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Using 15 degree by SQRT2 longitudes, to be readiness for military war, since 04/20/2023, e.g. ( 10.60660172, 10.60660172, 10.60660172, 10.60660172) so GPS can be realized & understood, and approx. 200+ millions (enemy, foe) must be (killed, demolished), IFF military war begins ... ; HOW (15 degree, numbers) for calculating GPS, also see: Time e.g. (29, 30) prompt 30 degree, And Then, 30/2 is 15, And Then, adding SQRT2 to its, so GPS can be realized & understood, And Then, this DOMAIN 's developer doesn't like wars, so also see: anzensei Security e.g. Global Security, Regional Security, National Security, ... ; if you're truly challenge knowledge based wars e.g. antiviral COVID-19 would be a good example, and winners are Germany, Japan, and USA (2019-2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic worldwide); Remark: 2 kinds of routers are software router, and hardware router; Also see: Language Translator; 50 x 50px (GLOBAL) ... ; this DOMAIN 's contents are ready for Space War, against (enemy, foe) ... ;

( this DOMAIN 's USB Type-C Network Topology, this DOMAIN 's RJ45 Ethernet Network Topology), also see: IoT; Router; Services; USB;

well trained kids!! replied: WHAT is the diff between "Type-C" and "RJ45" sir?
I wrote: kuru kuru WHILE (wrap, wrapped, wrapping) 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, multiple SPL, Sound Pressure Level 's (pressure points, spots) are used for "Type-C," on the other hand, only 1 SPL (pressure point) is used for "RJ45" pairs, regarding (Time . Space . Action) ... ; Remark: trillions of US Dollar worth because banking systems, government systems, healthcare systems, military systems, ... ; 33x15 dimensional ones because basic understanding (1900s design model CRT to Flat Panel, 2000s design model ZCS, 2010s directional gravity spots with structural Battery, 2020s design model (ZCS + PCS + NCS) remote nama reading via insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids, ... ) ... ; Also see: Network Topology;

2566; October 17, 2022; this DOMAIN 's Keywords, e.g.

ad , a.k.a. advertisement (s) ; and ; automatic ;
background ; camera ; clipboard ;     Secured content
; download (s) ; edit , editing ; file ;
font s ; GUI , a.k.a. Graphics User Interface ;
handler s ; ID (s) ;        
    H ID devices ; images ; Java ;
location ; management ; microphone ; motion ; notification (s)
; payment ; pop-up ; ports ; protected ;  
Augmented Reality ( A R ) ... ;
Virtual Reality ( V R ) ... ;
redirect ; script ; sensor s ; serial ; sign-in
; sound ;   a.k.a. Synchronization
    S Y N C ,
; USB device s ;        
    MIDI device s ;        
use , Using ;   your privacy ;    
          your device ;    

Also see: Browser; Router; Remark: world's 1st "sound synchronization" i.e. SPL based the most advance (Method, Procedure, Technique), designed & modeled by a "Tarzan" Rakhine American in 10 dimensional, and this DOMAIN reserves 12 dimensional (2*6), and 14 dimensional (2*7) for you well trained kids!! ... ;

camcorder; e.g.

( Camera, Camera, Camera, Camera) ... ;

Z CS _Camera based router for each (this DOMAIN 's) imaginary hyper space craft ... ; ACT3 space R&D (for each human beings livable moon) e.g. Origin of ... , yellowish variation, and its reversed yellowish variation, ... ;

camera is the longest distance router in our universes (e.g. camcorder, cyber shot camera, ... ) ;

camera is the longest distance router in our earth (e.g. digital camera with zoom, traffic camera);

( sankakusokuryo Triangulation, sankakusokuryo Triangulation, sankakusokuryo Triangulation), also see: (( 3), ( Radical181), ( Radical451), ( Radical831)); Triangulation; Triangulation; Triangulation;

switch for hyperspace craft's ( Elevating, Landing), also see: Physics Law 198;

2 kinds of camera are dynamic wormhole way neutrino camera (using in space, because neutrino is the longest one (like the sun), and wormhole way is configured by momentum e.g. green to blue means shooting from moon to our earth, e.g. dark gray to silver (e.g. {E3, E3, E3}) means shooting inward to our solar system, ... ), and static motor way laser beam camera;
therefore if camera is NOT in use, fold aluminum foil to block the laser beam toward head (refer to laptop);
therefore if camera is NOT in use, turn the camera's lens into save direction (refer to desktop);

shield the interior (e.g. lights as surface to windows and windshield) IFF automotives, because many traffic cameras exist; since laser and wormhole belong to "light" , the only way to shield (protection to human beings) the laser and wormhole is using lights as surface to walls, windows and windshield, ... ; shield the interior;

Anti Virus; Security (Dynamic Frequency Selection) ... ;

IEEE Standard;

IFF infrastructure ( device) hub, USB hub; WHERE hub is more likely to be -dB switching with splitter configuration ... ; WHERE solar tree is more likely to be as solar tree ( GPS  R F ID) ... , also see: repeater; Also see: base band; broadband; Narrowband to broadband; ... ;

IFF keyword: e.g. pushing the button on router ... ;

IFF state vs. stateless development, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement ( idea e.g. idea ♯ 156 Reinventing Lo Shu magic square with Sudoku; e.g. idea ♯ 140 Global Signal);

In numerological dimension, IFF 26 Alphanumeric is matched, AB, BA can be 12, 21 ... ; In Session layer, Page can be GPS Page IFF spectrum is matched; IFF Sqrt 2 and parameter must be floating point, either 50, or 2 * 50 within592895 the285 infrastructure; IFF system is based on CALCULATOR, DICTIONARY, TRANSLATOR, ... ;

k y u h y a k u Nine Hundred; s e n h a c h i h y a k u One thousand and eight hundred; e.g.

( k y u h y a k u Nine Hundred : ( 900, 900, 900, 900), s e n h a c h i h y a k u One thousand and eight hundred : ( 1800, 1800, 1800, 1800)) e.g. dual band radio pattern ... ; Also see: Browser; Number; PHONE; Router;

load; loaded; loading; e.g.

Also see : load; Radical416; regarding :
(download, downloaded, downloading) FILE, i.e. Internet, Network Topology ... ; location awareness;
(upload, uploaded, uploading) FILE, i.e. INTERNET, Network Topology ... ; location awareness;

location server; e.g.

Location Server; Also see: 8lComputer; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; Network Topology; Physics Law 113; Router; Server;

( 192 . 168 . 1 . 1), ( 192 . 168 . 10 . 1), also see: Browser ... ;

log; e.g.

( log, log log, log) ... ; Remark: (log-in, log-out) a.k.a. (sign-in, sign-out) ... ;

point-to-point; Point to point; e.g.

pointokarapointoe Point-to-point; Also see: IoT; Physics Law 198; Pipelining; Protocol and Port; Router;

road; route; way; Radical963;

Routers' speed (e.g. Multipliers) depend on OEMs' methods ... ;

Using OS I, ♯ Physical layer may vary (e.g. variable) Cable, Wireless, ... ;
Using OS I, ♯ Logical layer may vary e.g. C R C is whether even parity OR odd parity, DATA is correct or not, ... ;
Using OS I, ♯ Network layer may vary e.g. Method, speed, ... ;
Using OS I, ♯ Transport layer may vary e.g. Packet, Protocol (e.g. R F C), ... ;
Using OS I, ♯ Session layer may vary i.e. within Browser Application, 101 Sessions exist, ... ;
Using OS I, ♯ Presentation layer may vary i.e. frames window, glasses as panes, ... ;
Using OS I, ♯ Application layer may vary i.e. OS, platform, ... ;

this DOMAIN ' s AI router      
core router      
cable router  
local router  
switching router                
broad band router           route out
e.g. : : : :
: number ( ? ? ? ? ? ? )
  G bps ,          
  Mbps ,          
  Kbps ;          
        camera ;      

_ IFF ACT3 system ( bias) hyperspace parallel universe positioning system synchronization ... ; Using the285 this DOMAIN AI ROUTER with5928 ... ; SYNC 3,4 dimensional to26 2,3 dimensional ... ;

_ IFF ACT2 (Ȣ     20) voice patterns ... ; Using the285 this DOMAIN AI ROUTER with5928 ... ; SYNC 2,3 dimensional to26 infrastructure ( time  zone) ... ; Using Network Topology ... ;

_ IFF A b o u t a.k.a. AB o u t a.k.a. 12 out ... ;

subroutine, a part of routine; Also see: r Character; s Character;

Usage, e.g. routing table might be designed for HOW path to be "out", with5928 WHICH speed, plane (also see: surface) might be designed for "back for background", "forward for either going out, or foreground taskbar alike", gateway might be designed for "gate for Logical layer, and way to route", ... ;

... ; Using "OUT" character ... ; This repeater stations repeat and strengthen weak signal to strong signal, because signal attenuates; Signal error is corrected by C R C a.k.a. Cyclic Redundancy Control, using parity e.g. (even parity or odd parity); Network topology, for multi- connections; Within the infrastructure, ROUTER can be AI hardware ROUTER, or AI software ROUTER;

... ;