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(backward, forward) e.g. backward reading, backward reading (AI), backward (file) recovery, backward reasoning (AI), ... ; Also see: Directions;

HOW to do "backward" sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand 1 2 3, 2nd to understand 1%, 2%, 3%, And Then, by implementing 4%, "backward" can be ... ; regarding gear (backward, forward), functional numbers of gears may vary between backward and forward, e.g. forward gears can be up to 10, on the other hand (regarding the same torque converter), backward gears can be up to 5, therefore, if forward gears prompt 100 km per hour, then backward gears may prompt 50 km per hour, and depending upon system architects and designers' decision & implementation HOW (backward, forward) ... ; another example would be: regarding global IoT applications, transmitting max forward speed 10%, And Then, max backward speed 5% would be recovery (e.g. backup), reasoning (e.g. friend or opponent), ... ;

band 6        
          band ;      

Band6 has been {E3, E3, E3} a.k.a. silver color background with navy color; intended for using Moon Wave;

base band, e.g. if Ethernet, base T, base T x, ... , are a.k.a. base band; another example would be: to have broadband, signals must have base band;

regarding broadband, IFF  blue is data, and green is feedback, doko WHERE HOW base band is related to green in addition to line's resistance; e.g. 2 lines for green feedback, and then 4 lines for blue data as your own router;

all IC chips' pins are designed with input pin, output pin, feedback pin, ... , and this DOMAIN has been special designed with IC28 (reduced design model) ... ;

in networking, base, as opposed to broad;

batteries; e.g. 1.5V battery; 3V battery; 6V battery; 9V battery; 12V battery; ... ; Also see: Schematic Symbols;

UEFI; BIOS; e.g.

New term for bios is ( UEFI, UEFI, UEFIUnified Extensible Firmware Interface. BIOS is the old term.

UEFI Aqua; kuru kuru WHILE, doko WHERE (NCS, PCS, ZCS), 15x15 dimensional and its directional is toward east, for each Gravity Dimension Computer, ... ;

B I O S BIOS        
          BIOS ,    
Binary Input Output System ;          
285 112     ;    
OS 's the 1st add - on ;    

OS (Operating System) 's the first add-on (i.e. BIOS, Binary Input Output System) of course, it's a.k.a. firmware; using jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (e.g. avoiding name conflicts) ... ;

yellowish background with blue-gray forefront, for solar sail method ( BIOS) ... ; for mapping our universes project;

;               bit rate
; mask ; variable bit rate ; carry ( of
digit , bit , etc . ) ;    
  re c or d i n g density ;


gene therapy systems do 76647555 (Good Gene) cure bone diseases ... ;

Radical224, also see: Radicals;

Bosnia and Herzegovina, , , , 387;

SONY time zone (GMT+2:00) Sarajevo  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

            ryoho Both ;
      both ;    
both arm s ;
both countries ;  
both day s i.e. 2 day s ;  
both ends e.g. either end , both edges ;
both eyes e.g. binocular ;
both feet ;  
both parties a.k.a. both side s ;  
both person s ;  
both side s a.k.a.
two side s a.k.a. double - side d ;  
both things pair ,
the 2 , both person s ;      
both wings both flanks
; and also , both ...
and , as well as ;        
e.g. both Sqrt 2 ( 2 ) floating numbers
... and Sqrt 3 ( 3 ) floating numbers

   both ends of our universe   doko WHERE ethnic tribe (e.g. Rakhine) of Union of Myanmar's imaginary hyper space crafts are ... , i.e. 3,4 dimensional; very very very far away in distance i.e. C Sequence Number 's BF2 is no longer valid (e.g. BF3), yellowish distance becomes longer and longer in distance, DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) 's parallel energy may prompt no sound a.k.a. origin of sound, 4PP (4 Planets Prediction) may become universal TRUE i.e. thousands of years old document in Buddhism ... ; ACT3 stage, basic understanding of ... ;

if someone asks HOW huge our universe is? answer would be: yellowish variation as distance prompts parallel energy (BF3) no sound a.k.a. origin of sound ... ; WHY lights are not the same at both ends? answer would be: I ain't know;

both e.g.
a.k.a. SQRT2 a.k.a. S q r t 2 a.k.a. √2 (a.k.a. square root 2), and
a.k.a. SQRT3 a.k.a. S q r t 3 a.k.a. √3 (a.k.a. square root 3);

distance based, either wire (e.g. cable) or wireless; both (wire and wireless) also see: tele;

breezy air ( windy < 23 kilo meter per hour) ... ; Also see: Weather;

    bridge ;          
e.g. model from Sqrt 2 to Sqrt 3 ;  
e.g. model from Sqrt 3 to Sqrt 2 ;  
bridge _ mode _ antenna ;      
Bridge Rectifier ;            

(bronchitis, emphysema) can be cured, also see: cGTSU;

Business address; Business city; Business country/region; Business fax; Business home page; Business P.O. box; Business postal code; Business phone; Business state or province; Business street;

by updating; also see: timestamp;

by*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;