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Application ; Forward e d Event s ; Security ;
Set up ; System ; OS log s ;  
Number of event s :

Number ;    
    Filter e d : . Number ;  
Gene Therapy System : for each marker      
Gene Therapy System :   to mark      
Gene Therapy System : to cure the mutate d gene
            pattern s ;  
        to Tx the mutate d gene
        pattern s ;      
curing the mutated patterns  mean antiviral medicine  is working ;

July, 2020, (this DOMAIN) Application, Number of events : 14???; to attack COVID-19;

June, 2000, (this DOMAIN) Application, Number of events : 13???; to attack COVID-19;

May, 2020, (this DOMAIN) Application, Number of events : 13???; to attack COVID-19;

falsify, (altering information, altering evidence) to mislead, to be misleading ... ;
falsify, proving a statement to be FALSE;

HOW (handle, handled, handling) "Falsify" , falsified ones, ... :

regarding 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, kuru kuru WHILE designing & modeling variable DEE patterns, e.g. uncertain programming (Method, Procedure, Technique), both x and y can be (handle, handled, handling) ... ;

HOW (handle, handled, handling) "Falsify" , falsified ones, ... :

y . x . falsified ones;

y . x . Falsify;

Remark: if (i, we, you) need to correct "Falsify" , falsified ones, then above HOW (state, stated, stating) way is a must ... ; easy and simple; Also see: dotdotdot;

ID falsified ones e.g. time gained cloned human beings, time lost cloned human beings, ... are falsified ones, and genuine human beings become (compromised ones, empathetic ones, sympathetic ones) because knowledge level is different between time gained cloned human beings and genuine human beings; in common, time gained cloned human beings are having higher knowledge than genuine human beings, ... ; Remark: in the year 2564, 2020, approx. 88+ years can be gained as time gained cloned human beings either restructured way or brain transferred way, ... ;

IFF ASEAN, to be lesser-and-lesser (Falsify, falsified ones) means better-and-better living civilizations ... ; Remark: Union of Myanmar is only one (Falsify, falsified ones) among ASEAN nations, e.g. the only nation with several rebels groups (as of 2020, in 21st century); we Union of Myanmar peoples must correct ourselves HOW to be NOT rebellious; Also see: Reforming Myanmar;

wareware We must be well civilized by NOT allowing cooping of government power;

wareware We must kill possible military dictators;

wareware We must be killers of possible military dictators ... ;

if you're the ones WHO (brought-up, grown-up) under military dictatorship like me (Ace Jaw, a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw), you must do falsify-to-falsify way of surviving, you'll recommend 200+ millions peoples must be killed, you'll start your tactic with "not me" until you can demolish military dictators by implementing DEE, invisibility engineering (invisible drones), Satellite mapping (hunting military dictator's beheaded head), unknown method, unknown procedure, unknown technique, ... ;

unknown method is falsified ones ... ; falsify-to-falsify way ;

unknown procedure is falsified ones ... ; falsify-to-falsify way ;

unknown technique is falsified ones ... ; falsify-to-falsify way ;

if you copy this DOMAIN 's contents into your system, And Then, modify WHOM . TXT file's data, e.g. for yourselves, for your elderly ones (e.g. family members, friends, and relatives), falsified ones may begin because Gene Therapy System, Manmade Global Weather System, Triangulation System, ... should be variable, and handling falsified ones is another very interesting percentage (%) e.g. 1%, 2%, 3%, ... , along with HOW many (item, object, thing) are the matched ones to this DOMAIN 's contents originally ... ; if you copy this DOMAIN 's contents into your system, And Then, modify ... e.g. (defined here that no earth quake in your defined nation), also see: Physics Law 79, Impossible Earthquake Structural, ... ; if you've done so, "falsify" begins, but a few words different prompt percentage (%) less than 1%, 2%, 3%, ... , and notice, realize, and understand HOW many (item, object, thing) are the matched ones to this DOMAIN 's contents in the Internet ... , therefore, update is truly very important to do for systems ... ;

HOW many percentage (%) different between original ones and modified ones truly prompt "Falsify" %, and lesser the "Falsify" %, better the systems ... ; "Falsify" percentage (%) less than 1% should be excellent ones, "Falsify" percentage (%) less than 2% should be very good ones, "Falsify" percentage (%) less than 3% should be good ones, and so on ... ;

imaginary hyper space system, at reversed yellowish variation (100000), And Then, yellowish variation (10000) universal should be "Falsify" ;

imaginary hyper space system, at yellowish variation (10000) universal, And Then, global (1000) should be "Falsify" ;

imaginary hyper space system, at global (1000), And Then, remote (100) should be "Falsify" ;

imaginary hyper space system, at remote (100), And Then, local (10) should be "Falsify" ;

if (i, we, you) don't know kuru kuru WHILE (lapping, looping, ringing, rounding) inside of IC (Integrated Circuit) board, (i, we, you) don't know HOW local (10) has been designed & modelled for approx. 5+ decades (as of 2020, in 21st century) already ... ;

notice, realize, and understand THAT if we're controlled by SQRT3 design model (floating points mantissa), And Then, SQRT2 (98) should be "Falsify" , falsified ones ... ;

in banking (financial) system, (altering minus-to-plus, altering plus-to-minus), falsified ones ... ; altering ("Credit" to "Debit") is falsified ones ... ; deleting (2 days old, 2 weeks old) transaction records in checking account is falsified ones ... ; shifting from 2 zero (decimal points) to whole number is falsified ones ... ; updating without BDC records to gain stock (balance, price, value) is falsified ones ... ;

in education system, getting exam's questions before the exam time period is falsified ones ... ;

in education system, dean and minister, altering the transcripts info data is falsified ones ... ;

in gene therapy system, pathogens are falsified ones to immune system ... ;

in government system, altering captives' identities is (falsified method, falsified procedure, falsified technique) to defeat (enemy, foe, opponent) ... ;

in human beings cloning (Remark: since 1995), e.g. brain transferred ones, restructured ones, zombie ones, ... are falsified ones ... ; therefore, in 21st century & beyond, don't TRUST to anyone, do good actions, and good results will; do lesser and lesser bad actions mean better and better to be good ones ... ; e.g. children seem NOT really children, e.g. parents seem NOT really parents, e.g. relatives seem NOT really relatives, e.g. siblings seem NOT really siblings, ... ; Remark: Buddha's one of the teachings Attahi attano nahto ... in Pali means you're on your own ... ;

in IT, counterfeiting (e.g. DVD Product, e.g. USB Product) exist, because OEM mismatched ones, i.e. NOT beings genuine ones, NOT beings original ones, then falsified ones exist; therefore, % is very important system sign and symbol; Remark: SOFTWARE;

in military science, undercover agents must do falsified ones, e.g. different (ID, name) ... ;

in military system, IFF war, falsifying info e.g. propaganda (misleading point of view, promoting specific political cause), spreading rumors, i.e. falsified ones ... ;

in PCB, counterfeiting (e.g. Printed Circuit Board, e.g. Product) exist, because OEM mismatched ones, i.e. NOT beings genuine ones, NOT beings original ones, then falsified ones exist; therefore, % is very important system sign and symbol; Remark: HARDWARE;

in technologies, "outsourcing" can prompt falsified ones ... ;

(map, mapped, mapping) mutant bio pattern, mutated bio pattern, mutated gene pattern, mutating bio pattern, e.g. unwanted COVID-19 virus (reacts, reacted, reaction) to antiviral medicine as mutated bio pattern, then the mutated gene patterns must be mapped, then step-up to higher level; in this case, falsified ones are mutated gene patterns, falsified ones are mutated bio patterns;

ultra deep NGS, a.k.a. UDNGS; using UDNGS to cure (COVID-19) falsified ones ... ; uGTSU;

NGS, Next Generation Sequencing; using NGS to cure (COVID-19) falsified ones ... ; nGTSU;

the . mutated . gene . patterns;
the . mutated . gene . patterns;

i.e. HOW (map, mapped, mapping) ... ;

regarding fire marshal codes, approx. more than 2 times of its (allowed, regulated) occupancy Number is falsified ones ... ;

regarding food & drug system, buying & selling unlicensed foods & drugs is falsified ones ... ; 

regarding health care system, over crowded with patients in a hospital (exceeding its patient bed Number) i.e. falsified ones ... ;

regarding media broadcasting system, presenting biased information is falsified ones ... ;

regarding transportation system, exceeding its (refer to Automotive) weight limit is falsified ones ... ;

systematic attack against targets, agents do falsified ones ... ;

systematic development e.g. maintaining as 1st world nations (civilizations), systematic development from 3rd world to the 1st world (civilizations), we must do lesser falsified ones ... ;

systematic government management system, using (swapping car, swapping identity, swapping phone) to identify, to trace, to verify "falsified ones" ... ;

virus, e.g. biological virus, biomedical virus, and pathological virus are falsified ones to (i, we, you) 's immuned system, immunological system; hardware viruses are military top secrets because wareware We human beings are with full of kilesa a.k.a. sins; software viruses are Keywords, created by the people WHO know HOW to program keywords, and unwanted "virus" , viruses are falsified ones; virus must be marked, traced, then attack the defined virus, defeat the defined virus, demolish the defined virus, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: on human beings livable moons, if we've found that 4 eyes found naturally, if we get closer to the sun planet, i.e. exceptionally (4 eyes), and we read your imaginary contents Physic Law 170, leading 3 naturally, ... , and gene; question is HOW can we be defining the mutated gene patterns, And Then, already marked ones as either NGS marker or UDNGS marker, And Then, we've to do reversed genetic engineering (antiviral gene patterns against) of known pathogen (e.g. COVID-19, oncogene), And Then, we'll drip-and-drop those water based as medicine; we're still confusing HOW each (organ, part) has its own meaning regarding imaginary hyper space medical system sir ?

I wrote: "every part of we human beings has its own meaningful definition" and we've already defined, found, numbered, ... ; military top secrets, so I cannot answer detail, specific, ... ; Remember: this DOMAIN is designed and modelled for basic understanding only, because Rakhine, an ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar rather should have more questions than answers, and we 1+ millions Buddhist Rakhine must be quality ones, so you do the same ... ;

think of if leading 3 naturally causes 2 holes, accordance with Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, And Then, doko WHERE other factors are ????? and, we still cannot solve many problems regarding imaginary hyper space medical system, e.g. BLI automatic adjustment is beyond (auto glow, auto grow) of our earth; e.g. yellowish variation as Distance is beyond (documented, known) space measurements; therefore, my answer would be: I ain't know . COVID-19;

well trained kids! replied: can we design "L" method, "L" procedure, "L" technique, (for defining layers of our own biological body, for defining layers of our own biomedical body, for defining layers of our own pathological body) sir ?

I wrote: Yes, please do. Remark: if you're using Event Viewer application, you'll notice and realize THAT upper "L" and lower "L" are intentionally designed and modelled for each running events ... ; memristor should be at the outer side of "L" kuru kuru WHILE fetching lights ... ; if you do so, you'll be gene therapy system (architect, artist, consultant, designer, engineer, developer, genetic engineer, medical doctor, owner, pathologist, physician, programmer, radiologist, scientist, ... ) ... ;

I wrote: e.g. a person installed this DOMAIN 's contents 10+ years ago, then never updated, so up-to-date contents % if compare to 10+ years ago would be higher falsify % ; therefore, keyword (update, updated, updating) is somehow related to "Falsify" % ... ;

well trained kids! replied: we realize and understand your explanation sir ;
well trained kids! replied: we've already learnt THAT any falsified ones should NOT be defined as index webpage sir;

I wrote: Yes. we should NOT define falsified ones inside of any index FILE;

well trained kids! replied: thank you, we've learnt another design model concept sir ;

I wrote: no one is perfect, therefore, we should be accepting via "Falsify" % ... ;

WHY necessary to know "Falsify" ? because falsified ones to falsified ones can prompt (result, solution) e.g. pathogens against pathogens might prompt medicine; another example would be e.g. in Manmade Global Weather, (naturally, bad weather conditions are abnormalities), so falsifying naturally, bad weather conditions to be artificially manmade global weather ... ; WHEN programming to avoid earthquakes, we falsify possible hole's locations, by applying reversed engineering (method, procedure, technique) i.e. WHY necessary to know "Falsify" ... ;

www information (government records, Notary Public records, public records) are very important HOW to avoid falsified ones ... ; the TRUTH is we human beings are with full of kilesa (mental _defilements) a.k.a. sins, therefore, we need to draw a line (e.g. disciplinary line, ethical line, moral line, social line, tactical line) before ("Black Book" implementation, "Red Book" implementation) ... ; Remark: one of the reasons I changed my name from Aung Myint Kyaw to Ace Jaw in 2010 was there were Ms. Aung Myint Kyaw (s), and I still don't know WHO did such falsified ones against me, it's like wrong IP from Netherlands (I wrote a poem in 1990s and I still remember IT i.e. WHO is from the Netherlands, wrong IP in address man, lets reload the backup folks, blame on the motherboard, ... ); systems went down, and billions and billions of currencies lost, because of system security fallacy and pitfall, ... ;

Also see: COVID-19; Remark: year 2020 : worldwide pandemic unwanted virus;

Also see: xyAbnormalities;