; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : February : 1 (Thursday) : Method ; power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

2024; ("by (a "Tarzan") 's Method of WHAT do they need?"), also see: hospital;

      since 2024 , " normal Yellowish Variation , " define d by Japanese . Syllabary . HTML  
      since 2024 , " normal Yellowish Variation , " define d by  

Remark: Yellowish Variation (Method, Procedure, Technique) can be used in (Gene Therapy System, Manmade Global Weather, Military Application, Nanobot Programming, Space Program (Satellite), ... ), and notice, realize, understand beyond ZCS a.k.a. Flat Panel (iro LED, Lights), also beyond surface based (iro LED, Lights), also beyond Rainbow Method (Satellite Pinpointing Method), ... ;

2565; March 10, 2022; (6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index _Walls _Water _Back, 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index _Walls _Water _Front, 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index _Walls _Water _Left, 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index _Walls _Water _Right) ... also see: (    PhysicsLaw32123, Balancing the Mobility (imaginary hyperspace craft) , and  Physics Law 198, switch for hyperspace craft's ( Elevating, Landing)) ... ;

2565; August 28, 2021; with juten Filling Method (e.g. YV (Yellowish Variation)), using "Origin of Human Beings," also see: Antiviral Schematic; DNA _Origami; Remark: for developing antiviral "Oral Route" medicine, e.g. Anti Virus COVID-19 (capsule, chewable, drinkable, pill, tablet, ... ) ... ;

2564; March 01, 2021; I F F ( 2-4) Method, also see: this _DOMAIN _'s _position _Info _with _Timestamp;

21st century & beyond, DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) based Idea Processor (Embedded Devices) As Method; Radical693;

for each transaction, 5 rounds of P D C Verification is truly durable, reliable, trust worthy, unbreakable, also see: Network Topology;

21st century & beyond, FISH Method, also see: Reforming Myanmar (46.);

( FISH, FISH, FISH) Method ... ; FISH, Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization ... ; Also see: 6fComputer; fGTSU; Gene Therapy System ... ; Remark: FISH Method has started in Union of Myanmar since 2021/2564, by help from Japan a.k.a. NIPPON;

FISH Marker, also see: FISH;

21st century & beyond; since year (2563, 2018),  this DOMAIN has started its "reversed momentum method" (Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean)) to avoid earthquakes, and to avoid tsunami; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, (e.g. idea ♯ 275; 108 configuration), (e.g. idea ♯ 273; HOW to avoid earthquakes; cone method), ... ; power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil ; Remark: this DOMAIN 's contents will be (proved, proving) from naturally & annually (8000+ earthquakes) to artificially & annually (0 earthquake) in our earth ... ;

on human beings livable moons, rocks' density, trees' density, ... may vary depending upon human beings livable moons' sizes ... , and as of 2020/2564, BLI (Body Length Index) problems still exist, in addition, suingu Swing-by Gravity Time vs. 2,3 dimensional Solar System (Red), if compare to very very far away outward of (Solar System) our universe (Green), and HOW Fusion of lights (Rainbow Method's consecutive light sheets are variable among human beings livable moons) accordance with universal equilibrium is still unknown, and the most advance (Algorithm, Method, Procedure, Technique) would be 1 way DEE and its variable DEE patterns i.e. as of 2020/2564, ... , also see: PHYSICS;

(Asia Pacific region) 's time zones, our earth, using (Manmade Global Weather, Method) i.e. to avoid bad weather conditions; Also see: Radical383;

since year (2563, 2020), this DOMAIN 's Idea Processor, using 3 methods to avoid earthquakes in Asia Pacific region, and 3 methods are:

- predicting incoming parallel (e.g. ) moon waves' possible holes (, , pressure points of our earth) daily i.e. reversed momentum method to avoid earthquake;

- tracing 5 fingers of 1 palm (1 hand) e.g. gathering 5 fingers (together) on our forehead (knowing our skull has 3 holes naturally e.g. our earth has 3 big holes naturally), then count nearby volcanic eruption and earthquake as 5 fingers, (if 1 volcanic eruption happened naturally (counted as 1 finger), then count the next earthquakes' locations as other fingers), then the rest fingers count (comet method's end points) so that by projecting lights as sheet (e.g. Impossible Earthquake Structural way) we can avoid the rest fingers count's possible earthquake locations (finger as comet, finger's nail as comet's end point) i.e. reversed momentum method to avoid earthquake;

- using 3 "L" shapes iroLED lightings with the (1) peak point of the active volcano, altogether 4 points on the same line, i.e. reversed momentum method to avoid earthquake;

therefore, using 3 methods to avoid earthquakes in Asia Pacific region, since year (2563, 2020) ... ;

form; function; method; system; Radical992;

IFF 2 gravity spots can be defined (using niji Rainbow As Method), teleportation method may begin; Radical719;

means; move; technique (a.k.a. Method); trick; workmanship; Radical86;

manner; means; method; way; Radical92;

avoiding earthquake in the defined region, also see: Manmade Global Weather ... ;

DEE method; e.g. Gene Therapy System; i.e. beyond 1/2 fish DEE pattern (micro SD) and i.e. also beyond Active Y (((USB) 1 light stick), ((USB2) 2 light sticks), ((USB3) 3 light sticks)), ... ;

dimensional (e.g. numerological) method; e.g. 2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count; numerological numbers can be addressed IFF browser based, and then, be defined;

directional (e.g. Lo Shu, Sudoku) method; e.g. Manmade Global Weather; e.g. no earthquake, no tsunami, no volcanic eruption;

Directional Gravity Pressure method; e.g. no earthquake; e.g. 1 kilometer hotspots in oceans;

directional gravity spots method; e.g. Plasma Cluster wind, windy, ... ; e.g. remove air pollutions; air pollutions above cities can be removed by its breezy wind; no regional flood; three of 1 meter gravity spots in tangent (i.e. regarding Manmade Global Weather); (1 cm, 5 cm, 10 cm) directional gravity spots (Gene Therapy System) ... ;

( FMD, NMD) method; e.g. natural water elevator;

prolong life expectancy (gene therapy) method, e.g. using human beings livable moons' variable DEE patterns, to prolong life expectancy; Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

growth rate (BF1, BLI) method, e.g. remote heat sensing (C Sequence Number (BF2), Tree);

hammer (Method, Procedure, Technique), also see: EM Pull, Physics Law 153 ... ;

Idea Processor (advance AI, advanced AI, AI) method, e.g. Radicals;

IoT method; e.g. using NFC with factoring of its root server;

kuru kuru WHILE lights are ... i.e. WORMHOLE Method;

Manmade Global Weather (service) method; i.e. a part of mapping our universes project;

2010s style Solar Sail Memristor based heterodyning Method;

1990s style Memristor _ without _ hole - board based heterodyning Method;

multi systems method; Also see: Ace Jaw (Black Book, Red Book) to be world's richest person;

multi timelines method; e.g. this DOMAIN, using 17 time lines ... ;

natural water elevator method; e.g. if this DOMAIN 's contents cause devices' weight may vary;

Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization method, i.e. the most advance knowledge based theory;

neutrino LASER (comet, multi long length, single photo) method; e.g. military science = PHYSICS + Computer; excuse me! I've my own physics laws; regarding military science, this DOMAIN is making sure NOT to happen 2 hours of overwriting & resetting destinations of automotives can be destructing 200+ years of constructing works;

tremor; computed tomography with ioflupane (single photon) emission method, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 251, comet; neutrino LASER (comet, multi long length, single photon) method; (IFF (±98) blue, using plus; IFF (±98) yellow, using minus) i.e. kuru kuru WHILE gene therapy, using this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System (neutrino LASER) to cure tremor; Also see: iroLED;

( NMD, FMD) method; e.g. natural water elevator;

Rainbow Method; i.e. beyond micro SD 's 1/2 fish DEE pattern, and USB 's Active Y (1, 2, 3) light sticks; rainbow Method, in common, using (72°, 72 degree, seventy two degree) ... ; ZCS ... ;

remote heat sensing (structural C Sequence Number) method; e.g. structural 4 nodes' static way;

Satellite _ DNS _ Domain (e.g. this DOMAIN) method; i.e. system database registry value based;

Solar Sail method; e.g. using reversed yellowish variations to be energetic and proactive;

Sound _Beam method; e.g. battery charging; e.g. to stimulate bio cells;

tremor; trans cranial ultra sono graphy (Sound _Beam) method, also see: Schematic Symbols; SPL (Sound Pressure Level) based pressure, kuru kuru WHILE gene therapy, using this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System (Sound _Beam) to cure tremor;

SPL level authentication method; i.e. beyond capacitance based oscillation;

surface ( negative Curvature, positive Curvature, zero Curvature) method; e.g. variable DEE patterns;

( vector, vector, vector) method, procedure, technique, ... ; Also see: AntiVirus;

Walls Method; e.g. shielding LASER; e.g. structural snaky patterns (4 lines) 's reversed spots;

yellowish variations method; i.e. human beings livable moons' variable DEE patterns based; yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation are military top secrets, therefore, NOT available to public;

In HARDWARE, using more than 8+ methods ... ; In SOFTWARE, Java (a.k.a. oracle), using more methods than Microsoft's Basic; One of the AI OS characters, using ɟ() method (ɟ), and notice that ɟ character is variable among fonts; The following table, using 4 diff backgrounds, using layered table ... , for 3D GUI e.g.  Monbusho level knowledge enhancement ( idea ♯ 153) ... i.e. how 10 dimensions can be implemented; Also see: operators;

manner of doing , mean s
, method , way ...        
ɟ ( ) method ( ɟ ) ...    
ɟ ( ) method ( ɟ ) ...    
method ; method ; method ;  
  method ;            
mean s , method ;  
  logic , method , reason
, system , thread ;        
new law , new method
; method , order , regularity ,
system ;              
form , formula , method ,
system ;              
course , mean s , method ,
resource , way ;          
1 priori method ; access method ; access method executor
; analytical method ; basic access method ; common access
method ; C A M ; compaction method ; coordinate
d test method ; critical path method ; difference method
; distribute d test method ; dither method ; encoding
method ; external test method ; gestalt method ; heuristic
method ; implementation method ; ink - jet method ;
input method ; I M ; kanji encoding method ;
level sense method ; measurement method ; modulation method ;
poly top method ; radio sit y ; remote test
; run length method ; simplex method ; Telecommunication Access
Method ; tiling window method ;        
Array method , Atan ( ) method , Cos
( ) method , Draw Line method , example
, Exp ( ) method , Print method ,
text using Graphic s . Draw String method , Process
. Start method , feature of , Set Bound s
method , Show Dialog method , Sign ( )
method , Sin ( ) method , Sqrt (
) method , string s processing using method s
and keyword s , System . Drawing . Graphic
s class shape s and method s use d
in , Tan ( ) method , To String
method , Move method , Show method ,    
  method s :            
Abs ( ) , Array , Also See :
Array method ; Atan ( ) , Cos (
) , creating ; creating in class e s
; define d , Exp ( ) ; Graphic
s . Draw String ; Keyword s and ,
processing string s with ; Print ; Process . Start
. Also See : Process Start method ; Set Bound
s . Also See : Set Bound s method ;
Show Dialog , Sign ( ) , Sin (
) ; Sqrt ( ) , Tan (
) , To String . Also See : ToString
; pointer ;            
  embed e.g. java . HTML ;      

4.9 Method, also see: PHYSICS law seventy three ... ;

IFF population (populating), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 183, Green Ones;

variable ( i); increase method (e.g. i = i + 1); decrease method (e.g. i = i - 1);

air; appearance; manner; method; Shi Jing folk song; style; tendency; way; wind (one of the 5 elements); Radical217, also see: Radicals;

2564; 2020; this DOMAIN 's therapeutic FUO, also see: fGTSU; oGTSU; uGTSU;

I wrote: Two ( 2) is very very unique in many ways e.g. Using (, ) to be recovery from Coronavirus (COVID-19); regarding this DOMAIN 's Walls Method, to solve the pandemic biological problem of our earth in 2020, WHICH one would you like to choose to be Using As Wall Method ?

well trained kids! replied: very easy & simple, ware ware We'll be using As Wall Method sir, because characteristics of "inhibitor" are (blocking specific ones) e.g. since we've already defined xyAbnormalities \ as "Red" ones, ware ware We can be (blocking specific ones) e.g. ꌁCOVID-19ꌁ;

I wrote: ware ware We've to be immuned ones to (known, unknown) ꌁvirusꌁ, also see: Physics Law 169, immunological ... ; because, 21st century & beyond, we're dealing with Dark Energy Engineering ( DEE), invisibility engineering, NOT to happen 2+ hour of overwriting & resetting GPS, remote nama reading, ... ; Remark: COVID-19 looks alike PM10 with mouth, and it might be naturally transformed from PM10;

2019/2563 this DOMAIN 's design model (, , ) : because of we're applying reversed momentum method, regarding no volcanic eruption (active volcano), they (4 points) should be on straight line ... , doesn't matter, whether ((the "L" shape 3 points and 1 point (peak point of the defined active volcano)) altogether 4 points), by cartography, or horizontally, or topographic map;

- GREEN (Light Green For Yellowish Therapeutic);
- no volcanic eruption (active volcano);
- one of the reversed momentum methods;
- peak point of the defined active volcano must be at the edge of "GREEN" ;
- they (4 points) should be on the straight line;
- think of our 4 fingers' end points are NOT the same in Distance;
- universally in (2,3 dimensional) space, 4 lights are almost tangent on FMD;
- universally in (2,3 dimensional) space, on the straight line (DEE), impossible (4 points (heat, light));
- universally no (heat, light) means no volcanic eruption;

Also see: PHYSICS law sixty seven ... ;

Also see: Physics Law 156, Idea Processor ("L"), ... ;

2019/2562; 78ECB300 Method i.e. data recovery method of this DOMAIN; also see: Oh My Lord, HOW this DOMAIN 's jinko chino Artificial Intelligence system is very very smart to be using ???????? to do data recovery ... ;