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k a n k e t s u Brevity, concise and exact use of words;

hatsugen Stating;     hatsugen Stating;     hatsugen Stating;

kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ;                    
Word ;   Word ;   Word ;   Word ;                      

Also see: Action; Keyword; k Usage; Language Translator; w Character;

power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

May 15, 2023; design model;

( impact, impact, impact, impact) ... ; if (language code: ENGLISH (EN), Language Translator EXIST ), start with Keyword "impact" ... ;

2566; 2022; design model;

(u a v, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), NOT ONLY for Manmade Global Weather, BUT ALSO for global (1000) military ... ;

Remark: this DOMAIN 's (u a v, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is special designed & modeled with Dark Energy Engineering (DEE), Gravity Dimension Computer (directional gravity spots), Invisibility Engineering, new PHYSICS laws, 10000+ MPH speed kadosei Mobility, structural Battery, ... , beyond SPL, Walls, ZCS, ... ; ("a Tarzan") 's the most challenge would be you don't want your head to be focused by YV (Yellowish Variation), other wording would be "you don't want your head to be the focal point of Yellowish Variation (YV)" ...  with metta (loving kindness) ... ; Are you ready for Space War ? I like to be a Global Military Commander !!!!

( mono Matters, mono Objects, mono Substances, mono Stuffs, mono Things) e.g. Things have to be transmitted. Also see: Keyword; Network Topology; t Computer;

2565; May 20, 2021; our earth, using 8 kinds of Satellite (Method, Technique) e.g. Cloud Keywords ( A OS, IS AM, SAL, SAR, S ART, S AS, SA U, SL F I) ... ;

2565; 2021; (the device, at the risk of being out of date), also see: Computers; 3dComputer; Remark: update;

2563; 2020; any moving location of point : ( 2, 2) is very very unique in many ways : e.g. ((able to translate, NOT able to translate) ones), ((able to communicate, NOT able to communicate) ones), ((connected, disconnected) ones), ((connected, NOT connected) ones), ((defined, undefined) ones), ((detected, NOT detected) ones), ((DNA matched, DNA not matched) ones), ((directional, heuristic) ones), ((discovered, hidden) ones), ((focused, NOT focused) ones), ((known, unknown) ones), ((identified, unable to identify) ones), ((mapped, unmapped) ones), (NOT able to verify, verified ones), ((OEM ID, third party) vendor), ... ; Also see: PHYSICS, law one hundred and thirteen, ... ;

Also see: Audio;

2563 : 2020 : this DOMAIN : keywords are :; access; accounting (account, accounts); ace; acquisition; acquisition, e.g. image acquisition; active; age; agent, a.k.a. proxy; all; and; application; application (app, apps); assistant; assistant, a.k.a. helper; association; audio; authentication; authentication (Auth, authority, jurisdiction); automatic; automatic (auto, automation); awareness; ax; back; base; beat; bio; bio (biological, biometric); BIOS; bit; blue; box; box, also see: boxes; cube; dice; box, e.g. 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; box, e.g. x Box; broker; browser; b t; BT; builder; cache; camera; camera, e.g. longest distance router; capability; card; certificate; client; clip; C N G; collection; collector; color; color (colors, colour, iroColourWaveForm); compatibility; computer; com+; configure; configure (con fig, configuration, ms con fig); connect; connect (connected, connection, connectivities, connectivity); container; content; control; coordinator; copy; copy (copied, copier, copies, copying); copy (copy good gene patterns, copy good ones); core; counter; credential; credential (certification, confirmation, evidence, proof, substantiation); CRT, e.g. monitor; C R V S; C R V S, Cyber link Rich Video Service; cryptographic; cyber; d; D; data; date; date (dated, dating, dates); defender; defender (defended, defending, guard, protect); delivery; demo; deployment; Desktop; detect; detect (detected, detecting, detection); developer; Dev; device; D H C P; directional; Directional Gravity Pressure; directory, a.k.a. folder; discover; discover, as opposed to hidden; discover (discover-able, discovered, discovering, discovery); disk; distributed; DLL; DLL, Dynamic Link Library; DNS; diagnostic; diagnostic (diagnose, diagnosed, diagnosing, Dx); discovery; down; down, as opposed to up; drive; drive (driver, driving); dynamic; eco; E FS; embedded; encrypt; encrypt (encrypted, encrypting, encryption); end; engine; enrollment; enterprise; enumeration; enumerator; E TW; event; exchange; exchange (exchangeable, exchanged, exchanging); experience; explorer; extensible; extension and notification; f; F; fax; fetch; fetch (fetched, fetching); fetch (light sheet, sound beam, wave); field; file; filtering; fire; folder; folder, a.k.a. directory; font; for; form; foundation; framework; free; function; g; G; game; game (gaming, me to be protected, you to be protected); gate; geo; graphics; gravity; gravity (Directional Gravity Pressure, Directional Gravity Spot); ground; group; group (grouped, grouping, groups); hand; handwriting; hard; hard, as opposed to soft; HD; he; he (HE, H E C I); heart; helper; helper, a.k.a. assistant; hidden, a.k.a. (invisibility, invisible); hidden, as opposed to discover; history; home; host; host (hosted, hosting, hosts); hot; HTTP; hub; human; hyper; hyper (+V, -V); i; I; identity; IKE; image; image, a.k.a. (paint, photo, picture, seeing); info; infrastructure; initiator; installer; installer (inst, install, installed, stalling); instrumentation; instrumentation (instrument, instrumental, instruments); intelligent; Intel; inter; (interior (inner side), if compare to exterior (outer side)); i p; i P; I p; IP; isolation; joy; k; K; Keyboard; keying; keying (key, keyed, keys); king; knowing, a.k.a. sense; layer; level; level (echo level, SPL, water level, Y); license; licensing; link; list; listener; live; live (life, living, living environment); loader; local (10); Local Area Network (LAN); local; location; locator; locker; log; Logs & Alerts; m; M; mw; machine; management; management (manage, managed, manager, managing); map per; map per (map, mapped, mapping, maps); media; messaging; metric; metric (metrical, metric properties, metric system, metric unit); micro; mobile; mobile (movable, portable); mode; model; model e.g. (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural); model e.g. (SQRT3, SQRT2); model (modeling, modeled, modeling, modelled, model l i n g); module; monitoring; monitoring, a.k.a. filming; monitoring, a.k.a. remote knowing; monitoring, a.k.a. recording; n; N; name; net; net (e.g. network, networked, networking); next; next (N EX, next to me, the next, the next one); NFC; NFC, Near Field Communication; NFC, e.g. knowing IoT; notification; notification (announce, inform, notified, notify); now; n t; NT; off; office; on; optimization; optimize; orchestrate; orchestrate, a.k.a. direct; orchestrate (orchestrated, orchestrating, o r c h e s t r a t o r); panel; panel (pane, plane); pass; peer; per; performance; phone; play; play (played, player, playing); plug and play, a.k.a. PnP; P N R P; point; policy; port; power; presentation; pressure; pressure (Directory System, File System); printer; problem; problem (bad, bug, error, virus); program; propagation; protection; protocol; provider; proxy, a.k.a. agent; publication; publishing; push; quality; quality (audio, video); query; r; R; redirect; redirect (band, cast (broad, narrow), redirected, redirecting); registrar; remote (100); remove; remove (removal, removed, removing); rental; report; report (reported, reporter, reporting); repository; request; request (requested, requesting, R F C); resolution; resource; rich; R m; R MS; router; router (hardware router, software router); R PC; R PC (PC, Personal Computer); R PC, Remote Procedure Call; s; S; SCSI; S V; svc; SVC; scheduler; scheduler (scheduled, scheduling); search; search (searchable (of a database), searched, searching); second; secondary, i.e. second time; secure; secure (sec, security); sense, a.k.a. knowing; sense (sensing, sensor); server; service; session; set; shadow; shadow (light, object, other side, shade); sharing; sharing, e.g. ICS, Internet Connection Sharing; shell; shut; sign; sign (signage, signing, (sign-in, sign-out)); smart; S MP; S MP, Smart Military Police; S MS; S MS, Short Message System; SNMP; socket; soft; soft, as opposed to hard; sound; sound (dB m, pattern, patterns); source; space; space, e.g. human beings livable moons; SPL; SPL, Sound Pressure Level; SPL, Sound Pressure Level (IoT, NFC); spot; spot (spots, spotted, spotting); S SD P; standard; state; state (stated, stating); station; still; store; store (storage, stored); super; super e.g. Shakya King who owns all human beings livable moons; support; synchronization; synchronization (S Y N, SYNC, timestamp, time synchronization); system; task; task (tasked, tasking, tasks); TCP IP; TCP/IP; telemetry; telephony; telephony (call, endpoint, terminator); theme; tier; tile; tile (surface covered by tiles, tiled, tiling, tiling blocks); time; time (time period, timer, times, timing); tm; tooth; topology; TOSHIBA; TOSHIBA, world's 1st multi systems inventor; touch; touch (touchable, touched, touching); track; track (BD, CD, disc, DVD, tape); track (tracked, tracking, tracks); transfer; transaction; trap; trap (captured, capturing, trapped, trapping); tunnel; tunnel e.g. SQRT2 (plus or minus 98); tunnel (tunneled, tunneling, tunnel led); u; U; unable; unable e.g. (unable to identify, unable to verify); up; up, as opposed to down; user; utility; utility (utilities, utilize, utilized, utilizing); verify; verify (verified, verifier, verifying); video256; video128; video64; video32; virtual; virtual (virtualization, (virtual machine a.k.a. V M)); volume; volume ((down, up), (volume shadow a.k.a. echo)); wall; wallet; wallet (approval code, money); way; web; web (Web client, webpage, website); win; window; wire; W LAN; W M I; W WAN; work; WS; x; X; X S V C; 300.000.000.000;

this DOMAIN, using sound patterns of electronic piano keys as its system security ... ; key; Radical374;

e.g. . keyword . keyword . keyword;
e.g. . keyword . keyword . keyword;
e.g. . keyword . keyword . keyword;
e.g. . keyword . keyword . keyword;
e.g. . keyword . keyword . keyword; Also see: Artificial Intelligence (AAI, AI, AIA) dot dot dot ... ;

this DOMAIN must be above and beyond "IFF Green Control" (also see: Schematic Dimensional) ... ;
this DOMAIN must be above and beyond 2 lines based font, i.e. regarding "AI FONT" and "font" ... ;

e.g. going to be out; font;
e.g. nothing like you; just a font;

slave; Radical179;

2018/2561; WHY are you using many highlighted iroColourWaveForm based colorful words in this DOMAIN sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand Keyword (e.g. specific state); 2nd to understand barcode (e.g. UPC vs. RFID) doko WHERE this DOMAIN has been color coding for each barcode, regarding billions and billions of ... ; 3rd to understand kuru kuru WHILE (e.g. using device, IoT, logo, OEM, NFC, ... ) system is a combination of items, objects, things, ... ;

keyword CE (Chief Engineer) i.e. one of the keywords in Cloud Computing ... ;

Dictionary defines keyword WHICH serves as a key; font;

(false, neither false nor true, true), (i, j, k), (prefix, word, suffix), (previous, current, next), (x, y, z), (zero Curvature, positive Curvature, negative Curvature), ... ; also see: 3;

(abnormal, normal), (active, passive), (adding, subtracting), (alive, dead), (allied, opponent), (answer, question), (arrival, departure), (artificial, natural), (automatic, manual), (background, foreground), (bad, good), (backward, forward), (big, small), (black, white), (bottom, top), (broad, narrow), (broadcast, tune), (can, cannot), (catch, throw), (cause, effect), (close, open), (coherent, homogeneous), (color, mono), (common, uncommon), (constant, variable), (constructive, destructive),  (continuous, discrete), (countable, uncountable), (credit, debit), (defined, undefined), (deposit, withdraw), (direct, via), (directional, heuristic), (disable, enable), (disabled, enabled), (dislike, like), (do, don't), (down, up), (dynamic, static), (exclude, include), (explicit, implicit), (external, internal), (false, true), (far, near), (fast, slow), (focused, unfocused), (foreign, home), (front, rear), (full moon, no moon), (give, take), (hard, soft), (heavy, light), (here, there), (high, low), (hide, show), (horizontal, vertical), (hyper, hypo), (illogical, logical), (in, out), (incoming, outgoing), (inner, outer), (input, output), (invalid, valid), (irregular, regular), (jump, step-by-step), (known, unknown), (left, right), (limited, unlimited), (load, unload), (local, remote), (lock, unlock), (long, short), (loud, quiet), (mapped, unmapped), (microscope, telescope), (minus, plus), (multi, single), (negative, positive), (no, yes), (off, on), (offline, online), (opaque, transparency), (pin, unpin), (pinch, zoom), (play, stop), (predicted, unpredicted), (prefix, suffix), (private, public), (pros, cons), (pull, push), (quality, quantity), (receiving, sending), (rescued, trapped), (Ref, Val), (reference, value), (seen, unseen), (sunrise, sunset), (tasteless, tasty), (thick, thin), (virus, antivirus), (wire, wireless), (x, y), ... ; also see: 2;

, 1 font ;    
, 1 font ;
, a font ;    
, 1 font
, a font ;  
  key word , 11 1      
    key word as a key      

The diff between font and keyword are:

_ ACTION keyword, invented by SONY, in its GPS system, since 2008;

_ drive letter icon can be defined by auto run file, by using ACTION keyword;

_ Effects of 1 Font... are 18+, with color;

_ font depends on keyboard e.g. 101/102, 106/109, ... ; / (division operator), very difficult to reverse engineer;

_ font can be edited by font editor;

_ font can be formatted i.e. Format Cells, e.g. Font style 標準 (標準 Italic; 標準 Bold; 標準 Bold Italic) ... ;

_ hidden keywords are used, WHILE installing software, e.g. Installation ID, Product ID, ... ;

_ IFF moving objects on the form, keywords are Left, Location, Set Bounds, Top, ... ; Graphics;

_ IT analyst, using defined font to protect its domain system, globally;

_ keyword cannot be edited like font; also see: Format Cells;

_ keyword does not depend on keyboard;

_ MICROSOFT FrontPage >> right click >> Page Properties... >> General >> Keywords: ... ; doko WHERE each page's code can be written as: < meta name = "keywords" content="KEYWORD...">

_ network engineer, using defined font to protect its domain system, globally;

_ NOT 3D (font) yet, till 2011, because of layers, font should not be in 3D, unless structure number with BF ... ;

_ nowadays, computer science fonts, keywords, ... ;

_ once, WHEN font is set, all applications (e.g. App) within 1 OS, using the same font;

_ once, WHEN keyword is set, the defined file only, multi- OS, using the same keyword, i.e. Web;

_ port number can be defined by keyword; also see: Keyword To Port Number; protocol, e.g. http ... ;

_ Syntax vs. Semantics, HOW font and keyword are logic element alike ... ;

_ Web page file's keyword can be created, i.e. meta 's tag ... ;

_ Web page, WHERE page as data set, WHAT kind of variable i.e. KEYWORD can be assigned as 1 System variables, e.g.  <meta http-equiv="Domain" content="KEYWORD"> , Font's effects alike;

_ Web page, WHERE page as data set, WHAT kind of variable i.e. KEYWORD can be assigned as 1 User variables, e.g. <meta name="Domain" content="KEYWORD"> , Font's effects alike;

In 2011, this DOMAIN, used the font MS Pゴシック; Because inside a domain system, AI character i.e. \ is very helpful, and \ is also very useful; Because, THIS character prompts not only Windows' back slash character a.k.a. directory a.k.a. .. 2 dots, but also Unix's slash character a.k.a. directory a.k.a. .. 2 dots a.k.a. division  operator, so \ character can be both ... ; Concerning keyboard, language can also be by 101/102, 106/109, ... ; Regarding keyword, system becomes more intelligence than using only 1 language, because multi- languages means already using translator stage ... ;  If you are using 1 language, you might be in calculator stage at all time ... ; Remark: in 2012/2556, after installing Windows 8, no more using the font MS Pゴシック ;

A N S I - American
National Standard s Institute ;          
F A T ;
    J I S , Japanese Industrial
Standard ;     N T F S ;  
  U D F . ;  
U n i code ;
        U T F -
; S J I S , shift - JIS ;
S J I S , shift _ JIS ;  
new JIS kanji character code ; old JIS kanji character
code ; shift ed JIS ; supplement a l kanji
( add ed 27 JIS X 0212 ) ;  
U T C , Unicode Technical Committee ;    
Unicode Consortium ;              
fat pipe (
i . e . 1 high band width connection )
; FAT , file allocation table ;      

IFF this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space, also see: AI FONT, designed to be from 3,4 dimensional to 2,3 dimensional, ... ; Using 24mm Natural Time only i.e. 24mm time line only; Using Sqrt 2 only i.e. calculator base only without adjusting bias; Wormhole with 3 surfaces only i.e. idea is intended to be on 6*2 dimension only therefore hyper space craft can be controlled by both 101/102 and 106/109 by Gravity Dimension Computer ... ;

      code     IFF snippet s
- / / IE T F // DT D HTML
2 . 0 // EN " >  
- / / W3C // D T D HTML 3
. 2 // EN " >    
- / / W3C // D TD HT ML 4
. 0 1 Tran sit ion al //
EN " >              
link re l s < link re l = "
style sheet " h ref = " | " type
= " text / c s s " >  
meta d < meta name = " descript ion "
content = " | " >        
meta key < meta name = " keyword
s " content = " | " >    
script j < script language = " java
script " > < ! - - | // -
- > < / script >        
script v < script language = " v
b script " > < ! - - | -
- > < / script >        

infrastructure Anti Virus, protected by this DOMAIN 's AI SYSTEM ( Cloud) ... ;

( AI), think THAT upper line is software, lower line is hardware, IFF  2 lines ... ; approx. 33+ years old technology, and a.k.a. command line parameters; in common, end of 1 time line is WHERE keyword is located; WHEN using multi time lines, keywords' distance may vary; but, inter linking each other prompts better system availability and integrity; this DOMAIN has been designed by 17 multi time lines, e.g. 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, 33mm, 36mm, 42mm, 48mm, 54mm, 66mm, 99mm;

e.g. button can be designed as: 2 identical, for example:

line ...
line ...

and then, hyperlink can be defined; in early 1990s (e.g. Windows 3.1 vs. 95), embedded technology began, and links were implemented because update here, automatically update there, i.e. because of "link" ... ; a.k.a. object linking & embedding; therefore, buttons (e.g. hyperlink as text link, e.g. hyper graphics as graphic image link) begin till now (a.k.a. present time) ... ; in early 21st century, button can be more sophisticated because of DEE (e.g. human beings are able to define Normal Gravity for each planet in our Shakya (also see: Swastika) universes, for example: our earth's heat vs. light can be defined as Ln (yellow, blue) doko WHERE heat is 90° to yellow and blue, and think that because of yellowish variation in mm, heat's location is variable in our universes, believe it or not ); because of heat vs. light, B L I (a.k.a. Body Length Index) must be adjusted, and then we human beings can live on all human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; Gravity & BLI is universal top secret and classified info, therefore, not available to public (Remark: if you cannot prove very basic homemade "green gravity", don't just mention it (i.e. gravity), because people will pay tons of gold HOW ... ); Also see: curvature, because every possible S P L (Sound Pressure Level), surface, Directional Gravity Pressure, ... , are all within curvature ... ;

Monbusho ... (THE ORIGIN OF SOUND), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement (e.g. idea  ♯ 157), doko WHERE we human beings can gain/get/earn/perceive the highest concept/idea/knowledge in 21st century ... ; The rest is up to you, because after B L I automatic adjustment, it is the time to say good bye to our earth;

Weather; WORMHOLE; to reduce bad climate conditions, to reduce bad weather conditions;

face; features; mask; surface; Radical212;

zero curvature surface ;            


surface ;            
location on screen as a surface in the Internet ;

1??1G, also see: Bus Connector and Port; Schematic Symbols;