Heat vs. Light:     Last updated on  2014/2558 10 8, a full moon day;

artificial intelligence, IFF hotter and hotter i.e. over heating e.g. ( ... ), using (non dimensional) Natural DEE to cool the system i.e. from hotter to cooler e.g. ( ... ) analyze the environment (e.g. 2,3 dimensional carbon nano wall, 3,4 dimensional carbon nano wall, ... ), using network topology (, ) for each surface (e.g. gravity, heat, light, potential diff, pressure, ... ), remember 24mm Natural Time ( electron) , using multi time lines, ... ;

heat generates electricity (e.g. body's heat WHERE human beings' skin generates electricity, hot spring water generates electricity, rice cooker's steam generates electricity), also see: Thermal Imaging Camera;

2009; Light rate bridge, Light rate CRC, ... ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement;


2009 . SHARP . Light Bulb [http://www.sharp-world.com/corporate/news/090611-2.html]

- 4.1W ~ 8.6W power consumption
- 60mm dia. dimension, size similar to common bulb
- 71mA ~ 125mA rate current
- 100V rate voltage;
- 118g ~ 170g weight
- 235lumens ~ 560lumens luminous flux, brightness from LEDs
- NO 350nm aka ultraviolet waveband, so NO attraction to bugs, inserts, ...
- 2800°K ~ 5000°K color temperature
- 40,000hr lifetime
- adjustable color, from warm white to day light white, by remote
- adjustable dimmer aka brightness, by remote
- soldering without lead
- NO flame, NO retardant bromine

Remark: 1890 . Japan's 1st electric incandescent light bulb, by company Hakunetsu-sha, Tokyo; [http://www.toshiba.co.jp/worldwide/about/history.html]; Old style bulbs e.g. 40W, 60W, 75W, 100W, ... require higher power consumption, so higher cost; Old style bulbs emit 350nm ultraviolet waveband which attracts bugs, inserts, ... ; Old style bulbs are flammable; Old style bulbs' lifetime are much shorter e.g. 1000hr; Old style bulbs are not environmental friendly i.e. lead solder;


2005 . SHARP notebook

Notice a notebook's default screen desktop, SHARP's MM Series; EMS, Electromagnetic Spectrum: EM radiation, light, Gamma ~ Radio, ... ; When particle exists, anti-particle co-exists; Gravitational force has been displayed but the force is in the anti-particle size of field, and notice that the gravitational force has been defined in anti-particle arena;

The reason water [molecule level defines Hydrogen 11.188% and Oxygen 88.812%] and EMS have been classified separately because heat vs. light must be categorized; i.e. a microwave oven can only cause heat iff there is water inside;

Water is the most valuable natural resource; And, water varies along with gravitational force i.e. tide; Water varies along with heat also i.e. boiling and frozen; Till year 2006, to public, there is no measurement unit available yet between heat and light;


1D light by 12 holes, for testing the 1st crack of our universe in ACT2 stage

Before understanding dimensional light in 1D, 1st to understand 108 configuration, so that 6*2 can be understood, and then (3*2)*2 can be understood; Inside 108 configuration, 22/7 is no longer a solution, and 3,3,3,3 and 10,7,10 parallel time development and its JUN time and Lunar time can be understood; This dimensional schematic might be helpful, IFF crack test in ACT2 stage;


ACT1 basic automotive related "heat"

In ACT1 automotive, also see: AutomotivePartsInUSA.htm, Adjusting heat by water flow, also see: Thermostat; Adjusting heat by electricity flow, also see: Resistor;

IFF resistor bad, light bulbs get overheat ... ; IFF thermostat bad, engine gets overheat ... ;

Pressure point has been tested by parallel potential, and then heterodyned lights toward/backward/directional, for example, inside 2000+ year model buses, cars, trucks, vans, ... , e.g. real window's defogger aka defroster can be a source to make parallel-potential-inner-space-environment, and then lighting technology can do toward/backward/directional and so on ..., pressure point can be very harmful to human beings ... ;

Carbon nano wall, which has been engineered and tested as very high tech in 21st century, somehow related to parallel potential, heterodyned lights, mb pressure, directional heat "song beam alike", artificial light, artificial gravity, ... and very become restricted, therefore not available to public;


ACT1 basic bio-life by heat vs. light

For example, a box of left-over sushi, a combination of cooked white rice, vegetable, seafood, ... ; In a normal room temperature, WHEN each rice becomes each worm in motion in human beings' visible vision; WHERE space concerns by adjusting heat vs. light, HOW non life form becomes life form can be further studied [non-life-form becomes life-form is called 1 symmetry break aka crack, and there are so many breaks ... ]; After finding symmetry breaking points [do not forget 6 factors, explained in Abhidhamma], and then time to do heat vs. light along with dark energy, gravity, ... ;  


ACT2 hyperdimensional craft's imaginary natural heat in 3-1 dimension

The following dimensional natural heat, ACT2_HyperdimensionalCraft_Imaginary_NaturalHeat.GIF 301x301 pixel, and to do reverse engineering, 2 and 3 must be understood, and then approximately 44 sticks with 4 holes must be understood ... ; ACT2 natural numbers are 10, 3, 1, 14, ... in 3's directional, and in 2's directional ... ; Notice that 3 eccentric holes are based on distance IFF at@ 1 entity in 2*5 JUN parallel time calculation


... and assume that usamyanmar.net's imaginary ACT2 hyperdimensional spacecraft is in static position, so that distance variation makes + +   natural heat. Very very difficult to prove scientifically WHY full moon day happens, WHY no moon day happens, ... ; Because a Myanmar still cannot classify heat vs. light yet. After sticks are parallel to each other, number 2, 2, 2, and then 1 stick of natural heat, and WHY head happens can be solved by understanding natural time in 4 planets prediction; Develop 2,2,2 ACT2 vector; 1D human visible


ACT3 Heat Distance Simulation

ACT1 stage V=IR, and then 30+ years ago after dissipation of current load as reference, voltage reference was avoided/removed in engineering because out there is very very very cold, very very very dark, and V voltage varies if temperature varies for example: 40V in 32°C might become 4V in 3°C, therefore V reference has been voided for 4+ decades already; In ACT2 stage, heat can be scientifically engineered and tested inside of cold and dark room environment because in our universe, outbound of our earth, temperature becomes colder and colder, and light becomes only available resource as 5 gray sections IFF retrospective from a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional spacecraft in ACT3 stage, and notice that very very dark out there ... , and gray scale simulation and parallel time engineering is in progress ... ;

After avoiding V ref in ACT1 stage, I ref in ACT2 stage seems functioning/working in ACT2 stage, but due to lack of ACT3 knowledge, due to lack of ACT3 facilities, such as: artificial gravity engineering, artificial light technology, artificial water engineering, ... are necessary to develop in ACT3 stage because time slows down in a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional hyperspace craft, in very very very far away ... ; Scattering in diff directions of dissipation can be engineered by deploying parallel components such as V regulators, so that I ref can be parallel and staple i.e. 1A, 1mA, 1nA, ... , but within 4 Planets Prediction 2*7, but within sticks of light, therefore ACT3 Heat Distance Simulation is a must to develop for ACT3 stage.

Approx. 44 sticks with 4 holes can make 1 mb pressure WHICH causes temperature warm/hot and/or cool/cold; therefore, necessary to basically understand 1 hole without stick, 1 hole without strings and spin, 1 stick of light in dark environment, M theory and strings also see: particles, water and gravity such as 1 mb [not psi pressure] can be engineered by 44 sticks with 4 holes also see: Pressure Machine Engine, therefore ACT1 psi pressure dependent temperature, ACT2 mb pressure dependent temperature both might not be a solution in ACT3 stage ... , therefore ACT3 Fuzzy Gray Scale Simulation must be developed for FuzzySVM, therefore ACT3 mb independent temperature must be development;



Military Top Secret
Regardless of whether in ACT1, or in ACT2, or in ACT3, heterodyned indexes, distance reference table of holes and sticks, potential parallelism, sticks of light in dark energy, ... , are all military's top secret and the information is not available to public. Therefore, usamyanmar.net contents may not be 100% true.




Specific Heat Capacity, ACT1 stage usage, WHEN raising temperature, quantity of heat is required, so that measured in joules / kg / kelvin [SI], to raise 1 degree; calories / gram / °C [c.g.s.]; Constant pressure AND constant volume is ACT1 standard to measure gas;

In ACT2, specific heat capacity is no longer a solution; In ACT2 stage, instead of psi, mb has been engineered and/or used; WHEN measuring quantity of heat, instead of weight kg, water and gravity symbols e.g. 44 sticks of light with 4 holes, and ... have been used; WHEN measuring temperature, sticks of light + mb have been used; To basic understand ACT2, 40+ years of engineering, technology, research and development, someone especially southeast Asian must understand thoroughly from very basic 1 hole without stick ... , and then learn Chinese language 1st, because ACT2 and ACT3 solutions are not in Western languages. According to Casio, a Japanese technology company's documentation in English, mb is 1 hPa/0.05 InHg, and unit for sticks of light in Western languages has not been available to public yet; Therefore, to be in ACT2 and ACT3 stage development, usamyanmar.net recommends to learn Chinese language 1st, and then Japanese language, because 80% Japanese language relates to / uses of / derives from Chinese language;


Remark: Before understanding 108, heat vs. light must be thoroughly understood, very basic and natural way of understanding day and night coexistence; In day time in ACT1 stage, heat and light exist; In night time in ACT1, stage heat and light also exist, and then think of how solar power can classify sticks of light, and then think of how holes of heat can be related to pressure ... , and then think of dark energy because out there is very dark ... ; Therefore, which concept should be kept to verify between heat vs. light, so do follow a nature's way, in day time in ACT1 stage, ACT1 produces more heat than IFF compares to night time, and think that naturally WHEN do you produce heat? simple answer is whenever you face cold environment; Think similar, so that 4 vectors make the SUN, whenever ... ; To basic understand ACT3 108 configuration ... ;  

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