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sail; e.g.

      sail ;        

to do  solar sail , 1st to understand 2,3 dimensional e.g. 2 event of 90°; 2nd to understand, DEE at the specific slow time as DEE patterns (e.g. , , , , , , , , , , ... ); 3rd, to develop lighting our universe project (approx. 15+ years already if started from year 2000) ... ; and then, find out yourself e.g. 4PP, 4 Planets Prediction from very very very far away in distance in imaginary hyper space ... ;

since 2015, this DOMAIN starts defining Solar Sail Method with yellow background (background a.k.a. highlight) with green strings ... ; Solar Sail technique is the highest technology of Civilization Types, because it can map our universes ... ; Solar Sail a.k.a. ACT3 stage imaginary hyper space ... ; e.g. automation can be, energy's fusion can be, by structural method of DEE;

IFF ACT3 imaginary hyper space craft designer, also see:  Mussel_ v s_ Scallop, a part of Schematic Dimensional, doko WHERE yellowish variations must be reversed engineer ... ; i.e. beyond ACT2 a.k.a. human beings livable moons in our Shakya universes ... ; also beyond Natural Water Elevator method;

Remark: combustion power and rocket fuel power are NOT solution in imaginary hyper space, on the other hand, " Tarzan " method of starting with Home Made Green Gravity, and gravity spots are the way to be ... ; R&D can be initialized by HOW to charge rechargeable battery cells by structural method, and then HOW to elevate the battery's weight, and then maglev, and then yellow as core, and then ... ;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, e.g. HOW gravity vs. maglev;

(A OS, IS AM, SAL, SAR, S ART, S AS, SA U, SL F I), also see: Cloud; IoT; Keyword; Satellite;

sample group;

Sao Tome and Principe, , , , 239;

S A T A        
S A T A      
S A T A     Interface ;    

( A OS, IS AM, SAL, SAR, S ART, S A S, S A U, SL F I), also see: Cloud; IoT; Keyword; Satellite;

Cloud (scalability) for usefulness e.g. measure (i.e. measurability AND control) for feedback and system optimization;

scatter plot ;      
scatter plot ;      
1 data dimension ( e.g. histogram s ) ;
2 data dimension ( e.g. scatter plot s ) ;
      parallel coordinate ;    

zero Curvature surface model (line) ... ; depending upon dimensions (e.g. X, Y, Z) 's characteristic (e.g. 90° to each other, parallel to each other), ... zero Curvature surface model ( line) may be variable e.g. data point's location; another example: 90° to each other (3 dots in dimensions (X, Y)) can become 1 dot (parallel to each other (X, Y)) a.k.a. scatter plot 's data point; basically, zero Curvature surface's dots WHEN corresponding to lines WHICH dimension should be based; and then develop (negative Curvature, positive Curvature) with curves;

time table a.k.a. schedule ;
schedule , scheme , program
, program me, plan , project ;      
schedule ;  
e.g. schedule d job , plan , task , update
, ... ;



listen Command, via Keyword To Port Number e.g. scheduled alert, scheduled atomic clock roaming, scheduled backup, scheduled Certificate verification, scheduled commercial ad via channel, scheduled download, scheduled radio broadcasting, scheduled R F C (Request For Comment), scheduled Synchronization ( path, route, Time Zone), scheduled update, scheduled upload, scheduled Satellite DNS System Weather focus, scheduled system maintenance (this DOMAIN) ... ;

micro SD; e.g.

micro SD

Senegal Republic, , , , 221;

counter for restaurant's servings; Radical260;

set ;        
save d set - user - ID ; CISC ,
Composite Instruction Set computer ; KSDS , Key - Sequence
d Data set ; partition ed organization data set ;
priority link ; code set position ; alpha be tic
character ; complement ; native character ; set - value
attribute ; complete generator ; reference capacity ;    

counter for items (e.g. pairs) ... ;
counter for sets (e.g. clothes set, small furniture, utensil) ... ; Radical991;

S e y c h e l l e Islands, , , , 248;

shift _JIS, S J I S: Keyword;

2-sided surface based computing, also see: camera; PHYSICS; WORMHOLE;

SIM, Single Inline Memory; SIMM, Single Inline Memory Module; e.g.

No S I M (i.e. without S I M card); Also see: Keyword To Port Number;

( SIMM, SIMM, SIMM, SIMM) i.e. Single Inline Memory Module; Also see: Action; Radical960; 5sComputer; s Computer;

S I M NOT PROVISIONED MM#2; i.e. Error Log;

filmstrip; single picture; thumbnails;

according to Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, ( size, size, size) s of ro (a.k.a. Window) define Q u bit As Block, doko WHERE each ZCS obeys DEE Box; Also see: PHYSICS, law eighty eight, 3 * square ones, ... ;

S k a n d a, a.k.a. W e i  T u o; Radical232;

slash ( / );

slash character in programming e.g. ASCII (47); Radical4, also see: Radicals;

smart enable * also see: command;

oracle (S M C O, Space Management Coordinator) W n n n; D B A;

S M I, Semantic Mash-up Instance; Also see: IoT; resource;

SI based ( s r, s t e r a d i a n, square radian) solid angle in quantity; Also see: UNIT;

SI based (r a d, radian) plane angle, also see: 3pComputer;

somebody; someone; who; Radical586;

soy protein;

              life span ;
      span ;        
error span ;    

specialist; Special Radical 253, also see: Radicals;

spherical coordinate;

radius vector angle s ,        
radius vector length ,          
2 perpendicular polar plane s ,        
      i.e. spherical coordinate ;      
  Also see : spatial coordinate ;      

SQL Server YEAR R♯ Management Objects, Microsoft component;

s q r t 3 ( SQRT3 )    
            a.k.a. square root 3
            a.k.a. 3
  three e.g.            
S q r t 3 ( 3 ) with      
  two e.g.            
S q r t 2 ( 2 )        
,   secure   socket       layer ;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 178, Distance Approximation with C Sequence Number, Math approach; IFF problems of infinity exists ... ; i.e. square root 2 Model; IFF developing square root 2 (√2) model, also see: SQRT2 (e.g. 1.41421 ... ); above table uses Bio Clock background, because Time . Space . Action oriental concept has been applied; think that Time (Bio Clock) 's Space (e.g. floating points) ... ;

Also see: iro Colour Wave Form 's (green color) based Security;

WHY i ? because, in computing (e.g. Cloud Computing), i stands for integer a.k.a. whole number;

induction (), also see: 3;

Stock Exchange operates functional (buying and selling) stocks online ... ;

shop; store; also see: Biz;

SI based ( mol, molecule) amount of substance in quantity; Also see: UNIT;

invitation; summon; Radical38, also see: Radicals;

surfaced Inductance; e.g.

I've gifts i.e. ( surfaced Inductance2, surfaced Inductance1) to you, because (designing, knowing, using) "Inductance" is very useful in (sense, sensed, senses, sensing, sensor, sensors), also see: Inductance;

surveying (angle, area computation, closure, coordinate system (latitude, longitude, state plane), distance, earthwork, leveling (differential, elevation, percent grade), trigonometry, volume computation) ... ;

S V, Stroke Volume (50-100 ml) is normal; Also see: Gene Therapy System index; s G T S U;

wire instructions: ABA routing number; account name (e.g. title company name); account number; client (name); escrow officer (name); funds to be sent to (e.g. bank name and its address); OBI (e.g. escrow number); reference address (property address); swift code;

Switzerland, , , , 41;