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  Reiwa time period of Japan (since 5th year (2024) ... (our earth)) ... ;

January 17, 2024; MSN news; Origin W u k o n g quantum computer (state-of-the-art), up-and-running (Open) n i t o t t e For global users .  .  .  . ;

this DOMAIN developer's remark: since 2024, up-and-running services to 61+ (countries, domain names, GIF systems, IC ON Secured System ID (s), nations, phone codes, telecommunication companies (x line), .  .  .  . ;

Also see: http://www.ecns.cn ;
Also see: https://m.originqc.com.cn ;
Also see: https://www.globaltimes.cn ;

Also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War . HTML ;

October 6 (Friday) 2023; NHK News; Fujitsu and Riken successfully joint invented 2nd Quantum computers;

a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's wild guess (without lab report) would be: Fujitsu and Riken successfully joint invented 2nd Quantum (Reminder: Usage: "Quantum" means Electrons' kyori Distances are measured ... ), and since March 2023, Quantum Computers have been serving Japan, a.k.a. NIPPON;

another wild guess would be: lights are measured by ("AB Distance") 1st, And Then, the same iro LED based, but lights are measured by its width 2nd i.e. in addition to AB Distance 1st; in Nanobot Programming, WHEN those Electrons (lesser heat as lower potential ones, a.k.a. minus ion ones, a.k.a. negatively charged ones) As Membrane, And Then, ( pair, paired, pairing) so called receptor (e.g. agonist; Reminder: you shouldn't pair core, you should pair edge), And Then, the defined unwanted (Biopsy, Pathogen, Sample) is matched && mapped, And Then, ware ware We're able to defeat any known (enemy, foe) airborne virus, pathological patterns, oncological genes, and so on ... ; another imaginary would be: Universal Serial Bus (USB) means "using 3+ lights" in directional ... and I've a gift for you i.e. Default . Lights . Sheet . Sample .GIF; Also see: Dark Energy Engineering (DEE); 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;

( 29 Days, 29 Days, 29 Days, 29 Days),
( 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days),
observed planet ... , also see: Constellations; Time;

((2566, 2567) - 543); 2022-2023; verify ( ID, international Band) ... ;

2566; 2022; this DOMAIN 's design model e.g. avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan; World's 1st Idea Processor based jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( HTML) program (webpage (avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan)), designed, modeled, and programmed by Rakhine American, and one of the intellectual properties of the United States of America; using 3,4 dimensional bio Physics Cell: easy to understand, step-by-step explanation, (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural) ... ;

2566; June 12, 2022; NHK News; palm vein authentication; e.g.

transaction at the ATM machine, by using palm vein authentication ... ;
transaction at the POS machine, by using palm vein authentication ... ;
transaction on-line (using palm vein authentication) ... ;

beyond finger print authentication; 60+ nations have deployed, implemented, and installed already; user must place the palm over the palm vein reader, And Then, ( blood vessel, blood vessel, vein, Vein) patterns are read by the palm vein reader; nowadays Fujitsu notebook computer can be login by using its built-in palm vein reader; because of biometric access control (Method, Procedure, Technique), optional reserve ones are Barcode card, Credit card, Debit card, ID card, RFID card, ... ;

2566; May 1, 2022; NHK News; https://www.fujitsu.com 's Super computer Fugaku, the fastest computer;



2022 NIPPON 's world fastest computer ;    
    , Radical47 ;      
    , Radical38 ;      
    , Radical131 ;      
    , Radical91 ;      
    , Radical1 ;      
    , Radical54 ;      
Also see : RIKEN , https://www.riken.jp ;    

2565; Nov. 16, 2021; NHK News; NIPPON a.k.a. Japan's Fugaku Computer, 4+ years already As (World's Fastest Computer, world's the best performance computer) i.e. the highest technology (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, ... ) ... ;

            fugaku Computer
            fugaku Computer
            fugaku Computer
            fugaku Computer

well trained kids! replied: We like to design & model like Japanese design model ("fugaku Computer") sir, can you teach us?

I wrote: well, you need to realize & understand (1&&1, a.k.a. one AND one) e.g. lower 1 line must be matched to upper 1 line, so THAT end-of-the-line's Action will be computing ... ; I've a quiz, how many line can be computing if 15x15 like above table's ("fugaku Computer")? Also see: Server, And Then, try to realize & understand (Mobile vs. Normal) doko WHERE edges are diff;

well trained kids! replied: 13 lines sir, very Basic like you're ... ;

I wrote: mochiron of course; remember, this is "a Tarzan" alike Rakhine American's way of understanding HOW computing should be ... ; I've intentionally left 23x23, 108x108, ... for you to be AAI Programmer, Humanoid Nama Programmer, Idea Processor Programmer, Nanobot Programmer, ... ; Remark: if not line-by-line Method, GUI method ... ;

21st century & beyond : Gravity Dimension Computer : Gravity Dimension Computer : Gravity Dimension Computer ( TFT, TFT, TFT, TFT) ... ; Remark: every ZCS must be designed & modeled with ({11,11,11} with Maroon Color) i.e. very basic 2 colored ZCS (approx. 28+ years old info, as of 2021/2565), ... and 1980s modeled Black & Red Flat Screen is universally TRUE ... doko WHERE DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) began, And Then, nowadays' Gravity ... , And Then, you'll know & learn HOW detail specification (defined gravity spots' size, directional gravity pressure, directional gravity spots, (static, dynamic) gravity spots, structural gravity spots), on human beings livable moons, And Then, you may enjoy healthy long life, be peaceful, ... , but BLI (Body Length Index) diff, type (blood), variation (on human beings livable moons) is still R&D HOW to solve ? C a t u m m a h ā r ā j i k a; T ā v a t i m s a; T u s i t a; N i m m ā n a r a t i; P a r a n i m m i t t a V a s a t t i; Y ā m a; Also see:

c Pali;
n Pali;
p Pali;
t Pali;
y Pali;

2564; Nov., 2020; this DOMAIN developer purchased, And Then, has been using IT i.e. dynabook (Also see: https://us.dynabook.com) ... ;

World's 1st Windows 10 Pro AR Smart Glasses, since 2018;
World's 1st 4K Laptop, since 2014;
World's Thinnest & Lightest Tablet, since 2012;
World's 1st Lightest 13.3" Laptop, since 2011;
World's 1st Laptop with Quad Core HD Processor, since 2008;
World's 1st Wireless Docking, since 2007;
World's 1st NVIDIA GeForce4 Laptop, since 2002;
World's 1st Integrated DVD, since 1998;
World's 1st Integrated Optical Drive, since 1995;
World's 1st Laptop with Lithium Ion Battery, since 1993;
World's 1st TFT Color Display, since 1991;
World's 1st Laptop, since 1985;

Remark: since 2016, NIPPON based SHARP Corporation (U.S. Stock Symbol: O T C M K T S : S H C A Y), owned by Taiwan based Fox con n Group, and one of its subsidiaries is Dynabook; this DOMAIN 's contents are developed by dynabook (bit locker encrypted TOSHIBA STORAGE (D:\)) with Microsoft Windows 10 OS;

R P Y F H N O can be using NOT ONLY for Gene Therapy System (Also see: Physics Law 789, r G T S U), BUT ALSO for "rollable" computer, to do so, 1st to understand "Wrapped" e.g. ( Wrapped, Wrapped), 2nd to understand 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, 3rd to understand "bamboo stem" factor (yellowish variations on human beings livable moons), ... ; Remark: world's 1st "Tarzan" Method of HOW "roll-able" computer would be ... ;

( kontororu Control, kontororu Control, kontororu Control) ... ; Gene Therapy System for each ((individual), (patient (Pt)), (User)), also see: index;

Toshiba, world's 1st multi systems inventor, since 1980s, And Then, in 2020s Toshiba has started unbreakable encryption (Idea Processor), together with (BT, British multinational Telecommunication, www.bt.com ) and (Ericsson, Swedish multinational networking and telecommunication, www.ericsson.com ) ;

i.e. beyond dialog; i.e. beyond paragraph (sentences, words); Idea Processor is beyond equalizer, translator, GPS, ... , and Toshiba has reached yellowish variation level (Gravity Dimension Computer) ... ; for basic understanding 1st to understand WHAT is Pipelining (since 1990s), And Then, Parallel Computing IFF 45 degree (Pipelining) ... ; for basic understanding 2nd to understand WHAT is Cloud Keywords (e.g. branch able, brunch able) AI, CE, Dx, CS, GS, LS, MS, PE, Pt, Rx, Tx, V M, ... ; 3rd to do R&D ... ; Remark: regarding 21st century & beyond, this DOMAIN 's the most advance programming would be in Pali (a.k.a.  Buddhism's holy language) for nama programming (humanoids) ... ;

well trained kids! replied: we still don't understand WHAT is multi system sir ?
I wrote: long long time ago, systems were diff e.g. television systems (NTSC television system, PAL television system, SE-CAM television system), And Then, DTT, Digital Terrestrial Television, ... ; World's 1st multi systems inventor is Toshiba, and a device WHICH is functional among (NTSC, PAL, SE-CAM, ... ) is called multi system ... ;

8/22/2018 /2562 NHK news: FUJITSU, and RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science, Kobe, NIPPON (Japan) designed, engineered and invented world's fastest computer, by structural (6 cm, 6 cm) processor ;

deduction logic (form) : 6, 6; Also see: Idea Processor;

cm (centimeter); m (meter); mm (millimeter); Radical156;

circuit; circumference; lap; Radical510;

6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; using jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (perimeter degree (counter for occurrences and times, also see: degree ), reversed yellowish variation, yellowish variation, (zoom-in, zoom-out) camera) regarding structural (6 cm, 6 cm) processor  ... ;

- 6 surfaced DEE box in Z-index;
- 6 ZCS based DEE box in Z-index; Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

IFF you design Gravity Dimension Computer, 1st to make sure kan Weight must obey gravity spots e.g. 2 gravity spots for GPS, 4 gravity spots for automotive computer, 6 gravity spots for humanoids, ... ; 2nd to make sure FE (Front End) computers' lifted weight (i.e. gravity's upward directional into sky) should be equal to BE (Back End) computers' weight as gravity; 3rd to make sure and test solar sail methods e.g. yellowish variations for each human beings livable moon in our universes ... ; and then, R&D e.g. 5W1H of new energy HOW to SYNC (a.k.a. Synchronization) parallel times ... , because beyond constellations, signals (beyond low amp, beyond structural nodes to emit, beyond x variable modulation and SPL (Sound Pressure Level) oscillation) become NOT able to SYNC parallel time (i.e. as of 2015/2559) ... ;

ONE DAY, if you like to be computer architect, or computer scientist, start learning a web site like this DOMAIN, and then realize kuru kuru (other words would be: life cycle, rounding, WHILE) 1st; after understanding programming loops (refer to kuru kuru), and then realize (Ref a.k.a. reference, Val a.k.a. value) 2nd, because all chip sets require feedbacks (refer to Ref or Val); after understanding kuru kuru, Ref or Val, and then realize the most important time (e.g. time lines) and doko WHERE to be ACTION (e.g. streaming means right side's files are upward from bottom, at the same time at top, right side's contents are flowing toward left side; another example would be: multi layers mean between foreground (a.k.a. forefront) and background (remember: capture method begins IFF wormhole's length ... ), in common, side-by-side method; another example would be: GPS computing means HOW (left side ( 5) vs. right side ( 5)) behave regarding a dot on zero curvature screen surface); in common, calculator, dictionary, translator, ... , and realize THAT all embedded devices obey SQRT2 's floating point numbers ... ; if you do, ONE DAY ... ;

1st , logo ,    
2nd , BIOS ,      
3rd , boot ,    
4th , OS ,    
5th , system ;      

(a.k.a. green light); Computer = Hardware + Software;

Laptop Computer: e.g. LAPTOP-????????;
Laptop Computer: variable location awareness;
Desktop Computer: e.g. DESKTOP-????????;
Desktop Computer: not much variable location awareness like Laptop Computer;

Remark: Gravity Dimension Computer is like C Sequence Number (BF1) growth rate with its weight;
Remark: desktop computer is like without rechargeable battery technology;
Remark: laptop computer is like with rechargeable battery technology;

Gravity Dimension Computers must obey kan Weight measurement for each surface;

2-sided surface based computing;

Gravity dimension computer ( light; video; audio; data; ... ): defining div/2 Fully _distributed by C Sequence Number (♯+2), (♯+3), (♯+4), ... , by developing (♯-2), (♯-3), (♯-4), ... with DEE, light, ... ; Because lights vary IFF gravity is applied ... beyond 88...88 ... a.k.a. numerological dimensional ... ;

lightweight notebooks, or smart devices;

Among types of computer, only 2 kinds of computer exist: either open architecture or close architecture;  In open architecture, detail specification is available to public, on the other hand, close architecture computers' specifications are not available;  The following contents are alphabetically unsorted, and top listed computer is the fastest computer concerning processing speeds;  IFF computer becomes overhead or high heat, also see: "fault" ... ;

Remark: It is almost impossible to know all Right pane, Left pane, and Menu, for example, if someone knows a Menu, he / she might not know Right pane and Left pane, vice versa, if someone knows Left pane, he / she might not know a Menu, and so on;  Trillions dollars businesses, operated by computers in 21st century, therefore, it is good not to know all 3 differences;

IFF ର ( 0, 1, 0, 1) i.e. ... ; 4;

Quantum computer: defining where 2 . N, 2N, Number2, , ... ;    NEC's quantum computerCanon's quantum computer;

IFF teleportation AND quantum computation, time lines are (2 * 5), (2 * 6), (2 *7), with specific surfaces in numerological dimension ... ;

IFF 3,4 dimensional, WHILE this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional space craft is now teleporting (i.e. 2535769212965), using (2 * 6) time line only ... ;


Kei The K computer, designed, developed and engineered by Fujitsu, RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science, Kobe, NIPPON (Japan); one of the fastest computers in our earth;

with The K computer, calculations e.g. entropy, methane hydrate, pattern recognition (binding patterns, 500 compound types, 388 protein types), Z INDEX computational science (microscope as zoom in, telescope as zoom out) can be very quick ... ;

Super computer: (Super computer ( Node (CPU (Logical) (Vector)) (M M U ((Memory architecture (Shared) (Distributed))) (Memory's volume capacity) (Data transfer rate)) (I X S)) ... );  i.e. SX-8 in 2006;

In year 2012/2556, IBM Super computer (i.e. Sequoia) world's fastest super computer, 15 times faster than IBM Super Computer (i.e. Blue Gene / P), and faster than Fujitsu's Kei (The K computer); NHK News 2012/6/18;

maru maru computer i.e. roll-able computer ... ; near future's computer; 1st to understand HOW light can be stretched; 2nd to understand directional gravity (a part of DEE); 3rd to develop roll-able computer; e.g. menu options seem roll alike; e.g. hardware (computer) itself can be roll-able;

Mainframe computer: ... ;

Mini computer: ... ;

Server computer: (Server computer (Hot swap) (NAS Storage) (Rack mount) (RAID) (Tower) (...));

Workstation computer: = desktop computer = microcomputer;

PC: = personal computer = microcomputer; Might not be in Intranet or Internet;

IFF *book, also see: copy book model pattern ... ;

Notebook computer: = laptop computer = mobile computer = microcomputer;  Portable; also see: book;

+ IFF 3D (base   ; bias   ; noCOOKIE   IE; sound _beam   Ȣ; system   3.0) ... ;

_ IFF (     display) 3D GUI ... ;

+ IFF (MOUSE) 285 Link; (hyper sphere) Time; 27 Using background OR taskbar; 3D GUI... ;

Net book computer: = portable AND light weight AND thin but NOT flexible AND Internet ready computer;  After year 2008/2552, a part of nano-computer, doko WHERE 150x CD track becomes embedded as USB <> S S D, doko WHERE TCP/IP (e.g. IPv6) becomes embedded as 60mm Natural Time, doko WHERE DC battery cells become light = (charge <S Y N> feedback), doko WHERE kinetic energy has been defined by 6 holes [ 1st to understand 3 holes ], ... ;

IFF automotive computer ( hybrid, v v t - i), using artificial intelligence (GPS, USB) to elevate model name (e.g. Sequoia) ... ;

Handheld computer: = palm computer = PDA = pocket PC = mobile compact computer;

IFF smart phone, i.e. web (computer) ... ;

        ultra ;      
        book ;      

 approx. 12mm; Thin & light notebook PC i.e. ultra book, 26 help keep chassis ... with 6 layers, invented by Panasonic in 2011/2555;

IFF *book, also see: copy book model pattern ... ;

Tablet pc computer: = mobile computer; in common, screen with multi-touch, Using multifunctional pen, ... ; multi-touch screen is i Phone alike, WHICH means, by Using fingers, screen's display can be ... e.g. %, zoom in, zoom out, in addition to cell path ... ; Remark: keywords multi-touch and multifunctional pen are originally from FUJITSU;

using artificial intelligence, IFF INDEX ( table) 3952 5928 ... , i.e. tablet 66 OEM ... ; Therefore, Tablet can browse Internet without roaming to-and-from communication company ... ;

tablet personal computer (tablet PC) ... ;

Fuel cell computer: since 2000s, Nippon's invention;

HOW to use bio clock? i.e. 1st to understand; Like rechargeable battery, cells become bigger means energetic (powerful), on the other hand cells become smaller means weak a.k.a. no power; life expectancy of cells vary (variable) e.g. worm can live a few hours if compare to we human beings can live a few decades, therefore time periods as instruction a.k.a. architecture 2nd; and then, data, control, mnemonic, ... with functions ... so called fuel cell computer; Hint: you need to understand 5 moons in day time configuration's DEE and light (e.g. growth rate) to do engineering ... ;

Microwave computer: since 1950s, microwave computer, China's invention;

microwave radiation and sound must be thoroughly understood 1st; and then, wave patterns as instruction a.k.a. architecture 2nd; and then data, control, mnemonic, ... with functions ... so called microwave computer;

Wearable computer: also see: touch screen support by Windows7;

Optical computer: since 2010s, Nippon's invention;

Like C C D technology, lights as surface must be thoroughly understood, a.k.a. WORMHOLE 's directional projection within the defined time; and then strings go through the surface can be defined by distance e.g. 14mm yellowish variation as distance, e.g. 12mm yellowish variation as distance, e.g. 10mm yellowish variation as distance, e.g. 5mm yellowish variation as distance, e.g. 3mm yellowish variation as distance, e.g. 2mm yellowish variation as distance; and then, lights can measured by distance and time; and then data, control, mnemonic, ... with functions ... so called optical computer; Hint: you need to understand HOW to create wormhole with 5 diff time lines 1st;

Note: processing speeds, measured in FLOPS;  IF NOT being cheated, benchmarking of FLOPS must explicitly define the point where to be truncated;

(the device, at the risk of being out of date), also see: update;

Time slices become smaller, and smaller,

            y o c t o time prompts Y o t t a numbers; 

Larger numbers [i.e. A, B, C, D, E, ...] provide microscopic mole structures,

            dot product s still is in non-vector

Faster the computing speed, quantitative processed results qualitative "quantity to quality",

            momentum of universe, distance Z is coming inward; 

Human beings can only have aspect ratio in X Y,

            the rests must be done multi-dimensional; 

In common, one two steps human can perform,

        while dealing with incoming Z, time slice must dot place vector to be; 

When someone can do arrayed-offset multi-dimensions, vector-processing gains quantum computing ... ;


computer ;  
computer s ;
              . . .

IFF computing trends:

computer without mouse, batch processing begins ... ;
computer with indexing algorithms, database begins ... ;
computer with mouse, GUI begins ... ;
computer with calculator, time slice begins ... ;
computer with equalizer, multi-tasking begins...; no more context switch;
computer with cell path, spreadsheet begins ... ;
computer with organizer, search non-volatile data begins ... ;
computer with MODEM, wire network begins ... ;
computer with dictionary, keyword begins ... ;
computer with translator, audio begins ... ;
computer with radio, wireless begins ... ;
computer with USB, particle kinetic energy begins ... ;
computer with GPS, location begins ... ;
computer with layered display, 3D GUI begins ... ;
computer without iroColourWaveForm, iro LED begins ... ;
computer with gravity, dimensional lights begin ... ;
computer with lighter and lighter weight e.g. DEE (GPS) directional elevation begins ... ;

computer with numerological dimension, quality might begin, IFF "q", "u", and "l" can be swap ... ;
computer with numerological dimension, calculator might become a base for floating point parameter ... ;
computer with numerological dimension, parallel time might be further study ... ;
computer with numerological dimension, ACT2 108 configuration might be possible ... ;
computer with numerological dimension, ACT3 Universal Positioning System might be possible ... ;

computer with hybrid (e.g. disk, gravitational lights, IC, ... ) HYBRID SYSTEM ... , for flying automotives ... , 669 stated packets 95 networking (e.g. peer-to-peer with confirmation), for stateless packets in networking (e.g. distributed with destination and source without confirmation), ... ;

C I S C , complex instruction set computer s ;  
RISC , reduce d instruction set computer s ;

IFF not (silicon) by replacing silicon technology, computers are: atomic computer, DNA computer, optical computer, quantum computer, ... ; Pg. 123, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, MICHIO KAKU, 2008;

   ア  メ  リ  カ       緬  甸  .  網
  a Computer About OS Windows            
  b Computer Back bar                  
  c Computer Center change Close Computer copy 66
  d Computer Disconnect drive Desktop         
  e Computer Edit Eject _           
  f Computer File Folder Forward _         
  g Computer 76 Go 26 To         
  h Computer Help     _         
  i Computer 95 Is _           
  j Computer               
  k Computer     +           
  l Computer legal ? level Libraries         
  m Computer Map network drive +         
  n Computer   network 655 one level     
  o Computer 66 of Open option 69 or Organize
  p Computer program properties Properties _         
  q Computer _               
  r Computer Refresh Computer _           
  s Computer Status Sync System _         
  t Computer 26 To 2895 this Tools Refresh Computer
  u Computer Uninstall 37 Up         
  v Computer View _             
  w Computer Windows OS _           
  x Computer _               
  y Computer   _             
  z Computer     _            
_ IFF Parallel Universe ( gravity dimension computer ) 7
IFF ( 青信号 OR あおしんごう ) SWITCH      

IFF +88...88- vice versa -88...88+, also see: Oh My Lord;

IFF ACT3 Imaginary Hyper dimensional (Heavenly Wheel Topology) testing...;

IFF with global network < 5 seconds a.k.a. 24mm Natural Time, WORMHOLE ... ; Orbit;

GDC, iroLED, also see: light depth vs. 5 Audio; green light;


network ( 1)     network ( 2)     network ( 3) ... ;

IFF language translator AND X HTML Script Editor, also see: l Computer . h t m, ... ;

IFF testing computer systems, also see: Computer Science; Testing; Remark: computer can be used for calculator, text i.e. character mapping/encoding/font, graphics i.e. color/pattern/display/dimension, game, data storage e.g. external/disk/cache/internal/latch/memory/disc/M E M STICK, synthesizer e.g. speaker system/module, printer, telephone i.e. Normal OR Mobile, mail e.g. e-mail/S M S/voice-mail, C N C a.k.a. machines' numerical control i.e. lathe/CAD/CAM, animation e.g. TV ad/cartoon movie/sequence pattern frame, organizer i.e. from sheet to relational database, fax e.g. COM port I/O receiving/transmitting, networking device i.e. bridge/router/SWITCH, Synchronizer e.g. computer inside automotives for timing/identification/communication a.k.a. Synchronization, Internet browser, scanner e.g. paper scanner/ M R I/ s c o p y *, simulator e.g. weather report/weather prediction, teleconferencing device, language translator e.g. pre-translation, audio/video recorder, code reader/decoder i.e. barcode/Credit Card/Debit Card/ATM/ R F I D, audio/video amplifier, camera i.e. perceiving light/time, radio, TV, CD/DVD player i.e. #x/in Distance-time, USB power supply, USB power battery charger, digital photo frame, digital photo album e.g. ..\..\Personal\Photo\Album\index .html, control channels i.e. multiplexing a.k.a. M U X, remote control devices including wire and wireless, spectrum tuner, time machine, ... , therefore, do it yourself approach only, detail specifications are not available ... ;

IFF COMPUTER ( NEC*) AND OS (NOT WINDOWS), also see: OEM ({99,33,FF});

Also see: Computing History; \\25520\; \\25530\; \\25540\; \\25550\; \\25560\; Grids vs. Other;

( B O M, B O M, B O M, B O M, B O M), n i t o t t e For (coloring AI FONT) e.g. 🌐  ... ;