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(law 153) : EM Pull ;

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approx. in 1970s - 1980s : ; ; ; ;

approx. in 1980s : ;

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( ion, ion, ion, ion) ... ;

21st century & beyond : ; (wrap, wrapped, wrapping) to protect you ;

Magnetic Field m T; Remark: Magnetic Field m T (diff, different, varies) among human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; Location Awareness Response ((human beings livable moon, our earth, our moon); momentum; orbiter; (refresh, refreshed, refreshing); suingu Swing-by Gravity Time) ... ; Magnetic Field m T, 150x15 dimensional; Also see: Location Awareness Response; Magnetic Field Scan;

well trained kids! replied: WHY magnetic field ( m T) looks like spectrum, and WHY magnetic field scan is "hammer" alike sir ?

I wrote: color codes are like THAT regarding magnetic field m T; human beings livable moons prompt (diff, different, variable) patterns regarding Magnetic Field m T, and kuru kuru WHILE applying bio-nano-devices' (scan, scanner, scanning) e.g. Magnetic Field Scan must obey "hammer" (Method, Procedure, Technique), regarding color codes ... ; Also see: 9fComputer; 6mComputer; 9mComputer; 1sComputer; Remark: if you truly realize & understand this law 153, you'll be able to design, develop, engineer, model, ... many biometric devices ... , and this knowledge is beyond trillion dollars worth ... ;

Remember: heat and light are at the same location only in our earth, but on the other human beings livable moons, heat and light are NOT at the same location; i.e. very very basic ACT2 level imaginary hyper space crafts' info ... ; try to realize and understand DEE . s h a b u . s h a b u 1st IFF our earth, because ware ware We ethnic tribe (e.g. C h i n, K a c h i n, K a y a h, K a y i n, M o n, R a k h i n e, S h a n, ... a.k.a. ethnic tribes of Union of Myanmar (Also see: Reforming Myanmar), and we're neither Chinese nor Indian) have civilization gap problems, therefore, I've to explain very step-by-step details ... ;

I wrote: (refresh, refreshed, refreshing, refreshes), also see: Physics Law 171 ... is very very important to realize and understand, because human beings livable moons are NOT (refresh, refreshed, refreshing, refreshes) the same way;

I've another quiz regarding ACT2 imaginary hyper space i.e. can you picture human beings livable moon (e.g. Jupiter), and human beings livable moon (e.g. our earth), and WHY they are diff ?

I've a gift for you i.e. 2 Planets Predicted EM Pull, regarding (refresh, refreshed, refreshing, refreshes), human beings livable moon (e.g. Jupiter) is like "left" side, on the other hand, human beings livable moon (e.g. our earth) is like "right" side; Remark: "right" side is east; our earth (({E3,E3,E3} Color), 1 sun), if compare to human beings livable moon (e.g. Jupiter) is like (Yellow Color, 2 sun) believe it or not, ACT2 imaginary hyper space becomes very very difficult to calculate e.g. BLI (Body Length Index), DEE density, heat & light are NOT at the same location, variable DEE patterns, yellowish variations, ... ; another ACT2 imaginary hyper space difficulty is directional (e.g. "right" side is east), therefore, this DOMAIN has already defined its suingu Swing-by Gravity Time, also see: Physics Law 132 ... ;

well trained kids! replied: can you teach us HOW to to do reversed yellowish variations sir ?

I wrote: ( I, I, I) need Shakya King's permit to do so because he (Shakya King) has owned all human beings livable moons in our universes, otherwise, I ain't know; by the way, I cannot teach very very valuable info in public either; somehow, well trained kids! are very very smart ones already, i.e. good, goody good; on the other hand, I ain't cheap e.g. expecting salary is 1024 times average California household income annually; too much and a little bit of knowledge may be dangerous, or not worth it;

Remark: this DOMAIN has already defined its Manmade Global Weather, after realizing & understanding  many (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... e.g. 1 km hotspots in our earth, and this DOMAIN will prove HOW to be avoiding earthquakes, HOW to be avoiding tsunami, HOW to be avoiding volcanic eruption, ... and etc. to do good weather conditions, to be healthy living environments, ... ; don't mention my name because I've many enemies and foes (200+ millions peoples), and I still don't like to demolish any nation within 2+ hours either;

well trained kids! replied: can ware ware We consider " Magnetic Field Scan" as hammer (Method, Procedure, Technique) sir ?

I wrote: Yes. you can.

21st century & beyond : ; ; beyond "Origin of Sound" ; variable DEE patterns;

* EM Pull, e.g. ( Blue-gray EM Pull, Brown EM Pull, Dark red EM Pull, Gold EM Pull, Green EM Pull, Indigo EM Pull, Lavender EM Pull, Light turquoise EM Pull, Light yellow EM Pull, Lime EM Pull, Orange EM Pull, Purple EM Pull, Red EM Pull, Rose EM Pull, Silver EM Pull, Turquoise EM Pull, White EM Pull, Yellow EM Pull), also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

anti m a g. ♯ (i.e. anti magnetic Number), so EM Pull can be measured also; 

EM Pull, for laying Light As Sheet; (beyond manual compass, beyond digital compass) Reminder: we learnt long long time ago WHEN digital green line is in structural, digital compass begins; directional electrical grounding; Also see: law 91; 2\Radical1080; 3\Radical265;

(, , ), also see: Enzymes;

Light As Sheet :

kuru kuru WHILE fetching Light As Sheet, essential EM Pull ... ;
timestamp WHEN Light As Sheet, (mark, marked, marking), essential EM Pull ... ;
using to define WHAT kind of color to be Light As Sheet, essential EM Pull ... ;

because of EM Pull, we're able (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural) to (fetch, laying, project, placing, presenting, put) light as sheet ... ;

because of (Light As Sheet, Light As Sheet, Light As Sheet), we're able to do Gene Therapy System ... ; Also see: Physics Law 146, NMR, ... ;

because of "light as sheet" we're able to do invisibility engineering : e.g. invisible insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids; e.g. invisible to radar; WHICH leads to world's one of the most powerful weapons ... ; Remark: approx. 50+ years of R&D truly payoff i.e. from EM to EM Pull, from static motor way to dynamic wormhole way, ... , and we're the ones WHO have done invisibility engineering ... ; this is your time, to do R&D, ... ; I'm getting old, and ready to be a retire ... ;


Optics; Optics; Optics; Also see: Optics; Remember: Red;

Also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;


122 pixels x 88 pixels; WHICH day the picture represents? WHERE is the orbiter machine's allocation? WHEN this image was taken? HOW far in distance away from our universe? Also see: 4_Planets_Prediction;

Radical66 magnetic machine, also see: Physics law 91, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: HOW to do 5 pinpointed ones to map EM Pull sir ?

I wrote: you must have a permit from Shakya King, because many peoples still don't know HOW to do papers (feed, feeder, feeding) to a printer; Remark: billions of dollars worth level ;

by the way, I've a gift i.e. 5 pinpointed ones to map EM Pull, for (fine print, print, printer, printing, ... ) ... ;

I wrote: I need to test your knowledge of HOW to do papers (feed, feeder, feeding), so I've a quiz i.e. among *DEE* in this DOMAIN, WHICH one would you like to choose to do X based for each (paper, sheet, ZCS) ?

well trained kids! replied: we'll choose DEE2, from front view or top view, regarding X based for each (paper, sheet, ZCS) sir ;

I wrote: HOW much does IT worth ?

well trained kids! replied: billions of dollars sir, printing currencies, printing papers, printing ... ;

I wrote: ware ware We like to have easy and simple way, so I've a another gift for you i.e. EM Pull to _Printer ... ;

5 layered wrapper ( AntiVirusCOVID-19) ... ;