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Approx. 16 converters available to read;

1st to understand system graphics; 2nd understand GUI so that keyboard and mouse can be interactive... ; 3rd to understand standard I/O values rely on character map codes, therefore translator is converter alike. But, the different between converter and translator is that translator behaves bidirectional interface characteristics and it is engineered by AI, on the other hand, there is no intelligence in converter.

2014 DVD to iPad Converter 5, 2009 DVD to iPod Converter v.5, 2009 DVD to PSP Converter v.3, also see:;

2005 model AI based RDBMS stripped string functional codes;

Analog to digital converter, a.k.a. A/D converter, a.k.a. ADC;

Buck Boost Converter, Linear Technology's any Vin  to any Vout design, in 2007, Vin  Vout  varies 0.8V ~ 36V, Iout varies 0A ~ 12A, 3 diff W as 1W, 5W, 60W;

Data converter, Texas Instruments' data converters are Audio ADC, Audio DAC, Audio SRC, Current-Steering DAC, Data Acquisition System, Delta-Sigma ADC, Delta-Sigma DAC, General Purpose DAC, Modulator/Filter, Pipeline ADC, Precision DAC, SAR ADC, ... ;

DC-DC converter, also see:;    

DC-DC µModule converter, Linear Technology's, for clock, core, I/O, power management, can convert among ASIC/GPU/Memory/... to DSP, FPGA, ... ;

File converter, for example: activePDF WebGrabber can convert from *.HTML file and stream, *URL, ... , to PDF;

hybrid ... ;

Image converter; Unlike standard I/O character map;

ISA (International Standard Atmosphere) conversion ... ;

Java Plug-in HTML converter, for Solaris and Windows, Java 2 SDK 1.3, in 2000; If a file contains an applet, and then it converts Java language's applet to a form;

LNB converter, also see: converter;

Oracle forms to Java, application level; Also see: vgosoftware, 2006;

PC to TV converter; Also see: mode;

Power management DC bus converter aka power-supply, a rectifier, a chipset, also see:;

Schematic symbol of converter in electronic engineering;

Text converter; Text converter; %PATH%\windows\system32\fc /? <enter>   provides Unicode and ASCII text comparison;

The different between middleware and converter is middleware behaves bidirectional interface characteristics, on the other hand, converter does not;

Unit converter; Also see: unit converter among systems;

VGA to HDTV converter;

XGA to Video converter;

Wireless PC to TV converter;



Note:   A/D converter, in electronic engineering, after amplifying with control, frequencies aka signals must be processed, for example time interleaved 4 channels is fetch into FPGA, and then signal process;

A/D converter, and additional I/O lines, and *RAM, and *ROM, and UART, and ... , exist because microcontroller has been developed/enhanced from mono to stereo, from analog stereo to digital, from digital to multimedia [a combination of analog AND digital, broadband AND narrowband, serial AND parallel, ... ], from multimedia to multidimensional, from multidimensional to multiverse [also read: Prof. Kaku's Parallel World, and understand parallel universe 1st, and then 4 planets prediction [tidal + gravitational], and then understand parallel time, and then try to understand the new term multiverse] ... ;




Note:   Text converter . Stripped string

Consider a sentence - Sushi is one of the best known rice dishes, and it is made of vinegared rice [su-meshi] on seaweed [nori], and roll around with ingredients.

If a function call strips all vowels [i.e. A, E, I, O, U], stripped string becomes

'Ssh s n f th bst knwn rc dshs, nd t s md f vngrd rc [s-msh] n swd [nr], nd rll rnd wth ngrdnts.'

Calculate and count how many A, E, I, O, U vowel letters have been stripped, and estimate how many bytes can be reduced, and notice that time and pipeline are hidden ... ; Also see: A toggle of instruction vector for humanoid robots;