7Practice, Microsoft OS     Last updated on 2012/2555     1     8, a full moon day;

Also see: Vista Practice; Win 8 Practice;


_ 1 - N: IFF 1 is Windows7 workstation, N servers to be managed; To do so, download mRemote from mremote.org;

IFF AI, 5?sleep....., start...;

(ICA), Citrix Independent Computing Architecture;   
(RDP), Remote Desktop Protocol;   
(RSAT), Remote Server Administration Tools;    
(SSH), Secure Shell;    
(VNC), Virtual Network Computing;    

_ 1 - N: manage 1 PowerShell v2 - remote 100 machine; ... 。


_ 64 bit, so becomes larger beyond 88...88, so called upgrading, ... ;


_ Action Center >> Reliability Monitor; Control Panel >> Maintenance >> ... ; link; Instant Search;


_ Aero Snap; Windows key >> left key, or right key to snap ... ; screen;


_ BranchCache as server 2008 R2 path; Branch Cache; file cache local; file via remote computer; round trips;


_ cmdlet; cmdlets; aka Windows7 PowerShell;


_ CommandPrompt AND Explorer Shift, Open, integral to Explorer, so called "Open Command Prompt";


_ Ctrl + N to stick note aka Stickier Notes;


_ Ctrl + Shift, click on taskbar; lock icon >> admin rights ... ;


_ DISM, Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM), drivers, features, list of packages, ... of current load windows;


_ faster installation, xcopy *.* from Windows7 installation DVD to USB drive >> boot from the USB drive >> ... ;


_ Federated Search; beyond local resources; also beyond network resources; (web) search with several connectors e.g. Twitter, YouTube, ... ;


_ Guest mode; user profile within; access; AD; ... ;


_ IE8 features; open browser InPrivate; session; Safety button >> InPrivate Browsing >> ... ;


_ IFF IE is 3rd button on taskbar, Windows key + 3 will launch IE, open IE, ... ;


_ IFF lock: AppLocker, since XP, Software Restriction Policies; with Group Policy, allow, execute, load, ... , can control application ... ;


_ IFF lock: BitLocker is essential, Ultimate Edition; BitLocker To Go encrypt USB removable storage ... ;


_ IFF user data is kept somewhere else, clean install is recommended;


_ ISE, Integrated Scripting Environment; (ISE) aka PowerShell console; Ctrl + Alt + I launch ... ;


_ ISO file, double click on ISO file to burn CD, DVD, ... ;


_ launch; (screen(drag AND drop));


_ Live Essentials; applications; download.live.com's applications e.g. Family Safety; Mail; Messenger; Movie Maker; Photo Gallery; Writer; ... ;


_ MDOP, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) [Windows7; technet.microsoft.com; 2009]; App -V; MED -V;


_ mklink, e.g. mklink Downlink UNC path; also see: commands;

mklink Downlink UNC path; IFF AI, Downlink?108, ..., also see: WirelessAntenna;
mklink Uplink UNC path
e.g. mklink FolderName \\ServerName\shareName; Library;

... 。

_ new Presentation mode, aka Windows + P; projector AND  screen; Windows + X access Mobility Center, IFF AI, mobile NOT normal;  ... ;


_ NOT VPN: DirectAccess remote access -base resources, Open by 2008 R2, ... ;


_ perfmon /report, inside Run dialog box; System Health; can save report as HTML;


_ PSR, Problem Steps Recorder [Windows7; technet.microsoft.com; 2009]; command prompt >> psr Instant Search launch recorder >> actions to recreate problems >> clicks will be recorded screens and steps ... >> PSR compile to MHTML file >> and then zip, and then e-mail to network admin for analysis ... ;


_ Remote Desktop Console: also see: 1 - N;


_ Resource Monitor (resmon); Analyze Process; Resource Monitor; Task Manager >> key >> CPU; Disk; Memory; ... ;


_ Restore Point; affected files and folders will show; Restore; System Restore; ... ;


_ Robocopy /? ; MT, multithreading;


_ Search Box; queries are kept by Registry;


_ shortcuts: , also see: schematic symbols keyboard's cell path


_ since Vista, Additional Clocks is to sync diff time zones; user can add 2+ clocks, in addition to current time zone; so, Sync Time Zones;  


_ system_Windows7_Computer_Management.htm;


_ Task Manager; manage services via taskbar; machine; also see: Resource Monitor;


_ Task Scheduler >> Event Viewer; Action >> attach; task; launch program; send e-mail; display message; Trigger; >> ... ;


_ Taskbar icon; open Control Panel; right click to select pin program to taskbar;


_ Time . Space WHERE

Calculator . Standard aka Alt♯1;
Calculator . Scientific aka Alt♯2;           
Calculator . Programmer aka Alt♯3;
Calculator . Statistics aka Alt♯4;
Remark: instead of longer and longer floating points, reduce design has been engineered, notice the 9 ............... 9, notice that 15 numbers exist between 9 ............... 9; IFF standard, 5 is next to 9 as 95; IFF beyond 88...88 aka USB, it is good to deploy sqrt(2) all the way to 97; Therefore, usamyanmar.net defines device = 2.9, via its ReadyMadeDirectory; because 123456789 has been numerological dimension ... ;

Start >> Calculator >> ...


_ touchscreen support;


_ Turn on or off Windows features; Control Panel >> Program and Features >> applet;


_ (UAC), User Account Control [Windows7; technet.microsoft.com; 2009]; Control Panel;


_ \/DI, \/irtual Desktop Infrastructure [Windows7; technet.microsoft.com; 2009];


_ VHD: attach VHD; create VHD; ... ; Computer Management >> Disk Management >> Disk Manager >> ... ; boot; mount; ... ;


_ View all: link, by Control Panel, local;


_ WEI, Windows Experience Index, sys property's rate [Windows7; technet.microsoft.com; 2009]; Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT); 5.9 < device > 7.9;


_ Windows key + Home, minimize current window;


_ Windows Vault, WHERE credentials (user names and passwords) are saved, ... ; Control Panel >> Credential Manager >> ... backup; restore; Instant Search >> control /userpasswords2 >> Advaced User Accounts Control Panel;


_ Windows7 vs. Linux: [labs@work; eWEEK; 2009/11/23]

Keyword Linux Windows7
access; Bitlocker; encryption; disk; drive; Group Policy; encrypt USB; time; TrueCrypt;  Bitlocker; OS; TPM aka Trusted Platform Module; store encryption key; USB;
allow; AppLocker; default behavior; file; folder; publisher;  AppArmor frameworks; Fedora distribution; Ubuntu distribution; SELinux frameworks; AppLocker; executable; install; script;
command; Font; line;  command; line; NOT EXIST taskbar; background|foreground same as Font >> command line; remark: there is no such PIF time AND Window time; PowerShell; ISE; background Silver; foreground Red; taskbar <switch> automatic time, so PIF time and Window time diff, therefore, property prompts file/dir diff ;
find; library; search; OpenSearch; IFF index AND search, mount remote location as folder, aka open source search tool Tracker; federated search; IFF NOT local, focus data search instance aka intranet SharePoint; 
OS; update;  KVM; Parallels Desktop; Player; VirtualBox; Vmware Workstation;  update Virtual computer hypervisor; XP Mode;
File; Help; Remote; internal IT operations; report bug;  Problem Steps Recorder; IFF start applet actions; screen shot IFF WHILE PSR run; email file zip MHT;
interface; open; allow; access; Linux desktop; NOT <switch> taskbar; therefore NO 2 times like windows, such as PIF time <switch> automatic time aka 2Times; Aero; display thumbnails; document; page; via taskbar do open instance; app's open instance cycle Taskbar;
certificate Contents; libraries;  Documents; populate; symlinks Download folder; symlinks generic Pictures; allow user; category; content; IFF content, local OR remote; document; picture; music; video; new libraries;
burn; ISO; images aka #m<age>s; blank disks; CD; DVD; mount ISO; mount; optical media; time;


_ WordPad with (.DOCX) format aka Office Open XML document;


_ XP, to be Windows7 upgrade; Windows7 can be installed into XP notebook;