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A a;

KB; MB; GB; TB; PB; EB; ZB; YB; a i.e. 1237940039285380274899124224; ka; ; ; ; ... ;

AABPH, also see: DEE; Schematic Dimensional;

舰; AI OS character number 1; warship;

AI System (directional), also see: Pivot; Radical365;

        abacus ;      

abnormal (i.e. without its defined limit); Also see: measure; normal;

e.g. abnormal sound pattern;

e.g. normal sound pattern;

kan Abysmal (water) also see: Swastika;

AC, Alternating Current, a.k.a. Alternative Current, e.g. 100V, 110V, 220V, 440V, ... ; Also see: Electricity Power Plug;

accelerometers ... , data ... ;

      accent ;        
          dialect ;      

accuracy and quality;

Internet references this DOMAIN; Also see: triangulation;

        Action ;      
auto - ; autonomous ; break ; entry ; file
store ; game ; general ; legal ; new frame
; query ; statement ; stub ; type ;  

( action; center; clock; indicator; input; network; power; volume; ... );

(book; cell; formula; name; sheet; value; ... );

cause and effect, actions and events; Also see: 2; pros and cons;

true or false; Neither 1 nor 0 is 2. and then, develop 3 by yourself ... ;

          active ( as oppose
d to passive ) ... ;        
          Active X ;  
          Y ;    
        Z ;      

active sonar, also see: sonar;

activity ; activity model step;

Asynchronous ;  
adapter ;      
C T C A , Channel To Channel Adapter ;
T A , terminal adapter ; asynchronous communication s ;
cluster ; channel - to - channel ; custom ;
display ; facsimile ; file ; game control ; graphics
; host bus ; interface ; network ; Optical Channel
; terminal ; video ;          

adapter     adapter;

      where a b out s ;
      OR mnemonic s ;  

ADN, Application Dedicated Node; ADN-AE; Also see: IoT; resource;

aesthetics e.g. axiology, comments, discussion, values; Also see: philosophy;

language code (1027) Afar language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

  affinity ;

(AAI, AI, AIA) e.g.

Artificial Intelligence;

AI AI AI      
AIA AIA AIA ;      

Nama For Humanoid (AI System) ... ;

air*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

breezy air (windy < 23 kilo meter per hour) ... ; Also see: Weather;

Air Induction System (e.g. intake air surge tank, intake manifold), also see: Automotive;

Alkaline, Lithium, NiMH, NiOOH, Zinc Carbon, ... (i.e. battery) ... ; Also see: EPP ;

(amber) amber color is {FF,50,50};

ambiguous content model;

analog, IFF digital device, pattern analysis ( echo) 5W1H (e.g. abnormal, normal) WORMHOLE (for preventing, for protecting, for reducing) e.g. earthquake, tsunami, bad weather ... ; for each time zone ... ; using satellites with multi time lines (i.e. 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, 33mm, 36mm, 42mm, 48mm, 54mm, 66mm, 99mm) ... ; 17 is a factor to be in 2,3 dimensional and 3,4 dimensional; in 108 configuration, also known as 10, 7, 10;

Analog Resonance; Digital Resonance;

(i.e. Signal Pattern) increases with time ... ; analog resonance;

            analysis ;  
e.g. number s of float i n g point ;
  e.g. iro Colour Wave Form ;    

structural analysis, structural design (beam deflection, component design (beam, code, column, connection, tension member, philosophy), frame deflection, load & load's path (dead, influenced line, lateral, live, moving-load, tributary area), reinforced concrete (beam, code, column, footing, slab, wall), static determinant of force (beam, frame, truss), static determinant of stability (beam, frame, truss), structure, truss deflection) ... ;

2.40:1, i.e. anamorphic widescreen ... ;

and; moreover; yet; Radical261;

  logic operator ;        
A N D and          
AND ( logical operator ) ;  

and; as well as; Radical80;

debit card and PIN number; Also see: bank; Biz;

Angola, , , , 244;

Anguilla, , , , 1;

IoT-SA, Internet of Things - Semantic Annotator; Also see: IoT; resource;

        antenna ;      
sector ed antenna ; receive r antenna ;    
    gain factor ;        
C A T V , community antenna television ;  

this DOMAIN 's (2,3 dimensional AND 3,4 dimensional) Carbon Nano Wall digital antenna for numerological hyperspace crafts ... ;  

(toward the front (anterior)), as opposed to (toward the back (posterior)); Also see: Directions;

Antigua, , , , 1;

any one ;    
any character
any type ;  

any type ... ;

apex ;      


      for each AppID , do AntiVirus  
A p p I D , Application ID , e.g.
{ ???????? - ???? - ???? - ???? - ????????????
} ;                

AppID is similar to CLSID; also see: CLSID;

        apple ;      
Bus ;          
Desktop ;  
extend ed extended ;  
key ;          
  key board keyboard ;
menu ;      

apple menu;

IFF computer, also see: www.apple.com;

oracle (AQPC, AQ Process Coordinator) DBA;

artificial intelligence array, e.g. v [i], v (i); also see: variable; record; any type, IFF ( * )/()^;

199945 (arrive); 1999413 (arrival); Radical167;

oracle (ASH Buffers) MMNL; Also see: Network Topology (Ring Topology);

aspect ratio (e.g. AR) ... ; Also see: UNIT;

whenever X's length is not equal to Y's length in X Y coordinate, aspect ratios begin, and keywords would be: landscape (e.g. X > Y), portrait (e.g. X < Y), ... ;

language code (1045) Assamese language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

assembly ;  
    cable ; cache ; cell
assembly and disassembly ; H D A , head -
disk assembly ; language ; manifest ; time
; upper window display column assembly ;      

assembly, in addition to multi time lines (instruction set), iroColourWaveForm with light board, so called surface based, and then, define your own (dimensional AND directional) gravity spots in 21st century ... ;

asteroid, comet, meteor, nebulae, also see: constellations;

Atomic Clocks, using ( time zone and radio) to adjust current time ... ;



authentication also see: digital certificate;

code (e.g. authorization code) ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ ... ;

automatic light (switch) ... ;

automotive e.g.

address (, 1326462945 a.k.a. AUTOMOTIVE, network topology;

automotive     automotive;

automotives ... ; e.g. elevated, raised; using Gravity Dimension Computer;

5MIC, AUX IN, AUX OUT, headphone, headset line in, microphone, speaker out, S P K (♯ Ω), ... , also see: audio device;

        aviation ;      
  aviation e.g. to fly OR
,       to take a flight ;

aviation data, e.g. flight's current (e.g. now, e.g. at this present) location, using GPS info as signal, every 3 seconds (i.e. Clock's time interval), input data, output data, ... ;

IFF artificial intelligence ( Await) also see: reusable Await;

, , plug type (A) also see: EPPs ... ; global smart grid;

Asian calligraphy; Aztec symbol; Chinese calligraphy; comic inspired emoji; distinctive illustrative; Egyptian hieroglyphics; Emoji; illuminated manuscript; personalized Emoji; pictographic script; Rebus; Sumerian cuneiform pictographic; Sign & Symbol; symbolic alphabet; symbolic form of expression; symbolic visual artistry;