; ; ; ; New Year Day of the year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : April : 17 (Sunday) : Updated : Battery : battery : battery ;

2565; 2020s; ( u r u t i u m u U l t i u m, u r u t i u m u U l t i u m, u r u t i u m u U l t i u m, u r u t i u m u U l t i u m) ... Remark: Name of a new type of rechargeable battery (Method, Procedure, Technique), in Latin language, invented & patented by GM (General Motor), USA, for eV (electric Vehicle) to avoid air pollution worldwide ... ;  Also see: Battery; Physics Law 179; structural Battery; u Character;

( NiMH, NiMH, NiMH, NiMH), Nickel Metal Hydride ... ;

2565; 2022; 2021; designed & modeled e.g. this DOMAIN 's structural Battery ... ;

Cobalt-free Lithium-ion batteries ... ;
Cobalt-free Lithium-ion Battery;
Solid State batteries ... ;
Solid State Battery;
the rechargeable batteries ... ;
the rechargeable Battery;

Eneloop batteries ... ;
Eneloop Battery;

Lithium Phosphate batteries ... ;
Lithium Phosphate Battery;

2565; 2021; Gravity Dimension Computer ( Polysilicone, Polysilicone, Polysilicone), also see: Electricity Power Plug; Fusion; GPS; 1pComputer; Satellite;

H F C E V, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (e.g. Hyundai N E X O, Toyota M i r a i, ... ); Also see: Automotive;

2565; 2021; ( B E V, F C E V, M S H V, PHEV, ... ) ... motor vehicles, also see: Automotive; Electricity Power Plug;

04/11/2021; news; South Korea's (L G Energy (URL: www.lgensol.com), SK Innovation (URL: www.skinnovation.com)) companies will provide batteries for electric vehicles (fleet customer, retail customer), and $2.6 billion (US Dollar) battery factory in Georgia, USA will strengthen E V battery supply chain, ... also see: Automotive; Remark: beyond Yellowish Variation (Method, Procedure, Technique), directional fetching of (Green Z C S (Green Zero Curvature Surface), Yellow Z C S (Yellow Zero Curvature Surface)) ... ; My next car will be a hybrid ones, because I like to drive elevated ones ... ; structural Walls e.g. (battery cells' location, gravity spots, nodes) must be thoroughly understood to design & model "Battery" ... ; fetching light sheets (into the defined location, onto its surface, ... ) is one of the military top secrets, a.k.a. "invisibility engineering" e.g. invisible to radar (aircraft, drone, elevated camcorder, ... ) ... ; to do (directional, structural, ... ), also see: (6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index (Battery), Fusion, Moon Wave, Z C S _hole) is a must to realize and understand HOW wrapping ... ;

A W D, All Wheel Drive; Also see: Automotive; Remark: in common, (A W D) means all wheels are driving but in PHYSICS, like 3-in-1 (coffee mix, tea mix), only 3 wheels to define WHICH 1 to be (compensate, safe, steer-by-wire, ... ) ... ; (3 + 1 = 4) doko WHERE "3" is a part of 108 configuration ... ;

 ... ( Battery, Battery) ... ; Remark: for Solar Sail (Method, Procedure, Technique), using reversed yellowish variation yellowish variation, for each imaginary hyper space craft, perceiving naturally energy (to be energetic, to keep functioning, to prosper), a.k.a. Solar Sail; Also see: 1bComputer; Physics Law 179, naturally rechargeable battery;


    Battery Full Charge ;      
    Battery 90% Remain in g  
    Battery  80% Remain in g  
    Battery 70% Remain in g  
    Battery 60% Remain in g  
    Battery 50% Remain in g  
    Battery 40% Remain in g  
    Battery 30% Remain in g  
    Battery 20% Remain in g  
    Battery 10% Remain in  g  
    Battery _ Check ;      
    Battery _ Default ;      

 ( Battery _Check, Battery _Default, Battery Full Charge, Battery 10% Remaining, Battery 20% Remaining, Battery 30% Remaining, Battery 40% Remaining, Battery 50% Remaining, Battery 60% Remaining, Battery 70% Remaining, Battery 80% Remaining, Battery 90% Remaining, Charging _Battery) ... ;

discipline; master oneself; self-study (ascetic practice in Buddhism e.g. s a d h a n a); well conducted self; Radical380;

fast; finally; follow; here; relate; self; Radical164;

IFF prefix: from ... ; self * ; this (compare to that) ... ; Radical166;

self; Radical265;

self ( charge , charged , charging ) battery ;
self   -       charging   battery ;
self       -   charging      
light weight   lithium -   ion   battery ;

Also see: Physics Law 179, naturally rechargeable battery, ... ;

Also see: PHYSICS, law 129, duo-binary Gravity Spots, ... , regarding (structural) :



bio Battery,

bio-cell batteries,

bio-cell battery,

(capacitance, capacitor, capacity),

(directional gravity cell, solar cell, yellowish variation cell) to prompt diff potential naturally (i.e. Battery),

(directional gravity cell, solar cell, yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation cell), to prompt diff potential naturally (i.e. Battery),

dried-cell batteries,

dried-cell battery,

rechargeable batteries,

rechargeable battery,

solar cell batteries,

solar cell battery,

structural (capacitance, capacitor, capacity) i.e. to prompt diff potential naturally (Battery),

... ;

Remark: My Car is going to be "hybrid" Automotive, because I like be elevated, I like to be elevating, and we'll be using directional gravity spots for each "hybrid" Automotive, ... ;

Remark: regarding ((directional gravity cell, solar cell, yellowish variation cell) to prompt diff potential naturally (i.e. Battery), (directional gravity cell, solar cell, yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation cell), to prompt diff potential naturally (i.e. Battery)), we've to realize and understand moon waves, e.g. incoming parallel moon waves (strings), And Then, defining & finding (holes) ... ; this DOMAIN has been able to define incoming parallel moon waves (strings), And Then, defining & finding (holes), therefore, this DOMAIN (our earth) can be avoiding earthquakes, this DOMAIN (our earth) can be avoiding tsunamis, this DOMAIN (our earth) can be avoiding category 4+ storms, ... so on ... ; this DOMAIN will prove 0 earthquake artificially after year 2019, from average 8000+ earthquakes naturally (prior to 2019) ... ;

Also see: this DOMAIN 's Color Codes ((negative e.g. Highlight ({11,11,11}) with Font Color ({E3,E3,E3}) ... ), ( positive e.g. Highlight ({E3,12,21}) with Font Color ({E3,E3,E3}) ... )) ... ;

b; B;

battery (Alkaline) ... ;

battery     battery;

((Battery Critical), (Battery Low)), also see: Audio;

battery (Lithium) ... ;

battery (NiMH) ... ;

battery (N i O O H) ... ; Electricity Power Plug fetches N i O O H to \\nOriental\ ;

battery (Zinc _Carbon) ... ;

Charge time ( hour) ... ;

different potential; e.g.

TDIHSCDP, THIS DOMAIN 's Imaginary Hyper Space Craft 's Different Potential, near by our earth, i.e. ACT2 level, yellowish variation based ... ; Remark: 21st century & beyond, open system environment, and beyond moon waves, Diff Potential in 2,3 dimensional (X, Y) way ... ;

 Remark: all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King; based on CCW1WDS, and if ACT3 level space system architect, designer, and engineer, please develop 1 way DEE in very very unique 2 ways (e.g. CCW, CW), And Then, develop and prove (yellowish variation, and its reversed yellowish variation) is one of the factors to define BLI (Body Length Index, e.g. WHY hada Skin is thicker and thicker if we live farther and farther away from our earth, e.g. WHY our human beings body (height) is become taller and taller if we live on our moon, ... ), and so on ... ;

Diff Potential, a.k.a. different potential (e.g. Red, red color, V, Volt, voltage) ... ; Also see: Schematic Symbols; Remark: approx. in the decades of 1970 ~ 2000, we've realized and understood Diff Potential in X way;

electricity power plugs;

electron-volt (eV); eV; eV (s); e.g.

electrically bound together, a.k.a. ionic molecule;

e.g. (missing electrons count different of (normal atom Sodium ([Na])) and (positive ion Sodium ([Na]+))) i.e. eV in quantity; e.g. (missing electrons count different of (normal atom Chlorine ([Cl])) and (negative ion Chlorine ([Cl]-))) i.e. eV in quantity; Also see: Chemical _Elements; X-ray (ionic molecule), And Then, (count, counted, counting) missing electrons;

e.g. ((zero outer electron) i.e. positive ion), if compare to, ((one outer electron) i.e. normal atom), And Then, electrically attractive to each other (electrical attraction) of ions begin, a.k.a. (ionize, ionized, ionizing), And Then, ?Usage: bias; electron dot notation; electron-volt (eV); ionic bond; ionic repulsive equilibrium; mutual; negative ion; Number eV; positive ion; potential energy (eV); potential energy (V); ... ;

ionic repulsive equilibrium (directional must obey human begins livable moons' yellowish variation);
ionic repulsive equilibrium (structural must obey human beings livable moons' momentum);
Also see: Physics Law 141, equilibrium, ... ; electron-volt (eV); eV; eV (s);

energy (keV) e.g. in common, X-Ray is measured by ( keV, Count);

m A h ( minute) ... ;

m A h ( type) ... ;

eV     eV     eV ; Also see: e Character; Electricity Power Plug;

(indicator) lights are off ... ;

(indicator) lights are on ... ;

(indicator) lights flashing ... ;

input e.g. AC ♯V, ♯ c/s Hz, ♯ W;

minus polarity (i.e. black color) ... ;

Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1; idea ♯ 203; Water Packages;

naturally rechargeable battery, also see: Physics Law 179, ... ;

NMC, Nickel Manganese Cobalt;
NMC, Nickel Manganese Cobalt;
NMC, Nickel Manganese Cobalt;
NMC, Nickel Manganese Cobalt;

e.g. NMC batteries;
e.g. NMC Battery;

output e.g. AA ♯ V, ♯ m A;

output e.g. AAA ♯ V, ♯ m A;

(( Plug Type A2), ( Plug Type A3), ( Plug Type B), ( Plug Type B3), ( Plug Type BF), ( Plug Type C), ( Plug Type NE MA 10-30R), ( Plug Type NE MA 14-30R), ( Plug Type O), ( Plug Type SE), ( Toggle Button of Power)) ... ;

plus polarity (i.e. red color) ... ;

SANYO e ne loop Batteries, Panasonic Energy Corporation of America; SANYO eneloop batteries are distributed by Panasonic;

size e.g. ♯ x ♯ x ♯ mm;

2565; January 11, 2022; rechargeable Battery Server; e.g.

  rechargeable Battery Server; kuru kuru WHILE e.g. (rounding, surrounding) eight Rounded rectangular ones, so (( 3) * ( 8) = ( 24)), so called ("rechargeable Battery Server") ... ; because of this kind of structural, ("Solar Sail") can be, regarding this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace crafts ... ; Remark: beyond "L" Method ... ;

2565; 09/14/2021; structural Battery Server; e.g.

I wrote: I've a gift i.e. structural Battery Server, & wondering how many servers would you like to design & model for IT?

well trained kids! replied: 5 sir; (1 Silver Color, 3 Black Color) at the edges, and Cell Path in the midst sir, so ware ware We're going have 5 servers, for each structural Battery ... ;

I wrote: mochiron of course; Also see: Battery; Cloud; Physics Law 179; Server; structural Battery; doko WHERE : (2,2,2,2,2, mano (the mind) 79); those (2,2,2,2,2) form 10; don't confuse (6 places are NOT 6 different locations) because they are only at 1 location), also see: Idea Processor;

temperature range e.g. ♯ °C, ♯ °F;

this DOMAIN 's artificial intelligence battery (C Sequence Number) structured momentum with numerological (dimensional and directional) surface, using NFL (Naturally Flying Light) to elevate ... ; A new kind of battery for G D C (Gravity Dimension Computer); this DOMAIN recommends weight, temperature, ... before installing its contents into computers, and development of G D C (Gravity Dimension Computer) is in progress (not done yet, until space traveling is available to public), and no warranty (test yourself) i.e. because of DEE, gravity spots on a surface ... ;

weight e.g. ♯ g;

IFF lighter than OEM specification (e.g. weight) and then artificial intelligence ( measure) using kan Weight ... with milli bar pressure , using directional gravity pressure ... ;

( W I O (a.k.a. Wattage Input Output); Tool; Switch; S V M (a.k.a. Support Vector Machine); Sensor; Self IE (a.k.a. Self Internet Explorer); Power bank; Classifier; Cable; Board; Battery (a.k.a. Batteries); Actuator) specification, model, design, ... ; Also see: Automotive;

X bio battery, also see: Schematic Symbols;

X NOR; Also see: Transistor;