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Brief Introduction: Chinese Romanization ( cr) a.k.a. Pin Yin (Chinese Romanization system), Mainland Pin Yin System, Mandarin, is based on Mandarin Chinese classes, Prof. Shu-huey Y. Jenner, Modern Languages Department, The Graduate Center, CUNY, The City University of New York, www.gc.cuny.edu, in 2005 ~ 2006. At that time, this DOMAIN developer attended courses as a non-credit student. The following table's contents are based on the Chinese language learning classes.  

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* after l- and n- ;   ** after h-, k-, k'-, and sh- ;   *** after k-, k'- ;   Approx. 37+ characters;

Chinese Pin Yin Wade-Giles Yale


b- p- b-  
p- p'- p-  
m- m- m-  
f- f- f-  
d- t- d-  
t- t'- t-  
n- n- n-  
l- l- l-  
g- g- k-  
k- k'- k-  
h- h- h-  
j- ch- j-  
q- ch'- ch-  
x- hs- sh-  
zhi, chih, jr,  

zh- ch- j-  
chi, ch'ih, chr,  

ch- ch'- ch-  
shi, shih, shr,  

sh- sh- sh-  
ri, jih, r  

r- j-    
zi, tzu, dz  

z- ts-    
ci, tz'u, ts  

c- ts'-    
si, szu, sz  


s- s-    
a a a  
-o -o -o  
-e -o, -e  

-e -eh -e  
ai ai ai  
-ei -ei -ei  
ao ao ao  
ou ou ou  
an an an  
(e)n (e)n (e)n  
ang ang ang  
(e)ng (e)ng (e)ng  
er erh er  
yi i, yi,  

-i yi -i  
wu, wu, wu,  

-u -u -u  
yu, yü, yu  

ya, ya, ya  

-ia -ia    
ye, yeh, ye  

-ie -ieh    
yai yai yai  
yao, yao yau  

-iao -iao    
you, yu, you  

-iu -iu    
yan, yen, yan  

-ian -ien    
yin, yin, yin,  

-in -in -in  
yang yang yang  

-iang -iang    
ying, ying, ying,  

-ing -ing -ing  
wa, wa, wa  

-ua -ua    
wo, wo, wo,  

-uo -o,    

wai, wai, wai  

-uai -uai    
wei, wei, wei  

-ui -ui,    

wan, wan, wan  

-uan -uan    
wen, wen, wen,  

-un -un -wun  
wang, wang, wang  

-uang -uang    
weng, weng, weng,  

-ong -ung -ung  
yue, yüeh, ywe  

-ue, -üeh    

yuan, yüan ywan  

-uan -üan    
yun, yün, yun  

-un -ün    
yong, yung, yung  

-iong -iung