Space Medicine . Gene     Last updated on 2018/2562 4 29, a full moon day;

Following contents show unsorted lists of functionalities;

Gene amplification;

Gene cloning;

Gene generic name cells' growth inhibition [Also see: Inhibitor] by gene manipulation;

Gene genetic encoding;

Gene genetic sequencing; IFF BF2 in 2,3 dimensional, also see: C Sequence Number;

Gene genetic products analyzing each product functionalities;

Gene molecular targeting cancer therapy;

Chloride Ion ;          
  Hydrogen Ion ;        
    Hydronium Ion ;      
      Hydroxide Ion ;    
        Hydroxonium s Ion ;

WHAT is gene, and HOW to define gene, also see: 4PP, e.g. our earth's spin speed is approx. 1 day, if compare to eclipse's spin speed is approx. 6 months, because each structure form of Carbon Nano Wall can only be defined by 4PP and then, those defined specified items (i.e. each structure form of Carbon Nano Wall) must be match to Good Gene (i.e. 76647555, e.g. SQL data from PMD (Protein Mutant Database) via the Internet WHEN triangulation in the Internet;

WHILE kuru kuru ( gene therapy system) e.g. to cure floats and flashes of eyes, e.g. to do treatment of cancel cells, e.g. complete gene therapy go Karma action, using patterns of GoodGene (i.e. 76647555 in numerological dimension), by plus one algorithm; Also see: Bio Clock vs. Life Span;

IFF using system (i.e. Sqrt 2 with Basic), doko WHERE numbers of floating point > 50,
1st to understand artificial intelligence ( layer);
2nd to understand (i.e. Z-Distribution) AND dimension;
3rd to develop Gene Therapy System, by defined Good Gene (i.e. 76647555 in numerological dimension is in browser's address) WHILE kuru kuru ... ;

After all physicians have withdrawn (given up) i.e. not able to cure e.g. cancel disease, mentally retarded, physically disable, ... , and then install this DOMAIN 's contents into computer with camera and then use computer everyday (without bioavailability, without metabolism) and notice that e.g. variable weight (i.e. gravity), e.g. artificial intelligence gene therapy system (i.e. pattern recognition and pattern matching to specified items as Good Gene), ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN has been without guaranty, without warranty, ... because to avoid law suit; Space BLI (Body Length Index) automatic adjustment system is still in R&D, and not done yet, Gene Teleportation method is also still in R&D, and not done yet, as of 2013/2557 in the early 21st century;

Also see: Computing logic for PMD; P vector direction; Space BMD; Space BMI; 3,4 dimensional Space Gene;

Also see: Time .Space .Action; variable measurement;

Also see: immune cell cures bad biological cells (e.g. cancel cells, defined by Oncology);