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2010: IFF beyond GPS; beyond solving ACT2 BLI problem; beyond Ȣ AI OS character with gravity, ... , develop ACT3 stage Hyperspace Parallel Universe Positioning System Synchronization with defined DNA, RNA by DEE line, remote sensing to be "artificial heart beat", for future's incoming hyperspace travel ... ;

2007 Invitrogen's iProtocol functionalities;

Airborne bacteria, Plasmacluster Ion Technology, Wireless;

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CphT, Certified Pharmaceutical Technician, with inline frame;

CphT, Certified Pharmaceutical Technician, without inline frame;

DNA to RNA to Protein in 8 synchronized clock design ;   (XYZ ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ) is not LISP, but it binds ... ;

EN files: Data Format vs. File format *.*;   Data-flow ((Top-down)(Parallel AND Spiral)(...))); File systems constraints;   Exceptions Handling: (Logic (((Throw vs. Catch) in C++)((If condition and then goto) in Basic)));

Gene; Sorted lists of functionalities, also see Invitrogen's iProtocol;

Gene; Unsorted lists of functionalities ... ;   Genogram;  

IT Languages: US & Europe standard languages are GEML, MAML, XML, ... ;

Knowledge overview of bioinformatics biometrics;


Nama recognition and prediction logic;   Neurons of synapses provides electrodes flow: Develop Sequence Numbers [A, B, C, D, E, ... ] in circular omni-directional heuristic with [Nama ... ] because neural-networks is not suitable for Asimo Ukon and later... ; For medical neurologists, and applied physicists only; And then, apply TB DB's factors [..., P, R, ...] into recognized biometric patterns ... ;

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Real-time vision, Run-time vision: Endoscope; Nano-biochip;   Recognition and Authentication;

Simulation: GEMSS/NEC;   Software: Structure graphics, spreadsheet, ... ,   Medical;


Wildcard:   *acronym;   *DNA  to  *RNA  to Protein;