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HHD, Hard Disk Drive; SSD, Solid State Drive; also see: memory;

language code (1217) Hindi language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

((waters; Radical635), (horse; Radical223)) hippocampus, hippocampus, hippocampus (elongate, long in a relation to width) ridges of each lateral ventricle of the brain; Also see: 2hComputer; hGTSU; Specialties N; Remember: NOT to be amber color brain;

histogram ;  
1 data dimension ( e.g. histogram s ) ;
2 data dimension ( e.g. scatterplot s ) ;
      parallel coordinate ;    

zero Curvature surface model (line) ... ; depending upon dimensions (e.g. X, Y, Z) 's characteristic (e.g. 90° to each other, parallel to each other), ... zero Curvature surface model ( line) may be variable e.g. data point's location; another example: 90° to each other (3 dots in dimensions (X, Y)) can become 1 dot (parallel to each other (X, Y)) a.k.a. scatterplot 's data point; basically, zero Curvature surface's dots WHEN corresponding to lines WHICH dimension should be based; and then develop (negative Curvature, positive Curvature) with curves;

consistent coherent set; consistent homogeneous set;

e.g. conversion factors EXIST, calculated (CALCULATOR) sets of units (coherent, homogeneous) inconsistent ... ;
e.g. no conversion factors EXIST, calculated (CALCULATOR) sets of units (coherent, homogeneous) consistent ... ;

equal; formula; function;

Remark: whether coherent unit set, or homogeneous unit set, if converted, the "set" is inconsistent; therefore, in formulation (refer to writing " sets of units " ), consistent is recommended;

horse; Radical223, also see: Radicals;

hundred; Radical280;

hydraulic & hydrologic (basic hydraulic (open channel flow, pipe flow), basic hydrology (flood flow, infiltration, rainfall, runoff, watershed), groundwater (drawdown, flow, wells), pumping system (wastewater, water), reservoir (dams, routing, spillway), storm sewer collection system, water distribution system) ... ; report;

IFF square root of two, 128 numbers of floating point, 1st to understand 17;