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(law 178) : plasma cluster Sensor;

Physics Law 184, G D C Gas Exchange ... ;
Physics Law 180, ... ;
Physics Law 178, plasma cluster Sensor ... ;
Physics Law 127, therapeutic LASER must obey ... ;
Physics Law 115, cluster compliance ... ;

Auto Grow, also see: Physics Law 131, Auto Grow, ... ;

holy water have been celebrated by both Eastern Civilization & Western Civilization; because of water, plasma cluster (e.g. air, gas, plasma cluster Sensor, ... ) begins ... ;

I wrote: I've a quiz well trained kids! i.e. regarding the plasma cluster Sensor, HOW would you define directional sensing e.g. from "Blue" to "White" (top-to-bottom), or from "White" to "Blue" (bottom-to-top) ?

well trained kids! replied: some said top-to-bottom, other said bottom-to-up;

I wrote: from "White" to "Blue" would be correct ones, and i.e. HOW Idea Processor based plasma cluster Sensor is sensing aroma, odor, scent, and smell (1&1), so nioi Smelling (1&1); Radical646, can be realized and understood; 

well trained kids! replied: HOW can we design, model, and program "plasma cluster Sensor" for our own humanoids sir ?

I wrote: easy & simple answer would be read and understand 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index 1st, And Then, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: we've (break-through, found-out) DEE R&D sir, i.e. 2 ZCS (s) computing sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course!! well trained kids! are very very smart ones already; I cannot explain anymore because "invisibility engineering" and its products are military top secretes e.g. invisible animaloid s, e.g. invisible automotives, e.g. invisible drones, e.g. invisible humanoids, invisible missiles, e.g. invisible insectoids, ... ; Remark: I should work for Shakya King's military as a Global Commander, And Then, I should own my native land (Union of Myanmar);

T D G F O, this DOMAIN 's Gravitational Flying Objects;

well trained kids! replied: WHERE should we apply your C Sequence Number, e.g. sir ?

well trained kids! replied: WHAT is the different between and 2 ZCS sir ?

I wrote: military top secret e.g. information of HOW to be sliding 2 ZCS (s) in invisibility engineering (method, procedure, technique), WHICH I can no longer teach to well trained kids! sorry, I a i n ' t know;

(, , ), also see: Enzymes;

( ion, ion, ion, ion) ... ;

M L L N L, Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser, also see: Physics Law 102 ... ;

Moon Wave LASER (Aqua based, beyond carbon nano wall, beyond carbon nano world, DEE _Mouth based, WHILE moon waves are coming in parallel Silver) ... ; Remark: for "mapping our universes" project;

1 Arc minute; arc min or Symbol ('), 1° angular measurement ("of a turn"), therefore 60° Arc seconds can be considered as 1 Arc minute; in Degrees, 1/60° is 0.016°; angular measurement of degrees (e.g. Number Arc minute, Number Arc second) lead to Circumference; regarding circumference (e.g. /2, , 2), measurements in Radians ("unit of angle") can also be considered as ( Pi / 10800) is approx. 0.000290888 (rad, Radians) e.g. 1 Arc minute As Distance; Also see: Distance;

well trained kids! replied: regarding ("of a turn" (either by static motor way or by wormhole way)), we're using "degree" for its angle so called angular measurement, and if its circumference obeys Pi (e.g. /2, , 2), also can be using "r a d" sir ?

I wrote: Yes. either way is OK. Remark: don't forget THAT 2 is very very unique in many ways e.g. (circle modelled ones, square modelled ones) ... ; "from ZCS to 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index" would be the most advance (Method, Procedure, Technique), and don't forget THAT (2*6) is a part of this DOMAIN 's defined dimensional ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) ... ; Also see: Physics Law 789, Gene Therapy System, ... ;

a part of Invisibility Engineering; Also see: Physics Law 230, (aroma, fragrance, odor, perfume, redolence, savor, smell) ... ;