; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : July : 27 (Wednesday) : Updated : 6tComputer ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : July : 27 (Wednesday) : Updated : t : T ;

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z  



(16, 24, 256) are with keywords e.g. bit; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 204; Wafer;

tablet; Tablet; TABLET; e.g.

audience, laptop, presentation, tablet, tabletop; Also see: Mode;

ZCS, ZCS, ZCS (Light Pad, Light Sheet, O C I (i.e. beyond film and dot matrix), Remote Nama Reading (insectoid), TABLET, Telephoto, Touch Screen, ... ), also see: structural Amino Acids;


tape ;        
audio cassette player a.k.a. tape player ; backup ;  
B O T marker , beginning - of - tape
marker ; cartridge tape drive module ; device ; digital
video tape recorder ; drive ; end - of -
tape marker , E O T marker ; frame ;
hub ; library ; magnetic tape storage ; mark ;
paper ; punch ed ; reproducer ; row ; spool
; streamer ; streaming tape drive ; transport ;  


T A U , e.g.      
Τ , τ ;            

alpha; beta; gamma; delta; epsilon; zeta; e t a; theta; iota; kappa; l a m d a; m u; n u; xi; omicron; pi; r h o; sigma; t a u; upsilon; phi; chi; p s i; omega; iota with d i a l y t i k a; upsilon with d i a l y t i k a; alpha with t o n o s; epsilon with t o n o s; e t a with t o n o s; iota with t o n o s; upsilon with d i a l y t i k a and t o n o s;

(multi time lines) artificial intelligence patterns (e.g. , , , ♯) (code pages) using translator ... ;

BC; C D P; D C P; DP; EH; O T G; P C I e; S D P; T B T; T P L; USB; USB-IF BC;

distance base d , either wire ( e.g. cable )
or wireless ; both ( wire and
wireless )   i.e.            
T E L E            
        t e l e    
            t e l e ;  

e.g. television a.k.a. TV;

t e l e *, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

telemetry center e.g. monitor heart rate remotely either on screen surface or projected surface; medical; Also see: Cloud;

teleportation, method;

composition; literacy radical; sentence; text; writings; Radical89, also see: Radicals;

Text Box Validation; Radical124;

plain t e x t ;        
plain text ; OR    
          HTML ;    

Thailand, , , , 66;

IFF GPS ( location) is Bangkok regional area in Thailand, Manmade Global Weather (directional gravity, gravity spots) keep water level of rivers 1 meter lower than normal water level i.e. to avoid regional flood;


flood prevention, protection, and reducing flood (avoid regional flood in Thailand), also see: 7fComputer;

( . Atmosphere, . Troposphere, . Stratosphere, . Mesosphere, . Thermosphere, . Exosphere);

days , time ,      
time machine
  time ;
on line delay e d time system ; rise ;
delivery time stamp indication ; intelligence ; acceleration ; translation

Tokelau, , , , 690;



using jinko chino Artificial Intelligence : Idea Processor : Manmade Global Weather : International Domains : at the defined (area, Geographical domain, nation name, region), no tornado, NOT to be tornado;

1st to understand Z C S _ hole; 2nd to understand reversed engineering of HOW Z C S _ hole happened by structural, And Then, in this DOMAIN 's reducing tornado case, inland (far away from ocean) area behaves like surface and gravity spot behaves like yellow; since our earth is one of the human beings livable moons in our universes, since our earth is yellow core TYPE (refer to EMI), Dark Energy gathers naturally; i.e. HOW tornados happen naturally;

HOW to reduce tornado, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 192; Manmade Global Weather (service) ... ;

HOW to reduce tornado sir ? well trained kids ! it is not easy to remove yellow core in the sky (dark cloud built-up) within a short period of time, because dark energy seems very slow in time; Manmade Global Weather (directional gravity pressure) toward the upper umbrella surface i.e. to reduce tornado; the best way to reduce tornado is preventing NOT to have dark cloud build up;

MANMADE GLOBAL WEATHER; e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure, plasma cluster, World Line, ... ;

Tornado is a bad climate condition, therefore, at the tornado's location, try to be good weather condition; To be good climate condition, pinpoint the tornado's location on screen as a surface in the Internet, and then do good action on the defined surface; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 158;

this DOMAIN (Satellite DNS System), doko WHERE dark cloud built-up and forming umbrella character, Manmade Global Weather (directional gravity pressure) toward the upper umbrella surface i.e. to reduce tornado;

unwanted tornado;     Also see: Weather;

WHEN Dark Energy are gathering, a.k.a. 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space in our Solar System (6, 13, 8), refer to human beings livable moons dwell because of its peaceful and tranquil orbital and DEE, doko WHERE inland (far away from ocean) area's sky (air, wind), effected by Plasma Cluster diff, therefore, whenever dark cloud built-up, it is the time to monitor the defined area whether tornado risks exist or not; IFF tornado risks EXIST, And Then, reduce tornado ... ;


transitory; e.g.

temporary     temporary     temporary;
temporary; transient; transitory;

Trapezoid Left; Trapezoid Right; also see: Schematic Dimensional;

traveled routes, also see: timeline;

Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (to do good gene patterns)), do remove (tumors, wart) ... ;

WHY (tumor, wart) happened ? answer and therapy would be WHEN light as stick (like comet) hits a surface, eccentric circles happen on the surface, accordance with human beings livable moons' momentum, since we human beings' bio cells have been somehow related to heat Dimensional; accordance with Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, WHEN strings EXIST in parallel, there must be hole, however our tissues and (muscle; sinew; tendon; Radical382) are NOT hole, therefore (tumor, wart) happened; naturally light as lime color toward the defined location will remove (tumor, wart) for sure; Remark: because of gray and silver; topical wart (outer side of skin's wart) can be removed by Nitrogen cool Cryotherapy; e.g. to remove plaques, use naturally aqua color for cardiovascular; e.g. to enhance protein, use naturally yellow color for GI;

this DOMAIN 's artificial intelligence Idea Processor is very very smart ... ;

tumor; tumors; e.g.

DEE _ Therapeutic Removing Tumors, also see: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System;

from cancerous tumor to non-cancerous tumor; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

IFF surgery: don't remove the tumor in small pieces, because you don't want higher risk of recurrence; Also see: 6tComputer; 7tComputer; t G T S U;

tumor, IFF tumor gene codes exist (e.g. tumor necrosis factor), G D C ( Gene Therapy System) ... ;

tumor marker (biomarker), found in blood, tissue, and urine; presence of cancer diseases can be detected because of tumor marker; Also see: MD; Specialties ON; Remark: in common, if FUO (Fever of Unknown Origin),  Dx tumor markers exist or not;

humanoid Jiwaka, using (( ... , 8K TV, 4K TV, ... ), biomarker) to cure, to do therapeutic, also see: Gene Therapy System; MD;

      Satellite ;      

You're on your own.

T V TV            
      TV ;        
    television opaque projector ;        

( 4K, 4K, 4K), ( 8K, 8K, 8K), ... , also see: TV e.g. 8K TV, 4K TV, ... ;

view on TV;

(9, 24, 32, 37, 108) i.e. beads count;

GPS (H N D), also see: International Domains; Nation Name (Japan);
GPS (N R T), also see: International Domains; Nation Name (Japan);
GPS (T Y O), also see: International Domains; Nation Name (Japan);