Plantation on the MOON     Last updated on 2014/2558 11 6, a full moon day;

The following contents are a Myanmar's imaginary context, because ACT3 level is out of a Myanmar's knowledge ... ;

Before reading this page, 4 planets prediction, Constellations, ... should be understood, so that G system in strings such as water7gravity2, water2gravity7, ... dimensional symbols can be predicted; And lunar orbit [non Western, because in Western civilization's planetary is 8, and days in a year is 365 +1, ... ] must be understood, to understand Eastern civilization's lunar orbit,

1st to understand 4 planets prediction therefore 2*7 calculation for full moon day and no moon day,

2nd to understand JUN time therefore 2*5 calculation for both;

3rd to understand lunar orbit in momentum also see: \Buddha\Image\Image.htm and 18 images of wall painting and think that you were on the MOON;

Before understanding the expression "G system in strings", holes and sticks must be understood; After understanding hole and stick, so that CK clock tick tick tick can be further study, must learn oriental language because M theory in strings is not written in Western language;

Heat, natural heat in ACT2 stage, natural time in 4 planets prediction, 1 G string's vector in 2,2,2, IFF parallel each other in 3's direction, in 2's direction ... , therefore plantation on the MOON can be ... ; However, time is still too early in 21st century ... ;

IFF 2,3 dimensional (e.g. 5928 Carbon Nano Wall) spore ... ; IFF 3,4 dimensional, BF>2; artificial intelligence (5W1H) HOW speed of the planet causes p p p, c c c;

IFF iroColourWaveForm (from GREEN to BLUE) WHICH specific spectrum, WHAT is max distance variation of the specific spectrum, WHAT is min distance of the specific spectrum, UPS (i.e. Universal Positioning System) for each location in our universe ... ;

Leaf pattern and shape may vary,

    1st to study compound, margin, and simple pattern & shape variation among ACT1 common leaves such as

                bi-pinnate, cordate, hastate, even-pinnate, odd-pinnate, palmate, peltate, perfoliate, sagittate, and trifoliolate are compound,

                crenate, entire, lobed, parted, and serrate are margin,

                deltoid, elliptic, lanceolate, linear, oblong, obovate, orbicular, ovate, spatulate, and reniform are simple;

    2nd to study ACT2 biometric/bioinformatics so that ACGT and PMD can be understood;

    3rd to develop plantation on the moon ... ; A Myanmar's imaginary pattern in ACT3

In Eastern Thought approach, Time . Space . Action [for example: time + number = distance has been solved, but's imaginary multidimensional hyperspace craft is still having problem due to natural time slows down in ACT3 stage... ]; And then parallel time calculation can be in progress ... , and then parallel world [also read Prof. Kaku's Parallel Worlds book] will be ... , therefore YIN and YANG symbol, 600BC concept, culture, logic, belief, ...  will be universal truth;

Numerology and multidimensional hyperspace craft's path calculation has been somehow partially proof by 4PP + JUN = 6, especially for a Myanmar's imaginary multidimensional hyperspace craft's from ACT3 to ACT2 to ACT1.

After understanding time, and then space including non water vs. water, light vs. dark energy, ... must be understood; For example, till 2007, artificial light can be engineered but in 1 dimension only, to engineer an artificial light, dark energy must be understood thoroughly, because dark room environment is a resource;

After understanding water in space, M theory strings, plantation on the MOON begins ... ; To do so, engineering terms, usage, ... must be understood, also see: satellite;

Somehow a Myanmar in theoretical way, and parallel time calculation is in progress ... also see: ..\\25520\*.*

A Myanmar's imaginary ACT3 hyperdimensional space craft's …
 WHEN BLI = Index ..\\25520\  










 WHEN BLI = Index ..\\25520\
+BF 2 +BF 3
L ≠ R L = R
2*6 Ratio > 1; Gap between 2 gray lines 2*6 Ratio < 1
Light = 1, Light = 3 
Natural 2,3 dimensional Artificial 2,3 dimensional not available yet
Natural dark energy environment Artificial DEE environment not available yet
Natural gray scale environment Artificial gray scale simulation not available yet
Artificial light vs. 02 ratio Artificial light vs. 02 ratio
+4PP gravitational directional -4PP gravitational directional
Water Water
... ...


Temperature, also see: ACT2 mb pressure dependent temperature, ACT3 mb pressure independent temperature, ACT3 Heat Distance Simulation, ... ;

Before understanding plantation on the moon, the following contents ACT1 plantation must be understood, such as: 4 plants inside a closed_space, the same pH water, the same amount to feed daily, in a dark space [assuming that dark energy is being as normal as no moon day], start the project on a no moon day, because, assuming that our universe's ACT1 origin as no moon day, and then let light available limitedly i.e. 1 light day, 2 light days, 3 light days, ... [ concept and think WHY 10 months to be a human beings "23 lunar weeks, or 32 JUN time period", 100 years to be life expectancy, at 2 times daily tidal waves, by 4 planet prediction effects, ... ], and then find out O2 oxygen level diff, and ratio?; Plant BLI should be checked;

Also see: 108 configuration because more than hundred of moons exist in our solar system and other universes;