and programmed for "free" ... because I still don't realize & understand WHAT is "Land Use Right" ?


since 11/01/2021, both ace4465jaw@gmail.com and w a j e c a @g mail .com are used for Google Account ... ; Remark: Google; Blue Host; B logger; 

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this DOMAIN 's ( Address, Info, Number); Also see: Ace Jaw;

Remark: since 8/4/2019, server system (remote, V M) could not verify e-mail; (ace jaw @ace jaw .net (since Jan, 2015)), as result, cannot (login, sign-in) ;

Current Objective:

chief; lord; main thing; master; principle; Radical289; e.g. beyond (123, ABC), e.g. beyond (5 (left), 5 (right) to scope kuru kuru WHILE), e.g. beyond keywords, e.g. beyond panes (37, CY), ... ;

current objective is to be the founder & president of world's 1 system (e.g.

advanced AI System,

Artificial Intelligence system,

Anti Virus system,

Dark Energy Engineering ( DEE) system,

( entity, item, object, thing, tuple, ... ) device driver system,

embedded devices (embedded; Radical693) as system,

functional metric (e.g. directional ( Lo S h u, S u d o k u) Network Topology) system,

( Gene Therapy System and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol) as medically therapeutic system,

( NCS, PCS, ZCS) Idea Processor (x OLE, y OLE, z OLE) SYSTEM ,

imaginary hyper space (ACT1, ACT2, ACT3) system,

military application system,

language learning (Mini Dictionary) system,

(Manmade Global Weather, with its Naturally Weather Log) as system,

multi dimensional (10 dimensional (e.g. 2*5), 12 dimensional (e.g. 2*6), 14 dimensional (e.g. 2*7)) system,

numerological system,

50000+ Satellites mapping system for "flying Automotive" ... ,

Solar Sail (e.g. reversed Yellowish Variation, Yellowish Variation) system,

teleportation system,

2891 464195 . 2991573312965 . 171254 :
4 . 8 . 2 :
this DOMAIN . triangulation . system ,

triangulation web (e.g. me, www .idea processor .net, www.tsuki.infothis DOMAIN, www.acejaw.net, www.americamyanmar.net you) system,

 ... );

to be Library of Congress, USA's code name (A M K) since 1989, a part of Intellectual Properties of the USA ... to the present (Algorithm, Cataloging (Microfilming, Romanization, Transcript i n g) ... ;

to earn 1K times "honest earning" income than average California household income (as of 2016, average-household-income in California, USA is 44000$ (USD, United Stated Dollar) per year); in common, HR managers 1st look at the expected salary, if expected salary is 10 times higher than average-household-income, and then HR managers start looking for advantages e.g. copy rights, patent rights, trade secrets, tradeoff, ... ; if expected salary is 1024 times (1K times) higher than average-household-income, HR managers will void the resume ... ; billionaires in business think that hiring more people means generating more revenue, building more houses mean investing more assets;

2021 October 17, China launched world fastest, highest precision, longest range, "Made in China" missiles (military power) demonstration ... ; >5 Mach speed missiles cannot be intercepted by air-to-air missile interceptors; I'm very proud of China's military missiles launched (military power demonstration), world's the fastest speed (approx. 4000 miles per hour speed), (approx. 6180 kilometer per hour speed), the highest precision guided technology, the longest distance range, ... ; therefore, Eastern Civilization is more powerful than Western Civilization since 10/17/2021; Western peoples may not like this news; Eastern peoples will be proud of China; Also see: a Character; cCharacterExtension1; m Character; Reforming Myanmar

License: USA California DRIVER LICENSE (a.k.a. CA DL) with "good driver" record;

having "good driver" record means less auto insurance cost; in USA, you should have 3 or more licenses to be professional, and notice that Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) has only California DRIVER LICENSE, and being without employment (company's employee) for more than 20+ years; universal truth e.g. "WHO you know is very important than WHAT you know" ... ; USA International DRIVER LICENSE can be applied at AAA offices, with 1 year time period constraint;

Education, learning: Attended primary, middle, high schools in Myanmar (Burma); Started elementary school in Shan State in 1960s; Passed elementary school in I r r a w a d a y Division in 1970s; Passed middle school at T T C (Teacher Training College) in Yangon Division in 1970s (Remark: T T C has been the best high school in Union of Myanmar (since 1970s to present 2020s), and with metta retrospectively (as of 2020), Aung M y a t Kyaw becomes MD and military general, T e z a becomes one of the richest and successful business men (billionaires in U S D) in Myanmar, ... were D a w Tin May's Class A students like me in 1980, so far, excuse me i.e. I've NOT attended any High School Reunion events yet); Passed high school in Mandalay Division in 1980s; Member and secretary of Physics Student Association (Remark: 165+ new physics ( (ancient laws; orders; Radical1010), (law; limits; Radical625), (law; regulation; Radical513), (Yang energy; Radical633) ) laws for next generation well trained kids ... ), at Yangon University, in 1980s; Earned BS (Physics) from Yangon University (a.k.a. University of Yangon) in 1986; Attended continuing education programs; Cornell University (ESL certificate), B O C E S T o m p k i m s-Seneca-Tioga (LOTUS 1-2-3 certificate), Queens College (6 IT courses), Kings bough Community College (NOVELL network), Ministry of Labor (Myanmar) Factories and General Labor Laws, Inspection Dept. (certificate), FLAG-A-CAB Taxi School (certificate), San Francisco Para transit Service (certificate), CUNY (Mandarin for Today, language courses), A.D. Banker & Company insurance education (certificate), California State University, Stanislaus, Pharmacy Technician (certificate),

attended several courses in Modesto Junior College (its icon symbol is PIRATE; Remark: this DOMAIN developer's great grand father was a very famous pirate in Indian Ocean WHO founded own farming lands, villages, graveyard, ... , therefore, this DOMAIN developer supports both "Black Book" implementations and "Red Book" implementations ), Also see: www.mjc.edu/instruction/alliedhealth/medap http://mjc.edu/instruction/teched/workforcedev, http://mjc.edu/logistics, www.ed2go.com/mjc, www.mjc.edu, www.mjc4life.org, ... ;

The United States of America (certificate of naturalization, officially name changed to Ace Jaw, since 2010; the reason WHY name changed officially: there was MA AUNG MYINT KYAW, i.e. female (Ms.) Aung Myint Kyaw; in traditional Myanmar way, Aung Myint Kyaw is not a female name); in 1995 ~ 1997, Western Illinois University (www.wiu.edu), attended and earned MS (CS) also see: 1997 W I U Aung Myint Kyaw Transcript, since then, develop algorithms & IT;

on 11/28/2018 /2562, after reaching approx. 282+ Ph.D. degrees, this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) ended (approx. 50+ years of info were gathered, collected, compiled, designed, developed, embedded, learnt, modeled, QA (quality assured), tested, ... )

s h u s e i Revise ... ;

HOW ethnic tribe individual's concept, idea, knowledge, method, procedure, technique, and way, regarding Monbusho level knowledge enhancement (s) e.g. Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3 (approx. 282+ Ph.D. degrees, this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) should earn), for 21st century and beyond; Remark: Monbusho is the highest Civilization Type (ACT1, ACT2, ACT3) ... ; however, this DOMAIN 's contents, a part of Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization continues (e.g. defining words in Mini Dictionary, imaginary hyper space structural, Kanji radicals development, Symbol definitions, ... ) ... ;

HOW to classify civilization types sir ? well trained kids! regarding computer programs, keywords (e.g. (AC, DC), (AI, ML), (BE, FE, V M), DB, CE, CS, IT, MS, OS, PE, ... ) as numerological address-able and branch-able or brunch-able; regarding bio medical, P MD solves all kinds of viruses, and cell (gene) are defined by color coded (e.g. N G S, U D N G S) by structural environmental (e.g. 1 way DEE, DEE box); regarding physics (military science), directional & structural as natural method; regarding strings (e.g. made of metal), carbon contents as detailed info; therefore, DOCUMENT is very very important HOW to classify civilization types ... ;

If you're ethnic tribe in Union of Myanmar, you should learn Mini Dictionary and its contents, and then, be smarter than "B a m a" military; if you like to be physician, apply medical schools abroad (many nations accept 4 years medical school, you to be doctor after having any 4 years degree ("any" means "any" 4 years degree e.g. BA in political science, e.g. BA in psychology, e.g. B. com. in accounting, e.g. BS in physics) ... ); if you like to be engineer, apply engineering schools abroad (many nations accept 4 years engineering school, you to be engineer after having any 4 years degree ("any" means "any" 4 years degree e.g. BA in political science, e.g. BA in psychology, e.g. B. com. in accounting, e.g. BS in physics) ... ); if you like to be import/export, logistic person, sale person, truck driver, ... , you need less than 1 year training course and certificate and then license to be WHAT you want to be ... ; if you like to be "computer" person, you need to be trained by "royal families" HOW keywords can be spelt, otherwise, do some other works (don't waste time in front of monitor and coding to be "Default" , "fool" ); because "computer" is very very important "control" (device, entity, item, object, part, thing) ... , "computer" is NOT for commoner like you and me, and we can be "user" only, so enjoy using IT ... ;

Financial: Not trillion air e yet (but not poor anymore like at the beginning of common immigrants' life style);

Credit Score e.g. 456, 567, 678, 789 and higher the score number, better the credit record is; Loan Officers and Underwriters are with professional license, and after data processing, APR rates may vary e.g. WHEN applying Home Loan, credit score 600+ may require 4.75% interest rate if compare to credit score 800+ is likely to be proved quickly by 3.25% interest rate (notice that 1.5% diff between Credit Score 600+ and 800+); therefore, it is important to keep higher Credit Score in Public Records; in USA, FICO collects data from 33+ credit reporting companies, and then take 3 middle records (NOT average) and then report to public as Credit Score Report;

Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) does not generate revenue million US dollar annually yet, therefore, still don't have new custom design house (I wish to own my own sky high buildings in the global downtowns), new private jet (I wish to have my own Honda Private Jet), and new private yacht (I wish to have my own Lexus Private Yacht); in our earth, we've 20+ levels of financial status ones e.g. royal families members are between -10 and 0 (with documentation, with generations, with specifications), on the other hand, commoners and common peoples are between 0 and +10 (without documentation, without specifications) and so on ... ; e.g. Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) is trying to be in the midst (middle) i.e. 0, if compare to banks are like approx. between -1 and +1 financial status ones ... , but not yet, not yet to be at the financial status level 0, not yet, not yet, ... ; Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) 's HOLDING, also see: Stock;

Remark: IRS Tax Return (negative income) works for me,

e.g. in 2022, approx. personal itemized expenses were $1282.49 (United States Dollar) per day,

e.g. in 2021, approx. personal itemized expenses were $2168.92 (United States Dollar) per day,

e.g. in 2020, approx. personal itemized expenses were $845.65 (United States Dollar) per day,

e.g. in 2019, approx. personal itemized expenses were $807.86 (United States Dollar) per day,

e.g. in 2018, approx. personal itemized expenses were $693.35 (United States Dollar) per day,

e.g. in 2017, approx. personal itemized expenses were $908.03 (United States Dollar) per day,

 and maintaining PRINCIPAL-TO-DEBT ratio is above average (e.g. <33% principal-to-debt ratio is OK, <20% principal-to-debt ratio is EXCEL), and maintaining credit history report approx. 789+ score; notice and realize that Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) does not generate revenue million US dollar annually yet; but, still trying to be with new custom design house, new private jet, new private yacht, ... ;

Health: Still no need to take medication yet except allergy, at the age 59+ years old; Wear eye glasses (correct lens); Remark: if previously claimed disabilities from employer, it might be difficult to be hired by another employer;

tested at the time; Ace Jaw's age approx. year

Standard Range

Ace Jaw's Personal Health Info

Remark; Also see: Gene Therapy System . index;

2565; September, 2021; 57; 39.0 - 51.0 % ; 47.4 % (Hematocrit); CBC, Complete Blood Count; Also see: c G T S U (e.g. CBC);

abnormal CBC indicates many diseases e.g. Anemia, Bone marrow disorders, (infection exists or not), Leukemia, (lung, heart, blood vessels) problems, (reaction to current medication), wide range of disorder, ... ; consult to your MD, if abnormal CBC exist ... ;

13.0 - 17.0 g/d L ; 15.6 g/d L (H g b);
80 - 100 f L ; 92 f L (M C V);
140 - 400 K/u L ; 233 K/u L (Platelets count);
<=0 /100 WC ; 0 /100 WC (R B C nucleated);
12.0 - 16.5 % ; 13.2 % (R D W, R B C);
4.10 - 5.70 M/u L ; 5.16 M/u L (red blood cells count);
3.7 - 11.1 K/u L ; 6.9 K/u L (WBC COUNT);
strong (teeth, tooth) bone density;

(hard, soft) gum;

no gum disease; dental; for each time, after having (food, meal, snack), immediately (gargle, mouthwash), And Then, realize THAT healthy ones e.g. (strong bone density of (teeth, tooth)), no gum disease, ... dental e.g. (dental clinic, dental surgery) ... ; Also see: 2dComputer; d G T S U;

one bridge, several fillings and root canals already; no implant yet;

no eyes diseases; no eyes diseases; eyes, OPTOMETRY; wear correct glasses (Axis Number, Cylinder Number, Sphere Number); almost everyday computing, reading, ... ; Also see: Optics;
(60 - 90) mg/d L; 84; fasting glucose; Also see: g G T S U (e.g. Glucose);
<=239 mg/d L Cholesterol; 236 mg/d L (Cholesterol); fasting lipid panel; Also see: l G T S U (e.g. Cholesterol, H D L, L D L, Triglyceride);
>=40 mg/d L H D L; 40 mg/d L (H D L);
<=159 mg/d L L D L; 146 mg/d L (L D L);
<=499 mg/d L Triglyceride; 249 mg/d L (Triglyceride);
0.8 - 1.7 n g/d L; 1.1 n g/d L; free Thyroxine ( T4); brain development, digestion, heart function, maintenance of bones, muscle function, also see: 3tComputer; t G T S U
hearing test; no hearing lost; hearing;
(<=5.6 % H g b A1C %, and 85 - 126 mg/d L Est. Avg. Glucose) (5.8 % H g b A1C, and 120 mg/d L Est. Avg. Glucose); Hemoglobin A1C; estimated average level of blood sugar; Also see: h G T S U (e.g. H g b A1C);
(<=1.34 mg/d L Creatinine, and >60 G F R);  (0.98 mg/d L Creatinine, and >60 G F R); Kidney, tested by blood sample; Also see: c G T S U (e.g. G F R);
3.5 m E q/L and 5.3 m E q/L; 4.2 m E q/L; POTASSIUM; Also see: p G T S U (e.g. kariumu Potassium);
0.0 - 3.5 n g/m L; 0.9 n g/m L; PSA, Prostate Specific Antigen; Also see: p G T S U (e.g. PSA); male reproductive system;
(0.4 - 4.5 u l U/m L) TSH; 3.3 u l U/m L TSH; TSH, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone; Also see: 2tComputer; t G T S U (e.g. TSH); Head & Neck;
>= 200 pg/m L; 419 pg/m L; Vitamin B12 (C o b a l a m i n); Also see: v G T S U (e.g. B12) ; musculoskeletal system; nutrition system;
20 - 79 n g/m L; 14 n g/m L; Vitamin D; Also see: d Computer (e.g. Vitamin D);
2008; 44 C H O L <=239 mg/d L ; 245; fasting lipid panel;
H D L >=40 mg/d L ; 37;
L D L CALC <=159 mg/d L ; 179;
TRIG <=499 mg/d L ; 145;
<=5.6 % H g b A1C % ; 5.4 % H g b A1C; Hemoglobin A1C;
3.5 - 5.3 m E q/L; 4.2; Potassium;
(0.4 - 4.5 u l U/m L) TSH ; (1.9 u l U/m L) TSH; TSH, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone;

approx. at the age of 59+ years, I've never had a "flu shot" in my whole life; Is this abnormal, or normal, sometimes I don't know myself WHAT makes me NOT sick, is this because of my Gene Therapy System working... or I don't know ... ; still no need to take medication yet except Claritin for allergy;

COVID-19, one of the worst historic diseases in our earth, (period: 2019-2020-2021) World History;

2566; CDC . COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, M O D E R N A BIVALENT vaccine (Lot#050D22A), on Saturday, November 5, 2022; KAISER PERMANENTE;

2566; CDC . COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, M O D E R N A COVID-19 vaccine (Lot#025L21B), on 05/20/2022; KAISER PERMANENTE;

2565; CDC . COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, BOOSTER M O D E R N A COVID-19 vaccine (Lot#066H21A), on 12/23/2021; KAISER PERMANENTE

2565; CDC . COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, 2nd dose of M O D E R N A COVID-19 vaccine (Lot#025C21A), on 05/15/2021; KAISER PERMANENTE

2565; CDC . COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, 1st dose of M O D E R N A COVID-19 vaccine (Lot#044B21A), on 04/17/2021; KAISER PERMANENTE;

Also see: Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw); Anti Virus;

2564; 2021; at the age of 55+ years old, I've started noticing myself THAT muscles become weakening naturally and I've realized WHY geriatric joint pains are somehow related to "muscles become weakening" naturally because neurological muscles cannot hole (hold) skeletal bones like younger age ones; so, My Gene Therapy System (muscles become strengthening artificially), definition ((pink, pinky) muscles) artificially (I F F age > 55+ years old), for each neurological muscle ... ; Also see: m G T S U; (salt; Radical235); (salt; Radical698); IT is not easy to define (ligament's (cell, gene) to be (neither hard nor soft, with strong binding bone density), muscle's (cell, gene) to be (Pinky, Red), tendon's (cell, gene) to be ("{E3,E3,E3}", Silver)), ... , but, I'll define IT, because after years of R&D, I've understood HOW Green alike Oxygen, Red alike Hydrogen, Silver alike Nitrogen, ... ; Also see: m G T S U; Physics Law 146, N M R, ... ; Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ; Remark: eating more naturally protein e.g. beans work (was "beams work", corrected to "beans work");

2564; 2020; at the age of 55+ years old, one bridge dental procedure was done, i.e. replacing denture; Remark: dental implants are publicly available and affordable also, but I've decided to be with a bridge;

2020 February - April; February, 2020, bloating happened because of drinking liquors (at the age 55+ year), thus P P I (Proton Pump Inhibitor e.g. Pan to p r a z ole, Proton ix), taken ... ; Remark: in April, 2020, already cured bloating, and became normal (no need to take P P I anymore), because NOT drinking liquors during February - March, 2020, and P P I cured bloating;

because of Manmade Global Weather (rain, rained, rainfall, raining) in California, United States of America, my allergies are gone away, and no need to take daily allergy medicines anymore (but, a Claritin (pill, tablet) 24 hr medicine (orally with water) is still need to take once-a-week) since 2019/2563; Also see: Naturally Weather Log; Raining in California, USA is somehow related to Japan for avoiding earthquake (Remark: annually earthquake counts are lesser and lesser IFF defined regions, and I started approx. since 2011, content development of HOW to avoid earthquakes, content development of HOW to avoid tsunami, content development of HOW to avoid volcanic eruption, ... ), regarding Manmade Global Weather; Remark: think that Solar System (our earth) 's heat related "Red" is somehow related to OUT-OF-SOLAR-SYSTEM 's cool related "Aqua green" because co-existence (2) is very very unique in many ways; If no earthquake in Japan for 10+ years, then we've to keep the defined gravity spots' locations and momentum for thousands of years, and it is not easy (to define, to do functional task, to program) because we've to be thoroughly realizing and understanding HOW "Red" vs. "Aqua Green" ... , e.g. regarding Japan a.k.a. NIPPON, 3000+ o n s e n  (hot springs) are somehow related to "Red" then HOW to apply to be peaceful & tranquil living environments by applying "Aqua Green" would be very interesting ... ; Remark: to do so, knowledge must be ACT3 and ACT2 level imaginary hyper space knowledge based;

unwanted Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19 (in 2020, in 2021), must be demolished by e.g. creating immunological antibodies against the defined biological virus, e.g. using 1080 nm heterodyning method via (8K TV, 4K TV, ... ) Display provides biological virus free living environment i.e. Health, healthy, e.g. using 1080 nm heterodyning method via Display provides biological virus free interior of the defined Automotive, ... ; And, since March, 2020, this DOMAIN has started humanoid Jiwaka for demolishing COVID-19; Remark: usually I don't watch TV (because, very busy my dynabook (Toshiba) computers) but I've tuned my Sony TV on at home, since 2020 March till unwanted Corona virus a.k.a. COVID-19 is demolished by this DOMAIN 's immunological antiviral antibodies; Remark: I've used NIPPON OEM only, whether readers or users like it or not; Physics of impossible e.g. by using Display 's heterodyning method to demolish biological virus, but impossible if NOT knowing, on the other hand, possible if exactly knowing ... ;  Remark: my siblings are using Sony TV at their homes, and they did not listen to me, e.g. stay doing sex in front of TV and so on ... ;

Hobby, personal preference:

(charity, donation, gift) - Log Amount : (2022/2566, approx. 29656 US Dollar donation), estimated itemized total;

(charity, donation, gift) - Log Amount : (2021/2565, approx. 30452 US Dollar donation), estimated itemized total;

(charity, donation, gift) - Log Amount : (2020/2564, approx. 12096 US Dollar donation), estimated itemized total;

(charity, donation, gift) - Log Amount : (2019/2563, approx. 14673 US Dollar donation), estimated itemized total;

(charity, donation, gift) - Log Amount : (2018/2562, approx. (20000+ 28K + etc. ) US Dollar donation, estimated itemized total $50000+);

(charity, donation, gift) - registered until 06/25/2027 by Google, renewal on 05/29/2018, http://absdmmc.bodhisukha.net, 9 years registered by Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw), w a j e c a @ g mail .com ;

(charity, donation, gift) - I F F pass away before age 65 years, i.e. registered organ donor by CA DL (CALIFORNIA DRIVER LICENSE); Remark: in USA, age limits 64 years old or younger to be organ donor;

(charity, donation, gift) - some cash and household items to The Salvation Army (e.g. call and schedule WHEN donating items to www.salvationarmy.com); Remark: approx. 20+ boxes of goods (e.g. household items) per year;

(charity, donation, gift) - some cash and medicines to S a n g h a Hospital, Yangon, Myanmar;

(charity, donation, gift) - some cash and this DOMAIN 's contents to JAPAN, via Japan Society (Tax ID: 13-1675082), www.japansociety.org;

(charity, donation, gift) - some cash, items, meal sponsorship, and volunteer work to Buddhist monasteries;

(charity, donation, gift) - some cash to BUDDHIST TZU CHI FOUNDATION (Tax ID No. 94-2952782), www.tcnw.org, Donor ID 50180209; Remark: on the President Day (02/15/2021), donation info changed (i.e. from a u n g m y i n t k y a w @yahoo.com to Ace 4465 Jaw @ com cast .net); since 2019, donation method has been changed from cash to monthly VISA charge donation; 

(charity, donation, gift) - some cash to AMERICAN RED CROSS, www.redcross.org; Remark: 2020 Champion;

(charity, donation, gift) - unlisted ones e.g. schools, pagodas & shrines, relatives, universities, ... ;

cinema movie (once a month, prefer action movies);
Internet (almost everyday);
California Super Lotto, www.calottery.com (spend 1$, once a month gambling);
not much TV time;
Ping Pong;
reading books, periodicals (e.g. www.aafp.org/afp, e.g. www.modbee.com's daily newspaper, e.g. IEEE www.computer.org );
Sake (i.e. rice liquor; cooking at home; drinking at home);
web content development (e.g. after reading this DOMAIN 's contents, readers may have different idea) ... ;

Law and order: Never been criminal, felony, imprison, parolee; Never file law sue against anyone, any organization, for any reason; Not yet been law sued either;

Remark: if previously lawsuit against employer, it might be difficult to be hired by another employer; I've never had TRUST (a.k.a. General Power consent) with any law firm; however, it is good to have TRUST (a.k.a. General Power consent) when dealing with law and order, e.g. copyrights, e.g. LLC, e.g. wills, ... ;

Languages: English, Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, Myanmar (Burmese), Pali; NOT fluent in any language and still learning ... ;


American Red Cross, www.redcross.org, Member ID # 68698472, since 2018;

CHINA AIRLINES (Dynasty Membership WD4583395, also see: www.china-airlines.com), since 2012;

Costco (also see: www.costco.com) WHOLESALE, EXECUTIVE MEMBER, 111868395319 since May, 2017;

Executive member of Kusalakari (Meditation Center, Theravada monastery), French Camp, California, USA, since 2015;

IEEE Society Affiliate 2020, Affiliate # 90835817; IEEE Computer Society Membership (Preferred), Member/Customer #90835817, Ace Jaw; 2018/2562; IEEE (also see: www.ieee.org ) membership (student was, affiliate present, name: AUNG KYAW, Affiliate # 90835817) since 1997

KAISER PERMANENTE (#11157323, also see: www.kp.org), NORTHERN CALIFORNIA REGION, member, since 2009;

Korean Air (Name: JAW, ACE; Member ID: W A J E C A; SKY PASS Number: 720516534012; E-mail: ace jaw @ ace jaw .net), since 2017; Remark: email ace jaw @ ace jaw .net is no longer in use;

member (name: Aung Myint Kyaw) of Physics Students Association, Yangon University, 1984 ~ 1986;

member (name: Aung Myint Kyaw) of W I U (also see: www.wiu.edu) Alumni Association, since 1997;

Member of ANA (All Nippon Airways, also see: www.ana.co.jp) Mileage Club, since 2012;

NOT a member of Billionaire Club;

Primary Domain Controller (P D C) e.g. ( P D C, P D C, P D C, P D C, P D C) transaction, IFF SQRT2 : (local (10), remote (100), global (1000), ... ) ... ;

Physics Today, scholarly journal, American Institute of Physics, customer # 1302636, since 2018;

Military: brought-up under military dictator (e.g. 1965 - 1989, in Union of Myanmar), therefore, WHEN my way of options are available at the age of 55+ years old, I like to be a military dictator also, i.e. very bad psychology;

as of 2020, USA 's military bases are located in Asia (several nations), therefore, Western civilization is more powerful than Eastern civilization as of 2020; regarding royal families of Asia (the highest level of people in Asia), if you like to change the power of civilization e.g. Eastern civilization is more powerful than Western civilization, this DOMAIN developer recommends 200+ millions of (enemy, foe, opponent) must be killed, and start with USA ... ;

this DOMAIN 's military weapons are :

- invisibility engineering, e.g. invisible insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids ... ;

- multi long length neutrino laser in wormhole way ... ; (at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser, no material can EXIST);

- (Comet, Rainbow, Wall) method, procedure, technique to (focus, lock, map, pinpoint) ... ;

- SPL sound patterns to be verifying whether (allied, friend, relative) or (enemy, foe, opponent) ... ;

- the mutated gene patterns i.e. falsified ones; immunological immune ones to COVID-19, also see: Falsify;

- using ear-piece (MIC, microphone, micro speaker, wireless charging case) to interact query (listen) to do computer programming ... ;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 269, momentum; PHYSICS; therefore, this DOMAIN developer has created world's the most powerful weapons, HOW also see: Radical745;

power of civilization is presented by military bases; this DOMAIN deploys military tactical (method, procedure, technique) operations : e.g. Dark Energy Engineering (DEE); e.g. functional (Comet, Rainbow, Wall, WORMHOLE way) method, procedure, and technique; e.g. invisibility engineering (drone, gravity machine, Unknown Flying Object (UFO)); e.g. invisible insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids; e.g. Manmade Global Weather; therefore, Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) WHO likes to be a global commander;

Race, Religion, Citizenship: Rakhine (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) Asian; Conservative Theravada Buddhist; Myanmar American; Rakhine American;

Ace Jaw, a citizen of United States of America, since 2010;  Remark: there is no equal opportunity and there is no equal rights in our worlds; therefore, WHO you know is very important than WHAT you know;

Reminder: don't be captive, because many dens EXIST in our earth;

Reminder: don't be captive, because this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw can't explain WHY category 4+ storms are toward USA every year (in 21st century and beyond); declaration of war can happen ;

Reminder: in USA, if a terrorist is captured, the whole body of the terrorist to be hotdogs (foods) to be eating; therefore, don't be terrorist;

Wrapped, a part of invisibility engineering;

Reliability (automotives, kadosei Mobility): Still not having fault car accident (no mistake yet, after 43+ years of driving, 3 car accidents but without fault); Mazda B600 was my 1st car to drive (approx. at age 13+ year) since then drove and maintained automotives e.g. Fiat 127, Opal, Hino truck, Mazda B1200 p/u light truck, Buick, Mercury, Mercedes truck, Mitsubishi truck, Chevy van, Toyota, Nissan Sunny P/U truck, Chevy SUV, Ford, Toyota and Lexus;

Remark: if you're Asian American, support Japanese car manufacture (e.g. Toyota); this DOMAIN developer bought (purchased) and driven

2023 Toyota Sienna Platinum AWD; Remark: My 1st Hybrid Minivan (7 seats ones) with automatic sliding (Left, Right) doors, 360 degree camera, driving range approx. of 654+ miles by a tank full of gasoline (approx. 36+ miles/gallon), eV modes, LED buttons, "Hold" button for automatic braking (no need to push-and-hold brake (paddle, pedal) manually while waiting from "Red Light" to "Green Light" at intersection), motion sensors for automatic door-open, projecting information (e.g. current road's speed limit, e.g. current driving speed) on the front windshield glass, touch screen Display, Toyota App (Software) on smart phone to do functions (e.g. Lock, Start, Unlock, ... ), Toyota App (Software) on smart phone to receive (e.g. Alert, History, Parked locations, service reminder, ... ), voice activated, wall outlets (e.g. built-in 1500W Electricity Power Plug, for computing, lighting, ... ), wheels (All Wheel Drive (AWD) either by structural Battery powered electrical motor or VVTI combustion engine), ... designed & manufactured in USA; 2023 has been 25th year of ("Made in USA") Toyota Sienna;

2018 Lexus NX300H (5 seats ones); Remark: Made in Japan; My 1st Hybrid Car, in my life; approx. 20000+ miles have been drive, as of 2023;

2011 Toyota Sequoia (8 seats ones), SR5, 4x4, 5.7L VVTI; Remark: Made in USA, 120000+ miles had been driven, very good (no need to fix); more than 10+ tons towed for construction projects; sold-out to a Toyota authorized dealer in California, USA;

2010 Toyota HI ACE (10 seats ones); Remark: 100000+ km driven in Japan, imported directly and still up-and-running very good in Myanmar, as of 2023;

2009 Lexus RX350 (5 seats ones); Remark: after 60000+ miles driven; sold-out;

(2010, 2009) 3+ Toyota Pro box; Remark: Taxi in Yangon, approx. 600000+ Kyat / year (license fee) to DMV;

(2005, 2003), (1996, ..., 1989, ... ) 5+ Toyota Corolla; Remark: since 2003, VVTI means without timing belt; sold-out; with world's 1st VVTI, 2003 Toyota Corolla, I drove from San Francisco's Bay Bridge to New York's George Washington bridge (approx. 3456+ miles, 3 nights and 4 days driving without GPS at that time); you will wonder HOW huge the NORTH AMERICA land is!!!

Remark: Toyota is (the least devaluation, the most reliable) Automotive ... ; this DOMAIN recommends Toyota ... , because many hidden secrets exist to be world's number 1 for a long time period e.g. zero friction technology is not in the text book to learn, e.g. touch-screen display with voice activation is not in the text book to learn, e.g. remote heterodyning toward pressure point of combustion is not in the text book to learn, e.g. projecting information on the front windshield glass is not in the text book to learn, e.g. natural water elevator method to elevate its weight is not in the text book to learn, e.g. multiple eV modes is not in the text book to learn, e.g. fetching "Aqua" light sheet toward battery to be energetic is not in the text book to learn, e.g. 360 degree camera is not in the text book to learn, e.g. decision making (AAI, AI, AI A) to avoid collision is not in the test book to learn, ... ; "Red Book" design model must win "Black Book" gangster's harmful devices to be number 1 in the global market;

if you're Asian (e.g. poor one like me in 1989) coming to USA and live as immigrant, my suggestion would be: before you buy a house (Real Estate term usage is called "Primary Home"), it is recommended to buy a new Japanese car with installments (5 years is recommended, with average current APR% (if you can wait Special Sales Event, you might get your new car with 0% APR)) because after you've paid off (after 5 years and getting lien holder's release letter, you should get DMV Title), at that time, your credit report is OK for a Home Loan (don't be afraid of buying your Primary Home because est. living APR% will establish you and your family e.g. from 10%APR will reduce to 4%APR); believe it or not billions and billions US Dollar of surplus "money" are coming from China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to North America every year; Remark: don't change your e-mail and phone number; NORTH AMERICA is a land of opportunity!! welcome to America!!!

Anti-Earthquake Indigo Blue-gray wrapper, a part of Anti-Earthquake engineering;    
Wrapped, a part of invisibility engineering



Retrospective personal photos: With Metta _ Released Photos;


- able to (compose, write, compile, and then publish as website) an imaginary Space Book i.e. this DOMAIN 's contents ... ; since teen age, with competitiveness and talent, able to play Scrabble English Wording game with above average (465+ score points);

- able to analyze database (form, report, sheet, table, view) by applying relational algebra logic based query, and able to do web domains (hyper-graphics, hyper-text); not able to software engineer own database;
- able to avoid sexual misconducts; able to avoid stealing; able to avoid lying; not able to avoid killing regarding Global Commander;
- able to correct genetic disorders; Also see: Gene Therapy System index; but NOT FDA approved, because Ace Jaw is NOT a medical doctor; but without FDA approval, because Ace Jaw doesn't have D E A license; in USA, if NOT clinically proven (e.g. this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol), it is NOT official;
- able to build systems (AI, document system, real estate, taxi) from scratch; not able to create OS, because lack of knowledge HOW to spell keywords (questions and answers);
- able to configure, fix, program, repair, and test computers; not able to create "my own computer with my own logo on it" ;

poem; poetry; Radical999;

- able to compose lyric, poem, and poet; not able to create movie and song yet; able to cook; not able to found restaurant yet;
- able to do home improvements (appliances installation, bath (faucet, hose, copper pipe, and valve installation), ceiling, concrete work, countertop, door and window, fence installation, electrical work, filter replacement, floor, gutter cleansing, hauling, paint, pressure wash, roof repair, wall, welding work); not able to do structural design with interior air flow volume, laser shield, water elevator, wind factor, ... ;

pivot; Radical365;

- able to do automotives' minor maintenance & repair (able to predict what might wrong of automotive including engine, brake system installation & tune-up, exhaust system installation, minor auto body fix, filter-seal-oil change, replace false sensor, spark-plug replacement, tire rotation & change, trace fuse fault); not able to open and operate auto repair shop yet; NOT able to prove "fetching ZCS GREEN" to enhance torque of drive system; NOT able to prove DEE As Ring (pivot) to NCS, PCS, and ZCS;
- able to drive trucks with trailer, for hauling and trucking; able to drive very very fast without danger; able to maintain "Good Driver" record regarding Auto Insurance; not able to found forwarding (trucking) company, not able to get connections with importer/exporter, consolidators & logistics investors;
- able to help (donation, volunteer work); able to drink a bottle of Sake (rice liquor) without causing problems; not able to do large scale help globally (all nations);

- able to present PHYSICS (military science, new physics laws) ideas; but not able to prove e.g. touring & traveling to human beings livable moons ... ;

admiral; commander; Radical344;

- able to travel (currency exchange, finding destination, limited clothing, map-reading, mobility) approx. 23000+ km per year; not owning private jet and private yacht yet;

word; Radical182;

- average 50+ words per minute (word processing) typing in English, since 1989 till present; I don't have any other languages' typing skill (Remark: if I live in Japan, the 1st what I do would be attending Japanese language typing; if I live in Singapore, the 1st what I do would be attending Chinese language typing), notice that I had no chance to learn Chinese typing, and Japanese typing, because of being in USA; therefore, you should learn typing ... ;

Social, community: Not very good in social, and grown up as an ethnic tribe (Rakhine) in Union of Myanmar; (too much gap in Civilization Types) therefore, also see: Reforming Myanmar, e.g. trying to be 100cc microeconomics, e.g. trying to be ASEAN standards (I F F city, HOW not to be wasting time in automotive traffics), ... ;

eight groups of 16 bit each (i.e. IPv6) ... ; e.g. ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ . ; Social, community;
eight groups of 16 bit each (i.e. IPv6) ... ; e.g. ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ . ; Social, community;
eight groups of 16 bit each (i.e. IPv6) ... ; e.g. ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ . ; Social, community;

S S N and Tax: Negative income tax refund as income; Not efficient income in Social Security record since 1989; NOT claim SS welfare yet, NOT Med iCal yet, NOT receive food stamp yet, ... ;

Remark: in Union of Myanmar, there is no Social Security system, therefore, we've to take care of our relatives ourselves; in USA, government's financial & taxation systems take care of everyone WHO are in the USA;

System Improvement Request:

2564; 2021; some ISP, Internet Service Providers' ((File Open) . Time Line), (File Open) . Content Block) need to improve e.g. this DOMAIN MP4 files are not functional inside of some ISP, Internet Service Providers;

2564; 2020; we're able to avoid earthquakes in both East Pacific and West Pacific, regarding regional, also see: j Character; Weather;

2564; 2020; P MD, Protein Mutant Database; P MD, Protein Mutant Database; Protein Mutant Database; j in k o chino Artificial Intelligence, I F F SQL Command, e.g. : select P MD . bio marker, P MD . cell marker, P MD . N G S marker, P MD . tumor marker, P MD . U D N G S marker,  doko WHERE therapeutic Immune Cells, using (((({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black) with (Maroon a.k.a. Dark Red)) for hydrogen), ((({E3,E3,E3} a.k.a. Silver) with ({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black)) for nitrogen), (((Green, including Aqua) with White) for oxygen)) to (Def, define, defined, defining) antibodies (defined unwanted virus), without pathogens, AND defined unwanted virus = Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19; Remark: in common with pathogens to make medicine but antibody seems virus alike and dangerous, therefore, this DOMAIN is cleverly NOT using common (method, procedure, technique) of pathogens based antibodies to make medicine i.e. without pathogens; if vaccine is made without pathogens then it should be called "Protein Wrapper"... ;

2563; 2020; NIPPON OEM (e.g. medical equipment, TV, ... ), at clinics, emergency rooms, medical facilities, hospitals, ICU, nursing HOME (s), ... , i.e. to cure unwanted virus (our earth) ... ; because this DOMAIN developer, using NIPPON OEM only WHEN developing its contents, therefore, solutions can be provided only via NIPPON OEM ... ; Remark: global (1000) OLE, universal (10000) OLE, ... ; Also see: Physics Law 144 i.e. HOW to demolish infectious unwanted virus;

2563; 01/31/2020; for each "hybrid" Automotive, please be using ((2,4,8,16) I F F SQRT2), ((3,9,27,81) I F F SQRT3), duo-binary Gravity Spots, ... ; Also see: PHYSICS;

10/28/2019 /2563; WHILE studying Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, some writing characters cannot be radicals (e.g. "lower"), then usage method should be correct definition; Also see: l Character;

early 21st century & beyond; WHILE developing new DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) physics laws, for avoiding volcanic eruption, also see: PHYSICS law sixty seven ... ;

early 21st century & beyond; WHILE developing new DEE (concept, idea, knowledge, thought), HOW to avoid earthquakes, also see: Mon bus ho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 273, ... ;

August 24, 2018/2562; WHILE studying Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, some writing characters cannot be radicals (e.g. "smelling"), then usage method should be correct definition; Also see: s Character;

June 8, 2018/2562; WHILE studying Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, some writing characters cannot be radicals (e.g. "picture"), then usage method should be correct definition; Also see: p Character;

3/22/2018 / 2561; WHILE studying Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, some writing characters cannot be radicals (e.g. "elephant"), then usage method should be correct definition; Also see: e Character;

5/18/2016 / 2560; after this DOMAIN 's Compilation Number C103, z u HIRAGANA _ d a _ j i _ z u _ de _ do has been edited (i.e. d z u HIRAGANA), i.e. regarding 2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count, transcript word should be unique;

Web site, publish, publication:

self publication: idea processor .net; ace jaw .net; a m e r i c a m y a n m a r .net;  self development, also see: this DOMAIN e.g. as of 1/8/2021 : https://dev.azure.com/ideaprocessor ; Remark: Idea Processor dev begins in 2021, via Microsoft's Azure, for Remote Nama Reading, ... ;

Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Business), Vol. 1, No. 8, (2000), published in hybrid (English and Myanmar), article in English: Efficiency, productivity, quality and IT;

Work experience:

Adjunct teaching; Bakery; Chinese restaurants; Computer Associates' Software QA; Delivery; Factory middle management; Government data processing; Home Improvement (residential only (NOT commercial, NOT public)); Minor car repair; Property Management; Self employment (delivery, taxi services); Website and R&D domains;


Ref. 1. ;
Ref. 2. ;
Ref. 3. ;

Asia; Radical383;

companion; ethics; Radical1103;

Policy & Ethic:

21st century & beyond, if Eastern Civilization is more powerful than Western Civilization, name of companies and nations will change, and United States of America's military bases in Asia will be disappeared and gone away in 21st century & beyond;

103 moral codes of Rakhine must be maintained for 1000+ years ... ; Remark: don't think THAT it's easy to do, because you Rakhine have been tactically next to one of the common wealth nations (Bangladesh) assigned by Western Civilization, since 20th century, for changing civilizations in our earth;

A BLINK alike childhood events e.g. amazing at a childhood friend's boyfriend, e.g. playing soccer together, e.g. playing with frogs (federally restricted O G should be under Shakya King's laws & orders, because I personally believe that we're the men WHO are dare ones ... ), ... were gone like tidal waves, WHEN 55+ years of age, and ethically can marry (without sexual affairs mean ethical marriage) only one to be together for decades ahead, therefore, my apologies (e.g. NOT sharing a bike, e.g. NOT sharing algorithm and formulation (parents' hundreds of books were gone like tidal waves also), e.g. NOT sharing HOW to drive and fix car, e.g. striking to siblings, ... ) ... , and my whole life has been being alone without group (I prefer working alone e.g. creating new algorithm and formulation, e.g. driving & deliveries, e.g. reading documents, e.g. system programming), thus I need to rely on e.g. Nama For Humanoid to take care of and to look after DNA matched ones, ex-classmates, ex-date ones, ex-schoolmates, friends & ex-friends, neighbors and ex-neighbors, relatives & ex-relatives, Shakya King's family members (with many numbered ones), siblings & ex-siblings, ... , by using N F C (I o T) technologies (mark, trace, define) As Method ... ;

African American people safe the United States of America, e.g. Cloud computing with Keywords ... ;

If you're Myanmar, don't be against Chin ethnic tribe, because more than 2000+ Chin ethnic tribe families have been migrated and worked for United States of America government's CIA (Central Intelligent Agency), and Pentagon (military headquarter of USA), for translation services, Christian missionary services, ... , therefore, if you're Myanmar, don't be against Chin ethnic tribe; Remark: many ethnic tribes in Myanmar are reliable and trust worthies to many foreign nations, on the other hand, inside of Myanmar, no one is Myanmar, so be cleaver and wise WHEN dealing with TRUE LIES since Independent Day ... ;

I've noticed & realized THAT many human beings WHO belong to "flower basket" (also known as beetle, then stamping DNA) group become (not married one, single) in their lives ... ; if "flower basket" (also known as beetle, then stamping DNA) person, "f???" around with many relationships, but if "f???" around with virginities, i.e. really insult to the defined peoples; Remark: in Myanmar, many government employees children are sold their virginities tradeoff to China; if you're virgin female, "banana" jack-off is OK, and if you're virgin male, hand jack-off is OK; Don't be afraid of (loosing, losing) your (employment, job) I F F non-ethical conditions exist (e.g. sex related discrimination, sex tradeoff, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual violent) because you will survive for sure (doesn't matter whether dismiss or quit); on the other hand, consents start with female-and-male are NOT at the working place, and having liquor together privately at either female's residence or male's residence; Remark: must be 21+ years or older, i.e. HOW consents start with ... ; Remark: if both parties are underage, e.g. both parties are under 18 years, I don't know THAT might also happen (sex, sexual) ... ; if NOT (marry, marriage, married) ones, XXX DVD collection is recommended, because we human beings need "sex" anyway ... , if (marry, marriage, married) ones, we human beings don't need XXX DVD collection ... ; notice & realize THAT there is no solution regarding HOW to marry, sex, sexual affair, ... ; with Metta might work, regarding "marry" , "sex" , "sexual affair" , ... , but NOT guaranty because according to Buddha's teaching, we commoners are known as p u t h u j j a n a (many people, literally its meaning is, e.g. majority of people WHO are NOT enlightened ones) ... ; since 2019, same-sex marriages (GAY MARRIAGES) have been legally and officially in Taiwan (the 1st Asia nation, promoting gays' rights in 21st century & beyond) ... ; since 2008, same-sex marriages (GAY MARRIAGES) have been legally and officially in California, United States of America; if (marry, marriage, married) ones, he has his own way of doing things, she has her own way of doing things, so do adjust, compromise, inform WHAT you don't like, neglect, ... in Pali language, it is known as "A t t a h i A t t a n o N a h t o" so do good actions, good results will, ... ;

NOT to happen 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS destinations of Automotives ... ;  SQRT2 design Model (±98) WHICH prompts Engineering Notation (10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... ), therefore, using Artificial Intelligence (Gravity Dimension Computer) 's Engineering Notation latches As Level e.g. (10 Kg, 100 Kg, 1000 Kg, 10000 Kg, 100000 Kg, ... ), e.g. (10 g, 100 g, 1000 g, 10000 g, 100000 g, ... ) kuru kuru WHILE ( elevating, landing) ... ; Remark: since 1990s WHEN N M D (No Moon Day) only, kuru kuru WHILE ( elevating, landing), this DOMAIN has launched its imaginary hyper space crafts ... , therefore, as of 2020s, this DOMAIN ... national security, regional security, global security, also see: Security; national security starts with directional plasma cluster wind's directions of the flags in front of government office buildings because of Gravity Spots, And Then, regional security starts with rivers' water flow and water level marks, And Then, global security starts with this DOMAIN 's contents e.g. power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil ... ;

visited many casino (s) in my life and WHEN playing games at the casino (s), I truly enjoyed Texas Poker, even though I know myself THAT I'm a looser WHEN playing games at the casino (s), and my personal secret is NOT more than 1% of my personal income to lose, similar to I truly like sake (rice liquor) but I drink once a week the most;

we don't need many ethnic tribes as rebels in Union of Myanmar, on the other hand, no need to declare war in 21st century & beyond, because many new methods & techniques are available,

e.g. human beings clone started since 1995,

e.g. human beings livable moons as resources,

... , therefore, we don't need rebels in Union of Myanmar; if you're ethnic tribes in Union of Myanmar, learn Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana (e.g. Mini Dictionary \ *.* ), And Then, work for Japanese (NIPPON are our universes' the most advance people e.g. ACT3 space ... , e.g. ACT2 space ... ) and learn more ... ;

younger brothers were "Electric Asian" in New York, USA (Remark: I've 2 younger brothers among 6 siblings), because they don't know the meaning "U" means "You" , "S" means "Ass" , and "A" means "Asian" (Remark: since "Electric Asian" , I asked my siblings to migrate to West Coast, but they don't like to live in California), e.g. USA tested "nuclear testing (s)" only in Pacific Ocean, therefore, I cannot (I don't know HOW, I am NOT able to do) defuse category 5+ storms in Atlantic Ocean with my dangerous a little bit of knowledge (one for all, all for one, so, I don't mind "dislike" me or "like" me); in our earth's world history, USA is like very dare one, therefore, if you're dare ones, join your US military, on the other hand, (don't be terrorist, because if terrorists are captured, we make hotdogs, And Then, enjoy eating hotdog with soda for sure) ... ; if you're top-notch Europe trained undercover agents, you might know it is not joking, regarding "Electric Asian" start with Hz Expert training with directional inductances ... ; therefore, please don't mention my name because you don't know the other side;

bridge; Radical994;

black; deep; mysterious; occult; profound; Radical126;

white; Radical135;

yellow; Radical240;

captive; Radical179;

chain; Radical819;

Insurance: since 1990s to the present, I've purchased Liberty Mutual Insurance, www.libertymutual.com, and after 20+ years, I'm getting "no claim" discount, regarding Policy Declaration;

Remark: since 2008, health insured by our earth's one of the best medical health care providers THE KAISER PERMANENTE, www.kp.org; this DOMAIN recommends THE KAISER PERMANENTE medical health care insurance policies in USA ;

Remark: search insurance company listing (e.g. top 10 insurance companies), then choose one insurance company and don't change for a few hundred dollars different, because, life should be simple and long term prospective, e.g. getting "good driver" record discount, e.g. getting "multi policies" discount, e.g. getting (membership, organizational) discount, e.g. "umbrella" insurance policy, ... ; health insurance cost is half-and-half sharing by employer and employee, health insurance cost is paid by employer, health insurance NOT included (pay by self), ... in USA; if in California, if your household income is less than 44,000 US Dollar per year (in 2020s), you should seek government's assistance (subsidizes) regarding health insurance;

Cover Letter of ACE JAW

Dear Sir or Madam (To Whom It May Concern) :

I'll QA (Quality Assure) to be (

avoiding category >1+ storms,

avoiding earthquakes,

avoiding "massive" (epidemic, pandemic) biogenetic COVID-19 patterns,

avoiding regional drought,

avoiding regional flood,

avoiding tsunami,

avoiding volcanic eruptions,

mapping nuclear related ones (i.e. NOT to be a focal point of multi long length neutrino laser, by deploying Laser Shield),

shooting down illegal missiles,

tracing invisible engineered drones,

... ) ... ; as a human beings, I'll try to be peaceful & tranquil (our earth) by using the most powerful unknown weapons ... ; Please don't mention my name, because I've many enemies, foes, opponents, and I've decided to kill 200+ millions peoples if they are enemies, foes, opponents, ... , therefore, please don't mention my name; I must be a winner of SPACE WAR (e.g. military global commander), using unknown methods, unknown procedures, unknown techniques, ... ; after 56+ years of R&D, I've created our earth's the most powerful military weapons, therefore, I'm applying to be Global Military Commander position in your civilizations; Also see: PHYSICS ;

I ; I ; I ; I (Ace Jaw, a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) ' v e a very bad psychology because I was brought up under military dictatorship, therefore, I truly like to be military dictator WHEN I become older, e.g. I like to be Global Military Commander WHO can dictate global tactical programming, by using invisible animaloid (s), invisible drones, invisible humanoids, invisible insectoid (s), invisible space crafts, ... ; therefore, try to be friend with me, ... ;  

Remark: if you're (CIA agent, City's Agent, classified person, curator (Documents), D E A agent, FBI agent, Federal undercover agent, Firefighter, MP (Military Police), police investigator, radio controller professional, religious group' assigned person, space agency expert, special specific investigation group member, UN (United Nations) agent, undercover agent, well trained kid, ... ) assigned

to damage,

to eavesdrop,

to investigate,

to monitor,

to search,

to tap,

to vandalize (deliberately damage or destroy private property of Ace Jaw),

concerning WHO is ACE JAW (Aung Myint Kyaw), then (h e e h e e, lie) to your boss e.g. you've

already damaged,

already eavesdropped,

already investigated,

already monitored,

already searched,

already tapped,

already vandalized (deliberately damage or destroy private property of Ace Jaw),

and nothing has found out, and falsified case since 1965 as bastard, as orphanage, as sperm-collected ones, as swapped one, as one of the worst cases;  

After 5+ decades of learning almost everyday, I've realized the following (s) :

volcanic eruption can be avoided I F F applying (, , ) in straight line a.k.a. AB Distance, peak point of the active volcano must be defined by GREEN (Light Green For Yellowish Therapeutic) because in our 2,3 dimensional space system, 4 points of (heat and light) are NOT on the straight line naturally, therefore, apply 3 (, , ) with 1 defined location (the peak point of the active volcano's location must be vertical endpoint (vertical edge) of the GREEN (Light Green For Yellowish Therapeutic)) ... ; Remark: think of 4 points, And Then, 3 points are (designed, engineered, developed) by Manmade Global Weather, And Then, 1 point (i.e. peak point of the defined active volcano), since 4 points of (heat and light) are NOT on the straight line naturally, we'll have no volcanic eruption ... ;, also see: PHYSICS (law sixty seven) ... ; Remark: structural "L" shape method prompts its 90° inner side with DEE bandwidth yield like triangle shape (active volcano, active volcano's name, defined volcano's location) ... ;

earthquake can be avoided I F F applying (2*6) momentum's (3 lights of 90 degree as method) i.e. applying 3 lights at 3 diff locations and the manmade 3 lights' location must be 90 degree (like 3 green squares in Laser Shield), and apply WHILE parallel moon waves are coming in parallel (i.e. tidal time, 2 times-a-day), and approx. 5 hours to apply (each time) the lights toward the defined location (we've underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean) ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 273; HOW to avoid earthquakes; very very easy to do, so earthquake can be avoided;

well trained kids! replied: regarding your Laser Shield, WHY right side has only one light emitting source, and left side has two light emitting sources sir ?

I wrote: Ah! 1st to understand we're in the (1 way DEE) environment, and right side is east, if compare to left side is west; 2nd to understand C Sequence Number (2001 model) 's BF2; 3rd to understand Moon Wave (s) are coming in parallel (e.g. tidal time, 2 times-a-day) and since our earth obeys heat and light are at the same location, and since our earth has been (2*6) momentum a.k.a. 2,3 dimensional, since human beings livable moons in our universes are with theirs peaceful & tranquil orbital (s), since our Solar System is like a part (a segment) to WHOLE universes with 2 events of 90 degree truly prompt 3 human beings livable moons, of course 3 has been a part of 108 configuration (e.g. (3,3,3,3), (10,7,10)), and very very easy e.g. WHEN strings are coming in parallel, there must be holes i.e. reversed engineering (also see: reversed yellowish variation engineering) therefore, please do 3 lights of 90 degree method, And Then, notice and realize THAT earthquake can be avoided in the defined region;

regarding 3 lights sources' lighting toward the defined location (we've underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean), the lights don't need to be reaching to the defined location (we've underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean), because we're applying ACT3 imaginary hyper space ( concept, idea, info, knowledge, ... ) e.g. reversed yellowish variation (holes) ... because coming parallel moon waves (strings) ... ; 2 times, or 4 times is OK, but this DOMAIN prefers 2 times-a-day, because, this DOMAIN developer is still working on HOW 1 way DEE 's characteristics (high-tidal-mark, low-tidal-mark) regarding 4 times; this DOMAIN developer likes to prove THAT no earthquake because of Manmade Global Weather ... ; for basic understanding of HOW DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) is, regarding (directional, structural), also see: PHYSICS, law fifty eight, for solar-panels installation, using ACT2 imaginary hyper space concept, idea, info, knowledge, ... ;

I wrote: Oh! Oh! don't forget THAT we need to be ( wrapped, wrapped) because, you don't know the other sides ... ;

our earth; Radical519;


2566; November 1st, 2022; I've a gift for you i.e. Origin of Carbon Nanowalls; Remark:

you need to realize & understand 1990s design model Flat Panel (WHERE diagonal lines are),

you need to realize & understand 2000s design model (DEE, Dark Energy Engineering),

you need to realize & understand 2010s design model Walls;

you need to realize & understand 2020s design model (3,4 dimensional) avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

you need to realize & understand Single-Bio-Cell Programmable Nanobot 's Yellow Color strings WHILE flip-flopping Silver Color (a "Tarzan" 's guess: may be from our moon) and Navy Color (a "Tarzan" 's guess: may be from Jupiter), along with ( 60 years . 103x28 dimensional Invisibility) ... ; so called "Origin of Carbon Nanowalls," for our earth only;

2566; 02/15/2023; world's 1st early detecting algorithm for Anti-Earthquake, e.g., also see: Algorithm; c Character Extension 1; Physics Law 567;

2566; 2022; designed & modeled  for (deploying, implementing, navigating, utilizing) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, also see: Wireless Antenna, and world's 1st Rainbow (Method, Procedure, Technique), NOT ONLY for Manmade Global Weather, BUT ALSO for Military ... ; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), for avoiding bad weather conditions worldwide ... ;

2566; 07/11/2022; Origin of Ribcage (doko WHERE "Black Color" lines indicate 90 degree diff to incoming moon waves, And Then, form ribcage naturally), also see: Water Clock;

2565; 08/28/2021; this DOMAIN 's Origin of Human Beings (Gene Def (Male + Female) in the midst); Also see: Antiviral Schematic; DNA _Origami; Protein; Remark: ACT2 and ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace environments, for each human beings livable moon ... ;

2020/2564; Origin of Light naturally by peaceful & tranquil human beings livable moons' orbital (1 way DEE), also see: Physics Law 152, invisibility engineering design model, ... ;

2020/2563 design model; Origin of Live Form, i.e. with water (3 colors (, , ), Origin of Live Form) universally, also see: PHYSICS, law one hundred, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: WHY C Sequence Number (BF2) without stem sir ?
I wrote: if I define with "tail alike" stems, I also need to define 2 EMI along with each string (IFF our earth), so it is easy to understand if excluding string alike stems; e.g. dot, pixel, point, spot, ..., are by DCSDD (since 1970s), and then, lines can be understood (e.g. CRT's lines, since 1990s), after understanding lines, structural like
C Sequence Number (BF2) can be realized & understood (since 2010s), ... , also see: PHYSICS, law 122, for better understanding of HOW cells, items, objects, things, ... are (artificially vs. naturally) ... ; as of 2020s, we're very busy with HOW 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, And Then, HOW to avoid air pollution above cities, HOW to avoid category 4+ storm, HOW to avoid drought, HOW to avoid earthquakes, HOW to avoid regional flood, HOW to avoid tsunami, ... ; Remark: (daily, everyday), I've been using electric pot, to brew hot green tea, and bottom of my electric pot prompts "υ" alike, so I've realized & understood THAT 2 EMI strings are hidden (invisibility engineering) regarding my (daily, everyday) habit i.e. hot green tea ...

well trained kids! replied: are the FILES: ../Domain/Gene Therapy System/ Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol _ files / BF2 * .gif holes sir ?
I wrote: I don't know, at the present as of (256?; 2020s), but I'll know whether hole or string by 2030s; accordance with Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, we've only (2 is very very unique in many ways, (hole, string)), and 1 idea takes approx. 10+ years to know HOW; approx. 2030s, I'll be too old to develop this DOMAIN 's contents, and actually I should prepare to stop WHEN reaching 55+ years already, so this is your time to develop whether hole or string ... regarding ../Domain/Gene Therapy System/ Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol _ files / BF2 * .gif ; Remark: in space (telecommunication), whenever we create hole, strings are attracted to the hole, on the other hand, whenever we create string, holes are attracted to the string, so it's like (antenna vs. node), therefore, I don't know;


Origin of 3,4 dimensional can be realized as ; to realize and understand, also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan; Physics Law 234, (Core, Edge) ... ;

Origin of unwanted COVID-19 virus can be realized as ;

Origin of Gravity Spot (our earth only) can be realized as ;

Origin of 10000 MPH speed kadosei Mobility can be realized as (, ) ;

Origin of Hammer Antenna can be realized as ;

Origin of Human Beings can be realized as ;

Origin of Carbon Nano World can be realized as ;

Origin of Disc, Origin of Fish, Origin of (Oval & Sperm) can be realized as ;

Origin of Sound can be realized as ;

2019/2563 model ; military grade (invisible to radar), also see: PHYSICS, (law fifty seven): Laser Shield;

as of 2018/2562, I've not able to realize Origin of Water yet; this is your time to develop well trained kids!  e.g. Origin of Water, e.g. HOW to reduce earthquakes by defining parallel incoming moon waves (strings' directional hole), and so on ... ; regarding Origin of Water, also see: Mon bus ho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 282, a hint HOW Origin of Water should be defined;

as of 2009, digital green line structural is HOW indicating "north" regarding our earth's GPS;

as of 2001, Origin of Branching Factor, Origin of Brunching Factor, a.k.a. C Sequence Number (BF2) i.e. prior to yellowish variation, doko WHERE heat and light can be realized; Origin of BF (Branching Factor, Brunching Factor) can be realized as (, ) ; Remark: PHYSICS, law eighty two, ... ;

as of 1995, Swap Symbol (e.g. in C programming language :  x^=y^=x^=y) Algorithm; Remark: swapping is important regarding Security of System, swapping is important regarding any (component, device, entity, item, object, part, thing, tuple) WHICH "sorting" ... ;

Remark: no need to declare war in 21st century & beyond, because, invisibility engineering deployments (Rainbow Method, Walls Method), multi long length neutrino laser in wormhole ways (no material can exist at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser), ... ;

My apologies i.e. even though I've applied all my 5+ decades of knowledge to do good weather conditions by Manmade Global Weather, to prolong life expectancy to 300+ years by Gene Therapy System,  ...  , and I've noticed & realized that software defined definitions don't work well WHEN dealing with true nature naturally, e.g. no more earthquake in the defined region is not working, e.g. prolonging life expectancy to 300+ years might not be working, ... ; Therefore, my apology if not working... ; Also see: Naturally Weather Log; but, I'll keep (catch, throw) defining & trying until I can prove that no earthquake for 10+ years in the defined regions, And Then, no earthquake for 20+ years in the defined regions, And Then, keeping the functional (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural) for 21st century and beyond ... ; e.g. learning more (Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana) mean more knowledge, more knowledge means better artificial intelligence systems, and so on ... ; My apologies ; I'll keep (catch, throw) defining & trying e.g. power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

(5, 6, 7) are very very unique (a.k.a. coexistence, YIN and YANG) 2 based (e.g. this DOMAIN 's dimensions are in ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7))) and this DOMAIN reserves dimension ((2*6) a.k.a. 12 dimensional system) and ((2*7) a.k.a. 14 dimensional system) for you ... , and this DOMAIN 's 10 dimensional system is copyrighted, developed, engineered and all rights reserved by Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw); Radical567;

Also see: Career Employment Professional;

Error Log;