; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : February : 18th (Sunday) : structural Battery ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 18 : 2 : 2024 : : structural Battery ;

Brief Introduction: "structural Battery" is special designed & modeled for ACT2 and ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace artists & scientists; Remark: since Gravity Dimension Computer has been (designed, defined, modeled, programmed, written) for (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural) gravity spots ... , the most challenge would be Anti-Earthquake design model ... (as of 2020-2030) for each human beings livable moon in our universes ... ;

Fusion of Lights for charging structural Battery . Negative; Also see: Inductance; structural Battery;

Fusion of Lights for charging structural Battery, also see: Fusion; schematic Light; structural Battery; Remark: 5 nodes based, doko WHERE ((index finger + thumb finger as 2 node), (middle finger + ring finger are acting like (our Earth and earth's moon) as 2 nodes), (small little finger (a.k.a. pinky finger) as 1 node)); 5 Node (s) based Fusion of Lights for charging structural Battery ... ; Gravity Dimension Computer based directional gravity spots (kadosei Mobility) are coming soon ... "elevated ones" , "flying ones" , "M1A1H17Titanim22 military tank ones" , "UAV ones" , ... ;

SELECT ( Air cathode, Zinc anode) doko WHERE
Zinc anode (Negative) AND Air cathode (Positive)
COUNTERS count (Negative Electrode, Positive Electrode) As Zinc Air Batteries;

structural Battery ( energy, kilowatt hour, kWh (consumption, usage), power) ... ; Fusion Box is one of the top military secrets; Fusion Box (Procedure, Method, Technique) can provide unlimited kWh (consumption, usage) ... for example, (unbeatable, unbreakable) Level6 M1A1H17Titanium22 tanks are fusion powered AWD eV ... , designed & modeled by "unknown ones" in USA, also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War . HTML ;

(Zirconium Nitride, Titanium Nitride, Metal Carbide) structural Battery ... ;

Remark: Zinc Air Batteries are cheaper and safer than Lithium-Ion batteries; 500 mA to 1kW fusion power design model may be worth trillions of US Dollar; since 1999, every GPS is embedded with 2 (1mm ones) gravity spots ... based on ZCS (Flat Panel) ... ;

this webpage is intended for using Gravity Dimension Computer, and its keywords are e.g.

      iroColourWaveForm ( SPL , Sound Pressure
              Level ) iro LED
        jinko chino Artificial Intelligence      
          atsuryoku Pressure    
          bunpu Distribution    

Also see: ( Anti-Earthquake, Gravity Dimension Computer, ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網 mathematical Bamboo Stem Factor R&D 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index ( 100 Percent Transparency DEE Box)), regarding "jinko chino atsuryoku bunpu" ... ; Remark: more than trillions of US Dollar worth (Fusion powered eV) e.g. M1A1H17Titanium22 tanks As Military Vehicles ... ; ("jinko chino atsuryoku bunpu"), also see: structural Battery ... e.g. AWD eV (Elevated Flight Mode);

regarding "dotted" ones,
(Purple Color and Yellow Color) are for ACT3 Level (Jupiter, Mars) & beyond ... ;
(Navy Color, Yellow Color, Silver Color) are for ACT2 Level (Solar System) & beyond ... ;
(Gray Color, Black Color) are for gray scale simulations ... ;
Reminder: don't change its color code, dotted sizes, ... ; ZCS TV (dot, pixel, spot) ... ;

( Li+, a.k.a. Lithium-ion);

( NiMH, NiMH, NiMH, NiMH), Nickel Metal Hydride ... ;


(arrival, departure) ... ;
(arriving, departing) ... ;
(directional gravity pressure, directional gravity spot) ... ;
(docking, traveling) ... ;
(horizontal flight, horizontal idling) ... ;
(elevating, landing) ... ;
(vertical take-off, vertical landing) ... ;
(ZCS, PCS, NCS) surfaced based gravity spots in quantity ... ;

for each e V cell ,        
delivering 20 A h for          
each OEM ...        
  Solid - State batteries          
      Solid power ;        

structural Battery can be used NOT ONLY in Automotive industries, BUT ALSO in Gene Therapy System (Public Health) ... ; "structural Battery" is designed & modeled in Modesto, California, USA, so (300%, 200%, 100%) copyrights, patent rights, and intellectual properties of the United States of Americas, developed by (Language: English (United States), (HTML encoding: Unicode (UTF-8))) ... ; regarding this DOMAIN 's PHYSICS, since the Shakya King has owned all human beings livable moons in our universes, this webpage (structural Battery) contents must obey the Shakya King 's flags ... ; structural Battery design & model may vary, depending upon ACT2 and ACT3 level (architects, designers, engineers, physicists) 's (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural) HOW moon waves are according with momentum of each human beings livable moon ... ;

well trained kids! replied: may we change the ("structural Battery") 's colors sir?

I wrote: No. if you don't know moon waves for each planet; Yes. if you know moon waves for each planet; because, "moon waves" are very very difficult to realize and understand e.g. very limited & restricted peoples know SPL, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: we've noticed THAT (common Battery vs. structural Battery) would be very diff (idea, imaginary, knowledge) sir;

I wrote: Yes. they're very very diff, regarding (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural) ... ; if not knowing Walls (Method, Procedure, Technique) then approx. 31+ years beyond in civilization types for sure ... ; this DOMAIN 's contents explain very much because I don't want ethnic tribes of Union of Myanmar are too much gap in civilization types; 23x123 dimensional (structural Battery*) As following Table ... ;

 .           ;  
9 structural Battery Yellow Light Yellow  
 .           ;  
8 structural Battery Turquoise Light Turquoise  
 .         ;    
7 structural Battery Red Pink    
 .         ;    
6 structural Battery Purple Lavender    
 .         ;    
5 structural Battery Orange Gold    
 .           ;  
4 structural Battery Indigo Blue Gray  
 .         ;    
3 structural Battery Green Lime    
 .         ;    
2 structural Battery Gray Silver    
 .           ;  
1 structural Battery Dark Red Brown  
b ; B ;        

structural Battery Default;

structural Battery is special designed & modeled ... ; 23x123 dimensional;

well trained kids! replied: WHY you didn't define keywords e.g. charging, Number of kWh Using, parking, ... sir?

I wrote: Oh! that's right, we've to define (charging, Number of kWh Using, parking, ... ) ... , thank you; Also see: Electricity Power Plug;

well trained kids! replied: should we copy & develop your ("structural Battery") with GPS embedded ones, so that we can QA Time Zone for each structural Battery sir, because you mentioned THAT "power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil" ... ;

I wrote: Yes. "power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil" ... ;

well trained kids! replied: WHY you didn't define ("structural Battery") inside of Schematic Symbols sir?

I wrote: because, there are many diff between common Battery and structural Battery; 1st to understand, fetching Green ZCS toward rechargeable batteries to be energetic; 2nd to understand HOW (LG, Makita, Panasonic, ... ) 's patented battery cells are ... ; 3rd. variable structural means this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace crafts' body frames are diff, because diff structural batteries mean diff gravity spots' (location, size) ... ; Yes. it's good to do copy e.g. My Gene, e.g. My DNA, e.g. My structural Battery* ; Remark: I've never (law suit, law sue) to anyone ... ; It's OK. because, I want well trained kids! become able to develop, program, R&D, HOW structural batteries can be ... ;

well trained kids! replied: can we use "Sound Beam" instead of "Green ZCS" regarding "charging" sir?

I wrote: "Sound Beam" is like "Comet Method" if compare to "Green ZCS" is like "Rainbow Method" so either one is OK, since 2 is very very unique in many ways ... e.g. inside of Schematic Dimensional, Mussel _v s _Scallop WHICH has been defined for many years already ... and WHAT do you think of HOW we can use IT?

well trained kids! replied: some system architects & engineers prefer positive-to-positive with sub battery implementations ... ; another (usage, wording) would be: in surfaced based inductance (X axis), also see: Inductance sir;

I wrote: well verses, very very good, very very good, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: regarding "Referenced Books," WHICH book do you Ref. sir, concerning ("structural Battery")?

I wrote: the Shakya King's 1000+ years documented books ... ; so far, as of 2021, I've not seen ("structural Battery") info in any text book yet;

well trained kids! replied: we need to (arrest, capture, hire, seize, ... ) you, because you've been unofficially reading the Shakya King's books (unauthorized reader) ... ;

I wrote: Umm!! Umm!! I'm NOT a level 7 display factories (as of 2020s in our earth) professional, technician, worker, ... ; if you like to (arrest, capture, hire, seize, ... ) me, you need to define ..., 1000, 10000, 100000, ... in SQRT2 (±98) Engineering Notations 1st, then SQRT3 with SQRT2 with SPL 2nd, ... H e e H e e, I like good foods, taxis, trucks, and deliveries, ... , you're welcome to (arrest, capture, hire, seize, ... ) me if (background, ground, positive-to-positive with sub battery, ... ) are already defined in z-index (level 8 display) 3rd, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: never mind, never mind; so, structural batteries are structural Battery, like you mentioned before in Zen ways e.g. mountains are mountain, rivers are river, ... ; Is IT really TRUE Gravity Dimension Computer sir?

I wrote: since I've been (answering, graphics calling, guiding, instructing, teaching) a little bit, I've a quiz i.e. WHY structural Battery's (left side is yellow, right side is brown) ?

well trained kids! replied: we don't know sir;

I wrote: 2 human beings livable moons are on the same orbit, like d y n a book's logo WHEN 2 planets are not in the same size, and beings on the same orbit, WHAT you should do?

well trained kids! replied: Aw! Aw! we've already learnt IT before, i.e. we need to adjust momentum, if 2 planets are not in the same size, and beings on the same orbit sir;

I wrote: (No. if you don't know moon waves for each planet; Yes. if you know moon waves for each planet) i.e. you may change its color, its directional, its wormhole way, ... , And Then, you can pinpoint WHERE Explicit gravity spots are ... ; Remark: if you don't know "moon waves" then keep it "As It" because IT seems very simple, very easy to understand, but very very difficult to know exactly, explicitly, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: a r i g a t o h  g o z a i m a s u, thank you;

I wrote: I've gifts for you i.e.


for each imaginary hyper space craft . . .  
          structural Battery Yellow Light Yellow ;      
          structural Battery Turquoise Light Turquoise ;      
          structural Battery Red Pink ;      
          structural Battery Purple Lavender ;      
          structural Battery Orange Gold ;      
          structural Battery Indigo Blue Gray ;      
          structural Battery Green Lime ;      
          structural Battery Gray Silver ;      
          structural Battery Dark Red Brown ;      

Remark: (Background, Enable hyperlink rollover effects, Interlaced) for each imaginary hyperspace craft ... ;  Also see: structural Battery, for each Gravity Dimension Computer ... ;

well trained kids! replied: regarding structural Battery and its Background, ware ware We've (aware of, noticed) THAT there is no (plus, minus) sign or symbol sir, WHY?

I wrote: you need to do R&D e.g. DEE 1st, And Then, "yellowish variation" based diff DEE patterns 2nd, And Then, ... and I'll answer WHEN I become 65+ years old ones; at the moment, this document is written WHEN I become 56+ years old; you need to do R&D yourself HOW could THAT be without (plus, minus) sign or symbol; as usual, if you know very very easy & simple, on the other hand, if you don't know very very difficult to know; Remark: without understanding DEE, there is no way to do structural Battery;

Remark: "structural Battery" can be using NOT ONLY in Automotive, BUT ALSO in Gene Therapy System; Also see: DNA _Origami;

2566; 2022; this DOMAIN 's (Audio, Sound, Speaker) ... e.g. GPS Speaker On, Origin of Sound, oto Sound, oto Sound, oto Sound, Speaker On, ... also see: Audio;

2566; 2022 May 18; pressroom . Toyota .com; news: 288V sealed Nickel-metal Hydride (N i - M H) Battery As Hybrid component;

2565; 2021; SRB, Structural Rechargeable Battery ... ; Also see: Schematic Dimensional;



Gravity Spots For Floors X ;    
Gravity Spots For Walls Y ;    
our Earth Only _Gravity     Spot_ structural Battery;
SPL based QR Code for military grade ;
Hypersonic _ kadosei Mobility _ X_ E W; Directions: from East to West;
Hypersonic _ kadosei Mobility _ X_ W E; Directions: from West to East;

Hypersonic _kadosei Mobility (our earth only (hyperspace craft, military missile, passenger flight));

e.g. 10000 km/hour speed of Hypersonic _kadosei Mobility ... ;
e.g. 10000 MPH speed of Hypersonic _kadosei Mobility ... ;

( ion, ion, ion, ion) ... ;

10/26/2023; 2023 Japan kadosei Mobility Show ;

battery cells, biometric identification (biometric ID e.g. DNA _Origami would be a good example, another good example would be "bone" alike Calcium built-up frame based with naturally-heart-beats-momentum (recharging potential diff) for the defined LASER Fusion Box), China's Lights-duties Test Cycle (C L T C) i.e. beyond USB lights, energy dense (collecting DEE like naturally-heart-beats-momentum), energy dense (( light INSTINCT, also see: Schematic Dimensional) + (heterodyning Method of dubbing holes at 1 Location)), 1000+ km (621.371+ miles) range-per-fully-charged, light-weighting, printed pattern (potential solar panel roof), recharging 80+% within 20 minutes, slimmer battery pack;

(hidden, unknown) ones' "module deliveries" directional gravity spots, Gravity Dimension Computer, LASER Fusion boxes doko WHERE 1 Way DEE may be realized & understood, natural water elevator, strings of ( NCS, PCS) in addition to ZCS (holes), ... i.e. WHAT a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's guess ... ; Remark: IT is good to be (hidden, unknown) ones, because our earth is not simple like WHAT I think ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! trillions of US Dollar worth of Biz (businesses) sir;
I wrote: good luck to you!! a "Tarzan" is "Tarzan," mountains are mountain, rivers are river, ... ;

if military, e.g. unknown ones' unbeatable && unbreakable M1A1H17Titanium22 military tanks, also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War . HTML ; Remark: you don't want your head to be at the focal point of Yellowish Variation (YV) by Wormhole Way (i.e. beyond nodes based Motor Way), i.e. one of the design models of unbeatable && unbreakable M1A1H17Titanium22 military tanks ... ;

2565; January 11, 2022; rechargeable Battery Server; kuru kuru WHILE e.g. (rounding, surrounding) eight Rounded rectangular ones, so (( 3) * ( 8) = ( 24)), so called ("rechargeable Battery Server") ... ; because of this kind of structural, ("Solar Sail") can be, regarding this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace crafts ... ; Remark: beyond "L" Method ... ;

2565; 2020s; ( u r u t i u m u U l t i u m, u r u t i u m u U l t i u m, u r u t i u m u U l t i u m, u r u t i u m u U l t i u m) ... Remark: Name of a new type of rechargeable battery (Method, Procedure, Technique), in Latin language, invented & patented by GM (General Motor), USA, for eV (electric Vehicle) to avoid air pollution worldwide ... ;  Also see: Battery; Physics Law 179; structural Battery; u Character;

2565; 09/14/2021; structural Battery Server; e.g.

I wrote: I've a gift i.e. structural Battery Server, & wondering how many servers would you like to design & model for IT?

well trained kids! replied: 5 sir; (1 Silver Color, 3 Black Color) at the edges, and Cell Path in the midst sir, so ware ware We're going have 5 servers, for each structural Battery ... ;

I wrote: mochiron of course; Also see: battery     battery     battery; Cloud; Physics Law 179; Server; structural Battery; doko WHERE : (2,2,2,2,2, mano (the mind) 79); those (2,2,2,2,2) form 10; don't confuse (6 places are NOT 6 different locations) because they are only at 1 location), also see: Idea Processor;

 ( Battery _Check, Battery _Default, Battery Full Charge, Battery 10% Remaining, Battery 20% Remaining, Battery 30% Remaining, Battery 40% Remaining, Battery 50% Remaining, Battery 60% Remaining, Battery 70% Remaining, Battery 80% Remaining, Battery 90% Remaining, Charging _Battery) ... ;

( BZ, BZ, BZ, BZ) stands for "Beyond Zero" ... ; Also see: kadosei Mobility;

directional gravity spots based solar powered structural Battery 10g Smart Phone ... ; Remark: 33% ;

Electricity Power Plug, e.g. , , , , , , , , , , ... ;

( inverter, Inverter, inverter, Inverter) ... ;

lithium battery; Lithium Battery; LITHIUM BATTERY; e.g.

LITHIUM BATTERY              
Lithium Battery              
lithium battery              
LITHIUM BATTERY              
structural Battery ;            
because of battery 's structural design model ,  
    directional gravity spot s can be ;

our Earth Only _Gravity Spot _structural Battery; e.g.

our Earth Only _Gravity Spot _structural Battery ... ; doko WHERE (Silver Color) is; Remark: military top secret, beyond this point, cannot explain anymore, because Gravity Spot can be the unique (gun, weapon);

( shigeki Stimulate, stimulate, stimulate, stimulate, Stimulate) ... ;

(( solar, solar, solar), ( panel, Panel, Panel, Panel, panel)) ... ; Also see: Physics Law 58;

wavelength e.g.

iroColourWaveForm 's (one of the defined wavelengths) : ( Layer's thickness in nm) < ((the defined wavelength) / 2), leaking of the light may begin (Double Edges Processor (2 sided a.k.a. side-by-side), photonic circuit, PV, USB light strings) ... ; Also see: Optics; Physics Law 58; Processor; Remark: in 2020s, Korean designed & modeled ZCS (s) e.g. Z-Fold surfaces are somehow already available to public;

WHILE; e.g.

combustion tech based engine should be as reserved ones, kuru kuru WHILE thrived by structural Battery (rechargeable batteries) ... ; Green Color surrounded with Yellow Color, a.k.a. reversed yellowish variation (Method, Procedure, Technique), a.k.a. Protein Wrapper ... ; Also see: ( Mobility, Mobility, Mobility, Mobility) kadosei Mobility; beyond (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural) gravity spots ... ; "structural Battery" is special designed & modeled for ACT2 and ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace artists & scientists; switch for hyperspace craft's ( Elevating, Landing), also see: Physics Law 198;


I wrote: after realizing & understanding ( Diff eV, Diff Potential), And Then, Sun Power LASER _Fusion _Electricity, created, And Then, Solar Panel With Hydro Collector, doko WHERE (( day: storing excessive electricity into the structural Battery), ( night: producing drinking water)) ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! Purple Color (UV related ones) at the directional (Day), if compare to non UV related ones (no Purple Color) at the directional (Night) sir ... ;

I wrote:  mochiron of course, you can have a tank full of pure water at night time, if compare to electric power at day time, so called Solar Panel With Hydro Collector; Also see: Physics Law 179; structural Battery; Water Clock;  Remark: long long time ago, kuru kuru WHILE R&D on Inductance, this DOMAIN developer (a "Tarzan") needed to know doko WHERE directional electricity flow (e.g. NOT that way, OH! this way (start with 1.5V radio in Distance, 3V to share (You & Me) dual 2 lines, 5V to Cold Boot (3 lines of 1.5V and 0.5V As Default), of course after a "Cold Boot" there should be BIOS, C M OS, ... trillions of currencies in businesses ... )) ... approx. 1970-1980s, And Then, approx. 1990-2000s, 1 way DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) may begin ..., And Then, approx. 2020-2030s of course Solar Panel Roof with structural Battery (gravity spots) ... directional gravity spots should be beyond "money" ... ;


naturally rechargeable battery, also see: PHYSICS;