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      Carbon Dated Archaeology ;    
C14 , Carbon - 14 ;  
C17 , 17 = ...    
measure number year s ago ;  
e.g. 1000 year s ago ;    

in 3,4 dimensional idea, 17 is a factor to be (2*5), (2*6), (2*7) WHERE JUN vs. Lunar can be understood ... ; C14 is Western Civilization's measurement (approx. less than 100 years, since nuclear was invented); Advance Eastern Civilization's developers should use C17, because 4PP's Complex Ion space lengths has been constraint itself in 2,3 dimensional environment; Develop C17 method, for dating back in time period ... ; Advance Eastern Civilization's ACT3 Space Idea similar to galaxy distance measurement (i.e. mm variation of Yellowish1 and Yellowish2); Same approach, same idea, same method, C17 has been ... ;

Cable To Wireless, also see: Schematic Symbol;

cable lock slot, also see: Security;

the longest distance router is camera (in our world, in our universe) ... ; 1st to understand wormhole (refer to lights are kuru kuru, along with human beings livable moons' peaceful & tranquil orbital momentum); 2nd to understand multi long length neutrino laser (can emit long distance communication signal a.k.a. big band); 3rd to install this DOMAIN 's contents and HOW ... (e.g. AI, system);


Camera maker; Camera model;

IFF detail keyword (documents) Callback number, Camera maker, Camera model, Car phone, Categories, Cc, Cc addresses, Cell phone, Channel number, Children, City, Classification, Client ID, Closed captioning, Color, Comments, Company, Company main phone, Complete, Composers, Computer, Conductors, Connected, Contact names, Content created, Content status, Content type, Contributing artists, Contributors, Conversation ID, Copyright, Country, Creators, ... ;

Capacitors_, Circuit Protection_, Electromechanical_, Inductors AND Filters_, Resistors_, RF Modules_, Semiconductors_, ... ; iro ... ;

(e.g. CBR) constant bit rate;


bio cell, e.g. we human beings are approx. 36+ trillion cells ... ;

( book; cell; formula; name; sheet; value; ... );

(action; center; clock; indicator; input; network; power; volume; ... );

cell _path _down, cell _path _left, cell _path _right, cell _path _up, also see: Schematic Symbol;

computer e.g. fuel cell Computers ... ;

cell path, 1st to understand GUI pointing device for example: a mouse; 2nd to understand table design, so that each recorded data inside each cell are gathered/formed/blocked as row and column; 3rd to understand channel in microprocessor [ after year 2000s, "nano processor" ... by slicing time in nano G... ] WHICH vector-processes a.k.a. dimensional-processes, for example: in Excel, while using left, right, up, down arrows; Therefore, concerning instruction, 1 cell path is 1 vector-process a.k.a. 1 dimensional-process; also see: DEE line; IFF cell path's fragment of time ... , also see: MOBILE System Number; IFF RDBMS, record inside cell can be access... database _ name . table [ row , column ] . data _ inside _ cell, so that cell path can also be understood in relational database management system approach; also see: path ; IFF cell path + , also see: 5-way controller; kuru kuru of 5 ... ;

Cell phone

this character must be in left side; Radical37, also see: Radicals;

numeric character reference; Shift JIS; Unicode; UTF-8; also see: ( decimal, HEX) ... ;

character entity ; character set;

China, , , , 86;

(Sanyo World Clock) CHN: Beijing ... ; (world time);

(Sanyo World Clock) CHN: Hong Kong ... ; (world time);

SONY time zone (GMT+8:00) Beijing  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

SONY time zone (GMT+8:00) Hong Kong  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

this DOMAIN (Satellite DNS System) for each city in China, Manmade Global Weather (Directional Plasma Cluster) as service, remove PM (2.5, 10) pollution; to do so, create 3 (1 meter) gravity spots above the city's sky as tangent line, and wind speed must be breezy air, and wind direction must be toward the nearest sea; i.e. using ( Natural FMD Water Elevator; Natural NMD Water Elevator) Method ... ;

culture, a.k.a. civilization;

      analysis e.g. 1aComputer ;
      computational e.g. 7cComputer ;
      construction e.g. 9cComputer ;
      design e.g. 4dComputer ;
    dynamic   e.g. 6dComputer ;
      economic e.g. 5eComputer ;
  environmental , ethic e.g. 9eComputer ;
    fluid   e.g. 7fComputer ;
  geotechnical     e.g. 3gComputer ;
    hydraulic   e.g. 2hComputer ;
    hydrologic   e.g. 8hComputer ;
      material e.g. 7mComputer ;
  Mathematics ; ;      
  ;   mechanic e.g. 2mComputer ;
  probability     e.g. 3pComputer ;
    static   e.g. 9sComputer ;
  statistic     e.g. 3sComputer ;
  surveying     e.g. 5sComputer ;
  ; ; transportation e.g. 2tComputer ;

environmental geotechnical mathematics, e.g. no more earthquake in Japan, e.g. no more tsunami in Japan; WHAT is civilization? entities e.g. color coded dress & uniform for children, e.g. color coded dress & uniform for professionals, e.g. inspections & codes for enforcement and verification, e.g. laws & regulations for civilians, e.g. license and rights to do businesses, e.g. vinaya for monks and nuns, e.g. wealth distributions, ... , in generations ... ;

oracle (CKPT, Checkpoint Process); BW; ( Data & Temp Files, System, Undo); Database Area; Fast Recovery Area; DBW;

combining diacritical marks; combining diacritics (symbols); combining half marks; also see: AI FONT;

computer computer ;          
monitor ; environment ally friend l y computer ( e.g.
low power consumption ) a.k.a. green PC ; computer -
aid ed instruction ; data process in g system security
, computer system security ; computing system ; double -
boot , 2 operating system s on 1 computer ;
F O R T R A N , formula translation
( computer language ) ; hidden character ( e.g. in
computer game s ) ; computer output micro film e
r , COM device ; role play ( e.g. 95
RPG computer game s ) ; home ; COM ,
computer out put micro film i n g ; the
5 t h generation ; hierarchical computer network ; all
- 95 - 1 PC ; Power book ( type
of computer ) ; homo genous computer net work ;
full size ; program me ; on line scientific ;
fuzzy ; resource ; parallel ; F E , front
- end ;              


Coordinate Axis    
Coordinate Axis    
coordinate ;
coordinate ;
absolute coordinate a.k.a. absolute address ; grid ;  
point ; user ;        
        W C , world coordinate ;

coordinate grid;

parallel coordinates, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 177, Multi Curvature Surface Model (Data Point);

          cordless ;    
Browser ( cookie ) ; radio telephone ; telephony ;
Wireless ;                

(core, a.k.a. nuclei; edge, a.k.a. membrane), also see: Physics Law 234;

HTML (Cascade Style Sheet CSS, css) ... ;

CT, a gene code; CT, Computed Tomography; e.g.

CAT, Computerized Axial Tomography, a.k.a. CT; DBS, Deep Brain Stimulation; EEG, electroencephalogram; MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging; PET, Positron Emission Tomography;

gene code ( e.g. CT ) 1
part of pattern s OR ... ;
IFF numerological dimension , 76647555 ( Good Gene ) ;
AI ( sequence ) to do
therapy increase Life Span ;    

Also see: P vector direction;

CT ( Computerized Tomography ) computer tomography
ct Scanner      
    CT , Computed Tomography ;  
    CT , Computed Tomography ;  
    CT , Computed Tomography ;  
    CT , Computed Tomography ;  
    CT , Computed Tomography ;  
          CT scanner ;  
              ct Scanner ;  

1st, naturally and universally, with dimensional spin speeds for each surface, also see: 4 Planets Prediction;
2nd, Gene Therapy System ( CT Scanner) SQL data ... ;
3rd, remote method (e.g. patient is not using usamyanmar.net installed computer, e.g. user's version registry data is lower than current knowledge level);

CVP, Central Venous Pressure, (2-6 mmHg) is normal; Also see: Gene Therapy System index; Physics Law 113, any moving location of point, ... ;