, , , ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 11 : 25 : Eccentric Circles ;

circuit; circumference; lap; Radical510;

circle; link; ring; wheel; Radical915;

circle; Radical777;

circle; radius; range; sphere;

in Hiragana: circular; Radical537;

I wrote: ( te) 1st life, ( za) 2nd life, ( tsu) 3rd life, ( ne) 4th life, ( ma) 5th life, ( bu) 6th life, ( san) 7th life, ( na) 8th life, ( vi (pronounce "we" in Pali)) 9th life, ( wai (pronounce "way" in Pali)) 10th life, ... a.k.a. samsara (life-after-life) in Buddhism; Also see: Numbers _in _Dhamma; Stock;

well trained kids! replied: WHY do we need to learn (te, za, tsu, ne, ma, bu, san, na, vi, wai) sir?

I wrote: life expectancy of the Biological Cell (s) are similar to samsara (life-after-life) i.e. WHY ... ; Also see: DNA _Origami;

ratio of defined circle's circumference to its diameter (approx. math constant ( π)) is 3.14159 ... ; Radical300;


Tail Alike Momentum (Origin of Disc, Origin of Fish, Origin of (Oval & Sperm)) 2,3 dimensional toward (along with) ... ; because of lights stretch; Remark: on ZCS (yellow as forefront), And Then, yellow disappears naturally IFF ({E3, E3, E3} or silver) as background; also see: Schematic Dimensional;

inside of the Shakya King's 1000 years documented books: dohyo, a.k.a. ring; very easy, and very simple ones; Remark: if you don't like 5 edges polygon, you can modify IT to Eccentric _circles design model, but analog compass must be in the midst of "Gray Color" area for sure ... ; Also see: Inductance;

A basic, prior to a pressure _machine _engine, a gravity machine, ... ; IFF after understanding all eccentric circles, and then try to understand sticks, because hole and stick coexists;

arc; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 261, arc defines gravity spot's sizes ... ;

1 Arc minute: regarding (circle, (core, edge), ring), human beings livable moons are like human beings' bio cells, doko WHERE the cell's Circumference obeys THAT (( Pi / 10800) is approx. 0.000290888 (rad, Radians)) ... ; Also see: a Character; aGTSU; m Character; mGTSU; Physics Law 789;

( . Atmosphere, . Troposphere, . Stratosphere, . Mesosphere, . Thermosphere, . Exosphere);

Blue dots are centers, and diff of 2 circles is called eccentric circles, without Time; IFF 2 circles were 2 spin strings, and then M Theory's string interactions begin ... ;

IFF (i.e. cluster) ... ;

For basic understanding of potential diff, 1st to understand conductors in diff potential, 2nd to understand eccentric electromagnetic, ... ;  

For basic understanding of potential diff, in ACT1 sea level, locations of temperature variation by using static resistors, locations of temperature may vary with environmental conditions such as very cold environment with dark room condition, normal room condition, pressured, gas vs. vacuum, ... ;

In polar plane,

for each circle's outward distance along with each allocated radius can be calculated as:

θ r2 = a; Clockwise r = a θ , and notice that spiral 1 H2O [A drop of water ] resists to G gravitational waves [graviton and anti-graviton] without square in ACT 1 stage was, and notice that G gravitons have been pushed from 3 planets; Think that pairs of sticks, but 1 stick was hidden, logically similar to: Rejoining interaction, and/or, Splitting interaction, in strings, in M Theory,
Rejoining interaction, where fuzzy set { ... of the Turtle Egg may become Turtle and Turtle Egg;
Splitting interaction, where fuzzy set { ... of the Turtle Egg may become a male turtle, therefore ... ;

If someone asks spiral, 1st to think of is that pairs of sticks, 2nd to think of is that 1 stick was hidden, ... ;

For Monbusho level developers only: Apply A, B, C, D, E, F, ... numbers' depth as power of radius as r1, r2, r3, r4, ... in ACT 2 stage spiral G algorithms, 3, ... ; Also develop: spiral G waves prediction to be female human beings, male human beings, ... , after embryo fertilization stage, ... ;

hoshajono Radial, diverging lines from center (dot, point, spot) ... ;
hoshajono Radial, radii of 1 circle ... ; Also see: Optics;

In 2D plane, do your own curve algorithm by testing 2 layers approach such as StrophoiDAL curve; To do so, point A must be allocated in ACT 2, point B must be allocated in ACT 1, ground station must be allocated as water point, and ... ; For Monbusho level developers only: Time.Space.Action at time t, space of Y axis, do simulation the actions of graviton vs. anti-graviton, and then compare to spiral G waves prediction;


In 3D plane, simulate the 6 parameterized fuzzy set with distributions ...


IFF polarity calculation with time stamps available, and then do prototype level simulation to deploy 500+ kilo meter per hour fastest train ... ; IFF particle heterodyned indexes are available, and then do prototype level simulation to deploy lightening fast pressure machine engine ... ;


IFF cycloid sticks , at 1 time line X, characteristic of sticks is similar to y = ln x;   Basically, to create a cycloid, the circle must roll on 1 straight line i.e. 1 time line X, AND a marked point must be on the circumference of the circle; 4 sticks are shown because at 1 natural time, 4 planet prediction outer condition ... ; Develop 2,3 vectors, cycloid sticks pair .GIF, each stroke and each meaning somehow represents very meaningful ... ; circle to find cycloid sticks .GIF, non dimensional circle ... ; A cycloid , the circle's rolling direction is in maroon color, a marked point is in gray color, the circle's center is in blue color, resembling circular "a cycloid" is in cyan color, 2 point distance between the circle's center and 1 time line X is parallel to each other; In M theory, strings as sticks, determining whether rejoining interaction OR splitting interaction can be further studied ... , and then time to develop 2,3 vectors ... ;


IFF cyclotron accelerates, spiral path's vector changes into outward direction as:

    + electrode, - electrode, gap between ... , ion, magnetic field, particle number, vacuum chamber, ...


IFF EPI*,   e p i -cycle is in maroon colored; Maroon colored small cycle must be a small cycle; The Maroon colored small cycle's center must move along with circumference of Maroon colored big cycle; While moving, Maroon colored big cycle must not vary;     Remark: in this image, to ease visualizing, and understanding of e p i -cycle, Maroon colored small cycle is not small enough, and its center is not on the the circumference of the Maroon colored big cycle;     At@ time t, in X Y plane, above image's Maroon colored small cycle is in +x, +y coordinate; WHEN generating a curve to blue colored cycle, e p i cycloid blue curve happens; WHEN generating a curve to red colored cycle, ... ; WHEN generating a curve to teal colored cycle, ... ; WHEN generating a curve to green colored cycle, ... ; Epi-cycloid curves are also known as hypocycloid curves; To draw, or generate a curve by epi*, x = ( i + j ) cosine θ - j cosine (( i + j )  θ/j); y = ( i + j ) sine θ - j sine (( i + j )  θ/j);   In English language, since 1350, epicycle has been defined; In medical, epidemic might be derived from epi-cycles of spreading ... ; Also see: Homological homotopy ;



Circle usages:   22/7, chord, circumference, diameter, radius, secant, sector, segment, tangent, ... ; Circumference of circle;

Sphere, spherical ball, solid geometric round body's (radius r2 = x2 + y2 + z2) dimensions vary WHEN displacement of length in Time becomes in dimension, also see: dimension vs. symmetry; Worm hole;


Curvature usages: for calculating curvature's space at any given point, by drawing circle at the point, and then Perform Calculation 285 (area) ; also see: Pg. 338, Hyperspace, Michio Kaku, 1994;

_ IFF Form (curvature 0) AND ACT1, ( area) = 22/7 (radius * R) ;
Form (curvature +) AND ACT1,
( area) < 22/7 (radius * R) ;
Form (curvature -) AND ACT1,
( area) > 22/7 (radius * R) ;

_ IFF Form (curvature 0) AND ACT2, ( area) = 108 ( * R);
Form (curvature +) AND ACT2,
( area) < 108 ( * R);
Form (curvature -) AND ACT2,
( area) > 108 ( * R);

_ IFF Form (curvature 0) AND ACT3, ( ( area) = 108 ( * ));
Form (
curvature +) AND ACT3, ( ( area) < 108 ( * ));
Form (
curvature -) AND ACT3, ( ( area) > 108 ( * ));

Remark: radius might not be the same, in this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace craft ..., in very very very far away ... , in ACT3 stage ... ; carefully and cleverly notice that not using neither r2 nor radius * radius;

pinoatai Value of Pi ; Also see: Pi;

Semicircle:   Radius should be the same.  

Think that naturally we are in egg alike environment doko WHERE either diameter or radius are not the same; If you design hyperspace device in 24mm Natural Time, and then you dispatch the device to ACT3 stage hyperspace, you might not be able to do Parallel Time SYNC, because you designed in egg alike environment doko WHERE either diameter or radius are not the same; This might be a reason (approx. 44+ years of R&D to solve Parallel Time SYNC), this DOMAIN 's imaginary spacecrafts could not SYNC Parallel Time; Also see: 1mm Hole By 24mm Natural Time (e.g. ACT1, ACT2, ACT3); Think that if we are static and then 2,3 dimensional must be dynamic, vice versa, and then try again, good luck in your space program ... ; IFF electronic, semicircle look like half (i.e. approx. max) capacitance concerning eccentric circles in M Theory ... ;

in ACT2 imaginary hyper space, IFF 6 of semicircles are placed within a ring e.g. 2,3 dimensional momentum, (360 = 6 * 60) omni directional may begin; And Then, using (60) only would be one of the wormhole (45, 60, 72) parameters of this DOMAIN ... ; Remark: if our earth, pour water to fill stainless steel bowl, then place the bowl inside a freezer box, then study HOW 60 degree forms naturally; then study 60 degree wormhole length as its parameter naturally; Hint: spiral, spiral, ... ;

Sphere usages: Altitude, Azimuth, North vs. South, Time . Space 1 i.e. planet 1, Time . Space 2 i.e. planet 2, Zenith vs. Nadir, ... ; Either in a hyper plane 1, or in a hyper plane 2, if a planet's North and South have been set, and then Zenith and Nadir can be considered as East and West alike.

Azimuth has been defined as angular distance either from North, or from South, therefore this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace crafts' i.e. Fuzzy S V M aspect ratio can prompt 2D as:

the distance between point P1 and point P2 in hyperplane 1 can be calculated

        for each Time . Space 1, 2D_array_of_azimuth_1[P1, P2], and

the distance between point P3 and point P4 in hyper plane 2 can be calculated

        for each Time . Space 2, 2D_array_of_azimuth_2[P3, P4].

Pitfall reminder: if Zenith angle is calculated for altitude, it might be wrong, if Nadir angle is calculated for altitude, it might also be wrong. Above logic can be used in military such as anti-air-to-air missile, anti air-to-ground missile, anti ground-to-air missile, star war tech and gaming, under water anti missile,  ...                    ;



Sun in eccentric distance

A part of DEE, approximation of visible Sun in eccentric ... ; Also see: DEE;

Sun's 1D distance by its size may vary, along with location on Earth; If X axis is Earth, and then Y axis should be in 2*6 dimensional ... ; 310x108pixel;

Also see: artificial eyeballs, and notice that dark energy [also see: DEE] is in a segment, and notice that 2,3 dimensional array, ... ; Concerning artificial eyeball, also see: Eye seeing system, and its 3 layers as static eccentric;



108 configuration, ACT3 stage

Before reading 108 configuration, contents of: Abhidhamma so that 6 can be understood, Union of Myanmar's 2500+ years old 4 planets prediction so that 4 vectors' relation to gravitational lunar time 2*7 can be understood, JUN time 2*5 and Lunar time 2*7 makes 4PP + JUN = 6 so that full moon day and no moon day coexistence versus neither full moon day nor no moon day configuration can be understood, after understanding ACT1 and ACT2, 3 * 3 * 3 * 3, and 10, 7, 10, can be 108 ... after understanding heat vs. light, also see: c108.GIF; and then develop 108 in ACT3 stage, because ACT1 stage 22 must be shifted by replacing 108 i.e. from 2,3,7,10,22,23,24 to 2,3,7,10,24,108,... ;   Remark: 22/7 ACT1 stage information is no longer valid in ACT2 and ACT3 stage ... ;  


IFF Cursor, a.k.a. MOUSE:
〩〩   〩〩〩     〩〩〩〩  〩〩〩〩   〩〩〩〩
  〩〩〩   〩〩〩     〩〩〩〩  〩〩〩〩   〩〩〩〩
    〩〩〩   〩〩〩     〩〩〩〩  〩〩〩〩   〩〩〩〩
   〩〩〩   〩〩〩     〩〩〩〩  〩〩〩〩   〩〩〩〩
〩〩〩   〩〩〩     〩〩〩〩  〩〩〩〩   〩〩〩〩


IFF epi* circles become sphere, also see: Fully_distributed_topology;
Fully_distributed_topology AND SYN   Parallel Time, also see: numerological dimensional Heavenly Wheel Topology;

IFF variable (heat) electricity ... ;

IFF VVEL engine, Control cam (eccentric cam); Input Cam (eccentric cam);


Gravity Machine ... ; Rectangles are designed for detail locations of gravity spots (e.g. 2 gravity spot, 4 gravity spot, 8 gravity spot, ... ) for space elevating ... ; Circles are designed for detail locations of directional gravity (e.g. contour map,  distance, ... ); IFF modulation of DEE, e.g. WHILE kuru kuru ( measure gravity spots) Also see: ..\\MD\Measurement however those circles should not be the same, because Complex Ions vary upon 4PP's spin speeds ... ;

In the early 21st century,  Gravity Dimension Computer is designed and developed by Rakhine WHO practice  103 ethical codes for thousands of years ... ;

IFF multi time lines, also see: Meta;

Zero Curvature Surface : for each ZCS, using : e.g. (( c/s (coefficient √FM cycle per second)), ( Hz (coefficient √FM Hertz))) : e.g. input noise, noise floor, noise on a surface, ... ;