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SAMSUNG Exynos (i.e. processor) ... ;

SCFAs, Short Chain Fatty Acids, one of the important roles of maintenance (in health, to be healthy) ... ; Also see: Energy & Geometry; 8sComputer; 8cComputer; 9fComputer; 9aComputer;

scheme ;              
  a.k.a. plan , project ;    

SDB1WD; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 226, 2,3 dimensional SDB1WD;

Gravity Dimension Computer (Sound Pressure Level, SPL) secure ;

( SPL , Sound Pressure Level )    
e.g. micro Secure Digital card , a.k.a. micro
        SD card ;        

senior; Radical201, also see: Radicals;

  sense ;            
sensor ;              

erect; rise; set up; stand up; Radical146;

set ;        
B O S , bound ed object set ; inter
- activity define d context ; character entity ; replica
set topology ; fuzzy ; code d ; open ;
power ; point ; level ; route ; label ;
page ; code ; delimiter set parameter ; catalog ;
element ; property ; catalog ; operation ; constraint ;

Languages set menu;

17, also see: branch out, grow up, ... ; 17;

Phong shading (interpolation) technique ... ; Also see: Graphics;

connectivity constraints; detecting clusters; event detection; multiple trees; network inference; pattern detection; shaped hotspots; time clusters;

SHARP, official URL: www.sharp.co.jp;

using Sharp 's DAL (Direct Algebraic Logic), also see: Formula;

shell; shellfish; Radical187;

numeric character reference; Shift JIS; Unicode; UTF-8; also see: ( decimal, HEX) ... ;

IP address; link speed; security; signal strength; status;

        site ;      

e.g. file or folder in current web site ... ;

job site radio; also see: Wireless Antenna (e.g. AM: bar antenna, FM: soft bended rod antenna);

Slovenia, , , , 386;

smart active cable e.g. ♯♯♯♯ ( x) ♯♯♯♯ ( p) at ♯♯Hz (i.e. c/s), e.g. 3D HD, e.g. HDMI;

(RFID tag, Smart Card, UPC, ... ) also see: UPC vs RFID;

smart sensing and IoT operation;

smartdisable * also see: command;

cloudy; foggy; ice; partly cloudy; rain; snow; snow flurries; sunny; thunderstorms; windy; Also see: Weather;

to fly; to hop; to jump; to soar; Radical218;

somebody; someone; who; Radical586;

blank space; Radical135;

(environmental) Space Data Scientist (geo tech) 's Command, also see: Naturally Weather Log; Remark: a TXT File, for you to edit and define yourself;

related to sparkle; related to be sparkling; Radical50;

Special Name Special Name a.k.a.
            Special Designation ;    
special name s entry ; Also see : UNIT ;

SQL Server System CLR Types, Microsoft component;

research; study; Also see: Numerological7;

WHY blue and green sir ? well trained kids ! since you've learnt blue as default (our earth) and green as default (our moon), And Then, there are many human beings livable moons in our universes, therefore, basic understanding would be blue and green 1st, regarding ACT2 imaginary space ... ;

Question: WHICH gravity is used WHILE travelling to our moon ? answer would be: green gravity;
Question: WHICH gravity is used WHILE travelling back to our earth ? answer would be: blue gravity;

don't forget 2 is very very unique in many ways ... ;

subsequent; e.g.

following; next; subsequent; Radical980;

(sunrise, noon, sunset, night, midnight, ... ) variable DEE patterns;

tech support ... ;

Asian calligraphy; Aztec symbol; Chinese calligraphy; comic inspired emoji; distinctive illustrative; Egyptian hieroglyphics; Emoji; illuminated manuscript; personalized Emoji; pictographic script; Rebus; Sumerian cuneiform pictographic; Sign & Symbol; symbolic alphabet; symbolic form of expression; symbolic visual artistry;