; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 8 : 3 : Physics Law 789 ;

(law 789) : Gene Therapy System ;

WORMHOLE and its Directions e.g.


5 Color i.e. NIPPON custom, tradition, ... ;

      (Dry, Wet) Gene Therapy System; e.g.

(( dry, dry, dry), ( wet, wet, wet)), also see: d Character; dGTSU; w Character; wGTSU;

      using (, ) to be adding good protein (bio cell) wrapper for both our earth and our moon, e.g. antiviral vaccine without pathogen, (wrap, wrapped, wrapping) good protein (bio cell) ... ;

- Fukusa Protein;
- good protein shielded coat;
- good protein coating;
- protective protein coating;
- protein wrapper;

Also see: cGTSU; Plus One; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;

Good Protein Booster; Also see: pGTSU; Physics Law 789; P vector direction;

3 lights of 90° (24 Bit depth, 108x108 dimensional) ; Also see: MD;


1 Arc minute As Distance; Also see: a Character (arc; e.g.); Physics Law 234; Time;


3 M e m r is t or s Based WORMHOLE; Also see: Gene Therapy System; MD;

Remark: line connections, short circuits, SPL directional, ... are up to designer & IC engineer ... ;

if ACT3 imaginary hyper space (developer, designer, engineer, ... ), add more m e m r is t or s and line connections, And Then, ... don't forget to apply "yellowish variation" and "reversed yellowish variation" ... in WORMHOLE way ... ; Also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;

      108x108_3_Memristors_Based_WORMHOLE; Also see: z G T S U;          
      directional LED upward WORMHOLE ;        
      directional LED toward right WORMHOLE ;        
      directional LED toward left WORMHOLE ;        
      directional LED downward WORMHOLE ;        

Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 567; WORMHOLE;


( kontororu Control, kontororu Control, kontororu Control) ... ; Gene Therapy System for each ((individual), (patient (Pt)), (User)), also see: index;


Anti Allergic;

1 Arc minute UDNGS (color codes) marker; Also see: uGTSU;
1 Arc minute NGS (color codes) marker; Also see: nGTSU;
1 Arc minute C micro RNA marker; Also see: cGTSU;
1 Arc minute RNA marker; Also see: rGTSU;
1 Arc minute DNA marker; Also see: dGTSU;

1 Arc minute; arc min or Symbol ('), 1° angular measurement ("of a turn"), therefore 60° Arc seconds can be considered as 1 Arc minute; in Degrees, 1/60° is 0.016°; angular measurement of degrees (e.g. Number Arc minute, Number Arc second) lead to Circumference; regarding circumference (e.g. /2, , 2), measurements in Radians ("unit of angle") can also be considered as ( Pi / 10800) is approx. 0.000290888 (rad, Radians) e.g. 1 Arc minute As Distance; Also see: Distance;

well trained kids! replied: regarding ("of a turn" (either by static motor way or by wormhole way)), we're using "degree" for its angle so called angular measurement, and if its circumference obeys Pi (e.g. /2, , 2), also can be using "rad" sir ?

I wrote: Yes. either way is OK. Remark: don't forget THAT 2 is very very unique in many ways e.g. (circle modelled ones, square modelled ones) ... ; "from ZCS to 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index" would be the most advance (Method, Procedure, Technique), and don't forget THAT (2*6) is a part of this DOMAIN 's defined dimensional ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) ... ; Also see: Physics Law 178, plasma cluster Sensor, ... ;

aqua color background, for Normal Gravity; Bio Clock, for DEE vs. Time; Neuron Of Synapse, Nama for Humanoid; 101, 102, 106, 109, for standard I/O;

DNA e.g.

( DNA Origami, DNA Origami, DNA Origami) ... ; Also see: DNA Origami; P vector direction;

( Factorisation, Factorisation, Factorisation);
( Factorization, Factorization, Factorization);

( FISH Marker, FISH Marker, FISH Marker), also see: fGTSU; FISH;

font; e.g.

( font, font, font), also see: AI FONT; f Character; Gene Therapy System;

Gastroenterological, also see: gGTSU;


well trained kids! replied: WHAT is "hormone" sir ?

I wrote: Also see: hGTSU, and think that "hormone" is nuclear thermal rod engineering alike, e.g. Carbon is like Black Color, Silver is like Silver Color, and Sulphur is like Yellow Color, And Then, if we apply DEE _Mouth (Green) to the environment, Yellow disappears (so we've nuclear thermal rods) ... ; therefore, "hormone" is like nuclear thermal rod engineering alike; another example would be e.g. in 1990s, in the era of CRT (Display), screen's pixels (Phosphorus) perceive electron, And Then, produce photon (lights) ;

well trained kids! replied: can we block specific unwanted ones (e.g. inhibitor alike), can we regulate specific regulatory substance, so that hormone can be manageable sir ?

I wrote: not an easy task but we can, e.g. hormone therapy, therapeutic hormone, ... in wormhole way gene therapy; Remark: my face's acnes hormone become dark (Black Color) naturally if I don't (pit-out, squeeze-out) because after yellowish, there is White Color (our earth), And Then, its surface turns to Black Color; Also see: Physics Law 153, EM Pull (Yellow), and think of HOW Yellow can define NOT ONLY "protein" BUT ALSO "hormone" ... ;

well trained kids! "nuclear thermal rods" are very expensive sir;

I wrote: same, same, in 21st century & beyond, no need to declare war, also see: PHYSICS, e.g. ( ... , 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS destinations, dark energy engineering, invisibility engineering, manmade global weather, NFC IoT location awareness, remote nama reading, ... ), and I've to obey the Shakya King's (Flag, Order) ... ; with metta (loving kindness), I wish and hope that you've good hormones ... ;

hydrogen NMR; Also see: hGTSU; nitrogen NMR; Also see: nGTSU; oxygen NMR; Also see: oGTSU;

( Idea Processor, Idea Processor, Idea Processor) ... ;

( IgA Isotype, IgD Isotype, IgE Isotype, IgG Isotype, IgM Isotype), also see: aGTSU; dGTSU; eGTSU; gGTSU; mGTSU;

one of the ways (to demolish, to fight against, to sanitize) airborne virus would be ( airborne, airborne, airborne) e.g. Airborne Anti Virus ();

Lipid; Also see: lGTSU; Water;

Nanobot Programmer; e.g.

Nanobot Programmer, also see: DNA _Origami;

Origin of Human Beings; e.g.


well trained kids! replied: on 08/28/2021, you created Origin of Human Beings, because we read your contents, and we've realized & understood THAT is X Axis based, and we're getting to know your "MOON WAVES" based explanations, regarding ACT2 and ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace environments ... ; question is: WHAT is THAT ("Origin of Human Beings") for sir?

I wrote: for Antiviral Schematic; DNA _Origami; Protein;

Also see: Physics Law 888;

place; space; spot; e.g.

(( place, place, place), ( space, space, space), ( spot, spot, spot));

protein coat; Protein Wrapper; e.g.

e.g. ( Protein Y = (( Protein X) + ( variable Perturbation D)) / ) And Then, ( Protein X) = (((kuru kuru WHILE (COVID-19 Variant Indicator Number) - Protein Y)) + mismatched ones), a.k.a. Control Theory ... ; Remark: for developing "oral route" COVID-19 medicine;

( protein coat, protein coat, protein coat), a.k.a. ( Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper) ... ; Also see: Anti Virus; Protein; Remark: system variable is chiryoyaku Therapeutic Usage = protein coat; user variable is chiryoyaku Therapeutic Usage = Protein Wrapper;  is chiryoyaku Therapeutic Usage = Protein Wrapper; user variable is chiryoyaku Therapeutic Usage = protein coat; WHICH means "protein coat" is fetched as system variable (this DOMAIN), on the other hand, "Protein Wrapper" is fetched as user variable (this DOMAIN) ... ; designed & modelled for Antiviral ... ;

prior _to _WORMHOLE _way _LASER (location: our earth only, doko WHERE heat and light are at the same location) ... ;  Remark: also see: (Laser, Physics Law 127, Physics Law 789) ... ;

Also see: Magnetic Field mT, and Magnetic Field Scan, inside the Physics Law 153 ... ; regarding imaginary hyper space, ware ware We've to be with naturally rechargeable battery way; Also see: Gene Therapy System (wGTSU) ... ;

RPYFHNO, Reversed Protein Yellow For Hydrogen (Red ones) Nitrogen (Silver ones) Oxygen (Green ones), doko WHERE end point of "bamboo stem" factor ? BLI problems on human beings livable moons might be solved; Remark: ACT3 level imaginary hyper space, therapeutic for each human beings (for each human beings livable moon) ... ; Remember: every (item, part, piece) of we human beings has its own meaning e.g. nose happens because of 2 eyes, ... ; regarding HDMI, if (Red and White is for Audio, Yellow is for video), then HOW would THAT BE on ZCS with (Green, Red, Silver) ? answer would be "bamboo stem" factor;

sabisu Service e.g. ( sabisu Service, sabisu Service, sabisu Service); Also see: sGTSU; s Character; s Usage;

( tanso Carbon, tanso Carbon, tanso Carbon), with water (e.g. water flow gene therapy system) ... ; e.g. water flow gene therapy system for each human beings livable moon in our universes ... ;

EM Pull, millibar measurements, and multi long length neutrino laser for (cleaning, cleansing) allergens and pollen (PM10), bacteria, mold spores and pet dander (PM5.0), dust and industrial emissions (PM2.5), formaldehyde chemicals, Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), tobacco smokes and ultra fine particles (PM0.1), ... ;

human beings livable moons in our universes : using this DOMAIN imaginary hyper space system's (the river count (moon number) ) variable DEE pattern as method;

IFF our earth, using natural water elevator as method;
IFF our earth, using naturally water elevator as method;

well trained kids! replied: WHY water flow gene therapy system is in addition to Gene Therapy System sir ?

I wrote: ware ware We've already defined ( FMD, NMD) i.e. regarding our earth's Full Moon Day, and No Moon Day, also see: Time; however, human beings livable moons don't (refresh, refreshed, refreshing, refreshes) like our earth, therefore, water flow gene therapy system is modelled for each human beings livable moon;

(refresh, refreshed, refreshing, refreshes), also see: Physics Law 171 ... ;

well trained kids! replied: is our earth, a part of suingu Swing-by Gravity Time (group, Solar System) sir ?

suingu Swing-by Gravity Time, also see: Physics Law 132 ... ;

I wrote: long long time ago (approx. 20+ years already, as of 2020), ware ware We've already defined the suingu Swing-by Gravity Time (group, Solar System) as "secant of our universes" ... ; Origin of 2 Eyes form naturally, because of 3 parallel moon waves (a.k.a. "leading 3"), mochiron of course with Water; Remark: (law 131) is intentionally written e.g. either way will be thirty one because in Buddhism, 31 realms of beings are naturally ... ; don't forget THAT each (item, object, organ, part, thing) of human beings has its own meaning WHY formed naturally e.g. we still cannot solve BLI (Body Length Index) problem if we live one of the human beings livable moons, ... ;

Auto Grow, also see: Physics Law 131 ... ;

"plantation of the moons" project started long long time ago (approx. 20+ years already, as of 2020), and ware ware We must use bamboo stem's variations ( BSV, Bamboo Stem Variation) As Factor, so one step closer to water flow gene therapy system for each human beings livable moon in our universes; after thoroughly understanding BSV (e.g. diff of section count, diff of section length, Vol. of water diff, ... ), in addition to each human beings livable moon's yellowish variation As Factor, And Then, ware ware We'll be able apply Gene Therapy System in ACT3 imaginary hyper space ... ;

the same idea, but NOT the same in size e.g. gravity spot's (diameter, radius) must be very big in Manmade Global Weather, on the other hand, gravity spot's (diameter, radius) must be very small in Gene Therapy System; Also see: Physics Law 567 ... ;

this DOMAIN 's chiryoyaku Therapeutic FUO, also see: fGTSU; oGTSU; uGTSU;

this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System must obey yellowish variation, and its reversed yellowish variation, for each human beings' (item, organ, part) to be healthy ones ... ;

tissue; e.g.

( tissue, tissue, tissue) ... ; Also see: t Character; tGTSU;

(x, y, z) e.g.

21st century & beyond, 206x403 dimensional, size 19.8 KB, Hybrid Being: WHOM might be able to live 500+ years, also see: CphT System Study, ... ;