; ; ; ; Updated in 2023 : September : 20th (Wednesday) : Particle a.k.a. atom ;

Gravity Pressure Share Radical; Radical ; Radical ; Radical ; Radicals;

28 particles available to read; Find your own particles, sub-particles, ... , e.g. discovery of 1 new effect, e.g. discovery of 1 new particle, ... ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (smart IoT (zcs)), using DEE _ Radio (i.e. to define its (center, central) 's (balance, level)) ... ; in addition, gene therapy ... ;

String Connector; can you explain WHY String Connector symbol looks alike this sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand light's instinct in ACT3 imaginary hyper space e.g. in ACT1 imaginary hyper space, WHEN particle travels through inside a pipe, think that the traveling particle is string, therefore, a hole to be connector like this (in this symbol, white area is representing hole); since this String Connector symbol is intended for our earth, regarding Linear Collide r (ACT2 imaginary hyper space's the traveling particle e.g. 234 G eV particle in 23 km), aqua will continue as aqua, so called String Connector; Remember: in Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, 2 is very very unique in many ways (e.g. hole and string) for each particle ... ; that's all, but just to know String Connector, it might cost 13+ billions United States Dollar;

latest NHK news in August 2016/2560, electron and light split;

this DOMAIN developer's self remark: WHEN electron and light split, they obey BF2 (Brunching Factor 2) in 1 way (1 way because of 2,3 dimensional momentum), and their origin might be normal yellow e.g. (no yellowish variation); doko WHERE magnet is somehow related to heat (temperature) e.g. magnet becomes weak IFF temperature becomes either higher or lower; since, heat and light are at the same location (refer to our earth only), kuru kuru WHILE splitting, there must be angle (degree) constraint; since, heat and light are NOT at the same location (refer to human beings livable moons in our universes), and then, doko WHERE that our earth's normal yellow goes (i.e. 2,3 dimensional momentum) ... ; i ain't know: do yellowish variations cause Body Length Index ( BLI) ? , and then, Gene Therapy System ( BLI) automatic adjustment must be developed ... ;

this DOMAIN developer's self remark: HOW to design DEE Box ? directional gravity must be understood; to understand directional gravity, gravity spots e.g. 2 gravity spots (1 mm ones) in GPS must be understood; to understand GPS, built-in Atomic Radio Antenna must be understood; to understand "Atomic" , time as bit must be understood (e.g. not this time, second, this time, ... ); to understand "Radio" , radio modulations must be understood (e.g. AM i, FM i, XM i, ... ) ; to understand "Antenna" , amplitude as Distance must be understood; larger the gravity spot, bigger the energy is (e.g. my computer becomes lighter weight, e.g. my automotives become lighter weight); in our earth, the SUN (a.k.a. 1 Way DEE and BF2) is the largest gravity spot, and please do not create Gravity Spot bigger the sun; this DOMAIN limits all gravity spots NOT to be bigger than 1 m;

GDC ( blue gravity ) . . . ;
G D C ( green gravity ) . . . ;
G D C ( olive gravity ) . . . ;
G D C ( red gravity ) . . . ;
G D C ( yellow gravity ) . . . ;

iroColourWaveForm for gravity waves, because light varies WHEN gravity is applied ... ; Gravity Dimension Computer ... ; IFF from 2,3 dimensional to 3,4 dimensional, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional space craft is now teleporting, using (2 * 6) time line only ... ; IFF from 3,4 dimensional to 2,3 dimensional, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional space craft is now teleporting, using (2 * 6) time line only ... ; this DOMAIN still does not understand HOW light was at the beginning of our universe, question is from green to blue, or from blue to green, ... ;

Do it yourself, very basic gravity, e.g. DATE XX  Mobile Power Kit is USB OUT power by 4 x AA rechargeable batteries WHICH can be purchased at F e x E x stores, USB power 5 LED lights WHICH can be purchased at 99 Cent stores, 3M 3x3 Post-it Notes WHICH can be purchased at any office supply stores, green plastic C SHELL WHICH is a green color plastic CD jewel box a.k.a. "Clam Shell" US PAT # 5713463 WHICH can be purchased from U LINE .com; Made in Japan solar powered Takara brand swaying toy and cut the green stem; Put 1 yellow paper note pad i.e. 3M 3x3 Post-it Note in triangle direction "yellow as power behaves like a key" toward the "Clam Shell" center hole, since "Clam Shell" is a green color plastic "like 2 palms" i.e. bottom and top as 2, to hold the 5 LED lights, place the USB power 5 LED lights next to center hole, approx. 24mm distance toward solar panel to perceive "green" filtered lights, At night time, let swaying toy sways in 0.5 second momentum naturally within a room temperature, look at the top tip of the green stem with normal human being's natural eyes through the "Clam Shall" hole from the above, you have just notice the green gravity, blue gravity, and then think the cover page of the book i.e. PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, M I C H I O K A K U, 2008, the cover page has been DEE in triangles, center with orange gravity, yellow gravity, ... WHICH is very meaningful momentum of gravity in our universe ... ;

Now is the time to build your own momentum, like a "Made in Japan" Takara swaying toy, WHICH means, horizontally at the bottom there is a coil for EM "C shape alike ring", a hammer alike metal block are in fork alike yellow plastic to sway i.e. a momentum of our universe, by naturally by solar power within 0.5 second, run by X position capacitance and Y position capacitance, since Time (2 capacitances' natural time) ... , Space (3 spaces are green light, blue light, ... ) lights at top of the green stem ... , Action (do very basic green gravity by yourself) approx. 12mm natural time ... ;

You don't need billions of dollars to build gravity, you might need hundreds of dollars to build gravity, so do test and build gravity yourself, also see: Fusion; Once you know WHAT is gravity, build your own flying automotives (i.e. buses, cars, ships, trains, ... ) so called gravitational automotives, by applying advance directional gravity by using 0.5 second with momentum ... ;

Remark: Time is 0.5 second; Space with hammer alike metal in momentum by 2 capacitances only; Action of 3 lights vary WHEN gravity is applied; 2,3 dimensional oriental concept, therefore, without (2 * 6) time line, and this is not 3,4 dimensional oriental concept; IFF 3,4 dimensional, worm=holes must be thoroughly understood, DEE must be thoroughly understood, time lines with variable time line surfaces must be thoroughly understood with iro C o l o u r s ... ;

Cannot be heard, cannot be seem, cannot be tasted, cannot be touched, but 2 senses of 6 in Abhidhamma can explain ... ; Only yin-yang effects exist i.e. laser beam can be seem if and only if IFF certain environment and condition exist; A timeless idea; Reduce designed particles are very valuable and usable especially WHEN a particle interacts with natural organic chemicals i.e. O LED, ... ; WHEN a particle causes symmetric "break," "crack" to  a structure, ... i.e. inhibitors; In WHAT condition must be needed i.e. dark room condition, normal room condition, ... ; WHICH symmetry must be true, WHICH symmetry must be false, ... ;

Particles are algorithms alike, in which mean 1 particle can be worth tons of gold or free to public; The following are commonly known names and usages, however, there are so many unknown, unpublished particles ... ; this DOMAIN 'S developer still cannot classify HEAT vs. LIGHT explicitly yet, because Myanmar's civilization type is lower due to decades of un-developing time period in late 20th century; Nevertheless, in every society, WHO only restricted people know exactly 5W1H of particles ... ;

IFF you can prove 4 e.g. light as surface, doko WHERE edges represent 4 in quantity; and then, if you can define 4 based on either 2 or 3, you should keep it for yourself ... ; Also see: Space ;

IFF you can prove 3 e.g. triangulation, if you can define 3 as a part of 108 configuration of your newly found particle (because of 2) i.e. depending on 2 but based on 3, you should create your own model yourself; Also see: global network with Network Topology;

IFF you can define 2 (co-existence) of your newly found particle and if you're working on co-existence as specified items (the particle) i.e. based on 2, you should do extension of .. Superstring Theory;

IFF you don't define elementary particles and if you're working on infinite numbers of particles as detail specified items i.e. based on infinite numbers, you should do extension of .. S-matrix Theory;

IFF you define your newly found particle and if you're working on particular items (the particle) i.e. based on the elementary particle, you should do extension of ..  Quantum Field Theory (elementary particles);

Subatomic particles spin, IFF spin 66 285 electron, e.g. or , flow 66 electrons 95 (transistor OR semiconductor) WHICH form 285 basic ... ; Because of 2, "anti" does not exist self, "anti" means reversely charge, "anti" means diff characteristic of, "anti" means C Sequence Number's BF2 within, "anti" means 1 factor to be symmetry e.g. balance, i.e. within because of 2 ... ; IFF because of 3, ... ;

250+ years of Newton's laws were overthrown by quantum theory in 1925, i.e. idea such as: matter is ball alike, objects don't move until the objects are pushed, objects don't disappear suddenly, objects don't reappear suddenly, ... , were overthrown; In quantum theory, particles can do totally diff to the Newton's laws, i.e. idea such as: matter with properties ... ,

( objects) as dynamic characteristics of ... ,
( objects) as static characteristics of ... ,

objects disappear vs. objects reappear, ... ;

2, also see: rejoining interaction ... , splitting interaction ... , WHERE objects disappear vs. objects reappear can be understood as nuclear vs. fusion;


A3MP magnetic particles, 60+ years of magnetic tape, SONY; IFF beyond A3MP magnetic particles, also see: chemical binder and high-strength base film a.k.a. L T O, in 2010 OR 2554;


Aqua and/or Gravitational WHEN a term "Mass," "Massive", affected only by Gravitational, HOW i.e. eccentric cycles for basic simulation, S t r o p h o i D A L curve for 2 layered, ... ; 5W1H may consist of Charge, Invisible, Visible, ... ; In ACT 1, Aqua and Gravitational, in ACT 2, Aqua and Gravitational, Aqua or Gravitational, ... , in ACT 3 ... ; Also see: ACT1 Particles Mechanics;

Hole and stick, strings in M[ka is the 1st consonant in Myanmar language] theory, strings images in this DOMAIN are: /IT/Symbol/Water2gravity7.gif, /IT/Symbol/Water7gravity2.gif, /Myanmar/Lunar _gravitational .bmp, ... , to understand strings, essential to understand 4 planets prediction, time such as lunar time and j u n time, numbers such as 2*7   2*5, worm=hole, water, and then gravity ... ;


Atom AND anti-atom;

Pg. 122, Pg. 123, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, M I C H I O K A K U, 2008, wrote:

"The Pentium chip in your laptop computer has a layer about twenty atoms across. By 2020 that Pentium chip might consist of a layer only five atoms across. At that point the Heisenberg uncertainty principle kicks in, and you no longer know where the electron is; Electricity will then leak out of the chip and the computer will short circuit; At that point, the computer revolution and Moore's law will hit a dead end because of the laws of the quantum theory. "

also see: ultraviolet beam radiation ... IFF silicon ... ;

1+ min quantities of anti-matter, can be created by atom smash e r ... ; For limiting time ... , eclipse alike;

artificial intelligence (off 285 wall i.e. to avoid annihilating, by using magnetic field e.g. magnetic bottle, ionize (anti-matter) 9526 1 gas 66 ions, building 15 anti-matter engine, 1 steady flow of anti-matter 9526 1 reaction chamber, combining common matter, creating explosion i.e. converting matter into energy by using anti-matter engine) ... ;

IFF nuclear power ... , this DOMAIN web, using artificial intelligence, AND with global network < 5 seconds a.k.a. 24mm Natural Time, worm hole ... ;



Baryons; Can be unified with Fermions;



Boson; Also see: photons; Conjectured graviton;

All particles can be categorized into Boson AND/OR F e r m i o n; Also see: pairs of sticks ... ;

Think that boson and f e r m i o n are (closed string vs. open string) alike; electron, neutrino, neutron, proton, quark, ... are f e r m i o n type super symmetry; graviton, photon, pi meson, W-particle, ... are boson type super symmetry;


Dark energy; Also see: Matter/energy; In Western theories, amount of dark energy in universe is measured by Lambda, WHERE Omega + L a m b h a = I; Notice that right pane's directory/file data, along with Left pane's time, and menu's documents, WHICH predicts inflation of flat universe; Some physicists define Omega as infinity;

Dark matter = Super symmetric = S U S Y = ... ; 23% of matter/energy is dark matter, WHEN comparing 4% H + He;

 this DOMAIN developer's blah blah blah guess: dark matter, black holes in galaxies, ... are non-reflective-energy particles, particles which do not release energies; Another guess is: the black hole in Milky Way galaxy also is a location of non-reflective-hydro-energy particles' heterodyning allocation, or obvious gravitational push waves' heterodyned location from outer space, or ... ;

Hole and stick coexist, likewise light and dark energy coexist; After understanding lights thoroughly [ light vs. heat; light vs. gravity, light vs. water, ... ], and then dark energy can also be engineered; After Buddhist 2552, humanoids can be invisible by human beings, because dark energy has been deployed ... ;

Also see: DEE;

IFF 2,3 dimensional only, also see: Even Time Horizontal DEE;

= = DEE ( green ) stretching space ... ; (17 = (2*5)y, (2*6)z, (2*7)x) universal ... ;

as 2, IFF ( = ) DEE ( blue ) ripping space ... ; (17 = (2*5)y, (2*6)z, (2*7)x) universal ... ;

11 2, IFF ( = ) DEE ( blue ) ripping space ... ; (17 = (2*5)y, (2*6)z, (2*7)x) universal ... ;

IFF 3,4 dimensional ||| |||| , shakya ... ; 31;

IFF ( 2,3 dimensional AND 3,4 dimensional ) using SQRT2 only, Universal Positioning System, ... ; wormhole ... , adjust time with ... ; for this DOMAIN 's ACT3 imaginary hyper space crafts in our universe ... ; Also read Pg. 203, FASTER THAN LIGHT, Part II CLASS II IMPOSSIBILITIES, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, M I C H I O K A K U, 2008;



also see: Lithium D e u t e r i d e in Fusion . h t m ;



electron (subatomic particle with negative); Radical535;


A pair of electron and anti-electron, a.k.a. virtual particles; To understand a term: annihilating, also see: E M F;   Also see: F e r m i o n;

Anti electron orbits around the anti proton ... , creating anti hydrogen ... ; Hydrogen = 1 Electron and 1 Proton;

+ charge, - charge WHEN potential makes electrons flow, and those electrons AND O gas make heat in ACT 1 stage; Heat energy product light;  this DOMAIN developer's blah blah blah guess: try to test all gas (e s) with all listed particle (s), i.e. WHEN laser pass through A r gas, WHY strings vibrations exist ; Reminder: don't forget that potentials can be ((higher minus, lower minus), (higher plus, lower plus), (outer-ring minus, inner-ring minus), (plus, minus)), regarding "+ charge, - charge WHEN" ... ; 2 is very very unique in many ways ... ;

Electron configuration ... , also see: c Character Extension1;

Electron is not a point particle; Electron is a vibrating string; If plunk, it might become Neutrino, plunk it again and again might become Quark;

Electrons absorb oxygen from air, also see: 2 e-   ;

Electron exhibits wavelike behavior, by Louis de B r o g l i e, by S c h r o d i n g e r, in 1920s; Fire electrons, inside CRT; Later in 1970s, after inventing "donut alike" yoke, so called electron gun to fire electron with intensity onto specific location on a screen so called "raster by line by line", as a result, color TV ... ;

elementary particle i .
e . physics term ;      

Hole and stick concept in a dark room environment was approx. 42+ years old, e m f concept of an electro-interrupt as a stick into a hole WHICH later deployed as digital quartz CK, after Buddhist year 2544, those concept were thoroughly understood, and carbon nano wall and reversely engineered those electro hole and stick reach pressure gravitational devices, machine engines, superman alike flying humanoids, ... ;

Idea such as electrons orbiting around nucleus of atom was wrong; Correct idea should be, i.e. "waves are surrounding nucleus", and then specific wave itself with its electron shells ... ; Similar to old idea, i.e. energy levels of hydrogen can be catalogued, so, electron shells should also be ... ; In order to know exactly 1 particle at 1 point, oriental concept must be, i.e. Time . Space . Action, e.g. molecules inside live body; Please read Pg. 59, Teleportation and the Quantum Theory, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, M i c h i o K a k u, 2008;

Old idea of WHAT is molecule? i.e. WHEN atoms collide, form molecule WHICH is stable, WHICH share electrons;

In Buddha Dhamma documents, questions the Buddha did not answer, e.g. origin of human being? where is the end of universe? ... Because, focus on present, keep middle path, do good kharma;

In 21st century, roll able, flexible, made of organic, thin & flat panel display, as a result of fusion research with thin film, one of the nanotechnologies, so called "layered display"... ; WHERE text as font, fore color vs. back color, graphics vs. hyper graphics, opaque vs. transparency, within application's aspect ratio, OS independent browser, ... ; also see: photon;

On earth, the electron flows from hot end to cool end, and amp is a unit WHICH measures and prompts (heat) WHILE the electrons flow;

1 electron, a.k.a. one electron ... ; Also see: Physics Law 234, (core, edge) ... ;

on the moving electron (electron's mass, exerted force, external magnetic field, polarization of the medium, ... ); Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 113, any moving location of point, ... ;

WHEN (anti-electron AND electron) annihilating 9526 gamma ray, energy > 1.02 M eV; IFF naturally, 0.5 second momentum ... ;

X-ray (ionic molecule), And Then, (count, counted, counting) missing electrons; Also see: Battery;



ACT1 electromagnetic force spin / ;

All particles can be categorized into Boson AND/OR F e r m i o n;

Can be together with Baryons;

Pairs of sticks: Electron + F e r m i o n + Neutrino + Quark, and this DOMAIN developer still cannot categorized at parallel time WHICH pair by WHICH pair of planets;

Think that boson and f e r m i o n are (closed string vs. open string) alike; electron, neutrino, neutron, proton, quark, ... are f e r m i o n type super symmetry; graviton, photon, pi meson, W-particle, ... are boson type super symmetry;




Gluon AND W-boson ACT1 electromagnetic force spin ;



Graviton ;

ACT1 electromagnetic force spin ;

Also see: Gravitational graviton & anti-graviton effect [just this DOMAIN developer's guess, might not be 100% true];

Also see: Gravity wave detector; Timeless graviton in this DOMAIN developer's aspect;

IFF populating graviton, also see: perturbation ... ;

Graviton is a particle of gravity; Never question: whether timeless OR Time . Space . Action?

RFID_partial_c60.GIF, this symbol has been used for C60H20, carbon nano wall, graviton, gravitational machine,  RFID, water, ... ; Self imagination & understanding water make this ACT 2 stage symbol which has not been named in EN language yet, so name as you like ... ; In 21st century, reality is very difficult to understand new components, devices, items, products, technologies, ... , so many undocumented unknown unpublished particles make complexities in information technology; After inventing electricity, a few decades later, electrical engineering and electronic engineering were a must to categorize, and then so called poly technical engineering, a combination of poly plastic + mechanical engineering + electrical engineering + electronic engineering + computing algorithms has been very popular in Asia in late 20th century,  the same situation may happen, after inventing artificial gravity, artificial lights, artificial pressure, water, ... , there will be several engineering categories a must to be ... in the near future;

Gravity, also see: boundary in Schematic Symbols for basic understanding; boundaries in Schematic Light for ACT2 stage o p t o isolators/optoelectronic development; And then, do your own ACT3 stage Artificial Light; Because gravity makes light in 5 gray sections dimensional boundaries, IFF direction toward our Earth, inside of this DOMAIN developer's imaginary fish type space craft in ACT3 stage;

Also see: vaccine, cancer vaccine; gravity AND water      Water2gravity7.GIF, and Water7gravity2.GIF; To simulate G system strings, also see: Artificial light, Natural time, Pressure machine engine, ... ;  

4 Planets Prediction . Gravity, JUN time . Gravity, Gravity . Magnet, Gravity . Water, ... also see: Magnet Gravity Water.GIF 105x105 pixel and ... ;

Gravity by DEE and light may vary ... ;

IFF gravity dimension computer engineering, also see: +88...88- vice versa -88...88+;

IFF , clockwise vibration OR counterclockwise vibration;

IFF field can be labeled by h (also read: page 138, Chapter 6 (Einstein's Revenge), HYPERSPACE, M I C H I O K A K U, 1994) e.g. components of the metric tensor as g111 = 1 + h 111 doko WHERE 1 is graviton surface (THIS is NOT Einstein's theory, and this is somehow related to professor M i c h i o K a k u 's theory), notice THAT (3,3,3,3) as heat sensing patterns WHICH is breaking up the Einstein's metric tensor; Since (3,3,3,3), this is a part of 108 configuration in 21st century and beyond ... ; Also see: Schematic Symbols 2 Heat Sensing Pattern;



2012/7/4 (Independence Day, USA) NHK News, i.e. after proton-proton head-on collision (e.g. collision at speed of light; e.g. head-on WHERE 2 protons are in opposite direction at sine 90 to sine 90) , subatomic particle (e.g. Higgs) go on, and approx. 2000 Higgs exist; Also read: Pg. 83, PARALLEL WORLDS, M I C H I O K A K U, 2005;

WHY head-on collision, because "unified theory" can be further studied, e.g. mask of (matter, anti-matter);

Higgs Boson restrains other particles to slow down, NHK news on 2012/2556 July 24; Higgs Boson is one of the particles among standard 17 particles;


AI ion (e.g. negative ion a.k.a. minus ion, positive ion a.k.a. plus ion) to do gene treatment;



WHEN 5 types of quark AND lepton are arranged, SU5 symmetry exists;

lepton i.e. electrons and neutrinos;


Matter AND anti-matter; Also see: Exotic matter; Negative matter;

Matter becomes stable WHEN after our universe cooled itself enough; The same calculation can be used WHILE calculating n e u t r a l i n o s;

 this DOMAIN developer's blah blah blah guess: shortly after the big bang, pairs of sticks remain, and those pairs of sticks become natural time in ACT 1, and then string interactions in ACT2 must learn Chinese language, ... , 1 hidden stick might be an unknown object, might be a planet too ... , but very very very far away distance in Time period in outward directional Space in non-static Action, ..., and the problem is in WHICH direction of our universe ;

There might be somehow  this DOMAIN developer's blah blah blah guess of WHY dark matter can be found all over in our universe, ACT 2 stage orbiters might be able to test, and then report to human beings, and IF someone, one day realizes that dark matters' density in our universe are not the same, at that time, another ka theory (i.e. M Theory) will be needed for further re-consideration of WHERE the hidden stick might be ... WHERE the direction of hidden stick, HOW dark matters have been spreading in our universe, and ... ;

23% of matter/energy is dark matter, WHEN comparing 4% H + He;

IFF anti-matter, Satellite detects

(3 spheres 11 anti-matter harvester, anti-matter 11 star lights, anti-matter from floating meteor, anti-helium 11 anti-star, anti-proton 11 negative charge, cosmic ray from supernovae, ... ) data from anti-matter collector ... ;

IFF ACT2, 27 using 3 spheres 11 anti-matter harvester collects anti-proton 9526 1 magnetic bottle, inject anti-electron, i.e. creating anti-hydrogen ... ;

anti-matter, IFF 2 strings, also see: swastika;


Meson; Also see: Quark;



2023 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (F e r m i lab), Chicago, USA : M u o n g-2 (g minus 2) magnetic moment; M u o n, sub-atomic particles (similar to electrons) but greater mass than Electron;

IFF m u o n neutrinos can be changed into electron neutrinos, also see: neutrino transformation;



Nanobots: within 1 object, rearranging the atoms, programmable atomic machines create (self replicate) nanobots ... ; e.g. move xenon atom, on (platinum or nickel) surfaces ... ;


Nano particle: nano particles, like ion engine, i.e. energize e.g. "steady flow of lights" WHEN pass through electric field; nano particle's weight > ion's weight, i.e. nano particle is approx. 1000 times heavier than ion; By using etching method of semiconductor tech, e.g. 30 nm component or 150 atoms across, ... ;

IFF designing an ion engine or nano particles by yourself, do not forget paper thin CD plastic, paper thin sheet, paper thin square notepad, ... WHEN testing lights within natural momentum, because for example, cutting 1mm around of Sanyo's e n e l o o p brand rechargeable battery's white color cover sheet at its bottom might be 0.5 second lighting ... ; Good luck with testing "steady flow of lights" ... ; time must slow down 1st, and then increase to 60 c/s at least, because all OS software must match hardware's functional pattern by < 20 c/s 1st, and then increase to 60 c/s for purpose to be unseen by human beings as users ... ;



Negative matter; Also see: Antigravity;



N e u t r a l i n o, a dart matter, at Time t . Space of super symmetric photon . Action of n e u t r a l i n o ... ;

In computer, n e u t r a l i n o s act right pane, data;

In space, n e u t r a l i n o s might solve dark matter;



name (Neutrinos) : detail light's length as Specified Items;

IFF DEE Box for each screen surface, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 184, DEE Box;

Question: IFF this DOMAIN 's Satellite DNS System from 2,3 dimensional space, HOW many seconds are needed to pinpoint and lock any location in our earth? answer would be i, i, i, don't know ... ; h e e, h e e, h e e, impossible, impossible, if it takes only half second; another example would be: send a signal from 1 Satellite in orbit to workstation (e.g. PC) user, and the computer (e.g. PC) has been designed to pop a message "Hello World" with a box, and then the computer (e.g. PC) knows HOW to fetch previously (pre-defined) sound patterns to its speaker system, notice that Neutrinos can be very useful (e.g. redesigning C) ... ;

dimensional: 2,3 dimensional; structural: wormhole method WHICH means beginning of Teleportation because Neutrinos can carry energy as INFO ... ; IFF reverse engineering of neutrinos, Solar Sail can be without combustion, without rocket fuel, ... ; defined WORMHOLE must SYNC (a.k.a. Synchronization) to 2,3 dimensional ... ;

like electrodes, light's length is in very short period of time; sound needs medium (e.g. air);
unlike electrodes, neutrinos are coming toward one of the human beings livable moons from our universes ... ; light beam; since Neutrinos can carry energy, its indicate and then be functional via defined device's indicator; keywords are: focus, pinpoint, lock, launch, target, ... , to be utilizing functional ... ;

2011/06/15, NHK news, neutrino transformation, can be indicated, can be observed, therefore, neutrino can be types ... ; At J-P ARC, Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, large amount of neutrinos are generated and aimed, 300 Kilo meters in distance, neutrino oscillation, therefore, as a result, m u o n neutrinos can be changed into electron neutrinos; After the neutrino transformation, 3 types are electron, m u o n, and t a u; Invented by Prof. Takashi Kobayashi and the group;

Neutrino, 0.5 G e V ~ 1.5 G e V;

Neutrino radiation, within seconds, for detecting big bang; Might be better than microwave radiation, for detecting big bang;

Neutrinos AND antineutrinos; Neutrinos act through weak nuclear force, and WHEN neutrinos in action, an energy is carried by neutrinos outward from supernova explosion; Beyond iron, all higher elements must be created by neutrinos' carried-energy; and then, neutrinos define 5W1H of iron;

In Italian language, neutrino means little neural one;


Neutrons; Also see: F e r m i o n;




Nuclear1; from high power (e.g. 8800, 4400) to low power (e.g. 220, 110); Nuclear2;

Within a few days (time), within a structural limited space (space), radio activity (action) e.g. 2fold increase particles; 4fold increase particles; 8fold increase particles;

chemically poison a.k.a. toxic; physically unstable particles; radio active isotopes;

nuclear power is resource and economical power, because electricity can be free (living standard can be higher because of); nuclear is global environmental risk, if aging, if explosion;

industrial electricity power lines, e.g. high voltage (4400, 440), also see: Electricity Power Plug;




k o s h i Photon (Assembly of photons), photon's quantum b e h a v i o u r, (photo-electric effect a.k.a. photon with matter) ... ; Also see: Optics;

Neutrino, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

Periodic Table, also see: Chemical Elements;


teleportation: photons of ultraviolet light can be teleported;

Quantum of light is Photon; Quantum of strong force is Gluon, quantum of strong force is Graviton; On the other hand, quanta of weak force are W-boson, and Z-boson; photon, a.k.a.  quanta, tiny packets of energy;

IFF Quantum Computer, ର ( 0, 1, 0, 1) 4;

ACT1 electromagnetic force spin ; interaction of electron and photon is called QED, Quantum Electro Dynamic; Also see: electron; Photon is a particle of light; Waves of light, particle properties, packets of energy is called photon, defined by Einstein in 1905;


Positron, a.k.a. anti electron ... ;

WHEN particle and antiparticle unite, a.k.a. pair annihilation; In pair annihilation, WHILE annihilating each other, ACT1 produces protons; In EM radiation, as a form, after pair annihilation, the rest mass [left over/remaining mass] 's conversion into energy so called p o s i t r o n i u m;

In 1960s, mega [millions of ...] electron volts could be produced by pair annihilation of positron and electron; Mutual pair annihilation of positron and electron is called annihilation radiation;


(PM 2.5, PM 10) a.k.a. particle pollution a.k.a. particulate matter; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 165; Directional Plasma Cluster;


Neutrino, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

Protons; Also see: F e r m i o n;

Also see: Europe's Western civilization type development after year 2000, by 27 km diameter, circular L H C machine to measure very small distance 10-19 m, and temperature? By circulating proton inside the tubing might reach electron V > trillion;

IFF proton-proton head-on collision, also see: h i g g s;

IFF proton-proton reaction, also see: Fusion;

anti-proton, using particle accelerator, anti-proton can be created;


p l a s m o n , quasi particle can be found, as a result of quantization of plasma    oscillation;

                    1st to understand holes and sticks [ 40+ years old info ],

                    2nd to understand dB of, FN CK, IN CK, ... ,

                    3rd to understand capacitance, its remote sensing, its release time of, dubbing technique, ... ;

I wrote: whenever you're dealing with usage (quantum, quantization), WHAT should you think of?
well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! Distance among electrons, or potential diff (of the defined ring) among electrons; in ( bio, bio, biomedical, Nanobot Programming), membranes, outer side (edge) should be lesser potential WHICH means "negative" charged ones also;
I wrote: mochiron of course; smart enough already with correct answer; one more quiz would be: ( Layer4) designer can be captured by ?
well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Hmm!! ( Layer5) designer sir; ima Now, ware ware We links to layer, with good reasons sir; we're beyond ( Electron configuration, Electron configuration, Electron configuration, Electron configuration) and its Electron Pairs, are we? Hmm!! Umm!! We've already learnt kuru kuru WHILE Navy Blue Color and Silver Color are flip-flopping, Yellow Color goes away sir;

I wrote: Judo Method is recommended for "Electron Pairs," because we don't practice Judo with animals; WHEN Judo Method of pairing (edges, electrons, membranes), mapped & matched ones should be, e.g. (biopsy, pathogen, sample) should be mapped & matched, And Then, from bad ones to good ones means you're on ... ; Did you try unwanted Nitrogen at Level5 (gas) during battling with Sar-Covid-2 pathogen to defeat unwanted virus?  Remark: Germany, Japan, and USA are winners of antiviral COVID-19 pandemic worldwide (2019-2020-2021) biomedical ... ; Also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War . HTML, and we need to be ready for another round, we need to be readiness for another round, so R&D as much as you can ... ; "out-of-text-book" 2 difficult Walls are from GI (oral route) to blood, and from tissue (via infusion) to spinal cord , may be Level6,7,8,9, ... ;


Pulsar; Irregularity with neutron star;



Quark AND anti-quark;

3 small constituents inside 1 proton are also known as quarks; Also see: F e r m i o n; Meson;

WHEN 3 types of quark are arranged, SU3 symmetry exists; Also see: laser;



Q u bit     Q u bit     Q u bit; e.g. Q u bit As Block;


_ _ _

superstrings, since 1960s; open strings are with ends e.g. window's right pane  (think that SQRT2's floating numbers on X axis must be truncated at defined mantissa point ... , 2^number on Y axis must also be truncated at defined model (e.g. 4K model is highest tech in 2010s), Z distribution on layers must also be truncated at defined level (e.g. level 6 display factories (designed & built already), level 7 display factories (designed & building), level 31 display factory should be built in Union of Myanmar in the near future however this DOMAIN still cannot capture all 17 into 1 aspect ratio yet e.g. the whole shakya universe cannot be photo taken WHICH means 1 way DEE alike, 1 side 180 degree alike, camera IFF multi touch interface with DEE density can prompt numbers of pinch and then 360 degree might be into 1 aspect ratio ... )) ; closed strings are circular (think that after year 2010, window's edges are designed to be curved WHICH obey light as surface's characteristics); both strings (closed string, open string) obey year 2000s' C Sequence Number (BF2) i.e. 2,3 dimensional gravity (if user defines directional, and then starts (heavier weight, lighter weight) with directions ... ); However, BF2 is no longer valid IFF 3,4 dimensional environment (e.g. parallel time NOT able to SYN (i.e. 24mm Natural Time slow down problem in space engineering), Space BLI problems begin (e.g. AI Gene Therapy System is required to solve growth rate), this DOMAIN 's imaginary space crafts are very very far away in our universes e.g. all human livable 6 planets are ... , ... );

superstring is beyond both Quantum Field Theory (defined elementary particles) and S-matrix Theory (infinite numbers of particles; NOT defined elementary particles);

Literally, 10 dimension might be referring to JUN time, 10 directions of transmitting metta in Buddhism; Literally, 26 dimension might be referring to a ~ z if you count English letters ... ; Notice that this DOMAIN has implemented both ... ;

Figuratively, superstrings are coexistence like 2 e.g. 2 claps to worship (Nippon's thousands of years tradition), e.g. Yin and Yang symbol, ... ;

Retrospectively 100+ years in physics, 4 dimensions mean length, depth, breadth, and time; Notice that time can go wrong because of 24mm Natural Time slow down problem; Notice that length also can go wrong e.g. yellowish color's 5mm variation, ... ; Notice that breadth (e.g. radius of gravity spot) also can go wrong because of monopole affects, ... ; Notice that depth also can go wrong because rainfall water drop shapes are NOT the same, because space directional gravity, ... ; IFF all wrongful info exist for thousands of years, and then start with your own defined factors and numbers only (e.g. mm bar pressure, SPL, ... ) ... ; Therefore, if you are spacecraft designer (e.g. 1 Satellite Engineer), be careful to avoid fallacy and pitfall;

If you are space system software engineer, install this DOMAIN and then test the system HOW AI (smart) can auto adjust 4 dimensions (measurements) in space ... ;

If super strings were known as 1 word "spin" (also known as 0, 1/2, 1, 2, ... ), and then, super symmetry was known as 1 word "spin-off" (mathematically somehow constants are gone in calculation e.g. 1=1+1), and then, super gravity theory in 1980s was known as 1 word "higher-dimension-theories"; after 2010s in 21st century, light as surface should be called e.g. Gravity & IT (and notice that it will also be wrong in the near future, e.g. multi time lines can no longer prove universal momentum, e.g. surface gravity pressure can no longer obey iroColourWaveForm, e.g. SPL on a surface can no longer obey directional gravity, e.g. ("rainbow" vs. "wormhole") can no longer define surface's energy mapping value, ... ) ... ; If anomalies, also see: uncertain programming (e.g. dark dots are blinking on screen (dimensional gravity's momentum, monopole affects); e.g. WHILE device's weight becomes lighter and lighter on our earth if this DOMAIN installed computer but system cannot reach Idea Processor level 128 bit mantissa and beyond; e.g. projecting either "rainbow" or "wormhole" into light as surface; ... also read the book: UNCERTAIN PROGRAMMING, BAODING LIU, 2000, ISBN 0-471-35994-7) ... ;

If you are uncertain programming programmer, for each superstring, 5W1H of Time . Space . Action 1st; Because diff time prompts diff momentum, diff gravity effect, ... ; (1 side approach on 1 surface) measure gravity spots, or discover (find) or invent superstrings 2nd; Because radius of gravity spots may vary e.g. 1mm, 1cm, 1m, ... ; If you can balance (finding your own symmetry) i.e. directional gravity begins and you'll be having your own "flying" automotives, 3rd;

Remark: in 2014/2558, this DOMAIN (Idea Processor software) installed USB stick (i.e. FAT32, USB drive) into 2011 Model My Sequoia 4/4 is still testing ... and notice that NOT "flying" yet; However, better 23+ miles/gallon, and still do not know because of elevating within (5A ~ 50A) or variable valves (V8, multi valves) or structural gravity with 4 gravity spots, or MPG is no longer depending on engine size & horse power e.g. 5.7L engine 4/4 car can go beyond 23+ MPG, or ... ;

super symmetry: 1st to understand C Sequence Number (super symmetry);


||||||||||   ||||||||||

T a u, one of the elementary particles, after neutrino transformation;



Uncertain, the usage "uncertain" belongs to:

WHEN you no longer know WHERE the (particles) ... ;

NOT steady flow of anti-matter ... ;

NOT steady flow of light ... ;



W particle, a.k.a. Yang-Mills field, discovered by C . N . Yang & R. L. Mills, in 1954;  [HYPERSPACE; M I C H I O K A K U; 1994];

1950s W particle can have charge: -1, 0, +1; also see: co-existence 2;
1970s Perturbation theory; IFF quantum theory, also see: 1994, Pg. 139, Hyperspace, M i c h i o K a k u, for populating graviton ... ;
1990s Perturbation theoretical infinite series; adding up the DEE, to Left, and to Right, infinite series of graphs, called perturbation theory;

IFF L AND R, also see: SYN(26; 40);

IFF r2=2a2 cos Θ, also see: water (l e m n i s c a t e) ... ;

2000s C Sequence Number
2010s 2*6; 7; 2,3 dimensional iida; Particle Perturbation in light rate;

IFF gravity dimension processor (light _rate) testing reliability;



W-bosons; Also see: Bosons;

Quanta of weak force are W-boson, and Z-boson; On the other hand, quantum of strong force is Gluon, quantum of strong force is Graviton;

W-boson AND Gluon ACT1 electromagnetic force spin ;






X-ray; Also see: Black hole OR Neutron star;




1st to understand Ion Engine ... ; 2nd to understand 0.5 second momentum ... ; 3rd, do it yourself gravity dimension computer to develop UPS (i.e. universal positioning system) in our universe, 5928 iroColourWaveForm, 5928 multi time lines surfaces, ... ;

H a y a b u s a, powered by 4 xenon ion engines ... ; Also read, Pg. 157 ~ 158, Ion and Plasma Engines, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, M I C H I O K A K U, 2008;



z ... ;

Z-bosons; Also see: Bosons;

Quanta of weak force are W-boson, and Z-boson; On the other hand, quantum of strong force is Gluon, quantum of strong force is Graviton;




For Monbusho level developers only: For each particle, define exactly 5W1H of Aqua and Black; For ACT2 and ACT3 stages developers only, must understand conditional variable logic before analyzing particles because strings are in spin, for each string's spins in Mtheory are all in nested layered of conditional variables in computing, therefore logic of defined, predefined, redefined, undefined, ..., ..., must be understood, ... ;