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% a.k.a. percentage , also see, rate ; cumulative percentage; direct percentage function; percent; percentage function ɟ ;  + OR - ( ^    ) ... ;

_ IFF ɟ (Changing 〩) Adjust Clear Type Text; - ♯♯♯% (default) ... ; dpi; 66 285 screen; Using 285 Magnifier tool;

IFF detail keyword (documents) P.O. box, Pager, Pages, Paired, Parental rating, Parental rating reason, Part of a compilation, Part of set, Participants, Partner, Path, People, Perceived type, Period, Personal title, Postal code, Primary e-mail, Primary phone, Priority, Produces, Product name, Product version, Profession, Program description, Program mode, Program name, Project, Protected, Publisher, ... ;

page ; page data set;

Pager; e.g.

since 1980s, Pager, Pager, Pager, Pager, Pager, Pager, Pager, Pager, also see: High Speed Communication; International Domains; Internet Connection; IoT; p Character; p Computer; USB;

              Pager ;
            Pager ;  
          Pager ;    
        Pager ;      
      Pager ;        
    Pager ;          
  Pager ;            
Pager ;              

millions of pages of m a n g a (Nippon comics) i.e. C G L X ... ;

click; double click; mouse over; page load; ... ; also see: event;

12 1 time, IFF page load ( x, y, z, ... ) 3 dimensional begin ... ;

pair     pair     pair;

(pairs of (1&1), pairs of angles, pairs of Bluetooth speakers, pairs of chromosomes, pairs of complementary colors, pairs of corresponding angles, pairs of digits, pairs of directional gravity pressures, pairs of (DNA, RNA), pairs of electrons, pairs of elements, pairs of entities, pairs of eyes, pairs of factors, pairs of floating points, pairs of functions, pairs of genes, pairs of headphones, pairs of homographs, pairs of household items, pairs of instructions, pairs of integers, pairs of ionic bonds, pairs of isomers, pairs of isotopes, pairs of items, pairs of jacks, pairs of kings, pairs of lamps, pairs of linear angles, pairs of lips, pairs of lungs, pairs of mirrors, pairs of names, pairs of numbers, pairs of objects, pairs of (one and one), pairs of opposites, pairs of parallel lines, pairs of parts, pairs of perpendicular lines, pairs of plugs, pairs of quadratic dimensions, pairs of quantities, pairs of resonances, pairs of rings, pairs of shorts, pairs of supplementary, pairs of tickets, pairs of things, pairs of boots, pairs of used jets, pairs of vectors, pairs of vertical angles, pairs of vertical lines, pairs of walls, pairs of wings, pairs of words, pairs of xy, pair of you, pair of zero, pairs of zodiac signs) IFF pin dropped ... ; Also see: very very unique 2;

Panama, video, audio, data, 507;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (p a n c r e a t a.k.a. pancreas)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

brand i n g ; custom panel ;    

Solar Panel; Also see: Electricity Power Plug;


paper ;      
paper ;      


    parallel ;  
        coordinate s ;    

Parental rating; Parental rating reason;

parity      parity      parity      parity ;

 ( for each KB (i.e. 1024) data, for each MB (i.e. 1048576) data, for each GB (i.e. 1073741824) data, for each TB (i.e. 1099511627776) data, for each P B (i.e. 1125899906842624) data, ... ) do parity (e.g. even parity, odd parity) ... ; A I N, Artificial Intelligence Network ( communication) correct signals; Also see: Router;

parse 1 file OR open THIS file     

Part of set;

part; Part; e.g.

minute; part; portion; share;
minute; part; portion; share;

      part ;        
part ;          
address field ; address part ; application ; auxiliary ;
body part encryption indication ; multi - part body ;
multi - part message ; operation part ;    
part - whole relation ; part it i v e
relation ; spare ; user ; variant ;    

every part of human beings has its own meaning naturally ... ; Also see: Gene Therapy System;

partial generator ; partial generator set;

       particle          perturbation  +
         perturbation        particle  -


particulars     particular;

partitioned ; partitioned data set; partitioned organization data set;


e.g. copy, And Then, paste;

e.g. cut, And Then, paste;

Also see: Command;

path パス     path      also see: path (i.e. a command);

     search path けんさくパス;

    Pattern ;          
pattern ; size ; style ; template ;
type ; form ; model ; mold ;    
on line pattern analysis and recognition system ;
pictorial pattern
recognition ;                
pattern interior
style ;                
data tag pattern
search pattern ;          
matching ;          
  matching ;    
desktop ;    
routing ;    
        bit - ;
pattern ;      

(good gene pattern (A, C, G, T)) to be adding ... ;
(good gene pattern (A, C, G, T)) to be adding ... ;

variable DEE pattern, also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;

♯GB; ♯KB; ♯MB; ♯PB; ♯TB; Also see: items; multiplier; mono window (e.g. DOS *.pif) 's size info may vary if compare to multi window (e.g. Windows' explorer) 's size info, because of diff time lines;

compatible with PC & Mac, also see: Number, e.g. ( 20, 86) common ... ;

PCR, peak cell rate;

IFF ( Distribution ) PDF . . . ;

pop directional formatting, PDF ... ;

PE, one of the keywords in Cloud Computing ... ;     PE;

P E L, pixel, picture element;

Windows 7 SP1; Pen AND Touch; Pen and Touch; A V X;

Perceived type;

Period; periodic;

Periodic Table;

permission: access permission; Auditing; Change Permissions; Effective Permissions; execute permission; file permission; file permission bits; Full control; Modify; Objects ; Owner; Read; Read & execute; read permission; search permission; Special permissions; Trusted Installer; Write; write permission; ...

Persia, video, audio, data, 98;

personal (computer)      also see: ; computer; computers;

_ IFF 3D PC,  also see: bias; system 3.00; user;

Personal title;

period, phase, season, stage, time;

time, stage, season, phase, period;

      phase 66 life ;
D P S K , different i a l phase
- shift key i n g ;      
P M , Phase Modulation ;        
P S K , phase shift key i n g
;       change optical disk ;  
  data transfer ;          
      change printer ;        
term i nation phase 66 1 trans action ;  
      encoding , modulation record i
n g ; distortion ; error ;    
current phase , present stage ;        
current rank , present grade ;        
          restart phase ;    

Phase Out, browser name;

phone; phoned; phones; phoning; e.g.

about phone; e.g. G8142;

antiviral contact-tracing app (OEM, smart phone) against COVID-19;

PHONE: cellular phone; Internet phone; satellite phone; smart phone;

_ IFF ( ) system phone ... ;

P h o n g shading; G o u r a u d shading; e.g.

( G o u r a u d shading (conformational transition (shape)), P h o n g shading (conformational transition (shape)) ... ; Also see: g Computer; p Computer; structural Amino Acids; Remark: (CRT, Flat Panel) raster (method, procedure, technique) based, line-by-line rendering, DEE _Mouth (e.g. after eating), residue alike Protein Wrapper resistance;

photo     photo;

idea ♯ 196; integrated picture with accurate true size; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1;

IFF multi layer, U V radiation ... ;

photo c h r o m  a t i c s ;      
        variable light ;    
IFF multi layer , U V radiation form s opaque
; 95 1 state 285 molecule 91 transparent ;  
dimmer control ;              

Remark: Pg. 10, PLASMA WINDOWS, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, Prof. M i c h i o K a k u, 2008, IFF multilayered, only 2 states exists, i.e. (either opaque or transparent) a.k.a. photo c h r o m a t i c s;

system ; web ; matrix ;    
P H P p h p           ;

PHYSICS     physics     physics;


10^-12    ;    24mm natural time can define 1 second, digitally since 1970s; after analyzing amount of energy left inside capacitance a.k.a. time slices, and then those time slices can be engineered to prompt pico- ; in theory, it seems very easy, but in engineering, the most difficult to do ... ; because to understand just nano- , so many new concept must be understood 1st, such as 2,3 dimensional, dark vs. light, multiple holes inside time with energy map ... ;   also see: multiplier;

picture ( 65 1 TV )
library ( document ; music ; video )

piece; pieces; e.g.

( piece, piece, piece) e.g. 1 piece of the genetic code, also see: Anti Virus;

Pin Yin (Chinese Romanization system)

also see: Chinese Romanization;

pioneer Pioneer ( Japanese
electronic s company )   PIONEER      

pipeline processor a.k.a. pipelining: 66 ( extract; load; log; monitor; transform) ... ;

IFF CALCULATOR (pipeline) a.k.a. calculator based pipelining ... ;

Pipelining i.e. one of the Architectures, since 1990s ... ; Also see: Processor;


(centimeter, centimeters); (inch, inches); (pixel, pixels); (point, points);

pixel , 2 dimensional point on a screen ;
      pixel ;        
F L ;            
P E L , picture element ;      
pixel shade r ; point ; polka dot s ;
    post - pixel blend i n g ;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement e.g. idea ♯ 163; Pixel's p Parameter;

( pixel, pixel, pixel, pixel, pixel, pixel, pixel) for airborne ZCS Display (1 minute area), also see: Water Clock;

plastic electronics ... , e.g. RFID, near-field communication, ... ;

IFF abnormal ( plate ) system reduce s tsunami ;

platform; ... (Abbreviation) home; authoring platform; cross-platform; cross-platform technology; hardware platform; open platform; platform specific; also see, S O F T W A R E ;

platform as a service (P a a S) cloud ... ; infrastructure 11 1 service (I a a S) cloud ... ; software 11 1 service (S a a S) cloud ... ;

  play - mode    
            play e r

play-mode; player;

e.g. this DOMAIN multi media device player ... ;

      plus ;        
plus AND minus e s
, advantage s and disadvantage s ; B plus ;
      C plus plus , C + +
; S Q L * Plus ;      
counter balancing , off set t
in g each other , plus and minus equal zero

IFF SQRT2, for any sequence ( 98), if now is plus (i.e. + 98), next is minus (i.e. - 98); 1st to understand squaring both side of sign (=), 2nd to understand value vs. reference, 3rd to understand any term (e.g. 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... ) obeys number ( 98) ... ;

p Manmade Global Weather;

2010 OR 2554; P M B ver.4.2.00; SONY Handy cam; Display; Mode; USB;

PnP a.k.a. (Plug And Play) devices ID ... ;

((access point (wire (Cable, Ethernet, RJ11, RJ45), Wireless (Bluetooth, Hidden Network, Wide Fidelity (W i F i), Wi-Fi))), QR code, RFID tag, UPC) ... ;

(centimeter, centimeters); (inch, inches); (pixel, pixels); (point, points);

point 91 1 structure identifying 285 pixel location 669 ... ; Also see: (ruler AND grid) ... ;

compass needle ( cursor )        
guide line ; pointer  
array pointer ; cell pointer ; current volume pointer ;
dummy pointer ; element pointer ; I - beam pointer
; mouse pointer a.k.a. cursor ; null pointer ; pointer
field ; pointer assignment ; pointer associate d ; pointer
association ; pointer assignment statement ; stack indicator ; stack
- point ; touch pointer ;        
IFF mnemonic ( ptr ) i.e. pointer ; AI

p o l a r i s a t i o n     polarization ;

police     police     police     police     police;

Polska, video, audio, data, 48;

  poly 5928        
poly line set with c o l o u r

pop     POP

pop-up ;

pop-up blocker ;

port; console port; dual -port RAM; game port; input port; output port; parallel port; port congestion; port number; port r e p l i c a t o r; printer port; retrieval port; Z V PORT;

POS (Point Of Sale) POS; machine;

directional (biological structure, body part, item, object, organ) position, also see: Directions;

positioning ( area; seek time; time) ... ; bottom; bring forward; height; left; position absolutely; reset toolbar; right; send backward; top; width; z-index;

GUI (( bottom; left; right; top) cell _path OR hyper sphere) object ... ;

Smart grid ( solar tree) locating 285 location ... ;

on ( event) ... ;

Postal code;

potentiometer mode; potentiometer set mode;

        power ;      
      power ;        
      power ;        
      power ;        

drill; exercise; hands-on training; practical training; practice in the field; training;

prejudice ;


pressure, IFF marked, i.e. ... ; also see: milli bar pressure (i.e. milli bar pressure is Nippon standard very high tech, world's highest tech, very highly precise pressure, approx. in all ACT1 stage ACT2 stage ACT3 stage, classified tech therefore not available in text book yet till 2555 HOW to engineer the milli bar pressure) ... ; pressure has been inside motherboards in ACT1 stage, beyond memory map, In ACT1 stage, for basic understanding, 1st to understand WHAT is the diff between burst and threshold, WHERE idea is similar to driver ... ;

56948635 7954552 ( 83125 2135149 ) ;    
prevent ;      
        prevent ;      
    to block ; to forbid ;    
        to seal ( letter ) ;
IFF normal ( match pattern ) システム prevent s quake;
IFF normal ( match pattern ) system prevent s tsunami;
IFF automotive , prevent automotive accident , by using AI ...

IFF noCOOKIE IE, 56948635 prompts; 7954552 prompts; ... ; also see: command; ;

PRI, primary rate interfase;

(price) positioning;

Primary e-mail; Primary phone;

26 print ;        
to colors or pattern fabric using 1 wood
en mold ;              
print ;              
    merge print            
      photo print service        
    print drum            
      Print Manager          
    print pre view           
      print processor          
    print queue            
      print resolution          
    print schedule r          
      print serve r        
    print spool e r        
      print spool in g      
    print through            
      print wheel          
    print zone            
      remote print          

IFF 〩 (Printing) Page Set up Dialog; Pointer; Print Dialog; Print Document; Print Preview Control; Print Preview Dialog;

printed electronics ... , e.g. 2891 category, restocks, talks, ... ;

print to PDF document (* . p d f) ... ;

priority link ; priority link set; Priority;

private house; PRIVATE LINE ;

  p r i v s t m t  

(DOCS; EULA; privstmt; ... ); base; internet; service; supplement; support; update;

procedure ; procedure set;

2 kinds of procedure, e.g. function, sub procedure, sub, ... ; both function and procedure execute command lines, but function returns its value;

process a.k.a. task;

processor ( 11 95 computer
chip ) ;              
function ; processor ;          
      processor ;        

also see: Processor; processors AND techniques, related 26 (multi core AND many core) ... , e.g. ARM, Open CL, ... ;


( math ) product ;    
product ;    
name of product ;
    ( Products ) this DOMAIN



program; programmed; programming; e.g.

Nanobot Programming ... ;

program , a.k.a. programming;

program     program     program , a.k.a. programming;

Project     project;

p r o p e r t i e s
  property ; property set ;      
; cache ; catalog ; category ; context ;
custom ; dictionary ; dimension ; editor ; ;
file ; map ping ; ; profile ;

IFF magnetic property (material) NULL i.e. do not have its own magnetic properties, paramagnet, also see: d i a magnet; IFF external magnetic field exists, acquire naturally from ... ;

optical frequencies, doko WHERE (instances, magnetic properties, mediums) ... ; Also see: Optics;

property vs. method: each object has many properties; property is characteristic or attribute of an object e.g. bold, italic, size, ... ; method performs action with an object, e.g. commands;

regarding IoT, IFF devices obey Property Rule, a.k.a. Y2K compliant ... ;

percentage; proportion; rate; ratio; Radical322;

56948635 7962532 ( 83125 2135149 ) ;    
protect 285 a b normal ;  
protect the abnormal ;      
protect 285 ab normal ;    
    123456789 using computer science AI reduce abnormal ;

IFF noCOOKIE IE, 56948635 prompts; 7962532 prompts; ... ; also see: command; ;


protocol ; protocol set; protocol suite;

provider; Provider; PROVIDER; e.g.

    Provider , provider , Provider
    ,   provider , PROVIDER ,
    Provider , provider , Provider
      add ; connection ;      
    custom , e.g.    
    custom , e.g. i I S manager Authority
;   custom , e.g.    
    custom , e.g. A s P .NET Auth
;   data ; general , e.g. App , Application
, app s ; M is C , e.g. Provider 's specific
setting s i.e. collection ; name ; .NET Role s
  ( feature , group ) ... ; profile properties
;   Specified pick up ( Directory , a.k.a. Folder
) ... ; string ; type ;      

Reminder: human beings livable moons are owned by the Shakya King in our universes .....;

e.g. Application Service Provider (a.k.a. ASP) ... ;
e.g. Healthcare Provider ... ;
e.g. Internet Service Provider (a.k.a. ISP) ... ;
e.g. Transport Service Provider ... ;

proxy; Proxy; e.g.

agencies a.k.a. proxies;

proxy     proxy     proxy     proxy ;

P S I , e.g.    
Ψ , ψ ;            

alpha; beta; gamma; delta; epsilon; zeta; e t a; theta; iota; kappa; l a m d a; m u; n u; xi; omicron; pi; r h o; sigma; t a u; upsilon; phi; chi; p s i; omega; iota with d i a l y t i k a; upsilon with d i a l y t i k a; alpha with t o n o s; epsilon with t o n o s; e t a with t o n o s; iota with t o n o s; upsilon with d i a l y t i k a and t o n o s;

(multi time lines