; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : February : 28 (Tuesday) : Updated : IoT ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : 2 : 28 : Updated : IoT ;

( 10G Network, 10G Network, 10G Network, 10G Network) ... ; Also see: g Computer; g Usage; IoT; n Character; Network Topology;

( this DOMAIN 's USB Type-C Network Topology, this DOMAIN 's RJ45 Ethernet Network Topology), also see: IoT; Router; Services; USB;

well trained kids!! replied: WHAT is the diff between "Type-C" and "RJ45" sir?
I wrote: kuru kuru WHILE (wrap, wrapped, wrapping) 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, multiple SPL, Sound Pressure Level 's (pressure points, spots) are used for "Type-C," on the other hand, only 1 SPL (pressure point) is used for "RJ45" pairs, regarding (Time . Space . Action) ... ; Remark: trillions of US Dollar worth because banking systems, government systems, healthcare systems, military systems, ... ; 33x15 dimensional ones because basic understanding (1900s design model CRT to Flat Panel, 2000s design model ZCS, 2010s directional gravity spots with structural Battery, 2020s design model (ZCS + PCS + NCS) remote nama reading via insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids, ... ) ... ; Also see: Network Topology;

6 surfaced DEE box in Z-index, a part of mapping our universes project ... ;

Action of ... ; Radical661;

article; object; stuff; substance; thing; ( Object, Object, Object);

Codes; Also see: Physics Law 188;

embedded devices; Radical693;

IoT must obey NFC3; NFC2; NFC1; NFC, Near Field Communication; Also see: PHYSICS;

( log, log log, log) ... ; Remark: (log-in, log-out) a.k.a. (sign-in, sign-out) ... ;

( TFT, TFT, TFT, TFT), also see: Computers;

camcorder; e.g.

( Camera, Camera, Camera, Camera) ... ;

2565; May 20, 2021; our earth, using 8 kinds of Satellite (Method, Procedure, Technique) e.g. Cloud Keywords ( A OS, IS AM, SAL, SAR, S ART, S AS, SA U, SL F I) ... ;

Toshiba, world's 1st multi systems inventor, since 1980s, And Then, in 2020s Toshiba has started unbreakable encryption (Idea Processor), together with (BT, British multinational Telecommunication, www.bt.com ) and (Ericsson, Swedish multinational networking and telecommunication, www.ericsson.com ) ;

i.e. beyond dialog; i.e. beyond paragraph (sentences, words); Idea Processor is beyond equalizer, translator, GPS, ... , and Toshiba has reached yellowish variation level (Gravity Dimension Computer) ... ; for basic understanding 1st to understand WHAT is Pipelining (since 1990s), And Then, Parallel Computing IFF 45 degree (Pipelining) ... ; for basic understanding 2nd to understand WHAT is Cloud Keywords (e.g. branch able, brunch able) AI, CE, Dx, CS, GS, LS, MS, PE, Pt, Rx, Tx, V M, ... ; 3rd to do R&D ... ; Remark: regarding 21st century & beyond, this DOMAIN 's the most advance programming would be in Pali (a.k.a.  Buddhism's holy language) for nama programming (humanoids) ... ;

( Time . Space . Action (a.k.a. Oriental Thought)) ... ;

  OEM (         )
many device s (


, sharing , timing )
  data   i.e.   IoT   ;    
Internet of Things ( IoT ) ;    
Internet of Things ( IoT ) ;    
  automotive ;            
  factory ;            
  home ;            
  hospital ;            
  monastery ;            
  office ;            
  park ; e.g. national park ;    
  port ;       e.g. interface ;
  school ;            
  station ; e.g. space station ;    
  site ;            
verify IPv6 ( NFC ) ;        

jushin Receive; Radical417;
soshin Send; Radical767;

B 2 B, Business-to-Business; Business - Remark: usage "to" implicitly means 2 - Business a.k.a. Biz;

C C C, Computation, Communication and Control;

C P H S, Cyber Physical Human System;

C P S, Cyber Physical System;

D A Q, Device Automated Qualification;

D H C P, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol;

D N S, Domain Name System;

D S P, Digital Signal Processor;

E R P, Enterprise Resource Planning;

F T C, Federal Trade Commission;

G S E, Global Software Engineering;

G T S, Gene Therapy System (this DOMAIN) ... ;

HTML5, Hyper Text Markup Language 5;

I E T F, Internet Engineering Task Force;

I o E, Internet of Everything;

IoT-SA, Internet of Things - Semantic Annotator; Also see: IoT; resource;

I T U, International Telecommunication Union;

layer (hidden layer, input layer, output layer) ... ;

M G W, Manmade Global Weather (this DOMAIN) ... ;

M E S, Manufacturing Execution System;

Multiplier : e.g. 10^3 devices; 10^6 devices; 10^9 devices; 10^12 devices; 10^15 devices; ... ;

NFC4, Near Field Communication 4; Also see: Electricity Power Plug; NFC;

N T P, Network Time Protocol;

S P S, Standard Procurement System;

S S H, Secure SHELL;

T D D, Test Driven Development;

verify IPv6 (NFC);

... ;

HTML executable Analog Clock; Also see: Exe;

motion; e.g.

( motion, motion, motion, motion, motion, motion, motion) ... ;

NFR, Near Field Radio; e.g.

contactless; contactless; contactless; contactless; Contactless; ( NFR, NFR, NFR, NFR), Near Field Radio ... ; Also see: IoT; PHYSICS; r Character; Wireless;

2 nm; 3 nm; e.g.

( 2 nm, 3 nm), also see: Action; IoT; n Computer; Network Topology; Processor; Transistor;

one thousand six hundred; e.g.

( 1600, 1600, 1600, 1600) i.e. Number , (Internal State Size (bits)) ... , also see: Action; NFC IoT; Number; Parameter; Security (computer security, national security, regional security, satellite security) of this DOMAIN, to be healthy ... ;

Pager; e.g.

since 1980s, Pager, Pager, Pager, Pager, Pager, Pager, Pager, Pager, also see: High Speed Communication; International Domains; Internet Connection; IoT; p Character; p Computer; USB;

pair; e.g.

          pair Aqua ;  
        pair Black ;    
          pair Blue Gray ;
        pair Brown ;    
          pair Dark Blue ;
        pair Gold ;    
          pair Gray ;  
        pair Green ;    
          pair Lavender ;  
        pair Light Blue ;  
          pair Light Yellow ;
        pair Lime ;    
          pair Maroon ;  
        pair Orange ;    
          pair Pink ;  
        pair Purple ;    
          pair Red ;  
        pair Silver ;    
          pair White ;  
        pair Yellow ;    
        Also see: IoT; 8pComputer; Physics Law 198; Processor;  

point-to-point; Point to point; e.g.

pointokarapointoe Point-to-point; Also see: IoT; Physics Law 198; Pipelining; Protocol and Port; Router;

( show position, show position, show position) e.g. geo-location, showing a position Info of the current location, the Browser's Location Awareness, also see: this DOMAIN 's one of the buttons (Show Position) Latitude Number, Longitude Number, ... ;

to do good Kharma (a.k.a. Khamma, also see: k Pali) Action, Location Awareness Response ... ;

Usage ("mono") ; e.g.

( mono Matters, mono Objects, mono Substances, mono Stuffs, mono Things) ... ;