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IFF Gravity Dimension Computer ((Red (234)), (Green (234)), (Blue (234))), e.g.





a.k.a. 99% transparency smart plastic computer computing, 99% transparency smart plastic mobile phone computing, 99% transparency smart plastic IoT device computing, ... ; Remark: 108x108, for each local (10), if multiplexing (10 * 108) i.e. 1080, on the other hand, if adding (108x108, 108x108, 108x108, 108x108, 108x108, 108x108, 108x108, 108x108, 108x108, 108x108) i.e. 1080;

IFF USB (3.0, 2.0), System Volume Information;

IFF (SQRT2 (±98), disc (e.g. BD, CD, DVD)), select to choose WHAT happen with ... ;

5W1H of ready made directory are:


_ when installing operating system into a hardware, sometimes operating system prompts not able to find a storage to install, and then use the ready made directory, because it has been stores this DOMAIN prior to operating system;

_ when servers become over heat inside; install this DOMAIN 's product into a drive will solve such heat;

_ when TTL problem exists, let IE run this DOMAIN for a while, and it helps;

_ when tree algorithms [e.g. B, B+, ... ] were very popular to create directory and sub-directories, but computing was not GUI;

in 1990s, Mac Plus and Windows 3.1 implemented tree in GUI folders, but computing was not browser independent; approx. around 1995, context sensitive a.k.a. hypertext became popular, but HTML hyperlink has been a solution since then;

in 2000s, OS independent browsers with audio, radio, video, ... multi-functional computing with built-in folders e.g. Computer with its built-in folders, Control Panel with its built-in folders, Network with its built-in folders, ... , and notice that folders have been defined by icon, in addition to a tree;

in 2552 [2008~2009], keyword ACTION [originally from SONY GPS system] provides browser independent drive letter icon [also see: auto run .inf], for example: if contents are in USB flash drive, and plug the flash drive into USB will prompt a window with so many system parameters; since graphics can be defined by deploying ACTION keyword, so many other system parameters are also available ... ; remark: it was almost impossible to program in C language to create such "ready made directory aka \\Desktop\*.*" by implementing a tree algorithm ... ;

in 2010s, Windows 7 ... , IFF USB hub [8 or more memory cards within a USB], and time slice becomes very very small inside, and then ACTION keyword might not be able to prompt its drive letter icon ... ;


_ what is ready made directory? ready made directory is a directory, however, it has its own built in system icon, for better understanding: e.g. right click on Start >> Explorer >> click on drive _letter (C:) >> click on \\Desktop\ folder >> click on \\serial\ folder >> IFF Vista, click on Views, and then choose Extra Large Icons >> Notice that YIN and YANG symbol is inside the directory;

_ \\Desktop\ *.* , originally was in green color font, reduced and "close architecture", and it was developed to stores usamyanmar.net prior to operating system while testing 2.01 system, and as a result of system testing, ready made directories are for operating systems installation ... ; therefore, users cannot change its folder icon either ... [users can test the directories via Explorer];

_ "ready made directory" a.k.a. \\Desktop\*.* are copyright free and loyalty free:

so operating systems can be installed into ... ,
so its folder icon can be tested ... ,
so 3G devices' smart card number can be unlocked at its unlock folder ... ,
so its sub-directories can be modified ... ,
so its global character can be linked from A based to "light rate bridge" ... ,
however, IFF reducing servers' heat, due to "fault" , and then do not modify \\Desktop\*.* aka "ready made directory" ... ;


_ right click on a folder, and then Properties >> Customize >> Change Icon... >> so user can define icon to a folder, and then do the same procedure to test \\Desktop\*.* and notice that "ready made directory" do not accept user define icon as its variable;

_ in some computer systems, IFF a folder's Change Icon Property was modified and cannot restore its original system value  [ i.e. after testing, the "Ready Made Directory", by changing its icon, by deleting its sub-folder and then copy and paste from original PRODUCT ... ], the only way to restore "Ready Made Directory" is: Start >> type in: msconfig and then enter >> Continue >> Diagnostic startup >> Apply >> OK >> restart the system; Now is the time to delete "Ready Made Directory" a.k.a. \\Desktop\*.* and its sub-folders, to do so, right click on Start >> Explore >> right click on \\Desktop\ and then Delete; run msconfig again, and boot the system as Normal startup; Now is the time to restore \\Desktop\ by copying from original PRODUCT ... ;

_ "Open With" is a system parameter of "file association", since "Ready Made Directory" has been with directory encryption, file's association such as "Open", "Open With" can be tested, can also be developed by user defined *.ico file a.k.a. icon [also see: 5_kinds_of_icon]; To do so, right click on Start >> Explore >> this DOMAIN (drive _letter:) >> Desktop >> and then choose a file e.g. \\sp arc\sp arc .tar,  \\Windows7\info .txt, ... , notice that Open in Menu bar change its icon, also notice that right click >> Open With >> Choose Default Program... >> Browse... >> user defined *.ico file aka icon can prompt as one of the system parameters a.k.a. Menu Bar option of Explorer; so file's association can be further understood ... ;


_ AI global characters have been developed, and as a result of 2.01 system testing, it prompts \\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\ACCESS\link\, so it prompts one of its global character as a directory to be linked; Also see: Retained Mode's input <device> ... a wild guess would be "one of four pins";

_ "ready made directory" a.k.a. \\hyper-v\ vs. \\sp arc\ , WHERE multi-functional system provides CentOS5, OS X, SUSELinuxenterpriseServer11, Ubuntu, UNIX, Windows7, WindowsServer2008R2, XPM, and Solaris10;


_ usamyanmar.net user WHO has already installed its Publisher .reg file into a local system, so that URL Info About is defined by this DOMAIN 's AI global characters; ... ;


_ IFF to reduce server's heat cause by "fault", and then installation of this DOMAIN is required into a local drive as easy as copy *.* into a drive; But, do not modify \\Desktop\*.* a.k.a. "ready made directory", and notice that server's temperature goes down and server performs as same as before;

_ after 2009 C28 compilation of content of this DOMAIN, ready made directory a.k.a. \\Desktop\*.* have been developed from "open architecture" to "close architecture", so files and directories become in reduce approach, and notice that file attribute is "Read-only" because it has been to solve server's heat;

_ IFF operating system to be installed into the "ready made directory" with its built-in \\link\ and then install into one of its directories e.g. Windows7; But do not modify \\Desktop\*.* built-in sub-directories;

_ IFF \\Desktop\*.* a.k.a. "ready made directory" are in Internet, and then click on \\(PC) link\, and then click on \\link\ , and notice that THIS DOMAIN solves A based to "light rate" based inside back-ends a.k.a. BE servers;

_ "ready made directory" are very difficult to create by users level, because directory encryption, file systems, graphics icon, and communication were involved while developing 2.01 system;

_ "ready made directory" are functional among different kinds of operating systems, also see: OS .txt ... ;

_ IFF testing communication, also see: \unlock\ 2,3 dimensional wireless phone \device\ ... ;

_ IFF system testing, also see: duo-binary automatic AI font; usamyanmar.net has set its AI system values as: (PC) link is 1;㈰link is 1;via Duo Binary bit .htm, however, duo-binary semiconductor device is out of a Myanmar's knowledge; IFF font size 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, ... very advance AI knowledge is required to develop fully duplex functional all font sizes;


_ IFF THAT, also see: 5W1H(THAT) with ReadyBoost Time Limit;
_ IFF THIS, also see: 5W1H(
THIS) without
ReadyBoost Time Limit;

_ IFF aka.INF(35526153), CentOS5, THIS AI;

_ IFF aka.INF(61326), OS X, THIS AI;

_ IFF aka.INF(13153953655259799151594594949), SUSELinuxEnterpriseServer11, THIS AI;

_ IFF aka.INF(323523), Ubuntu, THIS AI;

_ IFF aka.INF(3596), UNIX, THIS AI;

_ IFF aka.INF(6955214), system Free BSD, THIS AI;
_ IFF aka.INF(
552214), system Net BSD, THIS AI;
_ IFF aka.INF(
6755214), system Open BSD, THIS AI;

_ IFF aka.INF(595465155), Windows7, THIS AI;

_ IFF aka.INF(595465115945950484856950), WindowsServer2008R2, THIS AI;

_ IFF aka.INF(674), XPM, THIS AI;

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