ACT 3 stage, 3 in 1 parallel time becomes slower ..., temperature becomes colder and colder ... 

worm=holes out of worm=holes at approx. ( / ) / ~ while synchronizing each other at mm natural time; Those worm=holes in section out of sections in artificial interior lighting, and tail section with carbon nano wall might be able to control gravitational water, while traveling outward of our universe in ACT stage; A Myanmar's imaginary fish type space craft before fuzzy set { ... to simulate very dark room environment with very cold environment;

horizontal gray-scaled sections prompt that in hyperspace traveling, up to 2007 still can't find any yet except ACT1 stage 4 planet prediction, while retrospective imaging / time period from very very far distance outbound of [our universe = planet prediction], the farther the dimensional hyperspace craft goes, the least lights will perceive at the exterior of the craft, and longer and longer time period to take retrospective imaging ... ; After Buddhist year 2544, humanoids are possible beings ...




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Enclose: lunar_time 2*7, 1*12 in ACT2 stage vs. JUN_time 1*10, 2*5, 3*10, 52*10 ... in ACT3 stage, ...