Radical : Radical : Radical : ( Radical365) nine strokes in Kanji;

dimensional, e.g.

((2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) doko WHERE (2*5) is like within (13=8+5) our universe, (2*6) is like depth of our universes (this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts went very very very far away in our universes), (2*7) is like 2 phase lunar calendar (i.e. accordance with 4 phase lunar calendar (FMD, NMD), ... ;

directional, e.g.

Gravity Dimension Computer (
advanced Artificial Intelligence System,
Artificial Intelligence system,
Anti Virus system,
Dark Energy Engineering system,
device driver system,
functional metric system,
Gene Therapy System,
Idea Processor SYSTEM,
imaginary hyper space system,
language learning system,
Manmade Global Weather system,
multi dimensional system,
numerological system,
Solar Sail system,
teleportation system,
triangulation web system,
 ... );

logical, e.g.

in Hiragana: necessary; pivot; required; vital point;

in Kanji: essence; key to; main point; need; pivot;

in Katakana: pivot; Remark: yellow background with green STRING, because, in ACT3 imaginary space (Solar Sail) , the only way to proactive & prosper by perceiving energy (e.g. DEE) ... ;

numerological, e.g.



structural, e.g.

AI ( composite keyword a.k.a. key) for each database;

well trained kids! replied : WHY do we need composite key sir ?
I wrote : relational algebra (logical analysis) can prompt results via query, and (WHEN, WHILE) using logical call (e.g. "where") among (database . table) resources, designing & using composite key is essential and it behaves like primary key but much better than both primary key and foreign key;

in ACT2 imaginary hyper space, IFF 6 of semicircles are placed within a ring e.g. 2,3 dimensional momentum, (360 = 6 * 60) omni directional may begin; And Then, using (60) only would be one of the wormhole (45, 60, 72) parameters of this DOMAIN ... ;

Radical : Radical : Radical : Radicals;