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jinko chino Artificial Intelligence active location language code for each (Approval Code, POS, RFID tag, Smart Chip, UPC, ... ); Approx. 28+comparisons available to read;

scanner; radio;
smart chip; track the last purchase;
RFID tag; radio frequency ID tag; e.g. RFID tag データ Data;
UPC, Universal Product Code; e.g. Bar Code; UPC データ Data;
Bar Code, Universal Product Code Electronic Product Code; RFID = Antenna + UHF chip

file's type: *.gif image mapping, therefore language code can be not only number, but also 2D barcode ;

file's location: ..\..\Myanmar\ ; availability is online only, therefore, computer is essential;

GIF file's behavior: hyperlink image mapped bidirectional 2D barcode ;

design: daily news, access from cell phone [ for example: above 2D barcode is designed for IFF ENGLISH : ], by using 2D barcode, provided online by NHK ... ;


file's type: *.gif image mapping + cell number, therefore, language code can be within RFID;

file's location: cell number's location, therefore availability is both online and offline, therefore, computer is NOT essential;

GIF file's behavior: language ID;

design: RFID authentication;

also see: distance calculation;



   is in 1D

... Hitachi's µ-chip, contact-less IC chip, the smallest / thinnest in the world, WHICH can transform radio waves [2.45 G · s-1 microwaves] through its external antenna into 128bit [1038] wireless transmission as unique ID numbers; Error < 0.001%; Will use in authentication and certification;
Availability: 0.1M itemized-データdata / company, 0.1M companies / UPC Availability: 68G itemized-データdata / class, 16M class / co., 268M co. / EPC
Avoid: Fade-out coded label Avoid: Metal plate and water in the middle of medium
Cost: cost effective Cost: price of RFID may vary between 0.05~0.5 USD per one RFID; cost effective or not? Not known yet;
データData storage: ... データData storage: ...
Distance based computing not available Distance based computing available by deploying UHF's limited ranges
  Environmental friendly and disposable RFID tags are been developed in 2005;
Historic milestone: since 1974, UPC データdata have been scanned Historic milestone: since ..., RFID データdata have been scanned
Input データdata: need visibility to scan Input データdata: do not need visibility to scan
Inter-operational trend: scanning by human beings Inter-operational trend: scanning by human beings, OR | AND  Asimo, Papero robots, ...
Inter-operational trend: scanning by humanoids Inter-operational trend: scanning by humanoids
Inventory データdata concerning damage, lost, waste: more than RFID Inventory データdata concerning damage, lost, waste: less than UPC
Inventory データdata concerning FIFO | LIFO: impossible to deploy 100% functional queue or stack Inventory データdata concerning FIFO | LIFO: possible to deploy 100% functional queue or stack
Length: 12 digit UPC; base10 Length: 96 bit EPC; base2
Made of: (plastic OR | AND paper) with white & black stripes; No transmission Made of: UHF wave transmission medium in few feet
Productivity: less than RFID Productivity: more than UPC
  RF, radio frequency ... ; Also see: dBm;
RDBMS: UPC is one of the foreign key RFID middleware; RFID is one of the foreign key; Designer decides whether key, or foreign key or ... ;
Scanning rate: <20 itemized-データdata / sec. Scanning rate: 50 ~ 200 itemized-データdata / sec., in 2003
Schematic dimensional; Similar to RFID's IFF z axis is blocked < 180 degree; IFF z axis is blocked, schematic dimensional in 180 degree; IFF z axis is not blocked, omni directional, so 360 degree;
Software: after bar codes have been scanned, so many 3rd party vendor software can manage the scanned データdata Software: In 2005, i.e. Oracle Sensor Edge サーバserver can manage scanned RFID データdata along with ((HTTP) (JMS) (SOAP) (Stream) (...) ) among (((ASP) (JSP) (Servlet)) (DB) (MDB) (Web services) (...))
Topology: AB distance to N point distance, also see: Mesh topology; Topology: out of a Myanmar knowledge ;
Traceable feedback info データdata: not 100% QC Traceable feedback info データdata: 100% QC
Unable to lock computer remotely, because scanner interface is required; Able to lock a defined computer remotely WHEN user is 1+ meter away from the computer, and automatically unlock the computer WHEN user is <1 meter to the computer; For example, EPIC Hyperspace with RSA security tag ; Also see: Port number 81;
Universal: cannot be, because scanner contacts needed; ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN; Universal: can be, because contact-less; RFID サーバserver can prompt referenced mobile id(s), such as: animals [open air, underground, underwater, wild,... ], automotives, keys, mobile phones, tickets, ... ; RFID サーバservers are in R&D, and some testing prototypes are available ...; ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN, ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN, ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN, ... ;
Water, not sensitive; Because, IFF scanner strikes energy onto, barcode's surface releases energy as reflection back to scanner; Water sensitive, but mostly covered by poly plastic; Also see: C60H20;; RFID, Radio Frequency Identification; ISO14443;


artificial intelligence ( verify IPv6) with network topology ... ;