Duo-binary bit     Last updated on 2015/2559 11 25, a full moon day;

Classifying bits ... within specification; The usage duo binary has been introduced by NEC since 2005, and notice that computing becomes getting harder and harder, more difficult and more difficult, faster and faster, quantitative use of particles becomes larger and larger, time slices become shorter and shorter, ... ; also see: 5 Audio, IFF encoding and developing 3D GUI (Graphic User Interface; think that graphic is designed for board (e.g. logo), user is designed for local machine operator, interface is designed for port numbers), ... ;

((SQRT2, SQRT3) GUI) would be easy to understand ... ; and, this DOMAIN predicts that as of 2015/2559, regarding SQRT2 design model, numbers of floating points are beyond 8K quantity of numbers ... ; IFF Sound Pressure Level ( SPL) based computing, it would be difficult to understand because sound patterns are not easy to understand to human beings;

12 G b / s diagram, p s image, and ... ; Transmission: Conventional vs. Duo-binary;

IFF 101 #session with 1 #application, also see: noCOOKIE ... ;

Also see: Hitachi's AG AND flash memory;

Common IC logical functions;

Data compression in duo-binary: dual instructions in a time vector;

Dual BL, Bit Line by F E T s and regular line transistors; Also see: File Extension;

Duo-binary logic for airborne display's lookup buffer is still in starting stage ... ;

Duo-binary N channels into F P G A with time interleaved A/D converters ... , also see: time interleaved 4 channels;

Duo-binary OSI, also see: Duo Binary OSI;

Duo-binary scope operators;

Duo-binary semaphores, 1st to understand duo binary bit;

Each instruction can be classified into sign bit, data bits, op-codes, ... ; instruction has been deployed/used for decades, approx. since 1930; and instruction has never been developed in dual manner; because, material technology had been more likely to be in "by physical line" interrupted and characterized by its threshold voltage variation; after year 2000, F E T (Field Effect Transistor) evolutes into duo binary; years of gradually development of computing evolves from ARC to locus of the ARC so called evolute, and gates' values depend not only on physical line, but also on field effect;

Frame is superset of word AND packet is superset of frame ... ;

Global User ID (GUID) in duo-binary, testing needed between L D A P and GC;

_ IFF GUI (3D GUI), base is CALCULATOR, AND C R C is  3D_CRC with encoding ... ;

How to classify duo-binary: whether field effective exists, NOT to physical line; whether physical line exists, NOT to field effective;  

In 2O05, NEC starts using duobinary technique, therefore Base2 mathematical calculation must be developed, also see: duo binary semaphores;

_ IFF system (DOS)     OR (DOSWINDOWS);  

Numerological Dimension: IFF 5928 a.k.a. with;

Wafer, duo binary wafer in schematic symbol;

WHY duo-binary: the reason behind is that gates prompt logical results in binary bits either by field effective, OR by physical line;

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