Updated in 2563 : on 2019 : 12 : 24 : Space BMI ;

BMI may vary along with G, Heterodyne index, and ... ;

Clocks must be re-designed; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement idea # 142; Bio Clock vs. Solar Clock;

Measuring unit in ACT1 stage is Kg/m2;

Also see: Gene; Propagation time; Space BMD; Time . Space . Action;

In addition to BMI, ACT2 Space 's Body Length Index has been proposed.

Body Length Index, BLI: B L I automatic adjustment, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement (idea  ♯ 157) the origin of sound; i.e. 3,4 dimensional imaginary hyper space ... ; ( distance X : distance Y) can be measured, and notice that distance X is almost equal to distance Y, 4 Planet Prediction, and natural gravitational effect make human beings' in such distance in equilibrium; e.g. approx. (plus or minus) 2 meters in our earth (i.e. human kind's growth rate constraint); Because of dimensional gravity and gravity density, growth rate may vary depending upon planets' sizes (also see: 4PP's Complex Ion Space Length); For cloned human beings in our earth, Gene Therapy System is still in R&D stage, not done completely yet; Also see: volt;

Body Mass Index ( BMI) ... ;

Develop ACT2 and ACT3 BLI, Body Length Indexes, because distance equilibrium in ACT1 might vary in ACT2 and in ACT3. BLI can also be used in Plantation on the Moon, i.e. plants' DNA, RNA, growth patterns along with 4 Planet Prediction (i.e. 4PP);

e.g. (if constellation is 1 planet and 30 times bigger than our earth) and we human beings migrate to there by a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space crafts, our growth rate will be bigger and bigger like childhood time period; Because of gravity, still 1 way DEE alike environment, WHICH means can grow bigger and bigger, but cannot shrink (i.e. another Space BLI problem to solve WHILE developing Gravity Dimension Computer, regarding Teleportation);

Plant BLI, also see: ACT1 plantation;  

IFF 2,3 dimensional on one of the 6 planets, Even Time Horizontal DEE is 2 ways DEE, and this is not our location in universe ... ; 1 way DEE causes we, human beings don't see our back; 2 ways DEE causes symmetrical of as 2 ... ; A Myanmar's imaginary hyper space craft still cannot find 3 ways DEE yet, until 2011/2555 ... ; IFF  3, 2, 3 growth pattern, ... ;

IFF BF2 in C Sequence Number, for gravity dimension computer, using artificial intelligence (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, ... ) the groups of numbers are sequence groups number (e.g. 0.2857142 857142 857142 857142 857142) ... ;

IFF 2,3 dimensional, on Sun Planet (i.e. one of the 6 planets of Rakhine), BLI may vary depending upon gravity density, therefore, growth rate constraint (e.g. 4PP's Complex Ion Space Length) or formula should be developed, accordance with teleportation method (e.g. DEE teleportation, Gravity teleportation, Info teleportation) ... ;

IFF plant pattern (e.g. bio pattern) in 3,4 dimensional, ACT3_Imaginary_Plant_Pattern_DEE ... ; Plantation on the moon ... ; 3,4 dimensional info is universal military top secret and restricted info, therefore, not available to public, but, to WHOM Gravity Dimension Computer development has been assigned must know idea & knowledge ... ; Be careful, because gravity can be the most powerful gun e.g. planets' momentum can change IFF creating bigger and larger gravity spots, on the other hand, gravity can go through WHICH is better quality than radio ... ; If gravity gun is deployed, VETO Power might become nothing in 21st century, because 1 VETO Power might be equal to 1T$ (concerning damage only, "Black Book" tactic), because air force power can be enhanced by gravity, because Civilization Type can be enhancement by gravity, ... ;

IFF ( rainbow, wormhole) can be defined, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement idea ♯ 145, and then pattern (spinal bones' structural) must obey its Space BMI and Space BLI; Retrospectively, expression like "chicken vs. chicken egg" can be scientifically prove WHY spinal bones are diff because of rainbow vs. wormhole (i.e. in addition to Gravity & IT); Before developing Gene Therapy System and Teleportation methods, rainbow vs. wormhole logic must be understood;