; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : August : 31 (Wednesday) : Updated : t Computer ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : 8 : 31 : Updated : t : T ;

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z  


SQRT3     SQRT3     SQRT3;

tab; tabbing; tabs; e.g.

    tab ;          
    tab ( character ) ;    
      Tab _ key ;    
      tab ;        

new tab, also see: Browser; Remark: since approx. year 2000, browser based computing ... ;

Tab key ;

WHILE running software application, tab key is designed to jump to next control button; WHILE running text editor, tab key is designed to go to next horizontal space;

      round table        
      colour table      
truth table  
              table ;
e . g . b oo table ;
e . g . INDEX , 56353 ;
e . g . tablet s ;  
e . g . back end s ;
this DOMAIN     GPS table ;  
iro Colour Wave Form 95 ( 2*7 )
iro Colour


Form in ( 2*6 )
iro Colour Wave Form 95 ( 2*5 )
this DOMAIN     numerological dimensional ... using AI ;

BE vs. FE, everything except table (i.e. data file) is FE, e.g. form, format, macro, module, query, report, ... , and BE, table (i.e. data file) only in BE, nothing else; a.k.a. front-end / back-end architecture ... also see: server; i Pad, i Phone, i* devices are linked to table, that is WHY without roaming, Internet is still available around the globe ... , developed by company (Apple), and this DOMAIN would like to define such device as "table linked with iro Colour" ... ; Beyond 88...88 IFF calculator based ... in early 21st century;

table (Tab ♯), also see: Tab;

tablet s      
          tablet s ;  
WHERE table s are B E alike around the
58595 21235 1 195 2 5 13925 196354 285 globe
tablet personal computer ( tablet PC )      

IFF globe, you are not 1 for me ... ; also see: 3 lights are 90° in 2*6 dimension ... in our universe ... ;

Tags a.k.a. < > a.k.a. 〱 〉

IFF detail keyword (documents) Tags, Task owner, Task status, Telex, Title, To, To addresses, To do title, Total bit rate, Total ending time, Total file size, Total size, Type, ... ;

additional vocals, background vocals, banjo, bass, congas, drums, electric rhythm guitar, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, keyboards, lead guitar, organ, percussion, piano, piano & organ, rhythm guitar, saxophone, slide guitar, spinet, talking drum, trumpet, twelve string guitar, violin, violin & mandolin, vocal, vocals, ... ;

tape     tape;

Target number, also see: Location ♯ (Channel ♯, Target ♯, L u n ♯)     ;

task a.k.a. process; _process;

task list * also see: command;

♯GB; ♯KB; ♯MB; ♯P B; ♯TB; Also see: items; multiplier; mono window (e.g. DOS *.p i f) 's size info may vary if compare to multi window (e.g. Windows' explorer) 's size info, because of diff time lines;

TCP / U D P destination port / I C M P code, i.e. system (open flow) ... ; Also see: HYBRID ... ;

T D M A GPS, starting navigation ... ; also see: C D M A; F D M A; G S M;

accomplishment; art; artistic skill; performance; technique; Radical298;


telepathy, also see: invisibility;

teleportation; IFF ( X, Y, Z) also see: 3;

1st to understand holly water , WHERE 3 jewels are Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, and 3 as a part of 108 configuration; 2nd, to understand the Internet as Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, also see: teleportation; 3rd to develop noCOOKIE IE (i.e. Internet Browser) doko WHERE 3 points can change their colors accordance with iroColourWaveForm; and then, teleportation begins ... ; Scientifically prove that modulation of gravity (DEE) can be faster than light; Scientifically prove that Info can be faster than light;

television, a.k.a. TV;

temp * also see: command;

ondo Temperature; ( Temperature, Temperature, Temperature, Temperature) ... ; Also see: Energy & Geometry; Schematic Lipid;

temperature     temperature     temperature;

in cold environment with light exists (e.g. gray scale method), to grow plants (plants to be alive) temperature must be above (air temperature 2 °C, soil temperature 5 °C) ... ;

ten 10 ;

10 base T, 10 M bit per second, base means base band, T means unshielded twisted pair; Standard Ethernet is 10 base T; Fast Ethernet is 100 base T; 1000 base T is G Ethernet; 10G ... ; 10 base T, base band to un-shield twisted pair; WHY do you want to twist? you twist for better signal;

s e n         OR
        m a n   ;
up ;        
      on ;      
10 ^ 12 tera-      
          tera-   OR
2 ^ 40 tera-      
          tera-     ;
T ( e.g. 1 T , 2 T ,
3 T , ... ) ;        

10^12    ;    quantitative number; to be qualitative, time must be with energy map; basically, schematic must be understood 1st, and then ... ;

test pattern;

tether; tethered; tethering; e.g.

Bluetooth tethering (i.e. sharing internet connection via Bluetooth) ... ;
USB tethering (i.e. sharing INTERNET connection via USB) ... ;
tie (bonds between people, chain, connection, free W i F i, link, relationship, rope, tethered automotive) ... ;

Text Box;

Text Box Validation; Radical124, also see: Radicals;

3D GUI where text to be type in; IFF type: exe, and then text will be executable; mouse click on doko WHERE insertion pointer is a place to be type in;

U R L 66 Team Foundation Server (  
  T F S ) OR name ;  
        TFS OR tfs ;  

TFS Object Model (x64), Microsoft component; Also see: default .asp x, to open the file, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010;

( TFT, TFT, TFT, TFT), also see: Computers;

t ftp * also see: command;

language code (1528) Thai language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

cause; circumstances; consequently; especially; happenstance; intentionally; reason; the late, therefore;

artificial intelligence (Thermal Imaging Camera) using iroColourWaveForm to define Heat vs. Light;

nuclear heat, IFF (Thermal Imaging Camera) the core should not be moving, and then, heat must obey the core's specific defined Milli bar temperature ... ;

thermometer (i.e. ♯ °C OR ♯ °F) ... , also see: digital sensor; using GPS ... ; (i.e. weather) 5928 ... ;

          thesaurus entry    
face t ed the s a u u s
mono lingual thesaurus ; source ; specialize d ;  
  multi lingual ; 285 mat i c a l
; thesaurus with prefer red term s ;  
thesaurus 5928 out prefer red term s ;  


T H E T A , e.g.
Θ , θ ;            

alpha; beta; gamma; delta; epsilon; zeta; e t a; theta; iota; kappa; l a m d a; m u; n u; xi; omicron; pi; r h o; sigma; t a u; upsilon; phi; chi; p s i; omega; iota with d i a l y t i k a; upsilon with d i a l y t i k a; alpha with t o n o s; epsilon with t o n o s; e t a with t o n o s; iota with t o n o s; upsilon with d i a l y t i k a and t o n o s;

(multi time lines) artificial intelligence patterns (e.g. , , , ♯) (code pages) using translator ... ;

regarding polygon (right triangles), e.g. (sin Θ, cos Θ, tan Θ, c s c Θ, sec Θ, cot Θ) also see: angle;

3 2, also see: Schematic Symbol;

( mono Matters, mono Objects, mono Substances, mono Stuffs, mono Things) e.g. Things have to be transmitted. Also see: Keyword; Network Topology; t Computer;

66 285 66 s ;      
of the Internet of thing s , i.e. IoT ;

Remark: Internet of Things, or Theory of Everything, at least 50+ years to design all kinds of devices to be pairing automatically ... ; e.g. OEM must have specific ♯ for pairing; each logo must have specific ♯ for pairing; Also see: Network Topology;

world time, using World Time Mode (City Code Table) T H R (time zone) ... ;

IFF east, D X B;

IFF west, J E D;


mid tier;

1 Time Machine In Loop, also see: Schematic Symbol;

_TIP_ , also see: Schematic Symbol; (i.e. model) ... ;

three 3

3-D (i.e. X, Y, Z) IC development AND integration ... , e.g. 669 1 set 66 play e r s, 5928 95 semiconductor process flows, ... ;

3D HD Internet; HD Internet; Satellite Internet; also see: Internet;

386     386; Enhanced;

throughput Bandwidth Demand;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (t h y m a.k.a. thymus)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

Tibet, video, audio, data, 108;

language code (1067) Tibetan language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

        time ;      
      time ;        
          time ;      
time machine ; round - trip propagation ; read
- write cycle ; operable , up time ; execution
, i.e. run time ; write cycle ; slice ;
pre shut down time - out ;      
          down ; down time ;

time * also see: command; (i.e. JUN time); (i.e. LUNAR time);

IFF 24mm Natural Time slow down, WHEN parallel times among this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts, using to adjust ... , with 2 * 6 time line; UPS (i.e. Universal Positioning System) location of shakya;

Multi Time Lines Port ( timeline timeline timeline) ... ;

timetable a.k.a. schedule;

tissue; e.g.

layer tissue, also see: membrane;

soshiki Tissue;

( tissue, tissue, tissue), also see: Physics Law 567; t G T S U; Water;

title; e.g.



title * also see: command;

t Manmade Global Weather;

To addresses; To do title; To names;

802 ;          
        token ;      
token queue ;
          basic TOKEN ;      
ring ;              

Tokyo Sky Tree, the tallest building in the world, since 2012/2555 ... ; approx. 5 years to build; est. 2.3 million visitors per year;

tomography     tomography;

tones, IFF calibration, send tones, analyze tones, using microphone ... ; do room correction automatically;

language code (1535) Tonga language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

application development tool ; authoring tool ( W W W
) ; development tool ; graphic ( a l )
tool ; management tool ; modeling tool  ; programmer
' s tool kit ; search tool ; tool server
; tool set ; tool bar , tool - bar
; More ;              
Analysis ; Object Data ; Measuring ; Geospatial Location ;
Comment AND Mark up ; Arrow ; Attach 1
File 11 1 Comment ; Call out ; Cloud ;
Cross Out Text ; High light Text ; Line ;
Oval ; Pencil ; Pencil Eraser ; Polygon ; Polygon
Line ; Record Audio Comment ; Rectangle ; Send Comment
s ; Show ; Stamp ; Sticky Note ; Text
Box ; Text Edit s ; Under line Text ;
Edit Tool bar ; Copy ; Redo ; Spell Check
; Undo ; File Tool bar ; Attach 1 File
... ; Collaborate ; Create P D F Using
USA Myanmar . net ; E mail ; Open ;
Print ; save ; Search ; Find Tool bar ;
Page Display Tool bar ; 1 Full Page ; 2
- Up ; 2 - Up Continuous ; Full Screen
; Line Weight s ; Rotate wise ;
Rotate Counter wise ; Scrolling Page s ; Single
Page ; Single Page Continuous ;        
Page Navigation Tool bar ; Number ( First
; Next ; Previous ; Last ;
) ; View ;            
Select AND Tool bar ; Actual Size ;
Dynamic Zoom ; Fit Page ; Fit Width ; Hand
; Loupe ; Marquee Zoom ; Pan AND Zoom
Window ; Select ; Snap shot ; Zoom In ;
Zoom Out ; Zoom Value ;        
Task s Tool bar ;          
  Type writer Tool bar ;        

top, also see: positioning;


Artificial Intelligence ( verify for each) topology ... ; e.g. green network topology;

T O S H I B A    
TOSHIBA ( company )    
          aesthetic s design 27  

Toshiba TV, also see: TV;

as of April 2017/2561, (America Myanmar .net, ace jaw .net) C111 or later versions, researched & developed (R&D) by OS, Operating System e.g. ([Microsoft Windows Version 10.0.10586]), user e.g.  C:\Users\12096819218, System Manufacturer TOSHIBA Model Satellite C75-C ( Computer name LAPTOP-GVJ7NLTQ) ... ; Gravity Dimension Computer (R&D) e.g. directional gravity, gravity spots, Manmade Global Weather, SPL, yellowish variations, ... ;

as of October 2015/2559, Toshiba Satellite C50-CBT2N01 computers (fixed battery, fixed memory) This PC with OS (Microsoft Windows 10 HOME) ... ;

as of 2013/2557, (America Myanmar .net, ace jaw .net) C75 or later versions, developed by OEM hardware Toshiba Satellite  C870 computer with Product ID: 00179-60638-36043-AAOEM;

Total bit rate; Total editing time; Total file size;

Tough Book, a model name, a mobile computer, OEM is Panasonic ... ;

programming e.g. ( dynamic, goal, integer, linear, multi level, multi objective, nonlinear, toward uncertain) ... ;

T P AS E, Transaction Processing Application Service Element;

BC; C D P; D C P; DP; EH; O T G; P C I e; S D P; T B T; T P L; USB; USB-IF BC;

TPM security ship v♯, also see: Security;

    T P X ;        

low power mode, using red color, IFF GPS (T P X) ... ; ... ;

traffic pattern

trace * also see: command;

tracert * also see: command; force (IPv4, IPv6) ... ;

track     track     track;

trans ;      
trans ;      
trans ;      
trans ;      

transactions among purchases ; Also see: Biz;


IFF pipeline : 66 ( extract; load; log; monitor; transform) ... ;

transition management;

transitive dependency, a column (e.g. zip code) with multi ... , in database; also see: NF;

26 translate ;      
to interpret ;      
      translate ;        
      translator a.k.a. language translator    

transparency, as opposed to opaque;

TRANSPORT, also see: Internet IP Transport;

tree * also see: command;

triangle; toolbar; tool; toggle e.g. (bottom, button, left border, right border, top border); toggle; tilt e.g. (tilt down, tilt left, tilt right, tilt up); tilt; text e.g. (textbox active x control, textbox form control, text field, text field form control); text; table; tab e.g. (tab order, tab order...); tab;

triangle ; triangle set;

triangulation by distance (e.g. 2 point distance) 's degree angle, also see: GPS; (e.g. Me; America Myanmar .net; ace jaw .net; net .net; You) the Internet, using artificial intelligence (network topology) triangulation;

additional vocals, background vocals, banjo, bass, congas, drums, electric rhythm guitar, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, keyboards, lead guitar, organ, percussion, piano, piano & organ, rhythm guitar, saxophone, slide guitar, spinet, talking drum, trumpet, twelve string guitar, violin, violin & mandolin, vocal, vocals, ... ;

catch; throw; try; Also see: computer language (e.g. C++) ... ;


using jinko chino Artificial Intelligence : Idea Processor : Manmade Global Weather : International Domains : at the defined (area, Geographical domain, nation name, region), no tsunami, NOT to be tsunami;

IFF earthquake (exist, prompt) : Amber Alert;
IFF earthquake (exist, prompt) : Amber Alert;

IFF tsunami (exist, prompt) : Amber Alert;
IFF tsunami (exist, prompt) : Amber Alert;

tsunami ;        
        protect the abnormal location ;  
wormhole ;            

unwanted tsunami;     Also see: Weather;

(unwanted) tsunami tsunami;


T T F, True Type Font     T T F;

L T S, Letter-To-Sound; TTS, Text-To-Speech;

          audio ;    
2 2 1 , 2562 - 26 - 175538
T T S , text - to - speech

TTY / T T D phone;

turbo      turbo

turn on the index;     a.k.a. turn 65 285 INDEX;

turn- stabilizing time;

humanoid Jiwaka, using (( ... , 8K TV, 4K TV, ... ), biomarker) to cure, to do therapeutic, also see: Gene Therapy System; MD;

regarding location awareness, TV behaves static WHILE mobile behaves dynamic; NORMAL SWITCH means without using TV; MOBILE SWITCH means using Mobile System Number from TV ... ; Also see: Syntax vs. Semantics logic to understand WHAT is (mobile vs. normal)? and then Cloud ... ;

TV ... ;

TV     TV , also see: 3D TV; TV; Television;

tweeter      tweeter (audio equipment) ... ; humanoid ... ; nama for humanoid has programmed since 2003; ... ; Because, genuine human being's mind can be read remotely ... , cloned human being's mind can also be read remotely ... ; Also see: telemetry ... ; Therefore, do good, good results will ... , do bad, bad results will ... ;

21mm; 24mm Natural Time, distance to be 1 second; 27mm; 30mm; ...

two 2 ;

solar system orbit; 2,3 dimensional orbit; 3,4 dimensional orbit; this DOMAIN 's imaginary space crafts, using Info to do teleportation;

specific antiviral (COVID-19) treatment (Tx) ; Also see: Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19;

system ; web ; matrix ;    
T X T txt            

2 operating systems 1 computer double-boot;

world time, using World Time Mode (City Code Table) T Y O (time zone) ... ;

IFF east, A D L;

IFF west, S E L;

composition; typesetting; Radical366;

type     type     type;     (type of equipment) i.e. model ... ; type * also see: type command;

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