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Forward Lookup Number Technical Notes Reverse Lookup Number
1 Humanoid robotic nama programming: Must read ABHIDHAMMA 1
2 Super computer processing: Also see: Computers.htm。 2
3 Semiconductor( (Amplification (Current ((Dynamic current) (Static current))) (Voltage) (...)) (Bias (Forward bias) (NPN bias) (PNP bias) (Reverse bias) (Zero bias)) (Diode (Avalanche) (Gunn GaAs) (Impatt) (IRED) (Laser) (LED) (Photovoltaic) (Rectifier) (RF) (Silicon) (Tunnel) (Variable reactor) (...)) (Forward breakover) (Transistor (NPN) (PNP) (...)) (...) ) 3
4 Computer security: 2500/20 Firewall/VPN, 50000/40 Firewall/VPN,  200000/80 Firewall/VPN, 400000/100 Firewall/VPN, 400000/1500 Firewall/VPN, 400000/2000 Firewall/VPN, 975000/5000 Firewall/VPN, 1,000,000/8000 Firewall/VPN [In 2005]。 4
5 Degree in directions: EM based old style manual magnetic compass is not recommended in 21st century because EM can be interrupted, therefore direction of regular manual compass can be very unreliable。 Digital compass is recommended because digital compasses are not only made by EM theory but also ... theories。 Military top secret high tech, not available to public。 E, East。 N, North。 S, South。 W, West。 5
6 Plasmacluster Ion Technology: Wireless + Bio-medical。 Airborne。 6

Along with mutation methods: Artificial mutation, Variant mutation, Chemical mutation, Chimera mutation, Enzymatic mutation, Synthetic mutation, Signal mutation。 biometrics constraints are Temperature, Light, Ionize-radiation, Molecular-thermal-agitation, Nucleotide-thermal-agitation, and ...。 Also see: Biometric Measurement C

8 In addition to common available meters [you do not need expensive equipments], if you like to test ACT1, ACT2 module boards, all you need is a metal blade [e.g. razor alike cutting knife blades] to block sticks [so you can learn direction and vector], and then find out steel strings to block sticks, on the other hand [so you can learn coexistence, yin and yang], all you need is automotive brake pipe style making column/pipe to narrow smaller and smaller holes [so you can learn dB.m/pressure/temperature/...], and then do holes and sticks design and test until you find out dark energy, and then lighting, and then worm=holes, and then ... 。 After understanding lighting, it is the 10,7,10 parallel time to stimulate cells, and then clones, humanoids, human beings' ACT2 stage space traveling, a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional spacecraft in ACT3 stage went very very far away in distance and very boring ... 。 8
9 Computer: type。 processing speed。 9
10 If Run-time error 'xx' occurs, create a drive F:\ by partition tool [i.e. In Win XP, diskmgmt], and paste *.cur into required %PATH%。

Detail information of Fonts & Characters are available by charmap.exe in Windows。

11 SSL ActiveX, .NET, Scripting, SSL, and VB Edition。 Internet/Web Component Development。 11
12 Lawrence Gozum, Screen Resolution up to 6144 x 4096 12
13 For Managing enterprise documents - PDF Creator, PDF Converter, RTF Converter, DHTML Convertor 13
14 Complete Data Protection for Red Hat Linux 6.x, 7.0。 Caldera 2.3, SuSE 6.3, 6.4。 TurboLinux 6.0, Debian 2.2 (Client Only) 14
15 WebLogic server = Application server + Load balancer 15
16 Extractable *.arc, arj, ark, gz, lbr, pak, tar, taz, tgz, z, and *.zoo。 Tool for Managing Files。 16
17 SAN data center / Gigabit Ethernet。 SAN data center / Fibre Channel 17
18 InterSystems。 Multi-dimensional Data-engine for Java/XML/COM/C++/...。 Faster SQL 18
19 For editing multimedia file formats: *.avi, *.gif, *.mov, *.rm, *.swf, *.wmv 19
20 256 bit AES, and 2048 bit RSA Public-key Cryptography support。 Tool for Managing Files 20
21 PowerTCP Emulation, FTP, Mail, Server, SNMP, SSL, Telnet, Web, WebServer, and Zip tools。 Internet/Web Component Development。 .NET, ASP, C++ Builder, Delphi, FoxPro, PowerBuilder, VB, and VC++ platform support。 21
22 Avogadro number = [Numbers of atoms of 0.012 Kg of C12, elemental carbon's isotope with (6 photons + 6 neutrons) in its nucleus] ≈ 6.022169 * 1023 22
23 ICursor VB data control, and ADO bindable。 XML import/export。 Component & Utility for Database 23
24 Integrating the e-business infrastructure。 For OS Windows NT, 2K Enterprise Edition 24
25 Learning Services, Course CT10, for OS Windows 9x, 2K, & NT 4 + SP5。 and IE 5.x, Netscape 4.x 25
26 DBI Corporate Toolbox Suite。 Calendar, Grid, Nav, Explorer, PIM Pro., and Schedule。 Component Utility for User Interface 26
27 Gate & Embedded array's logic/macro。  *gate: AND gate, AND3 gate, AOI gate AND-OR-INVERT, EOR(XOR) gate, NAND gate, NAND2 gate, NOR gate, NOR2 gate, NOT gate, OAI gate OR-AND-INVERT。 OAR gate, OR gate, OR3 gate, Pseudo-nMOS gate。 ... 。 Also see: Truth Table 27
28 *.au, *.wav, *.aiff, *.snd/Mac, and others sound files can be converted。 UNIX, IBM PC compatible platform。 Changing sample rate, filtering sample, and reversing sample。  28
29 DOS platform。 Sun *.au, Mac *.snd can be converted into *.wav。 Sound file conversion。 29
30 Mac Platform。 *.aiff, NeXT, *.snd, *.wav file formats。 30
31 *.snd/Mac converts into *.au/Sun。 Sound files。 31
32 64 bit Installation, .NET, and MTS COM+ Support。 Software QA/Test 32
33 Converts *.avi to *.mpeg or *.qt。 33
34 Volume V = (Π r2 H) + (Ah/3) + (Ah/3) where h = 1 or 2 mm , r = 5mm, H = 20mm。 (The endoscope's V ((LED illuminator) (CMOS imager) (Optical lens with dome) (Battery) (ASIC transmitter)))。 34
35 User-profiles/NT-domains  to  AD/Win2003 automatically 35
36 ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS 3D Analyst, ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst, ArcGIS Publisher, ArcPress for ArcGIS 36
37 Basically, CMOS contains NMOS and PMOS。 After design, place SiO2 on metal, and then photo-etch to remove O2 photo-chemically, so that very thin Si lines are left to let electron-flow。 Adding Adders(flip-flops) to adjust the design becomes correct。 Assemble pins。 Test its functions at each proc.。 37
38 i.e. AMD 760 MP chipset is designed to deploy DDR memory bus and dual 266 MHz front size bus. The bus can data-transfer 2.1 Gbps to each processor (33% performance increase over AMD Athlon)。 Also known as DDR SDRAM。 38
39 i.e. DNS Servers accesses can be controlled by Lucent VitalQIP v.6.1, and the software provides following options to be managed: ResourceRecords, Mail Servers, Routers, Writing HUB, Dynamic Configuration, Object (Object Class, Domain Name, Dynamic Configuration, Application, Dual Protocol, Subnet Address, MAC Address, Object Name, IP Address, Object Description, Subnet Name, Subnet Mask, Time to Live(TTL), Name Services, A(Host IPv4), PTR(Pointer), Dynamic DNS Updates(A(Host IPv4)), PTR(Pointer), CNAME(Canonical Name), MX(Mail Exchange)), Aliases, Asset, General, User-Defined Fields, Users, Usage Billing。 39
40 Internet Web-page: *.asp, *.jsp, *.cfm, *.js, *.css, & *.xml 40
41 Internet Web-page Flash Tool, for Editing *.fla, *.spa, *.ssk, & *.swf, with Sample and Lesson 41
42 Data Access Components, Message Queue Server Client, for Administration 42
43 Firewall Support to SOCKS & PROXY Servers, Support POP3(Incoming Mail), SMTP(Outgoing Mail), NNTP(News), Support Primary and Secondary DNS 43
44 FileView, SnapDrive。 Grid data storage allocation tool。 Support protocols: CIFS, DAFS, FCP, HTTP, iSCSI, NFS 44
45 TWAIN scan support。 *.bmp, fpx, gif, jpg, pcx, png, and tiff file support。 Tool for Charting, Graphics, and Multimedia 45
46 Web-browser for BeOS, Linux, Macintosh, IBM OS/2, QNX, SUN Solaris, Symbian OS, & Windows, for Editing Almost All Internet Files。 Web-Browsers: (In 2004( Safari v.1>, AOL v.3>, Microsoft IE v.3>, Netscape Navigator v.3>, ...  ))。 46
47 Tool for Charting, Graphics, and Multimedia。 2002。 Barcode, ICR, ISIS Scan, JPEG, OCR, and OMH support 47
48 256 bit AES, and 2048 bit RSA Public-key Cryptosystem support。 Tool for Managing Files 48
49 SAN data center / Gigabit Ethernet。 SAN data center / Fibre Channel 49
50 Primalscript v.2。 Internet/Web Component Development。 2002。 ASP, ASP.NET, C#, HTML, JScript, JSP, PHP, SQL, VB.NET, VBScript, and XML platform support 50
51 Internet/Web Component Development。 2002。 Encoder, FTP, HTTP, MIME, NNTP, Ping, POP3, SMTP, SNTP, TraceRoute, WHOIS support wizards 51
52 THBImage Professional v.4。 *.bmp, jpg, pcx, png, tga, and  tif file support。 Tool for Charting, Graphics, and Multimedia 52
53 VisualSoft Crypt v.3.4。 AES, Blowfish, DES, RC4, and Triple DES support。 Tool for Managing Files。 Also see: Security 53
54 TWAIN, ISIS scan support。 CMYK, LAB, YCC, YCCK, and YUV color-conversion-support。 Tool for Charting, Graphics, and Multimedia 54
55 Solaris 8 and 9 with SPARC。 for RedHat Linux 7.2。  for Windows 98 SE, NT, 2000, and XP 55
56 Small Worlds Java Code C++ Code Analyzer v.2, for managing 250~5000 classes 56

Data and Knowledge Management: Turning Data into Discovery: for Windows 95 or higher。

58 XP Support Mainboard with PC-cillin 2002。 v.8.13C。 USB2, 10/100 Ethernet LAN, V.90 Fax/Modem, Sound, VGA adapter, IDE drivers 58
59 HTML editor, CSS, JAVA, VB, ASP, COLD FUSION, & SGML。 Proxy option 59
60 embeddable ActiveX controls in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Visual FoxPro, and PowerBuilder 60
61 ADO, DAO, and RDO bindable。 Component & Utility for Database 61
62 For Experienced Relational DBAs, CT28C, IBM Global Services,  for OS Windows 9x, NT 4 + SP4 62
63 For creating digital photo album with theme, MP3, video。 63
64 For Solaris 8 and 9 with SPARC。 for RedHat Linux 7.2。  for Windows 98 SE, NT, 2000, and XP 64
65 For Solaris 8 and 9 with SPARC。 for RedHat Linux 7.2。  for Windows 98 SE, NT, 2000, and XP 65
66 English version for Solaris 8 and 9 with SPARC。 for RedHat Linux 7.2。  for Windows 98 SE, NT, 2000, and XP 66
67 Component Utility for User Interface。 .NET, ASP.NET, and COM support 67
68 Software QA/Test。 64bit Installation Support 68
69 Sun Microsystems, for Windows, Solaris, and Linux 69
70 Leadtools Medical Imaging v.13。 CT, MR scan support。 Tool for Charting, Graphics, and Multimedia 70
71 Tool for Charting, Graphics, and Multimedia 71
72 DICOM 3 File Spec. support, TWAIN v.1.9 support。 ActiveX, API, Class Library, VCL programming interface support。 Tool for Charting, Graphics, and Multimedia 72
73 With HTML source sample and tutorial, Proxy option, SMIL symtax check option, URL scanning option 73
74 For linking DSN, ODBC connectivity with dBASE, Excel, FoxPro, Access97, Text(*.dsn)data source names 74
75 IMAQ Vision, Biomedical, Optoelectronics, Semiconductor Applications。 75
76 Measurement and Automation Encyclopedia, Volume 7, No.1。 Windows/Macintosh。 76
77 Software QA/Test。 2002。 VB IDE Add-in, and DLLs 77
78 SCC API Support。 Software QA/Test 78
79 for HTML Help, JavaHelp, OracleHelp for Java, WebHelp, WinHelp。 79
80 Capturing IM, in/out e-mail, running app., standard input from keyboard, web cookies 80
81 C# charting component for and its source codes 81
82 Parallel connection to support phone, fax, other single-line devices simultaneously。 Support Windows platform。 82
83 Converts ISDN(synchronous data-stream) to asynchronous data protocol 83
84 Tool to load Linux OS with Check Point image onto SlotShield 3000 PCI blade。 Tool for OS with slot servers。 84
85 VDS and VOLUME SHADOW COPY service are Windows Server 2003's new APIs 85
86 To speed up Web pages。 Windows 2000 or later versions。 vector graphics rendering。 86
87 vpn is DUN’s PPTP connection with RAS to connect to PSTN, ISDN, and X.25 networks 87
89 In WINS database, adding newly installed UNIX computer’s host-name and IP-address values is called static-mapping。 Adding entry type must be Unique。 Therefore, the UNIX computer becomes a client of WINS。 In WinServer2003's WINS, periodically update status can be adjusted 1 min ~ 59 min. [Action>>Properties]。 WINS provides db replication services dynamically。 89
90 In 2002, Web service specifications contain web-service-attachment, web-service-routing, and web-service security。 A tool for developing web-service-applications 90
91 Win 2000, 2003。 AD-behaviors through ADSI can be changed by WSH, on the other hands, server-environments through WMI can be changed by WSH。 91
92 Oracle RDBMS provides PL/SQL。 Flow of SQL statements can be programmed by PL/SQL 92

In RAS server’s TCP/IP setting, if default gateway’s address is none, the RAS server becomes a router while connecting with ISP。 But, DUN clients (95, 98, …) computers TCP/IP setting’s default gateway must be RAS’s IP address。 Use PPTP for security。 Broadband RAS: Also see SingTel。

DUN Û RAS (as router alike) Û ISP Û DUN

94 SCC = HostID + Embedded Ethernet MAC addr. + Boot Var. + ALOM data。 94
95 In 2002, NEC produces world's first 5GHz SiGe Transistor for Mobile Communications and Wireless LAN 95
96 Not MIMD alike, one instruction is fetched at one time to a processor, and then the processor (one-instruction-processor) fetch and distribute to other processors to process 96
97 Generally, Sun Solaris 9 = Sun ONE Directory Server 5.1 + Sun ONE Application Server 7 97
98 System Req. = Pentium4 3GHz or higher, HT Chipset, HT BIOS, and XP OS or higher。 98
99 IIS v.4, and 5 must use Code Red worm patch from Microsoft。 Also see: IIS Configuration Steps – AFSDB, CNAME, MB, MG, and MINFO。 By default, IIS v.6 secures static contents only, ADMIN must change default-setting manually。 99
100 XTNDConnect PC to Sony Ericsson, Microsoft Outlook synchronization, MMS Home Studio, Image Editor, DUN wizard, modem driver 100
101 Before implementing a TCP/IP network, InterNIC assigned IP address is needed. InterNIC IP address is also called network ID 101
102 Download icon *.ico file into a local drive, and then i.e. in Windows XP, right click on any icon at desktop >> Properties >> Change Icon ... >> Browse ... >> Look in: the *.ico file previously downloaded 102
103 OS supports 64 CPU scalability。 FireWire。 USB。 103
104 WLAN。 REAP。 LWAPP。 POE。 802.11 a, b, g。 802.3af。 (Security(802.1x)   (Layer 2 security of WEP) (Layer 3 encryption on IPSec end-point) (Protected Wi-Fi Access))。 (VPN tunnels among sites must be maintained OR open firewalls' UDP port 12222, 12223)。  XP Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Internet Connection >> Network Connections >> LAN OR High-speed Internet (Wireless Network Connection) >> and then ... Association binds WEP data encryption  AND (Network Authentication ((Open) (Shared) (WPA) (WPA PSK))) AND SSID AND (Key (password))。 104
105 CDMA, a type of multiplexing。 i.e. Motorolla’s digital phone uses CDMA。 144 kbps = standard。 288 kbps = compressed。 In 2004, in USA, (Verizon(EV-DO + CDMA)) , (AT&T(EDGE + GSM)) , ... provides camera cell phones。 Also see: Motorola MMS。  105
106 To decrypt encrypted e-mails by S/MIME when clients leave org., or clients lose keys。 In Win 2003, PKI supports cross-certification。 Cross-certification constraints subordinated CAs AND cross-certification establishes trust among CAs in separate hierarchies。 This makes getting key achieve for private keys。 As a result of getting the keys, easier to decrypt。 Sample MIME are: application/mpeg, application/x-shockwave-flash, video/mpeg, image/gif, and so on to describe type。 Also see: MIME in File Extensions。 106
107 Microsoft。 Product key + OS version + etc. ...。 To test, reinstall illegal OS into a system, and then logon to a e-mail server "i.e." or other servers。 Also see: Authentica PageRecall v.3.1 for DRM deployment。 107

DNS server is commonly used to access data on UNIX platform from Windows platform。 (LMHOSTS / WINS) = (HOSTS / DNS)

109 IBM mainframe and IBM AS/400 use DLC。 Windows platform (32bit = CCB2) and Windows (16bit = CCB1) use DLC to connect to IBM platform。 DLC also can connect to HP printers 109

If UNIX computer is added into Windows-network which has been configured DHCP and WINS, two procedures are needed: static-mapping for UNIX-computer into WINS database, and IP address must be reserved for UNIX-computer at DHCP。

111 In Windows Server 2003, DFS is enhanced into: multiple-roots at one server。 Admin-delegation through on AD's objects。 Better replication among sites。 Reliable load-balance。 DFS works together with FRS。 111
112 Cryptography: DES, RSA, ... , by NSA, USA。 FEAL by NTT, Japan。 GOST by Russia。 IDEA by Europe。 LOKI by Australia。 Also see: Systems Security Related acronyms。 Also see: Security 112
113 OD is one of the MPEG4 features - Audiocoding, BIFS, OD, Graphics, MPEG4 File Format, MPEG-Java, MPEG4 over MPEG2 in IP/RTP/UDP at Network-layer, MPEF4 over MPEG2 streams at Transport-layer, Texture Format, Video, ...。 113
114 Read RFC1213.mof for detail spec. 114
115 While IPSec is operating, headers become AH in transport mode。 While IPSec is operating, contents become ESP in tunnel mode。 Secure tunnel is made of IP packet which contain AH (OR | AND) ESP。 115
116 IP, STD 5, RFC 792。 Network connectivity test packet by Ping。 Read RFC1213.mof also。 116
117 For detailed checking of COM, files, ODBC, OLEDB, and registry。 Windows。 Also known as MDAC Component Checker。 comcheck.exe file in SDK。 117
118 Moniker: Assuming that a moniker{04DF1015-7007-11D1-83BC-00607ABE675}is registered at OLE's ROT. 118
119 If RS 232 C standard, DTR。 TXD ® P 2。 RXD ® P 3。 RTS ® P 4。 CTS ® P 5。 DSR ® P 6。 119
120 If platform is .Net, ADO.Net, ASP.Net, VB.Net, VS.Net, *.Net, and then in Windows platform C# language provides (web applications and web services)。 In 2004, v.1.1 framework class library of Microsoft provides so many web implementations。 120
121 Apache: v.1.3, 2.0 in 2004。 Also see: mod_perl, Tomcat, PHP, Cocoon。 Apache web server can be either on UNIX platform or on Windows platform。 121
122 In 2004, compare to previously well known Microsoft Back Office, Microsoft Office System includes Access 2003, Excel 2003, FrontPage 2003, InfoPath 2003, OneNote 2003, Outlook 2003, PowerPoint 2003, Project 2003, Publisher 2003, Visio 2003, and Word 2003 application software and Project Server 2003, Live Communications Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003, SharePoint Portal Server 2003。 122
123 In C programming language, *.h file commonly contains (preprocessor directives #), (data types and its structure declarations), and (another *.h routine calls), ...。 Also see: AT&T, Bell, ...。 123
124 From UNIX to NT, file-copied by FTP。 If NT workstation TCP/IP setting is not configured for DNS, and then three conditions must be set to utilize FTP: a HOSTS file, NetBIOS over TCP/IP binding, and Windows sockets。  124
125 For stronger OSI physical layer computer security, network technician can install diode to let electron flows only one direction while analyzing Rx for incoming signal, and Tx for outgoing signal。 125
126 Till 1998, shift-and-click method worked。 It means passwords can be bypassed by changing its file (i.e. *.mdb) attribute (i.e. c:\attrib *.* -s -h -a -r), and then while password dialog prompts, just click "a mouse" OK while holding shift key "a keyboard"。 126
127 Ctrl c method is a well known bypass method。 By holding Ctrl key and hit c key while batch file is running。 Ctrl c method not only can bypass Batch Mode, but also can bypass Boot Mode, and Real Mode。 127
128 Assuming that memory modules are not the same (i.e. installing a 64MB, a 128MB, a 512MB), lesser quantity module must be installed into lower-slot-number。 where lower-slot-number is the nearest (also called slot number one) slot to processor。 But, system bus speed must be the same。 For system experts only, do your own system memory testing by adding different size memory modules with different system bus speed on the same motherboard。 This is a way of testing system experts' knowledge of ISA vs. PCI, and also multiplexing skill? 128
129 Without adding overhead to IP-over-ATM, by using label-swapping technique (Actually, not only swapping, but also "assembly level shifting bits is also required to mimic IP to IP-over-ATM"), IETF's MPLS mimics IP networks to become native-ATM network。 In WAN, basically most Internet traffic is carried by IP-over-ATM。 MPLS encapsulation = Layer 2 header + MPLS header + IP header + Data, where MPLS = 20 bit label + 3 bit CoS + 1 bit S + 8 bit TTL。 Before developing IP over ATM, systems engineers must know IP core router data-plane's ingress vs. egress。 Otherwise, use 5G cell phones ... 129
130 A line-card is a network I/O interface. If MAC is integrated, Ethernet layer 2 functions become exist。 If SAR is integrated, ATM layer 2 functions become exist。 <RP|SP> line-card <connector> GbE PHY <GMII || MII> GbE MAC <Intergrated || proprietary> NPU <CSIX || Utopia> Parallel-to-serial <High speed serial link> switch fabric <High speed serial link>  Parallel-to-serial <SCIX || Utopia> NPU <Utopia || POS PHY> ATM POS Framer <proprietary> SONET PHY <connector> line-card <RP|SP> 130
131 IPsec = Layer 2 header + IP header + AH + Data。 Where AH = 8 bit Next header + 8 bit Payload length + 16 bit Reserved + 32 bit SPI + 32 bit Sequence number + Variable authentication data 131
132 Computer engineering (OR || AND) computer science: ASIC, CPU, NPU, ...。 Configurable fixed-function ASIC to programmable NPU ? After ASIC design, wafer is fabricated。 If bugs exist, spin must be done for fixing bugs: Adding cost and time-period into system development? Especially for NPU, if needed for adding protocols "field-upgrade", headroom for marketing its initial design. Tool: assembler, and then debugger, and then simulator, and then testing case generator are mostly in assembly. If compiler is available, easier for software programmers to use programming languages. Optimize such hardware-oriented compiler, read "dragon book" first to understand a little bit? 132
133 Basically to and from memory, DMA engine automatically transfers loaded-data where the data are in (either in general register, or in transfer register) 133
134 。 In 2000, Intel's IX bus at 3Mpps。 Motorola's C5 at 16.7Mpps。 (OC768 = 40Gbps) > (10GbE, OC192 = 10Gbps) > (OC48 = 2.5Gbps) > (GbE = 1Gbps) > (OC12 = 622Mbps) > (OC3 = 155Mbps) > (100 BaseT = 100Mbps) > (T3 = 45Mbps) > (T1 = 1.5Mbps) > (10 BaseT = 10Mbps)。 134
135 Motorola C-5 = (16 CPs + 1 XP + 4 co-processors)。 where 1 CP = 2 SDPs + RISC。 135
136 Compiler = text editor + parser + syntax + semantic + ... 。 136
137 MUX, multiplexing: DSLAM, DWDM, OFDM, SAP, SSR,  TDM, VSF-OFCDM, WDM, ... 。 Modulation: Alternative-shift phase modulation [Fiber], AM, FM, PCM, Stable phase modulation [Fiber], ... 。 Optical multi-level modulation 40Gb/sec in 2004 137
138 There are so many micro-coding methods。 i.e. by year 2000, more than 2000 Myanmar songs can be micro-coded into 4mm3 chip by technology in Korea。 Before developing a micro-coding, compression and decompression must be understood。 In 2006, 4MB/song performs 2000 available embedded songs in mobile smart-phones by Samsung Electronics i.e.SCH, SGH series ... 。 138
139 Back-plane, by switch fabric。 Data-plane, by NPU。 Control-plane, by CPU。 139
140 Code: coding is a part of hardware/software engineering。 Assembly-code, Boot-code, C code, Hardware platform independent/dependent code, Ingress-egress-code, and so on。 Also see: Barcode。 Micro-code Opcode。 Source Code。 Unicode 140
141 Hardware specific algorithms: EPD, PPD, RED, WRED, ... for controlling packet flow。 Also see: Lucent's IP-over-ATM, POS/PPP。 141
142 In 2000, NPU: (GbE NPU || ISA NPU || OC48 NPU || OC192 NPU || T1/E1 NPU) 142
143 DDR-SDRAM-Interface might not provide enough bandwidth for OC192。 Also see: Lexra。 143
144 In common, Instruction = Signed bit + Opcode + Data。 But, instruction may vary for calculating mantissa in floating point arithmetic。 144
145 EZchip NP1 internal packet memory on-chip interface for delivering 31GB/s。 256bit, 512bit。 145
146 Utopia interface = (ingress + egress) + PCI host interface 146
147 TDM interface from Conexant's CX27xxx provides 16 T1/E1 147
148 USB2 = 480Mbps。 Wireless USB = 480Mbps。 USB1.1 = 12Mbps(max)。 USB1.1 = 1.5Mbps(min)。 Almost all USB chips are engineered and produced by NEC。 148
149 Bioinformatics DB:  Aaindex, BLOCKS, CSD, DDBJ, EMBL, GenBank, GENES, GEO, GSX, LITDB, Medline, MGDB, MMDB, NDB, OMIM, Pathway, PDB, Pfam, PIR, PMD, PRINTS, ProDOM, PROSITE, PubMed, SWISS-PROT, TrEMBL, UniVec, ... 149
150 In an era of one job after another "computing of batch processing" was based on one instruction per one clock cycle。 One cycle per second = 1 Hz。 For enhancing throughput of system, in RISC MIPS era, "multiple instructions per clock cycle" has been used by fetching into pipelines。 As result, threads become available。 Beyond electron-based computing, if C2 can be modified, for the same fetching-distance, the computing unit "multiple instructions per clock cycle" can be developed multi-dimensionally not only in time(period) but also in ... 150
151 To add cipher to a file c:\encrypt source-file destination-file [<password>] <enter>。 To remove cipher from a file c:\decrypt source-file destination-file [<password>] <enter>。 Alse see: Security 151
152 Old research files listing: \\Info\FileListing\test*.txt 152
153 DNS DDNS: Once a computer machine has been resolved by DNS or DDNS, the computer machine's IP address and resources can be seen and used in a network。 Windows DNS uses dynamic-host-resolution, and Unix DNS uses static-host-resolution。 Windows DNS can resolve host names if Unix DNS cannot resolve。 Windows DNS reverse-lookup can resolve NetBIOS names。 In Windows 2000, DDNS automatically updates DNS records。 Computer security expert always sets DNS Forwarder to classify between Intranet and Internet 153
154 UNC = %PATH% + filename。 where %PATH% = //server-name/share-name/c$/scripts/ 。Thus (%$p$g% + %PATH% + filename。 i.e. C:\System128\amk.cmd)  is not UNC。 On the other hand, mapped drives' visible AND allowed name can be considered as UNC。 154
155 While connecting with TCP, its initial IP packet contains a bit set called SYN。 "Continuously keep requesting and overloading SYN packet to connect to a targeted computer" is called SYN attack。 155
156 Filtering file *.txt = Tab_delimited_text OR Tab_delimited_unicode_text。 Filtering file *.csv = Comma_delimited_text OR Comma_delimited_unicode_text。 156
157 In Internet, if an interface receives or sends packets, IP filters are used [for controlling, and for determining] to which packets should be forwarded, or should be processed in THIS network。 Basically IP filters filter: Destination_address, Destination_mask, Destination_port_or_code, Protocol, Source_address, Source_network_mask, which_port_or_type, ...。    157
158 USA MYANMAR NET recommends multi-scan with 600 dpi option because cropped option fill colors without AI and cropped option also does not recognized patterns。 Photo option senses 4 poly layers。 Therefore, if a document is non-poly layered photo, multi-scan is a good option。 Also see: Canon Canoscan ..., 2004。 158
159 Satellite coverage area: GEO > MEO > LEO 159
160 ICMP shares errors AND status info。 ICMP( (incoming echo request) (incoming timestamp request) (incoming mask request) (incoming router request) (outgoing destination unreachable) (outgoing source quench) (outgoing parameter problem) (outgoing time exceeded) (redirect) ) 160
161 Complexity of computing systems is directly proportional to numbers of semiconductor layer。 [ Estimating: before year 1990, numbers of layer < 5 layers。 before year 2000, numbers of layer < 10 layers。 after year 2000, numbers of layer > 10 layers ]。 Complexity regions in software engineering are based on flows of controls OR data。 The flows of controls OR data are depending on algorithms 161
162 By using VSE, VGA output signals can be split into 2, 4, 8, ... displays。 162
163 In 2004, common chipsets are: (Chipset (CLE266) (Intel 865G) (Intel 865PE) (Intel 875P) (Intel 915G) (Intel 915P) (Intel 925X) (nForce2 IGP) (nForce2 Ultra 400) (nForce3 250) (North Bridge Intel 865G) (North Bridge VIA K8M800) (North Bridge SiS651FX) (North Bridge VIA KM266/8235) (NVIDIA nF2 Ultra) (NVIDIA nF2 Ultra 400) (NVIDIA nForce3 250) (VIA K8M800) (Via K8T800) (Via KM400) (Via KT600) (VIA KT880) (Via P4M266A) (Via PM800) (Via P4M266A) (Via PT800) (S848P) (SiS 661FX) (SiS 748) (...))。 163
164 Basic understanding of S/N is: S/N is a ratio。 S for Signal, N for Noise。 S and N are reversely proportional to each other。 If S/N is in medium (air, conductor, carrier wave, ... ), half duplex is one way at one time, full duplex is bi-directional at one time。 164
165 Reinstallation systems sound easy, but it is not. Because, reinstalling software without QA of previous files (i.e. in Windows( *.pol, *.reg, \\{Moniker}\*.*, and etc.)) will be harmful to system security. 165
166 Multimedia = Computer + Audio + Video。 Notice that file-system-dependent files' extensions are excluded, because multimedia can be deployed/engineered not only in file systems but also in streaming, file-system-independent, and ... 。 166
167 Printer types in wildcard: Color Laser printer, Color photo ID card "poly-plastic-ply" printer, Dot Matrix printer, Inkjet Cartridge printer, Label printer, Laser Drum printer, LaserJet Toner Cartridge printer, Photo printer, PoS point of sale receipt printer, Portable printer, Portable compact printer, Toner Cartridge printer, Wireless printer, ... 。 167
168 Converter, Middleware, Translator, ... 。 168
169 dB, decibel: dB = n log (x/r)。 the formula gives numbers of decibels between x and r。 where x = measured quantity, r = reference quantity。 n = 10 while measuring voltage。 n = 10 while measuring current。 n = 20 while measuring power。 169
170 Gain: a ratio of input signal and output signal 。 In amplifier, gain indicates how efficient output power from input power。 170

AES standard encryption uses 128 bits [2128 possible number] in key OR 192 bits [2192 possible number] in key OR 256 bits [2256 possible number] in key, Blowfish standard encryption uses 448 bits [2448 possible number] in key, DES standard 1Key encryption uses 56 bits [256 possible number] in key OR 40 bits [240 possible number] in key, DES standard 2Key encryption uses 112 bits [2112 possible number] in key, IDEA standard encryption uses 128 bits [2128 possible number] in key, Netscape standard encryption uses 40 bits [240 possible number] in key, RC4 standard encryption uses 128 bits [2128 possible number] in key, Triple DES standard 3Key encryption uses 168 bits [2168 possible number] in key。  

172 SLIMIT-C can filter 5K wireless e-mails/sec with its high speed search engine。。 By looking up NetSTAR's URL DB, it can screen and block spam。 In order to defend, security experts must attack clone proxies。   172
173 NetWare system usages: A = Access Control。 A = Add or Delete Self。 A = Archive Needed。 All = All。 B = Browse。 C = Compare。 C = Create。 Ci = Copy Inhibit。 D = Delete。 Dc = Don't Compress。 Di = Delete Inhibit。 Dm = Don't Migrate。 E = Erase。 F = File Scan。 H = Hidden。 I = Index。 Ic = Immediate Compress。 M = Modify。 N = Normal。 P = Purge。 R = Read。 R = Rename。 Ri = Rename Inhibit。 Ro = Read Only。 Rw = Read Write。 S = Supervisor。 Sh = Shareable。 Sy = System File。 T = Transactional。 W = Write。 X = Execute Only。 173
174 Basically, processor = control opcode processing + data。 One instruction processor old model, co-processor, FR-V processor, graphics processor to display, lookup buffer table's RGB bits must be processing, math processor, multi-core processor, multiple instruction processor, ... 。    174
176 Environmental brightness: Where outdoor sunlight = 50K lux, indirect sunlight via window = 10K lux, cloudy day daylight via window = 5K lux, indoor fluorescent lamp/bulb lighting = 500 lux。 Also see: Casio Module No. 2471。 176
177 Id = µ Cox (W/L) f(VDS, VGS, VT)。 Id = Drain current of MOS transistor。 µ =  electron mobility in nMOS [ holes in pMOS]。 Cox W/L ratio。 VT = MOS's transistor's threshold voltage。 ... 177
178 Regulator: V oriented Shunt regulator。 V oriented Terminal regulator i.e. 3-terminal。 kHz switching frequency oriented switch-regulator。 178
179 USA MYANMAR NET does not recommend neural network for Asimo Ukon AI because neural network only calculates its INPUTs into thresholds as weights(∑i ) to process, and then result as OUTPUTs, and then the OUTPUTs becomes INPUTs of lower-level-depth of nodes because "very old" neural networks have never defined precisely specific branching factors at certain depth in omni-direction with constraints in the binding world。 In neural network, in thresholds, weights are processed by (inductive-logic (human-knowledge-based-rules) (heuristic-reasoning)).  Therefore, neural network based genetic applications GeneParser, Genic, GRAIL, and etc. must be developed not only in omni-directional with certain binding values but also in heuristic Sequence Numbers (A, B, C, D, E, ...) of variable brunching factors at defined depth with some other constraints in biometric neural network AI for Asimo Ukon and later ... 179
180 (

(Gas OR Liquid)

Density (Mass (Kg/m3))

((Weight (Newton N/m3)) OR (Object's acceleration a (Meter m/s2)))

(Particle (Moles of atom mol/m3))

)。 Assuming 1 mol = 6.02 x 1023

181 AES/OS in C language: In canonical mode, while processing input to do terminal control, terminal input are processed in lines。 Each line is delimited by new-line character ['\n'], EOF OR EOL。 181
182 PUSH, and POP have been used for more than 5 decades。 In common, PUSH, and POP are in Assembly。 In algorithm, PUSH, and POP are programmed in LIFO, FIFO methods of either queue, or stack。 Also see: Code 182
183 In Mini Dictionary, many characters are developed by Microsoft Paint v.5.1 2001, and saved as GIF *.gif files. Above table is developed by Microsoft Excel 2003, and then imported into Microsoft FrontPage 2003. 183
184 In Directories .htm, Above DHTML menu is developed by CoffeeCup DHTML Menu Builder, click on / mouse focus on Root will hyper-graphically link web pages in this domain. 184
185 In parallel time development, automotive brake pipes are recommended in testing and simulation because brake pipe is made of durable AllMetal, brake pipe is easy to cut to adjust distance, easy to make column by column-maker-kit [also see: flaring kit], their prices are affordable, and important factors such as dB.m, mB pressure, temperature, ... can be simulated.

ACT3 implementation is out of a Myanmar's knowledge because alloy pipes [such as flex frame, layered carbon, plied fiber, ... ], satellite telecommunication, trajectory orbital boosting equipment [i.e. PME], ... are very expensive and difficult to make。

188 2008 ~ 2010, *.* files are developed by Fujitsu hard disk。 ThinkPad compatibility。  MHY2080BH。 SATA POWER。 SERIAL DATA。 LBA 156301488。 OCFE1D 0084000D。 +5V 0.6A 80GB。 5400rpm。

ThinkPad compatibility means hard disk can be plug and play to any lenovo notebook with SATA serial, IFF CMOS beeps 1 beep。

191 Polar plane ((Polar radar display (Angle q) (radians r) (2D coordinate))(...))。 ... 191
195 Variable 195
196 In 2007, Global Search Providers are AOL Search with FullView,, Google,, Windows Live Search, Yahoo, ... 。 196
197 In ComputerScience.htm, interactive buttons are developed by Microsoft FrontPage 2003, to do so, Insert >> Web Component >> Dynamic Effects >> Interactive Button. 197
200 PPM must be measured with numbers of duty cycles / month, and its maximum paper-feeding capacity。 200
201 *AP, Authentication Protocols: WindowsServer2003(IAS((Edit Dial in Profile(CHAP, EAP, MS CHAP, MS CHAP v2, Unencrypted PAP, Unencrypted SPAP, PEAP)))。 201
202 Commonly and publicly known computing structure is data structure。 Data can be stored, managed, accessed, and manipulated in structure is called data structure。 Control structure and Vector structure are restricted and very difficult to know。 202
209 Regardless of whether PMOS or NMOS, SoC devices' softcore/hardcore depend on Vth threshold voltage 。 Thresholds are drivers alike, but drivers are more likely to be in software usage, and thresholds are more likely to be in hardware usage。 209
210 Manually, CMOS hardware password can be bypassed by flushing its memory: to do so, find the jumper on motherboard, in common a JP near processor, shut down the computer, and then take the jumper off, and then turn on the system again, and turn off the system again immediately, after that put the jumper back onto the motherboard, and then boot the system again, and enjoy ... 210
211 In Windows Server 2003, certificates can be stored as: Registry ← Personal。  (Registry OR Local Computer) ← Trusted Root Certification Authorities。 (Registry OR Group Policy OR Local Computer) ← Enterprise Trust。 (Registry OR Group Policy OR Local Computer) ← Intermediate Certification Authorities。 (Registry OR Group Policy OR Local Computer) ← Trusted Publishers。 (Registry OR Group Policy OR Local Computer) ← Untrusted Certificates。 (Registry OR Group Policy OR Local Computer) ← Third Party Root Certification Authorities。 (Registry OR Group Policy OR Local Computer) ← Trusted People。 211
212 Software engineering Life Cycle Models: evolutionary model; incremental model; spiral model; waterfall model; also see: Systems...。 212
213 In cluster administration, Windows Cluster Administrator v.5 provides detailed IP addresses of each node, each domain。 1 cluster = N node, N domain relationship, therefore, computer security expert never set cluster-service-account as a member-of-domain-admin-group。 Concerning permission & right, never use cluster-service-account to manage cluster。 213
215 Biometric data formats: FASTA, FASTA+GAP, MAML, mmCIF, NEXUS, PAUP, PHYLIP, and ... 。  215
219 Polygons: Heptagon。 Hexagon。 Octagon。 Pentagon。 ... 。 Also see: WHY a Myanmar says 22 is a natural time。 219
220 If System ID [Carrier's unique identifier] + MIN [Area Code + Phone Number] can be cloned。 WLAN experts can pinpoint ESN 220
221 Fibre Channel controller ID must be (64bit AND unique ID)。 Before backing-data-up, computer expert must hardware-configure (fibre switch OR hub)'s Fibre Channel controller ID, and then data-center's cluster-storage-space become properly in integrity。 Lesser numbers of (user OR group) provides higher security of cluster administration。 221

While emailing, if hacker can do sniffing Basic AUTH, IMAP, POP3’s plain text password。 "And then" previously, expert never use the same email password and network logon password。


While communicating with telnet, if hacker can do sniffing by knowing Telnet does not support challenge and response authentication。 "And then" previously, expert never transmit password。


While in DUN telephony, if hacker can get long distance access code by war-dialing into BBS。 "And then" previously, expert can find location of where carrier tone came from。


While a server has been targeted for hacking, if hacker can do monitoring newer computer in the network by LAN Manager authentication protocol。 "And then" previously, expert can analyze NetBIOS connection。


While encrypted logon session exists, if hacker can do password playback by pattern matching。 "And then" previously, expert can do network time protocol clock synchronization with challenge and response authentication


While communicating among computers, if hacker can do clone Bellcore S/KEY。 "And then" previously, expert can build trusted direct communication line between client and server。 If hacker can do clone Security Dynamics SecureID。 "And then" previously, expert can build trusted direct communication line between client and server


While in DNS server environment, if hacker can do impersonation by DNS cache pollution。 "And then" previously, expert can analyze OS differences …


While in GUI mode, if hacker can capture graphics mode / RPC。 "And then" previously, experts can analyze I/O devices’ device drivers, and I/O task


While in OSI: Application Layer, or Presentation Layer, or Session Layer, hacker knows each DNS service, NetBIOS service, RPC service, and WINS service needs specific port for communicating。 If hacker attacks to specific service’s port, "And then" previously, expert can …


While in OSI Network Layer, if hacker can construct Ping of Death attack。 "And then" previously, expert can check invalid ICMP packets


While in OSI Network Layer, if hacker can send ICMP echo stream constantly to a targeted computer to do ICMP flooding。 "And then" previously, expert can avoid such ICMP traffic by configuring the targeted computer’s instance log


While in OSI Session Layer, if hacker can hijack TCP connection。 "And then" previously, expert can analyze IP packets’ sequence numbers


While in OSI Transport Layer, if hacker can hijack NFS session, SMB session。 "And then" previously, expert can analyze NetBIOS Frame ID, Tree ID, and user ID


While routing redirections inside routers, if hacker can control routers’ routing tables。 "And then" previously, expert can manually calculate routing tables by paper-and-pencil。 If hacker can fool BGP, ICMP, OSPF, RIP/RIP2, "And then" previously, expert can over-write original each RFCs into its router


While in WAN, if hacker can do CMOS IC layer attack。 "And then" previously, expert can analyze which CMOS IC layer handshakes


While in Internet, if hacker can attack man-in-the-middle attack by constructing clone-network。 "And then" previously, expert can do remote distance-based bio-metric authentication

238 IAS>>RAS_policies>>Edit_profile>>Advance>>Attributes>> Attribute_Name= i.e. Framed_protocol with attribute_values such as ARAP, or COMB, or EURAW, or EUUI, or FR, or Gandalf Proprietary SingleLink/MultiLink protocol, or MPP, or PPP, or SLIP, or X.25, or X.75 Synchronous, or Xylogics proprietary IPX/SLIP。 238
239 IAS>>RAS_policies>>Edit_profile>>Advance>>Attributes>> Attribute_Name= i.e. Service_Type with attribute_values such as Administrative, or Authenticate_only, or Call_check, or Callback_administrative, or Callback_framed, or Callback_login, or Callback_NAS_prompt, or Framed, or Login, or NAS_prompt, or Outbound。 239
240 Who is from Netherland, wrong IP in address man? In Win2003, for filtering WINS records to match IP address, Host ID and Network ID are used, but ... how come "Bypassing, Hacking, Virus, Worm, ..." exist 240
241 In OSI Physical Layer, if data communication has been lost between X and Y, OSI Application/Network Layer by deploying ping from X to Y, AND ping from Y to X。 If connection exists ping prompts result。  If connection does not exist, think of whether wireless OR wire 1st.。 If wire, use Ohm meter first to make sure physical cable connection really exist by prompting its resistance, and then S/N for noises, dB/m for attenuation, EMI interferences, and ...。 Before pin pointing and trouble shooting networking problems, always think OSI layers 1st., and then ...。 If wireless, and then complexity of network becomes higher, and think beyond OSI Layers because wireless does not use OSI Physical Layer to handshake between X and Y。 241
242 The most reliable and durable computer systems can be implemented by deploying [wireless bandwidth + pinpointing and swapping global minima + non volatile memory storage space] based computing. So when hackers access to %SHARE%, %PATH%, and etc. of systems, above [...] computing can rewrite / reload into the systems, therefore reliable and durable becomes so called "unbreakable". However, above [...] computing is still USA MYANMAR NET's imaginary non-commercial stage。 242
243 Distortion compensation is a part of error detection and correction. In Fujitsu's DPD method, compensated characteristic of signal is added before distorting. 243
244 T/E is for connecting North America and Europe。 It can carry ATM, FR, IP, TDM, and ... 244
245 In OC, clear channel contains only one single stream of data while data-communicating。 245
246 Biometric functions such as analyzing numerical sequences( (alignment_of_sequence)  (prediction_of_sequence) ), analyzing micro-array data((meta-data_of_X)  (meta-data_of_Y)) notice that X, Y's data type constraints analyzing micro-array in 2D and if in 8 synchronized clock dimension ... , predicting marked/unmarked gene, predicting protein structure Also see polygons of meshes for rendering in graphics mode,  analyzing phylo-genetic and ... are done by following methods: data-mining, decision tree resulting, pattern matching, simulation, statistical learning, and so on。 246
247 In biometric, cDNA(s) on microarray are spotted to represent human-visual-vision-perceivable possible EM-spectrum[390nm ~ 770nm] as BLACK, RED, YELLOW, GREEN, and then able to analyze as gene expression。 EM visible spectrum in nm = RED > ORANGE > YELLOW > GREEN > BLUE > INDIGO > VIOLET, " 7 colors of visible spectrum while refracting, BUT might be more ... "。 Also see: Hybridization 247
248 According to Canon Lab, shorter the wavelength in nm, stronger to scatter。 light = EM + plasma particles, therefore, C2 = (EM ((wavelengths) (amplitude) (propagational direction)) + (plasma particles (micro particles (electrons) (ions)) (nano particles) (pico particles) (...) ))2, and speed of light C will vary if EM OR plasma particles vary。 Basically, C = 2.99792458 * 108 m/sec, and notice that C has been defined very un-specifically because C has been calculated without several particles' .... 248
249 (Optical computing (Logic) ((EM) (plasma particles)) (numbers of layer) (...) ) 249
250 (Biometric (Ophthalmology (200M of photoreceptor cell (Cone (L) (M) (S)) (Rod) )))。 Also see: Cell Type 250
251 While installing a Windows OS, if system conflict occurs, and cannot continue installing, and then find an option for copying installation files into a local hard drive (i.e. c:\), and then reinstall again from the bootable drive's local directory。 251
252 Raster is a graphics usage and technique of how electron gun rendering in top down structure, left to right, top to bottom, pixel by pixel to emit photons of vision。 Raster technology is old, and it was used commonly in mono display and VGA display commonly。 After year 2000, electron emitting technology becomes old technology。  
253 Pixel based ((graphics mode), (2D XY coordinate based buffer lookup table), (raster based rendering), (VGA in 2D array calculation)) will be obsolete sooner, or later。 Do not confuse among semiconductor layers, TFT LCD back lighting intensity of layers, optical computing's optical spectrum based layers, and ...。 From pixel, ... [ at present contemporary = pixel OR/AND layer ], to evolve into layers ... 。 Thus, non-layered graphic mathematical calculations, non-layered pixel based logical algorithms, non-layered graphics usages, and others will soon be obsolete, and non-layered concepts become in fallacy。 Also see: Display 253
254 (Resolution  (4000 x 4000 = TIGA) (4048 x 3040 Fujifilm) (3264 x 2448) (3072 x 2048 Canon) (3072 x 2034 Sony) (3008 x 2000 Nikon) (2592 x 1944 Canon。 Fujifilm。 Nikon。 Sony) (2304 x 1728 Fujifilm。 Sony) (2288 x 1712 Nikon) (2272 x 1704 Canon。 Fujifilm。 Nikon) (2048 x 1536 Canon。 Nikon) (2048 x 768) (2016 x 1512 Fujifilm) (1760 x 1320 Panasonic) (1600 x 1200 = UXGA) (1400 x 1050 Systemax) (1366 x 768 Sharp) (1280 x 1024 = SXGA) (1280 x 960 Canon。 Panasonic) (1280 x 800 Systemax) (1280 x 768 = WXGA) (1280 x 720 Toshiba W) (1152 x 864 Sony) (1024 x 768 = XGA Canon) (800 x 600 = SVGA) (720 x 480 AudioVox) (640 x 480 = VGA Sony) (640 x 360 W) (352 x 288 = CIF) (320 x 240 = SIF) (176 x 144 = QCIF) (160 x 120 = QSIF) (...))。 Resolution may vary depending on Video, Still, Printing image, and etc. 。 W is for Wide。 Video 254
255 Audio decoding, audio processing systems: Bose Wave, Dolby, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS 96/24, DTS ES, DTS Neo 6, THX Certification Select, THX Surround EX, THX Ultra, THX Ultra 2, ... 。 Also see: Sound-beam 255
256 Also see: File Systems。 256
257 (Media format (DPOF, EXIF, DCF))。 (Image format (JPEG, PDF, TIFF))。 257
258 (Codecs (Audio Codecs (24bit integer) (32bit floating point) (32bit integer) (64bit floating point) (AAC MPEG-4) (ALaw 2:1) (AMR Narrow band) (Apple Lossless encoder) (IMA 4:1) (MACE 3:1, 6:1) (MS ADPCM decoding) (QDesign Music 2) (QCELP, Qualcomm PureVoice) (ULaw 2:1) ) (Video Codecs (Animation) (Apple BMP) (Apple Pixlet) (Apple Video) (Cinepak) (Component video) (DV) (DVC Pro NTSC) (DV PAL) (Graphics) (H.261, 263) (JPEG 2000) (Microsoft OLE decoding) (Microsoft Video 1 decoding) (Motion JPEG A, B) (MPEG-4) (Photo JPEG) (Planar RGB) (PNG) (Sorenson 2, 3) (TGA) (TIFF) ) (Voice Codecs (G.711 µ-law) (G.711 a-law) (G.723.1) (G.726) (G.729 A)) (...))。

SONY Digital Voice Editor

259 1 solar constant = 2 calories / cm2 / minute。 If m2 , 1 solar constant = 1.4 KW [kilo watt] = 1 electric heater。 From the sun, human beings receive energy after passing through layers-of-gas (spheres), to the earth。 Also see: Canon lab 259
260 Aspect Ratio in 1D = Screen width : height。 NTSC 4:3 ~ ATSC 16:9。 In 2004, LG produced world's largest 71" PDP TV with 16:9 wide screen and 1080 pixel resolution。   In 2D, 3D along with zooming, viewing distance, and varying are out of a Myanmar's knowledge。 260
261 Encryption Levels, supported by IAS/WinServer2003, in 2004: MPPE 40b basic, MPPE 56b strong, MPPE 128b strongest, No encryption, ...。 261
262 ISDN: ISDN Sync., ISDN Async. v.110, ISDN Async. v.120, ... 。 262
263 DSL: ADSL, ADSL CAP, ADSL DMT, IDSL, SDSL, xDSL, xDSL。 In 2003, DSL cost < T1, T3 cost。 263
264 In 2004, NAS port in WinServer2003: IAS>>Setting>>Edit Profile>>Edit Dial in Profile>> ... 。 There media(s) are supported by NAS port as NAS port types by WinServer2003: ADSL CAP, ADSL DMT, Cable, Ethernet, FDDI, G3 FAX, HDLC CC, IDSL, ISDN Async. v.110, ISDN Async. v.120, ISDN Sync., MODEM Async., PIAFS, SDSL, T1 Sync., Token Ring, VPN, Wireless IEEE 802.11, Wireless Other, X.25, X.75, xDSL, ... 。 264
265 In 2004, MMC snap-in((WinXP: Start>>Control Panel>>Add or Remove Programs) (Win2000: Start>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Add or Remove Programs))。 Note: After snapping-in, any program can be controlled by MMC。 265
266 Hardware constraint: the unit average-registration-per-sec, and average-queries- per-sec must be measured by specific hardware spec., and the units' software constraint is the units must be measured while WINS process only at runtime。 Also read old note: WINS Resolutions 266