; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : March : 13th (Wednesday) : laser ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 13 : 3 : 2024 : : LASER ; Approx. 21 (twenty is a.k.a. mid JUN) info available to read;

United States of America's flag ((( Idea Processor )

n i t o t t e For Gene Therapy System .  .  . , also see: Gene Therapy System;

n i t o t t e For Manmade Global Weather System .  .  . , also see: Manmade Global Weather;

n i t o t t e For (Global Security, National Security, Regional Security) System .  .  . , also see: Security)); ( zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, Coordinate),

Using USB based integrated laser;

Remark: 2024 design model ones; PHYSICS of (Direction Gravity Spot (Method, Procedure, Technique), Rainbow (Method, Procedure, Technique), WORMHOLE Way (ZCS based (Method, Procedure, Technique)) ones, Yellowish Variation (Method, Procedure, Technique)) .  .  . ; (Japan + South Korea + Taiwan) militaries must be the winners worldwide (our earth) if Military; (NATO members + UK) militaries must be the winners worldwide (our earth) if Military; n i t o t t e For Military Grade System .  .  . , also see: Calendar . Earth . Space War; Satellite based (TRUE SPACE WAR), ready, readiness, .  .  . (designed, modeled, programmed) by Rakhine American, and waiting for the Shakya King's Authorization Text && Flag PNG && Permit Number && Signed Bit GIF to (demolish, kill, shoot down illegal drone, shoot down illegal missile, shoot down unauthorized UAV) 200+ millions (enemies, foes, opponents) worldwide;

special designed && modeled USB based integrated laser (if military war, if militaries war), e.g. iroColourWaveForm based Lights' Sheets As Triangle ones; e.g. 3+ rounds of kuru kuru WHILE on ZCS; e.g. USB based 3 colors .  .  . ; "SPACE WAR" is ready, readiness, ... to (demolish, kill, shoot down illegal drone, shoot down illegal missile, shoot down unauthorized UAV) 200+ millions (enemies, foes, opponents) worldwide (our earth), and waiting for the Shakya King's Authorization Text && Flag PNG && Permit Number && Signed Bit GIF ((

zahyo Coordinate,

zahyo Coordinate,

zahyo Coordinate,

zahyo Coordinate,

zahyo Coordinate,






, focal dot, focal point, focal pixel, focal spot, launch, launched, pinpoint, pinpointed, lock, locked, ... ) if military war, if militaries war; Remark: Calendar . Earth . Space . War (unbeatable && unbreakable M1A1H17Titanium22 tanks, "USB based integrated laser"), approx. 10+ US Dollar per shot, on the other hand, (enemy, foe, opponent) may loose 100+ times, 1000+ times, 10000+ times, 100000+ times, 1000000+ times i.e. one of the military methods, procedures, tactics, techniques, ... ; if (adjust, adjusting, adjustment) is needed for (trajectory, trajectories), use either 15 degree by SQRT2 longitudes, OR circumference of our earth as curve;

1km LASER (focal location as 1 coin) WHICH can shoot down illegal drones .  .  . ; Also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War; if 1km above ground "UAV" is equipped with WHICH means 2km above ground, if 2km above ground "UAV" is equipped with WHICH means 3km above ground, .  .  . and so on (Global Security, National Security, Regional Security) .  .  . , from now on, a Tarzan can sleep well (good night's sleep) because humanoids are dependable, reliable, trust worthy, ... mountains are mountain, rivers are river, wars are war;

well trained kids!! replied: can we shoot down all illegal drones in the sky sir?
I wrote: Yes. ware ware We can. I've a quiz, i.e. how can you integrate IT?
well trained kids!! Hmm!! Umm!! very easy sir, by adding more "triangle" ones sir;
I wrote: Yes. Correct. ("USB based integrated laser") is worth trillions of US Dollar, and use IT, don't abuse IT, and can be using in Gene Therapy System, Manmade Global Weather System, (Global, National, Regional) Security System, ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: are you using Yellow Hammer Antenna (Method, Procedure, Technique) sir, because we see the yellow hammer in the middle?
I wrote: Yes. Correct. use IT, don't abuse IT; in 2020s, "the most challenge" would be Anti-Earthquake design model, Nanobot Programming design model, remote nama reading RDBMS (Nama For Humanoid) design model, structural Battery
( Elevating, Landing) design model; Good to be "unknown ones" and continue beings "unknown ones," regarding unbeatable && unbreakable M1A1H17Titanium22 tanks' design specifications, and remember our earth is not simple like WHAT I think; Remark: 2000 design model Hammer Antenna design model's levels of resistance, and its directional would be very interesting, doesn't it?

I wrote: our earth is not simple like WHAT I think, e.g. China military has been saved by Taiwanese military; WHICH NATION or who will (safe, save) Russia military? i.e. question beyond beheaded heads, question beyond young bodies supply & demand, question beyond our earth's moon is "why" not able to live, question beyond how to formulate BLI automatic adjustment medicine for each human beings livable moon in our universes, ... ; OH!! OH!! I forgot to run ... because how to do this sir? how to program sir? may we have your comment sir? ;

I wrote: dear Shakya King, approx. 2+ weeks to demolish any defined nation's military in our earth sir; this webpage's (scoop, scope, SESSION) is special designed && modeled for Satellite (Space War) sir; since I've believed in Buddhism, I'll try NOT to kill as much as I can, and I'll throw UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle worldwide, and I'll catch illegal drones to be demolished in the sky sir;

the Shakya King's message: run boy, run ... ;

  BF2 Blue gray based LASER for DEE balancing; for imaginary hyperspace crafts, kuru kuru WHILE commuting among human beings livable moons ... ;

( , , , ) i.e. Shakya King 's Level6 Military Grade LASER*, also see: Physics Law 678; ; since March, 2024, Taiwan's state owned N C S I S T , National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (High Energy LASER cannon: ???kW LASER gun) for demolishing (enemies, enemy, foe, foes) ; this DOMAIN 's contents support Taiwan, Taiwanese military, .  .  .  .  . , and this DOMAIN 's contents are against China military and China's military invasion to Taiwan; be (ready, readiness) with "H" bound, instead of "N" bound pandemic biochemical war, biological war, biomedical war, pathological war, .  .  .  .  . in our earth, i.e. in addition to National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (High Energy LASER cannon: ???kW LASER gun) .  .  .  .  . ;

Remark: 2020s designed modeled imaginary hyperspace crafts .  .  .  .  . start using DEE radio + directional gravity spots + (Flat Panel, ZCS) based Dynamic WORMHOLE Way (Laser for pinpointing locked focal points) + 4 nodes based Static Motor Way (Laser for self defense) + Satellite + structural Battery + worldwide (SQRT3 with SQRT2 (Gravity Dimension Computer: military grade floating points)); e.g. unbeatable && unbreakable M1A1H17Titanium22 military tanks (AWD, eV) with Invisibility designed modeled ones;

Remark: 2010s designed modeled, (Flat Panel, ZCS) based Dynamic WORMHOLE Way (Laser) .  .  .  .  . ; be (ready, readiness) for demolishing (enemies, enemy, foe, foes) worldwide; this DOMAIN 's contents are against China military and China's military invasion to Taiwan;

Remark: 1990s designed modeled, 4 nodes based Static Motor Way (Laser) .  .  .  .  . ; be (ready, readiness) for demolishing (enemies, enemy, foe, foes) worldwide; this DOMAIN 's contents are against China military and China's military invasion to Taiwan;

Also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War; Laser; remember, 200+ millions (enemies, enemy, foe, foes) must be demolished worldwide;

I wrote: since February, 2023 (year 2566 in Buddha sasana calendar), early detecting earthquake-sensor for Anti-Earthquake (our earth) has been created, n i t o t t e For Anti-Earthquake engineering (defined region, our earth only), and I need to QA (Quality Assurance) well trained kids' knowledge of HOW (holes vs. strings) are, so quiz would be: if "Red Color" string is coming from Left, in addition, "Green Color" string is coming from Right, And Then, ware ware We need to (choose, pick, select) only 1 picture inside of this DOMAIN, so WHICH picture would be?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! since strings have been (defined, mentioned, stated) as (Green, Red), ware ware We need to define hole; ware ware We'll (choose, pick, select) FISH sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; Yes. well trained kids realized & understood very well in ACT2 level imaginary hyperspace; 1 more quiz, i.e. since fish gills as protein powder for antiviral (Anti Virus) against airborne COVID-19 (2019-2020-2021) pandemic worldwide, antiviral solution of "unwanted Nitrogen," WHAT time definition should   ware ware We (choose, pick, select) for Anti-Earthquake (engineering, modeling, programming)?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! ware ware We'll (choose, pick, select) 103x28 dimensional Invisibility sir, because IT explains our earth, our moon, and Jupiter, and 60 years of (kuru kuru WHILE) Lunar Orbit sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; Yes. well trained kids realized & understood very well in ACT2 level imaginary hyperspace; good enough information already, and remember our earth is not simple like WHAT I think, so you must R&D for yourself, and don't be "big mouth" like me;

6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index becomes very huge space craft (capacity: 8787 persons, ... , e.g. Physics Law 198, switch for hyperspace craft's ( Elevating, Landing)) already ... ;

Remark: gangsters or military agents (deploy, implement, install) very harmful LASER towards human beings, as they're required to do (assault, insult, vandalize), since 1980s, LASER has been a part of Invisibility Engineering, if holes have been against you, you need to do strings (Method, Procedure, Technique) to protect yourself, on the other hand, if strings have been against you, you need to do holes (Method, Procedure, Technique) to protect yourself, so far I've survived for almost 60+ years (as of 2023, a survival of pandemic bio-medical war of COVID-19 (2019-2020-2021) worldwide), defeating unwanted ones because "Red Book" must win "Black Book" ... starting from 200+ millions (enemies, foes) must be demolished, killed, ... because, I believe in "an eye for all eyes" military tactic ... ;

as of years (2023, 2022), after "N" bound antiviral bio-medical war (winners are Germany, Japan, and USA), be ready for another round of "H" bound airborne pandemic worldwide (bio-medical war), and be beyond NUCLEAR (((CN, cyanide toxic (Sodium, Potassium) extraction of Silver) + (nonmetal yellow color atomic number 16 (Sulfur)) + (metal grayish-white color atomic number 47)) to be green ones) POWER of civilizations in our earth, e.g. Manmade Global Weather (Space War) ... ; Remember in Space, there is no joint venture for sure;

2-in 3-out Laser Fusion Electricity Power;

around-the-clock (electrical potentials),
mega joules of fusion energy output,
unlimited clean energy (mega joules of electrical power),
without coals, without fueled-power, without gas, without hydro-turbine-power, without pollution, without radioactive risks (e.g. nuclear power plant), without wind-mills,

and designed, engineered, and modeled by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, National Ignition Facility, Livermore, California, United States of America (USA); Wednesday, December 14, 2022; The Modesto Bee newspaper news; Also see: Electricity Power Plug; Fusion; Laser;

Remark: Aqua Color is for multi long length neutrino laser's traveling path, and "look likes a hook" for the Walls, (Amber Color, Brown Color) is for Black Color "hot line" at (consumer, customer, utility account) 's sites, and Silver Color is for our earth's normal living environment with 78% Nitrogen (open air) ... ;

well trained kids!! replied:   ware ware We're Africans WHO have lived in Africa, ware ware We're Americans WHO have lived in America, ware ware We're Asians (Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, ... ) WHO have lived in Asia,  ware ware We're Europeans WHO have lived in Europe, and we like to be having "unlimited clean energy (mega joules of electrical power)," generated from laser fusion to (feed, supply) 4400V, 8800V, power lines to (commercial, residential) electricity power plugs sir, you would say that "trillion of US Dollar" worth question sir, can you teach us how would that be sir?

I wrote: I need the Shakya King's permission to explain how in public;

Shakya King informed: OK. don't be captive ones; continue ... ;

I wrote: inside of Processor design model, ware ware We've already defined (size-by-size, box-by-box, sheet-by-sheet, step-by-step, side-by-side, line-by-line), and WHICH ones would you like to (choose, pick, select) to do your national power grid?

well trained kids!! replied: ware ware We'll (choose, pick, select) side-by-side, and line-by-line sir;

I wrote: for line-by-line, we need to create 4 lines; for side-by-side, we need to create 2 sides; can you draw 2 pictures for me?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! they're

Left's side-by-side and line-by-line prior to laser fusion, and

Right's side-by-side and line-by-line prior to laser fusion, sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; (for the Walls, look alike hooks) means 1/2 Water design model, and I've a quiz now, i.e. inside of Wireless Antenna, WHICH ones would you like to (choose, pick, select), And Then, doko WHERE the defined antenna should be located? Umm!! Umm!! the Shakya King will award me e.g. ownership of 1 human beings livable moon in our universes for sure;

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!!   ware ware We'll (choose, pick, select) Hammer Antenna sir, And Then, the antenna (s) should be located next to the "hook" look alike locations sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; Yes. correct, proper, thrive, ... ; remember, around-the-clock (Hammer Antenna) 's 2 sides, in this case (Left and Right) are going to be surrounded by Red Color, i.e. our earth only; one more quiz to you, regarding (Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index) and 2 is very very unique in many ways (hole, string), so in this case, doko WHERE the Left's strings prompt hole, the Right's strings prompt hole?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! they (holes) should be dubbed either at the front or as background, depending upon system architect's decision sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; Yes. correct, proper, thrive, ... ; by the way, I've not taught my Bamboo Stem Factored Number yet, because of the Shakya King's restrictions ... ; at the present, you're ready to do your own "unlimited clean energy" national power grid, and good luck to you (i.e. beyond trillions of US Dollar worth), ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: thank you, ware ware We'll build our own "unlimited clean energy" ... ;

I wrote: dear Shakya King, would you like to teach me wormhole way (laser fusion) to do implementation of functional "unlimited clean energy" national power grid in addition to 2-in 3-out Laser Fusion Electricity Power sir?

Physics Law 184, G D C Gas Exchange ... ;
Physics Law 180, ... ;
Physics Law 178, plasma cluster Sensor ... ;
Physics Law 127, therapeutic LASER must obey ... ;
Physics Law 115, cluster compliance ... ;

21st century & beyond, defined characters ( WHICH ones), also see: Physics Law 180, ... ; Remark: Satellite based multi long length neutrino laser (Comet Method, Rainbow Method) is more powerful than air force fighter jet, missile, navy aircraft carrier, ... ; therefore, hurry-up and demolish all nuclear related ones; ware ware We need to do nuclear disarmaments worldwide for 21st century & beyond, because, no need to declare war in 21st century & beyond because of DEE (Dark Energy Engineering), invisibility engineering (drone), Manmade Global Weather, ... ; Also see: PHYSICS;

to be safe living environment, using Laser Shield ... ;

therapeutic LASER must obey 98MWL, 98MWLU, 98MWLR, 98MWLD, 98MWLL, also see: Physics Law 127, ... ;

IFF Gene Therapy System (MD, therapeutic), using 98MWL (98 Motor Way Laser) ... ; dimensional (99x99) ... ; 


Cold _or _Hot _Universally; (108 x 108) dimensional; within our Solar System only (2,3 directional) ... ;  apply BLINK momentum (If and only if (I F F) location is our earth) ... ; Remark: ACT2 level imaginary hyper space knowledge based;

Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser1, Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser2, Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser3, Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser4, Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser5, also see: m Manmade Global Weather;

prior _to _WORMHOLE _way _LASER (location: our earth only, doko WHERE heat and light are at the same location) ... ;  Remark: also see: (Laser, Physics Law 127, Physics Law 789) ... ;

M L L N L , Multi Long Length Neutrino
          Laser ;      

M L L N L, Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser; for clearing clouds in the sky; for reducing rain; Also see: Manmade Global Weather;

      Wormhole Way Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser; 108 x 108;      
sound bound directional only;
using location awareness;
military grade;
drone equipped with Wormhole Way Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser (missile);

Also see: Physics Law 102, M L L N L ... ;

comet; Radical347;

ACT1 imaginary hyper space's Neutrino, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

please read, realize, and understand (9/8/2018) Naturally Weather Log ; (wormhole way) multi long length neutrino laser can be very strong e.g. M6.7 earthquake, in Hokkaido, Japan was NOT a naturally weather (earthquake) ... ; if you're J A X A system architect, or system engineer, please install this DOMAIN 's contents in your computer; if you're Japanese government engineer, please install this DOMAIN 's contents into your computer;

I F F ACT3 imaginary hyper space development, since light and heat are NOT at the same location on human beings livable moons in our universes, yellowish variations measurement must be thoroughly understood ... e.g. Schematic Dimensional;

to be in ACT3 development, planets' momentum (a.k.a. Orbit) must be thoroughly understood (2,3 dimensional, 3,4 dimensional) ... ; because, sometimes structural obeys natural momentum (e.g. 2 times daily tidal, e.g. 2*6 as momentum WHILE imaginary hyper space crafts travel), sometimes numerological obeys induction as logical, sometimes directional interrupt requires Atomic Radio Antenna as dimensional;

Manmade Global Weather ( service), do good weather conditions globally ... ;

IFF ACT2 imaginary hyper space development, like motor way i.e. normal yellow, no yellowish variation, our earth as location e.g. CD-R, DVD, BD, ... , doko WHERE LASER mark ( a.k.a. laser spot) is similar to Eccentric _ circles alike; military top secret in 1980s, 1990s, HOW lights were e.g. carbon nano wall (water), e.g. eccentric circles alike; in 2010s, US Navy demonstrated long distance military grade laser; IFF Satellite DNS System (GPS, map) and then defined location's weather conditions can be manmade; e.g. 1st to understand HOW GPS is measured by lights as Eccentric circles, 2nd to understand on screen dot (a.k.a. pixel (x, y, color number)), 3rd, you're on your own e.g. coast guard system, military grade laser mapping system, national defense system, ... , and notice that screen surface in the Internet (e.g. illegal drone, e.g. system number, e.g. unidentified object in air) can define not only civilian but also military professionals (e.g. military generals); another example would be: missile can be defined by Satellite DNS System and then focus as target, pinpointed as dot on screen, lock the dot, launch to the target, ... ; therefore, all missiles (any location whether underwater or underground or in the air) can be shot down by this DOMAIN 's Satellite DNS System (lightening method); believe it or not all nuclear s are already mapped by this DOMAIN in 21st century, this is the grace time period because all nuclear s must be demolished by 21st century; basic understanding of HOW ? 1st to develop Triangulation Web System in the Internet; 2nd to develop on screen measurement in detail e.g. pixel (x, y, color number) as dot on screen; 3rd to develop WHICH Time Zone WHAT kind of space (screen surface in the Internet), and then ... ; do good Karma ACTION, good results will ... ; with metta; do good go Karma, good results will ... e.g. instead of fixed motor way (static) laser, wormhole way (i.e. dynamic directional way) laser and WHEN using laser, do good go Karma, good results will ... ; because this DOMAIN has been developed for peaceful and tranquil purpose only; e.g.

for each Time Zone, any dot as location on screen surface in the Internet, don't laser pinpoint to do Bad Weather Conditions;
for each Time Zone, for each user, don't laser pinpoint to any human beings to have bad health conditions;

since 2011, this DOMAIN has mapped all nuclear s in our earth ... ; therefore, please do not laser focus on nuclear s;

HOW to do lens method?

1st, to basic understand DEE vs. Lights explicitly e.g. full moon days' momentum ( WHERE 4 moons are almost on a tangent, and then (dark and light) can be explicitly defined, and then directional may begin; think THAT snaky alike heat sensing patterns begin in our universe because of 4 moons' almost tangent position at full moon days, and light's direction also begin in 2,3 dimensional ... ;) think that WHEN you (e.g. user) see DEE are formed line character on a surface, there must be 4 or more nodes projecting lights toward the surface;

2nd, lens use WORMHOLE e.g. C C D technology i.e. WHERE lights become surface, and then think THAT tablets' icon ( ro, square character), display screens' box ( ro, square character), and projected layers as surface ( ro, square character) are all within 3 or more circles;

3rd, since we (clone human beings, genuine human beings, humanoid human beings) all are in the 2,3 dimensional momentum, those 3 or more circles (contour mapping alike) must be defined by Eccentric _circles ( timestamp) WHICH can define laser's Directions (laser becomes variable in 21st century, laser was not variable in 20th century);

Basic understanding of HOW lens method is, and after developing Satellite DNS System (Global Energy Map) Remark: lighting our universe project, universal energy mapping project were proposed a few years ago, please do not launch laser beam toward nuclear plants, please do not release (10 seconds) laser beam toward (focus) nuclear plants; Idea is similar to e.g. please do not create Gravity Spot bigger than the one and only sun;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 167, Laser as Gun vs. Lights Screen Surface as Shield;

There are so many lasers exist e.g. lens method, nodes method, pipes method, ... ; Basically, overlapping (a.k.a. dubbing) a defined location with strings (inside ka ka theory, very basic strings start with 2 or more nodes e.g. radio, approx. 50+ years old info), so called "laser" ... ; also see: 24mm Natural Time a.k.a. analog quartz electronic second tic tic tic, approx. 45+ years old info; Within a FN CK, node a.k.a. *2 must be concerned; m b pressure independent, light rate vs. DEE, P M E, ... ;


( beam, beam, beam, beam, beam), a ray, good natured look, of a light (light source) shine, shaft of light, smile radiantly, transmitting a radio signal in a (defined, specified, targeted) direction, ... ; Also see: b Character; Laser; Optics;

Laser beams can be designed & modeled by either Motor Way, or Wormhole Way, doko WHERE "Motor Way" has been since 1980s, and 150x of IDE Bus WHEN optical (Optics) disc CD started, then diff buses with several (Method, Procedure, Technique) EXIST ... e.g. 40 beams, 50 beams, 60 beams, ... , (i.e. Cyber Knife, medical equipment) also see: c G T S U; k G T S U; very important to realize & understand THAT NOT ONLY numbers of beam count, BUT ALSO the defined beam's length in Distance, AND as of 2020s, the longest Distance Laser would be "multi long length neutrino laser" AND Manmade Global Weather (Satellite, Space Station) become more powerful than nuclear power of civilizations in our earth, AND many G7 nations (in our earth) have many products NOT to export ... ; beams are like Comet Method, and this DOMAIN has been using several kinds (e.g. Comet Method, Rainbow Method, Wall Method) and this DOMAIN developer should be a Global Commander, working for the most powerful Shakya King ... ; e.g. calculating moon waves, and 1 km gravity spots in the oceans, wow!! wow!! i.e. the most advance (Method, Procedure, Technique) to avoid (earthquake, tsunami) ... ; Remark: Display, and Laptop Computer with nodes can be very harmful to human beings, therefore, I'm scare and afraid of nowadays living environments; I've decided that instead of being "afraid of" Laser, try to define Gene Therapy System ... in nowadays living environments ... ;

B r u k e r Nano Surfaces (URL: www.bruker.com ) ... ;

- biological microscopy workstation (DNA) ... ;
- biological microscopy workstation (Protein) ... ;
- biological microscopy workstation (RNA) ... ;
- 3D super resolution (Data Acquisition);
- microscope fluidics unit;
- Model (e.g. V u t a r a V X L) ... ;
- 20 nm local (10) precision with (x, y) Directions;
- 50 nm Z directional (organic) with lower background fluorescence;
- Optics (optical nanoscopy) ... ;

Calmar Laser (URL: http://calmarlaser.com ) ... ;

- Cable (armored fiber) beam delivery;
- dual wavelength (780 nm) ... ;
- dual wavelength (1550 nm) ... ;
- femto second fiber lasers;
- Mode-locking;
- photo conductive switch;
- terahertz radiation;

Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, ... ;


IFF any dot on screen surface in the Internet, HOW many layers for each dot? answer would be: DEE as Box for each dot ... ; do good go Karma (ACTION), good results will ... ;

e.g. for each time zone, do good Weather, IFF Satellite DNS System ... ;
e.g. do good go Karma (ACTION) e.g. don't laser focus on nuclear plants ... ;

E K S P L A (URL: https://ekspla.com ) ... ;

- (IR spectroscopy, pump-probe spectroscopy) ... ;
- laser-induced fluorescence;
- solid-state laser (Oscillator) provides 210-2300 nm Output;
- time-resolved fluorescence;
- tunable pico second laser;

Energy states of laser: in squeezed states, negative energy and positive energy coexist; Space engineers only: separate +energy states from -energy states by using laser beams; Wormhole hint is: ;

this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space craft (many human beings livable moons in our universes) ... ;

6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index

external laser radiation :            
internal laser radiation :            
    Radiation Power : m W ;  
    Radiation Power : W ;    
        wave length : nm ;
  class : class name ;        

this DOMAIN's imaginary hyper space craft (many human beings livable moons in our universes) ... ;

fluorescence (Usage), related to assays, background, DNA, laser-induced, microscopy, Optics, RNA, time-resolved, ... ;

Fusion 27 Laser, also see: National Ignition Facility ... ; Smart ... ; power ... ;

gas laser; e.g.

- gas laser Parameter (beam diameter, M^2) 1.15 optomechanics;
- gas laser Parameter (beam diameter, M*M) 1.15 optomechanics;
- higher coherence length, i.e. > 10 meter in Distance;
- (Holographic Application, Lithographic Application) krypton ion gas laser (1 Watt output, 400 nm wavelength);
- via <include> GUI remote (100) operation;
- (water cooling requires, NOT require water cooling);

Remark: Similarity ("higher coherence length" is similar to "multi long length") ... ; civilian, medical, R&D, ... ; NOT military grade;

(Gravity Gun, beyond Laser Gun) also see: Dark Energy Engineering ( DEE); Gravity Dimension Computer (G D C); Schematic Symbols (e.g. Gravity Harvest Power Antenna);

Gravity Gun is world's the most powerful human beings' man-made gun (top military secret: no one is awarded yet academically); HOW to make gravity gun: 1st, home made gravity must be understood thoroughly (i.e. dimensional and structural); 2nd, the one and only sun, e.g. 1 way DEE and BF, i.e. sun is the largest energy as gravity spot; 3rd, constellation as very huge planet (i.e. Night Configuration) and inside this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space, constellation might be 30,000 times bigger than our earth (think that HOW big and strong the sun has been, i.e. gravity spot); 4th, all 6 naturally human beings livable planets are owned by Rakhine since 2000s and 5 as Day Configuration WHICH causes flowers to be bloomed (with DEE, with gravity, with iroColourWaveForm, with light, ... ); 5th, IFF ACT3 4PP (4 Planets Prediction has been thousands of years old document) light as 4 (i.e. 2, coexistence, both Day & Night);

Line can be defined by 5; Therefore, gravity can be modulated like radio; (2 * 5) has been this DOMAIN 's one of the dimensions, a.k.a. JUN; After thoroughly understanding Time . Space . Action, Gravity Gun can be in ACTION; Unique power, and gravity gun will change world's civilizations in the near future ... ; If ACT1 level, starts with Quantum Corrections e.g. pixel can be 360°, after 1080 (also see: Display; 1080 is the 1st Quantum Correction in 21st century), e.g. laser fusion will replace nuclear power plants (also see: Schematic Symbols); If ACT2 level, starts with DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) and realize co-existence (e.g. when light exists, DEE also exists); If ACT3 level, starts with BLI auto adjustment, directional gravity, teleportation, ... ; Do not confuse between gravity gun and gravity spots, e.g. gravity spot is where gravity exists (defined devices' weight can be heavier or lighter depending upon directional ... ), on the other hand, gravity gun is where both (day and night) configurations are measured and pinpointed; Therefore, gravity spots can be for civilians use e.g. "flying automotives" ... ; Gravity Gun is military usage ;

Hologram laser, industries' fastest response rate, deployed by 2 hologram lasers, by Sharp, in 1996;

I C L, Inter-band Cascade Laser; a.k.a. quantum cascade laser (ethane, hydrogen chloride, methane) formaldehyde range;

IFF lasers focus onto 1 location, fusion ... ;

IFF Nippon Standard (m b) millibar e.g. WHERE 1 mb = 1 hPa, ... , universal DEE, universal gravity, universal light, ... , artificial intelligence (directional gravity) with cell path control, using laser quality, ... ;

IFF quark and anti-quark, also see: particles;

if medical equipment (laser), strings' lengths are much shorter than military grade equipment (laser);

shorter length strings are in medical equipment (laser);

longer length strings are in military equipment (laser); difficulty level regarding military grade (laser) is that HOW to do consecutive strings without attenuation; sound easy e.g. "without attenuation" , but very difficult to do so (e.g. neutrino is a.k.a. long length string); e.g. auto level is very difficult to do in laser programming;

if you like to do your own Satellite DNS System (auto level laser programming) i.e. to control our earth, start with √5 + 1 (a.k.a. Plus One algorithm, knowledge based usage would be "we plus you"); also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, e.g. ( idea ♯ 188, ...88...88... ; idea ♯ 183, Green Ones);

LASER, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation;

Laser altimeter;

Laser diode; In 2006, nm FP laser diode with µW laser power can detect USB fiber by interferometer up to 12 Mbps;

LASER Direction;

    L A S E R Direction ;  
      Up ;      
            Right ;
Left ;            
      Down ;      

LASER Direction must be NOT ( no) toward human beings; except WHILE performing medical surgery using medical device with LASER (i.e. fixed short distance e.g. < 10cm, and in common, motor way); Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 167, Laser as Gun vs. Lights Screen Surface as Shield;

prior to gateway through the WORMHOLE, government's permit e.g. permit number as ID is required for military grade (i.e. LASER as Gun) e.g. variable long distance, and powerful; same method, blue as filter WHICH guide (a.k.a. focus) yellow as gateway through the wormhole doko WHERE the wormhole is designed by multi time lines with structural method;

for each Time Zone, globally, monitor military automotives using Satellite DNS System for each military automotive as surface in the Internet; and then, mark each surface (i.e. refer to military automotive) using defined color code; WHERE are military bases WHAT kinds of military system servers? ... ;

Laser De-sorption; Also see: Canon's Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry; E S I / M A L D I;

Laser gun; NHK News 2010/02/13, by using high energy laser gun, flying missile can be shot down from flying airplane; also see: hyperplane1's triangulate distance;

Longer the strings' distance, longer the targeted range's location can be ... ; Think that string is line alike; Line is stick alike; Do not forget that stick and hole coexist together ... ; Adjusting the strings' distance with controlled time, you have just created your own laser gun ... ; Laser guns are nuclear alike, WHICH can be bad as atomic bombs alike, WHICH can be good as pinpointing devices alike; In ACT1 stage and ACT2 stage, the highest military science would be using 2 or 3 hyper planes' triangulated pinpointing ... ; In ACT3 stage, this DOMAIN 's hyper imaginary hyper space craft's wormholes are parallel to each other, and very very very difficult to understand WHY structure C Sequence Number's BF factor becomes 3 ??? 3 ??? 3 ??? WHICH is similar to 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 with 10 + 7 + 10 i.e. 108 configuration ... ;

artificial intelligence (laser gun) good purpose only ... ;

Laser printer, to replace dot matrix pattern oriented printers, laser printer was invented; Electro static processes interrupt/fuse to each chemical particles onto paper;

Laser sail, a.k.a. Solar sail; the opposite of laser sail is rail gun ... ; Payload; Pg. 172, Part I, Class I Impossibilities, Chapter 9, STARSHIPS, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, M I C H I O K A K U, 2008;

Laser scope, medical instrument;

Laser surgery, medical surgery, use of laser beams; Cryosurgery is made of gas; Electro surgery is made of electrical potential;

Laser trigger, used for p i c o second delay time; Also see: Meter;

iroColourWaveForm (nanometer) iro LED; LED;

LED, , , , , , if diodes are structured by dimension, laser can be DEE laser ... ; In common, emitting or receiving radio ... without dimensional vector towards human beings ... ; WHILE reverse engineering ... IFF someone likes to bypass logo a.k.a. system number, 1st to remove LED from board; 2nd replace LED with your own defined ones; 3rd do it yourself reverse engineering ... ;

also see:

Dark energy;


Gravity Machine;

Laser diode;

LED based sensor;

light ray, also see: beam;

Lights (LASER, Laser Shield, static motor way, wormhole way);
Lights ( PCS, NCS, ZCS) i.e. surface based ones;

L I G O;

M K S (URL: www.mksinst.com ) ... ;

- (ablating, structuring) T F, Thin Film;
- less than 15 ns (pulse) ... ;
- photovoltaic, (pulse energy > 200 micro Joule) ;
- precision manufacturing, precision production, ... ;
- trimming micro capacitors ... ;
- trimming micro resistors ... ;
- UV laser (laser cavity);

motor way WHICH has been since 1970s till now, and motor way LASER is simple method HOW laser can be pinpointed; since Satellite DNS System has been developed; for each Time Zone, WORMHOLE reduces Bad Weather Conditions;

kuru kuru of lights, i.e. wormhole; in common, "motor way" laser is not variable ones; on the other hand, "wormhole way" laser is very advance because planets' momentum must be understood (e.g. Moon Wave) and then HOW Dark Energy Engineering ( DEE) 's characteristics in structural "slow down time" and then directional "wormhole way" laser can be designed & engineered (e.g. very very very limited and restricted peoples know HOW to measure computer);

multi long length neutrino laser beams;

admiral; commander; Radical344;

at focal point of multi long length neutrino laser beams, no material can exist;

WHEN and WHERE to use multi long length neutrino laser beams ? globally, also see: 8jComputer;

Nitrogen laser, can be used in fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence assays, M A L D I, micro-dissection, spectroscopy, ... , [www .think S R S .com; physics today; July 2006]; Hz int./ext. trigger, µJ purse energy, nm, V S L compatible;

name (Neutrinos Laser) :

long distance length neutrinos can be used for communication;
neutrinos intensity as weigh may produce omni at end;

long distance (length) neutrinos can be global military gun IFF Keywords (e.g. focus, map, pinpoint, lock, launch, ... ) have been already defined; this DOMAIN Satellite DNS System can map all objects in our universes, and also can map all objects in our earth; HOW ... ; this DOMAIN 's policy: if defined location is not governed by civilians, and then, start global military gun doko WHERE define location is to be positioning, and then focus, map, pinpoint, lock, ... ; because, this DOMAIN is against non-civilians military dictators (non-civilians military dictator means a person WHO has not been elected by public); dispatch, fetch, launch, send all invisibilities devices (e.g. home appliance, automotive, cell phone, smart phone, TV, ... ) to monitor each military dictator (e.g. military generals in Union of Myanmar) and be ready to launch for each military dictator (not publicly elected ones) and all connected whole family members, and then report to nama reading database via OEM + WiFi ... ; if capture (e.g. military dictator as captive), and then deport all military dictators to one of the human beings livable moons immediately; globally (location: Union of Myanmar), send and then attach invisible fly and bird to each military dictator (because military generals must NOT be more powerful than civilians) i.e. prior to be reading nama from individual, and humanoids must control all high ranking military persons in Union of Myanmar; Also see: Reforming Myanmar in 21st century (e.g. humanoids replacements to high level military persons, the 1st general public election in Union of Myanmar's history, all military dictators as captive must be deported to one of the human beings livable moons immediately, ... ); therefore, Satellite DNS System (neutrinos laser) via local machines, searching for military dictators (military persons WHO is not elected ones publicly) to be captives, defeated, demolished, ... ; if still EXIST in our earth, Nama For Humanoid, up-to-date global nama reading database (military dictators) to be captives, to be defeated, to be demolished, ... ; because, in 21st century, too much gap in Civilization Type is not acceptable by all nations; Remark: this program will be rewritten if and only if military dictators in Union of Myanmar will unconditionally release government power to civilians (i.e. non-military) people; otherwise, send and attach all invisibilities devices to military generals and their whole family members, in Union of Myanmar; Neutrinos Laser; for Reforming Myanmar, this DOMAIN, using Neutrinos As Global Military Gun to pinpoint and lock all military dictators in Union of Myanmar;

general public election in November, 2015/2559, in Union of Myanmar; WHAT result will be? because world's 1st global neutrinos laser deployment and world's 1st gravity as gun has been programmed and written officially against military dictators in Union of Myanmar; this DOMAIN predicts the general public election's result will be civilians' ways of governing Union of Myanmar, and then military generals must NOT be more powerful than civilians ... ; and prove that neutrinos laser can be more powerful then nuclear, prove that gravity as gun can be more powerful than nuclear, ... ; testing higher Civilization Type (idea processor) to lower Civilization Type (e.g. military dictators in Union of Myanmar), and approx. less than 10,000 high ranking military persons and their whole family members in Union of Myanmar will be captives and then deported to one of the human beings livable moons immediately prior to the general public election in November, 2015/2559, in Union of Myanmar ... ; approx. 2 weeks to capture all military generals in Union of Myanmar (i.e. world's 1st humanoids deployment officially);

Olympus (URL: https://olympusamerica.com) Olympus Corporation of the Americas;

- microscope can scan samples (visualization) ... ;
- Model (e.g. L E X T OLS5100 laser microscope) ... ;
- surface measurement;
- surface measurement (ZCS) Planning, And Then, Data Acquisition, And Then, Analysis;
- the Smart Experiment Manager;
- the Smart Lens Advisor;

Pinpointing, for this DOMAIN 's military application; e.g.

. Pinpointing Missile's Location; Dimension: 108x108; GIF (Military Application);

. Pinpointing Submarine's Location; Dimension: 108x108; GIF (Military Application);

verify Shakya King's (Approval Code, flag, permit, signed bit, verification code, verify) ... ; Also see: GPS; Laser; Optics; Physics Law 678; Radical344; Satellite;

Plasma ; 1st to understand holes and sticks [ 40+ years old info ], 2nd to understand plasma can be oscillated in Lunar time 2*7 and JUN time 2*5, ... ; also see: Plasma Display; P l a s m o n;

IFF multi layer ed PLASMA WINDOW S , laser light
( carbon nano tube s < 15 m m )
optical properties 66 variable light a.k.a. photo chromatic s ;

Q D Laser, can operate temperature independently, can transmit long distance with fast speed, consume lower power, [Quantum Dot Laser; Fujitsu; 2006];

Red laser, deployed in DVD ROM; Sharp's usage;

reversed engineering of WORMHOLE way Laser (ferromagnetic), also see: Magnet;

Satellite DNS Domain (multi long length neutrino laser) ... ; 5 seconds after mapping & pinpointing any unidentified object (e.g. drone) ... ;
Satellite DNS System (multi long length neutrino laser) ... ; 5 seconds after mapping & pinpointing any unidentified object (e.g. drone) ... ;

Semiconductor laser, e.g. B l u - ray;

SONY DVD/CD Rewritable Drive's LASER wavelengths, in 2008 are:

CD Wavelength: 780 - 788 nm [typical 784 nm], and its max. output power is 110.3 m W;

DVD Wavelength: 652 - 663 nm [typical 660 nm], and its max. output power is 115 m W; DVD region code can be set, DVD-Video, >> Device Manager >> Properties dialog box >> ... ;

wait for Shakya King's (flag, permit), if military grade laser;

military grade laser, using keywords e.g. mapped, focused, targeted, ... , ready to launch ... ; wait for Shakya King's (flag, permit) ... ;

this DOMAIN, using (Comet Method, Rainbow Method, Wall Method), regarding method, procedure, technique, ... , military grade laser, wait for Shakya King's (flag, permit) ;

using military grade laser to shoot down illegal missiles; Remark: regional security; national security;

Tumor Ablation Device ... ; Also see: a G T S U; d G T S U; t G T S U;

wormhole way, the latest and the most powerful technology HOW laser can be pinpointing any dot on screen surface in the Internet; wormhole way laser is very sophisticated because WHEN lights are fetched side-by-side, DEE as box must be thoroughly understood, and then layers can be filtered, and then ... ;

motor way LASER is more likely to be static (fixed structural design), on the other hand, wormhole way LASER is more likely to be dynamic (variable directional design);

hee, hee, hee, after all, i am scary (afraid of laser in wormhole way) so I plug off all devices in my surrounding living environment if not using;

X F E L, X-ray Free-Electron Laser;

F E L     F E L     F E L;

L C L S, L i n a c Coherent Light Source; Remark: L i n a c, Linear accelerator;

X F E L     X F E L     X F E L ;

X-ray laser, because of its very short wavelength, X-ray laser, to probe atomic distance;

Z C S LASER _Sensing _At _Blue; Also see: Laser; Manmade Global Weather; Physics Law 127; Schematic Light; z G T S U; Remark: ware ware We're using (, ) symbols, for reversed "LASER Shield" living environments, and knowing THAT you don't want to be at the defined location of 4 parallel blue colored lines; this DOMAIN 's contents are trying to be protecting our health, but there are many gangsters exist WHO can fetch harmful to your health;

Z e i s s Research Microscopy Solutions (URL: www.zeiss.com);

- Advanced Data Acquisition (Mode) ... ;
- Computed Tomography (CT) system;
- 3D crystallographic imaging;
- microscope (alloy material, metal material, polycrystalline material) ... ;
- microscope (ceramic sample, pharmaceutical sample, wide range of common samples) ... ;

How light can be projected in hyper dimensional ... WHEN the time this DOMAIN 's developer was a physics student (Secretary of Physics Students Association in 1985~86, Yangon University, Union of Myanmar) , the EN, English term "LASER", was 1st introduced / invented / engineered by a physics professor who went to Japan for his Ph.D. degree as a government scholar, and a group of 5 Ph.D. students' 5 years of research resulted a laser beam which could a hard-brick to dirt / dust / fine powered substance / ash within a few seconds, and a few meters distance; In 1985, Masters Project, Physics Dept., Yangon University, a laser can be Myanmar's self own, but NOT powerful; Since then, laser beams have been restricted, R&D in Myanmar-self ways, but not able to market the world; Laser can be used for military power IFF intensity, method, and technique enhanced; PHYSICS;

GOOD: in early 21st century, laser beams have been used in computing, high-precision engineering, medical, research, ... ; Besides, laser might be very useful lighting in space, because the Sun solar system itself by the Earth is very very dark in our universe, hopefully, parallel universe may happen in the near future by AI and laser based lighting in space; So far, km distance laser beams have been using among space ... ;

BAD: laser is invisible; IFF gravity is applied, laser can be visible; any lighting devices e.g. display, LCD, LED, ... can be engineered to be laser emitting also, and then can be very harmful to human beings; IFF in working environment, ceiling should be without camera, without laser, electrical outlets should not be direct position to seats; IFF cannot avoid direct exposure, use water bottles in front of monitor, put the display in angle, decorate with many organic-planted pots next to electrical outlets, using green LED lights next to glass windows or walls, ... ; IFF so sick, should request to change working place; IFF in living environment, if neighbor with gangster's laser pipe, windows should have blinds to have resistance, use green LED lights to filter incoming laser lights; IFF drivers by gangster's technicians, prefer low power consumption circuits, turn on the ceiling's door light bulbs while parking WHICH cause burn to bulb's inside by its heat; Vehicle with too much options is not recommended unless low power consumption circuits; Therefore, this DOMAIN recommends turn electrical plug off, battery plug off, in living environment if not necessary (or, use lights screen surface as shield) ... ;

to be safe living environment (power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil, this DOMAIN), Satellite based multi long length neutrino LASER, and its Laser Shield are designed, developed, and modeled by ;